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Lamar Miller's summer work

Hi, gang. Barry Jackson checking in with another link to a Dolphins column on my blog.

I met with Lamar Miller and Frank Gore this week to discuss their workouts together and why Miller says he's a better player than the one who shined in limited opportunities as a rookie last year. Miller says he feels fully ready to become a starting NFL back, presuming he keeps the job ahead of Daniel Thomas. (It would be very, very, very surprising if he doesn't; he said he was with the first team throughout the entire offseason program.) Ryan Tannehill said Miller has improved in pass protection more than any other area.

Here's the link:


Glad to report that Armando will return next week with his usual mix of info and entertainment. I'll have another three Dolphins columns on my blog in the next week, before camp opens, and will link to one more of them here before Armando returns. Please follow us on twitter at @ArmandoSalguero and @flasportsbuzz.  


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EEL is a troll, he said the same thing word for word on the palm beach post. Get off of our blogs you dweeb if your going to be so negative!

Evidently you were right and I was wrong.
Whenever I am shown to be wrong I act like a man and admit it.

Miller has been elevated over D. Thomas on the depth chart.

Why is D Thomas still in the NFL?

I disagree Mark in that I think all the players make the other players look better not just skill positions. Our problem is that the "plan" involved overloading a few positions until they were stable and then addressing the other positions. That led to a one dimensional offense and defense. The new vision seems to based less off of building around position groups and more about a style of athlete. This method has proven to be successful around the league in recent memory. It leads to developing depth at all positions and it fully incorporates using free agency and the draft. The thing I hope the Fins can get away from is feeling like you can't let a star leave. You need to trust in your system to fill in the blanks when that happens and if we can hit on 60% of our draft picks and free agent acquisitions then that can be a reality going forward.

Amen , heaven does not exist yet.

When u die, yout spirit goes to sleep.

Then, we will all be raised on the same day, then Judged by man (aka martyrs and saints).

Heaven will be here on the new earth, as man was made for the earth.


Here is the lesson that Ireland needs to learn:
If D. Thomas is not in Phins plans then trade him now. He backed up Bush here he can back him up in Detroit.

EEL is a troll, he said the same thing word for word on the palm beach post. Get off of our blogs you dweeb if your going to be so negative!

Posted by: robo | July 12, 2013 at 11:03 AM

How can you be anything but negative when the team loses every friggin year?

Why couldn't D Thomas be a backup here? Injuries happen. You need two able bodied T-backs minimum. We have three and loads of cap space ... don't release anyone worth a damn ...

You liked my little diatribe on Man's Religion and the Metaphysical, Job? All that is in the Kabbalah and especially in certain Buddhist disciplines. You have the patience for them. Read them. And, oh yes, Dolphins will defeat the Bills for the Division.

I've never seen a RB worse then D Thomas. Have you ever seen him break a tackle?
Me neither.

Alright, alright, so, I AM THAT I AM. So are YOU and don't know It yet.

When is training Camp starting? Saturday, July 20, Oscar. Thank you, Paul

By Anthony Man

Sun Sentinel

11:23 a.m. EDT, July 12, 2013
Florida Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, slammed the political tactics employed by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross on Friday, suggesting that the billionaire businessman’s threats will make it harder for him to get what he wants from Tallahassee.

Gaetz said Ross committed a major fumble by moving to retaliate against members of the Florida House of Representatives who opposed Ross’ attempt to get taxpayer subsidies for renovations he wants to make at the team-owned stadium in Miami Gardens.

Here’s what Gaetz said:

“I believe that the tactics of Mr. Ross in threatening members of the Florida House of Representatives, and saying that Mr. Ross for his own personal reasons, is going to take down members of the Florida House of Representatives, gains him no friends in the Florida Senate. That’s not the way to get things done. We work together to find solutions and solve problems. We don’t make public policy under threat. And we’re not going to do it in the next session either.”

Gaetz and House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, were in Fort Lauderdale on Friday speaking to a gathering of business and civic leaders assembled by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.

Paul has always been a great help for me.hehehe


You put a Winning product on the Field, NOBODY will have to worry about finances. This has been Written. By Many of Us.

Stephen Ross, worst owner ever?

I've never seen a RB worse then D Thomas. Have you ever seen him break a tackle?
Me neither.
Posted by: AtlFin | July 12, 2013 at 11:47 AM

Have you ever ACTUALLY watched him play. Let me answer that, NO obviously.

L.Miller Is The Starter.

No Other RB On This Roster Can Hold His Jock.

I Prefer Him Learning From F.Gore Than R.Bush.

R.Bush Had Show Muscles. F.Gore Is Teaching Him Brute Strength.

Anyone Who Has Ever Seen L.Miller Play Knows He Is The Truth.

D.Thomas Is A Better RB Than M.Gillislee.

M.Gillislee Reminds Me Of Travis Minor. Good RB But Limited Physically.

When Irescum wasted 3 picks on D Thomas the entire draft room broke out in hysterical laughter! LOL

Randy McDaniel | July 12, 2013 at 10:31 AM

The human race has an innate need to believe in something greater than itself. The need is spiritual in reality and the Bible serves as the moral compass to wich the masses look for guidance. Unfortunatly this leads to a fanaticism and zeal responsible for alot of the bloodiest conflicts in human history. I respect everybody's inalienable right to serve their higher power, Dogma and faith as they see fit until they try to land a plane in my office window or for that matter invade a Nation in the name of spiritual freedom. Man has perverted religious values and spiritual guidance to fit his agenda and monetary greed! There is nothing wrong with Religious values when practiced at it's purest form but that just isn't the World we live in.

to AMEN, you are right. you don't need a religious label to be morally upstanding. most religions teach a lie. the mouth lies but the heart tells the truth. I WILL PUT MY LAWS INTO THEIR MINDS, AND WRITE THEM IN THEIR HEARTS. A GOOD MAN OUT OF THE GOOD TREASURE OF HIS HEART BRINGS FORTH THAT WHICH IS GOOD. FOR OF THE ABUNDANCE OF THE HEART HIS MOUTH SPEAKS. you are given free will, the captain of your own ship. smooth water or smash it on the rocks, it's up to you. no parent wants to force their child to love them, thus the free will. 1/3 of the stars fell from heaven, that means 1/3 of GOD's children followed satan. that is why so many don't believe. don't worry, there is no eternal pain and suffering. your name is erased from the book of life, which means you never existed. alrighty then, lets get back to football and kicking some patriot ass. tanne pump fakes to keller, he's got wallace down the middle for an 80 yd TD

On Lamar and god.

You can't argue with religious people about religion. It all comes down to faith. Faith in your organized belief system, or faith that religion is hogwash. Either you buy into the many hundreds years old tale of an all powerful god, and write off all the inconsistencies, raping priests, deformed babies, and deaths of good people as an example of his "mysterious ways", or you don't. Pretty simple. The argument that there are no atheists in foxholes is so tired (and absolutely no disrespect to the brave theists in foxholes intended). Anyone reasonable person confronted with death or harm, who suddenly realizes their frail body is in harms way, can legitimately HOPE there is more after death. This doesn't mean you believe in god, the bible, koran, gold plates buried in the dirt, or whatever. It just means you have come to understand mortality. Atheism doesn't rule out the existence of god--it is a simple opinion that, given all the evidence for and against, that there is not enough evidence to support the existence of a god to warrant the unquestioning belief in organized religion. It's a little more hard core than agnosticism, which lets one walk around believing in something like the force...which is fun too, but gives others the impression that you just haven't have enough time to think about matters and pick a team.

The vast majority of atheists and religious people on the planet are good folks--and nothing to be feared--they want to make the world a nice place to live (whether they believe our time here all there is, or whether they think this is JV heaven). The root of the problem is the AGENDA. The cool thing about atheism is there is no agenda--they just ant to get along. Religious folk generally believe that they are right, but they take it further and make rules to support it and ostracize people as punishment if they don't fall into the fold. Atheists prefer to think about things and allow people to choose for behaviors for themselves. They make some policies too, but they are intended to set up environments conducive to rational decision-making, not bring others around to the right way of thinking.

That said, I have no idea how well Lamar Miller will play this year. Nothing about last year suggests to me that he's ready to be a number one, but working with the likes of gore seems like a good thing. I had faith in the fins of the old testament (Shula). Since then, evidence warranting my unquestioning support have been lacking. I will still watch faithfully tho, hoping for a sign and maybe a miracle.

Play nice people, and GO PHINS!!!


I didn't know you lived @ 1 World Trade Center (the North Tower), 2 World Trade Center (the South Tower), up to 7 World Trade Center ( the one that collapsed due to to much ASH on the building)....

The only person talking about GOD after 9/11 was George Bush while he tricked the rest of the sheep in to supporting his "holy war"( which in reality wasn't even that...it was more of a way to test our equipment and see what is effective and whats not).

Do you think MWRAPS were thought of over night and then magically appeared to give people like me protection when our HMMVVS were no longer abl to protect us from the blast of IEDs....lol....MWRAPS and a whole bunch of other sh@t was designed years ago...and Iraq and Afghanistan were merely large scale testing grounds....

for what is the real question...and if you don't know the answer...then you're not prepared...


For starters in the Philbin/Sherman ERA we run a zone blocking scheme which requires a one cut RB to hit his gaps quickly. Didn't you guys see Alfred Morris last Yr.? His best asset was his one cut ability and burst in the hole which allowed him to break out the way he did. Last Yr. Philbin having a bigger RB with speed in D.Thomas had to go with the worst fit possible for the scheme in R.Bush or don't any of you remember how many times last Season Philbin sat Bush probably sick to death of watching him dance at the line instead of reading the hole and blowing through it.

Youtube some Terrell Davis, Clinton Portis and Morris from last Yr. and watch them because I don't think some of you grasp the concept of a one cut runner. It also requires a somewhat well built back given the pounding which Reggie isn't but Thomas is and you get a picture for what a resounding disappointment he must have been to the new Coaching staff.

Miller didn't pick up his blocking assignments enough to see the field ala LeMicheal James in S.F. who came on late for the 49ers and Tannehill was getting killed enough to let a free blitzer get a cheap lick on the kid but this Yr. L.M. will make everybody forget Reggie and Thomas remember were you heard it 1st!!!!

I've said it many times here since we took him and will repeat! Miller is the best one cut runner out of the U since Clinton Portis was a Hurricane! He goes much higher in his draft if not for a serious knee injury in College. It also hurts Thomas that Gillislee was taken in the draft given he is the same type of RB. I believe Thomas has about a 50% chance of making it through training camp in all honesty, Philbin has pulled the plug on other high picks Ireland has made in the Sparano ERA like Clyde Gates without a second thought.

Ahhhh, f4l, dashi, Kris, even Oscar. Starting to feel like home ...

Ross will indeed destroy those in his path. IN politics those with money and power always win. And few walk with a bigger stick.

Why is the state capital in a dump like Talahasee anyway??


Long time....I see you have been holding it down....

We will get this place rocking in a few weeks.

11-5 dosn't sound so crazy this year...does it?


I didn't know you lived @ 1 World Trade Center (the North Tower), 2 World Trade Center (the South Tower), up to 7 World Trade Center ( the one that collapsed due to to much ASH on the building)....

Posted by: Kris | July 12, 2013 at 12:54 PM


I suggest you go back and read my post which you seem to have grossly misinterpreted. I was speaking of the basic Human need to believe in something greater than themseleves. It's what guides some through crisis, a belief that somehow it's a test for the evolution of their souls and the Bible, Quran or whatever faith based text you choose as your spiritual guide a compass of sorts for siritual enlightenment.When I say I respect everyones right to worship their higher power as they see fit till they try and land a plane in my office window I'm generalizing not speaking literally. What I know about Mine resistant vehicles is that alot of them are apparently being abandoned in Afghanistan as the news has reported.


for what is the real question...and if you don't know the answer...then you're not prepared...

Posted by: Kris | July 12, 2013 at 12:54 PM


Depends on the question your asking which seems unbelievably out of context with my point all together.

Below is Gary Stevens take on Lamar Miller and organized religion:

Man was not meant to understand the divine. An inquiry into the reason why (God's will, an evolutionary by-product of our inability to comprehend our own death etc. etc.) is an exercise of taugological futility...why you ask? Because man was not meant to understand the divine.

If there is a God, however, I refuse to believe that he is preoccupied the strivings of American professional athletes. I find it ridiculous when Michael-Irvins/Tim Tebows-in-Training give 'Glory to God' blah blah blah for their three touchdown day.

I'm prepared to believe that God cares. I'm not prepared to believe he's cheering for the Cowboys.

The 'Glory to God' nonsense we hear from so many professional athletes is itself a byproduct of the Evangelical Christian tradition of viewing salvation as a fundamentally personal act(Catholic or traditional Protestant demoniations view salvation primary as an institutional or communal function). When you internalize the notion that salvation is personal -- then everything that happens to you can be easily be interpreted as a manifestation of God's judgement on your personal path.

This, as a matter of doctrine, is the sole source of the single largest difference between Evangelical and traditoinal Christians -- a difference that is largely invisibile to those who are secular or practitioners of other faiths.

Gary knows offensive football
Gary knows metaphysics

No Kris, it does not. All depends on health and exactly how far Tannehill develops IMO


Perhaps I did take your post out of context....but when I read about those planes....I do get a bit trigger happy with my response....

In know you weren't being literal..but you did use 9/11 as a context as which to explain your justification for war...or going to war (am I right)...and that provoked my response.....

To be honest...the rest of the post I agree with....yuou didn't push one religion over the other....and neither do I....my wife is a BLIND Christian....and man do I pi$$ her of from time to time....

This is how I think....If Jesus...or Muhamed...or BUDDAH....or whomever you call GOD makes you a better person....then so be it....just don't forget that they all came to save the sinners....not condemn them....and that is the spirit with which I believe religion should operate...as opposed to the WHOLIER than thou relm it operates in now.

Gary Stevens | July 12, 2013 at 01:31 PM

Well said!

Gary knows Everything. You cannot possibly intimidate Us. We don't need $, We don't need Fame, We don't need Family and We don't need Friends, We are just Happy, waiting for Death.

Gary Stevens said it best.....

nothing more for me to do then get my 2nd workout of the day in....

Fin4Life....no worries I hope....there is no coversation without a little bit of friction.....especially when it religion or politics...it would sound so much better over a cold beer tho....

Religion And Politics. 2 Of The Same For Dashi.

Dashi Doesn't Believe In Religion And Dashi Doesn't Believe In Political Parties.

I Believe In God And Government.

Agreed With Most. Some Need Religion To Find A Way. But I Believe You Don't Need Religion To Truly Learn About God. Or The Universe. You Just Have To Make Sure What You Believe Is Right.

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.” ― Gautama Buddha

Hey!, where was Kris? I know he don't like reading my posts(makes him uneasy) but he can't help himself. I won't harm you, Boy.

....just don't forget that they all came to save the sinners....not condemn them....and that is the spirit with which I believe religion should operate...as opposed to the WHOLIER than thou relm it operates in now.

Posted by: Kris | July 12, 2013 at 01:37 PM

Goes lock-n-step with my views exactly and at the core of my point. In regards to 911 I wasn't jutifying war as much as I was trying to get my point across on how much we humans corrupt even faith based teaching to justify a means to an end like the senseless slaughter of 2,977 people on that tragic day in the name of religion.


if by "uneasy"....you mean queasy....then YES....you are 100% correct....

you hit the nail on the head 1 out of every 38 or so post....but who has time to shift thru all of that...

Fin4Life....no worries I hope....there is no coversation without a little bit of friction.....especially when it religion or politics...it would sound so much better over a cold beer tho....

Posted by: Kris | July 12, 2013 at 01:41 PM

Of course not old friend! I'll bet Redskin fans up in your neck of the woods must be pretty psyched about the coming Season with RG3 updates positive with the recovery. In turn must have you overdosing on Skins news looking for your Fins fix!


106.7 FM everyday man....they got this segment called RG3 O' Clock.....everyday @ 3...makes me wanna puke....

what I really hate is that the Skins (other than the injury) have no questions @ QB....and feel they are set for the next 10 years with a TOP 5 QB....

I whish I felt the same about Tanne....but the truth is...I just don't know....the kid is smart....but does he have IT..I'll be hnest with you...I didn't see IT @ all last year...I saw good....I didn't see "intangible" great....

Tannehill = Henne 2.0

Oh...last thing....

Skins radio is also using the FINS as an example of how NOT to do things....

I would love to be able to call in mid NOV or EC and after sitting on hold for an hour and a half...tell Chad Dukes (radio host)to go EFF himself....along with Lavar Arrington (also works in radio now)...but in a slightly nicer way....

Remember...I argued with Craig M and others for years that I thought Flacco had IT....well...he should IT this past season...especialy post season....

I defened Flacco to many a b'more Raven fan that wanted to throw im out with the bath water...

I don't get a sense of IT with Tanne....

Hope my spidey sense is broken...

God loves you, whether you believe in him or not! Free will is something he gave you so that you would come to him freely. Your choice.

Lamar Miller will carry the brunt of the running back duties this year. D. Thomas has to show the coaches something in Training Camp in order to stay on the roster. If Miami signs Leach (and I hope they do), we will be able to run the ball whenever we want against any team we want to run it against. That makes the passing game more lethal. People, who know a thing or two about it, are comparing Miller with Portis...I'll take that any day of the week!

M Egnew, D Thomas, and John Jerry will all be cut before game 1.

Lavar Arrington (also works in radio now)...but in a slightly nicer way....

Posted by: Kris | July 12, 2013 at 02:00 PM

The opinionated Arrington is often guest hosting on Inside the NFL as well on Showtime. Has become a Holier than thou type and seems to forget all the issues of imaturity that dogged his playing days.

On whether we did it right or wrong time will tell. Very difficult to judge Tannehill on last Yr. given what he had to work with. Did beat Wilson head-to-head and I felt held his own well Vs. the 49ers vaunted D. The thing for me though is how he progresses this Yr. now that opponents have a book on him. We all saw Henne show glimpses in 09 but falter when teams learned his tendacies (how to read him as Ed Reed said) Mid-Season should give you an indication now that he has all kinds of upgrades around him IMO.

I believe we did it right not because of the big splashy signings but the under the radar ones like Vaugn Martin at DT replacing McDaniels in the rotation. Leach will be huge and Grimes probably the day-1 starter at LCB without mentioning Clabo at RT who played the zone blocking scheme we implemented for the GURU Alex Gibbs in Atl.

The LB's were upgraded with speed and coverage ability and Wheeler may surprise now out of Oak. rushing from the OLB spot for Miami. All in all alot of upgrades with everything addressed. The Skins are comparing us to what they did over the Yrs. and no comparison in terms of money we dealt and the character of player we signed again just MHO!

Jackson.... It is just as easy to argue the opposite points or your own statements as it is to argue your own system of beliefs.

You point to "Inconsistencies" such as...
*raping priests
*deformed babies
*and deaths of good people

The trouble with your argument about raping priests is that what they do is what THEY do. THEIR choice. Which is worse... A God who allows us free will... or a God who creates robotic slaves to a religion..?

Then you bring up deformed babies. Are you postulating that deformed children have no place in humanity..? Is it your belief that God can only be a loving, merciful Omnipotent and omniscient Creator is when everything fits neatly into a box deemed to contain things "As they should be?"

Ludwig van Beethoven was born Deaf as a post. Yet not only was he one of the Worlds great classical composers, he was a deeply spiritual man. Steve Wonder was born blind, yet his album "Songs in the key of life" is one of my very favorite pieces of music ever written. Professor Stephen Hawking, the theoretical physicist and cosmologist from England didn't develop his disability(Lou Gehrig's disease) until after he'd received his B.A. degree at Oxford University in 1962. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States' highest civilian award in 2009.This is just a small number of people on a list as remarkable as the people who are on it.

Your statement concerning the deaths of good people as an example of his "mysterious ways" is a man seemingly unwilling to accept that the both the good and the bad die. Death holds no favorites, Death has no preferences, In all honesty... If you want to find the most fair, balanced and 100% non biased, non bigoted, all inclusive thing... "IT IS DEATH"... Death will visit us all.

Hebrews 9:27 reads.... "It is appointed unto man once to die... and after that... to be judged.

You say... ...."The argument that there are no atheists in foxholes is so tired"...

Is it indeed..? Who is tired of it, YOU..?

I can assure you with 100% accuracy and lack of any ego that you are in a very tiny majority when then is put to the test. But I'm not certain you even understand why. It all sounds very simple, Place a person under extreme duress and in fear of his mortality being exposed and he'' go running off to God for comfort.

Is that what you hear when a person writes something like what I wrote on the previous page..? Because that isn't what happens at all. Once again, from personal experience dating back to Panama, Desert Shield/Storm, Somalia, Afghanistan in 2002, Iraq in 2003 & 2004.. and Afghanistan again in 2005. Men and women rarely call out for God in fear in Combat. No... It is much more personal. It is much more unsettling... Because scared men call for they're MOMMIES. They seek God once they have calmed down, got back to normal life in camp and had a few day's to evaluate they're lives.

Then you say.... ..."The cool thing about atheism is there is no agenda--they just ant to get along"....

That is Bullshiznit in staggering amounts. There are groups of Militant Atheists who are suing the IRS and Treasury to have "In God we Trust" taken off money. Atheists have been the cause of Christmas being all but banished from anything Public in the USA. Atheists have made the idea of a simple prayer for the protection of players at a sports event paramount to a crime..

SNAP OUT OF YOUR BS .... Atheists are NOT "Cool people who just want to get along"... And I find it HILARIOUS when I see Atheists attack Christians... yet leave Islam, Judaism or other religions more or less alone. Atheism has declared war on Christianity... Much of your post is based on a Agenda. YOU have an agenda... it is to in one way or the other divorce yourself from having to be bothered with people who don't believe what you do.

Sure atheists choose to "choose for behaviors for themselves"... That is what humanists do. Doesn't mean it is right... and it CERTAINLY hasn't proven to have a long term benefit considering the breakdown of the family and complete collapse of a moral compass... be it derived from religion or Jimminy Cricket telling you to "Let your conscience be your guide"...

At his core... Man is a corruptible being. And there is a reason man doesn't want to hear that or anything else besides what HE feels is right... Once again.. I deffer to the scripture

John 3:20....."Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed"...
I don't expect everyone to come flying out and "Change they're way's"... Most people just plain won't. Because if they did... all they're little ugly secrets would hit the fan. Most religions (not Spiritual, Religious)people are terrified of being exposed for they're secret lives also. Atheists are no different in this matter.
Look.... Believe as you please. I respect a person for who they are. I don't subscribe to renting my mind to Gods and Government (thanks Rush!)... And don't expect you to either...

The Miami Dolphins is all I expect at THIS table of worship...

All I ask... is your understanding that NEITHER is all correct... and neither is all wrong... We all must make our way... Some say God is a crutch for the weak... some say unbelief is the mark of fools and the simple.

I say Go Miami.... Get me some play-offs

Kris, i agree about Tanne. i didn't see it @ all last year either. 3 times the network switched from the end of the bills game to watch the end of the dolphins, and 3 times i watched Tanne fail to drive for a game winning score. rookie season, with better reads, better talent, experience should = better play. i was glad to see that he never lost his confidence. without that, he's got nothing. 1 last religious quote from the prophet DANIEL..."THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A COVERED RECIEVER" (Daniel Marino)

What's Up Mark And Everybody.

Dashi Has Been Checking In From Time To Time.

It Is True What I Said. This Blog Doesn't Need Mando. It Can Run Itself. I Just Would Hope Somebody Would Stop Trolling So Hard. This Blog Would Be Perfect Without That 1 Person.

And F4L,

Dashi Has Compared L.Miller To C.Portis From The Beginning.

I guess you missed the Seattle game then JOb

Unbelievable! Mr. Jackson reports on Lamar Miller's progression, teaming with one of the best RBs in the league as his mentor. Reports are he's stronger, faster, and improving on the deficiencies from last year.

I don't know how ANYTHING reported could even be remotely spinning negatively, yet the VERY FIRST POST is negative. And then this weird conversation about religion.

Is EVERYONE here F&*KING CRAZY??? 1.5 weeks away from training camp. Couple of weeks from the 1st Pre-Season game. Little over a month until FOOTBALL is back again. New players, improved system settling into its 2nd year, the TEAM is bonding. And you talk about God?


Flacco Will Be Exposed This Season. No Ray. No Leader. Ravens 8-8 Will Be A Over achievement.

How Many Game Winning Drives Do You Want T-Hill To Produce. When Every time He Took The Lead In The 4th. Dansby Will Give It Away. Look At The Cardinal Game, The Colt Game And The Jet Game. We Go Up And The Very Next Drive Dansby & Co Gave Up A TD. Hard To Lead Multiple Game Winning Drives In 1 Game.

And Did We Forget He Had No WRs Last Season. And Reggie Bush At RB. Your Playbook Is Limited.

^ true story

Why is no one talking about the new NFL Rule that requires mandatory thigh and knee pads? Lots of skill position players do not like to wear them because they think they slow them down. And, what will the penalties be? Will it be like a player that goes out on the field without a helmet? They let him go get it, but don't fine him. Or, will they make him sit out a play until he gets his pads on? How strict will they be?
Talk among yourselves....

^ crickets

People of the Christian faith truly seeking God recognize that we are all imperfect and there's a part of us that will always be inherently fixated on our own selfishness. Oddly enough however, almost all psychologists agree that when we live in a way that keeps ourselves prioritized there is an inherent emptiness- they often refer to this "emptiness" as a hole that only grows larger as we continue to feed our self-affixed comforts and use it in our largest most visible examples of abuse from alcool and drug addiction, sex-addiction, and gambling. The more empty you feel the more dependant you grow on the thing for comfort that is generating the emptiness. However, emptiness is also seen in all aspects of our self-absorption. It destroys our socal relationships and corrupts our mood, thinking, and internal health.
"Lord of the Rings" symbolized this whole of sinfulness with the ring-> despite the immediate joys and fulfillment the ring provided, it ultimately drove the people who adorned it to obsession, anxiety, loneliness, and despair with the root of evil (Saurumon in the movie) granted more power in the movie.

Christ taught us how we should live in community, interdependant on anothe and focused on one another's welfarein a way that transcends our selfish and worldly obsessions. His teachings call us to live lives that help us understand how we all should live in community. "Community" when broken down means "coming together as one". Just as each aspect of the cosmos is proven to be in direct and precise interactional relationship, just as the world's tides, gravity, and creatures are interdependant and interrilant on themselves for life, we are socially interdependant on one another through our interactions.

Whether you believe our biological makeup is inherently arbitrary or inherently designed, we are created to be social creatures interacting with one another. In fact, one of the worst measures of torture that you can do to someone is to put them in isolation. Studies have even discovered that enough time in isolation causes brain damage. Healthy lives require us to live selflessly: to love, to show respect, and to give mercy to others as we seek to relate with one another in more powerful ways. Ironically enough, it's proven that how we selflessly seek the world, we ourselves benefit with healthier and more enriching lives. (This aligns with Paul's teachings in 2 Cor 9)

Paul speaks on the antidote in life that fosters strong community and wellbeing through "love". People (especially on a football blog) would probably understand "love" as weak, or sympathetic, or even feminine. But when Paul refers to "love" he simply means selfless consideration for another that removes all consideration for yourself in a given situation. And without that love, even the things that you do that are seemingly selfless (helping someone move, doing someone else a favor, working at a homeless shelter, etc.) However, if these are done without an internal recognition that you are doing this simply for the benefit of that person then you will miss the boat (1 Cor. 13:1-4) and you will be miserable in that assignment.

We are inspired by people who demonstrate these qualities on the football field through a team-first mentality and a selfless humility before their organization, their team, their coaches, and even their fans. This is what Paul and Jesus taught. This was not the teachings and honored traditions of the Western world prior to Jesus.

We despise the Patriots (hahaha), but I have always been envious of the "Patriot Way" in their year's past success that the team attempted to embody and follow. Even Chad Johnson remained humble and disciplined in that environment. Now granted, there was cheating and all kinds of foul play outside of that (Boooo Patriots, Boooo), but their locker room had a belief that transcended personal egos in their preparation and execution. We're starting to see this work-hard team-first mentality in our Dolphins and you have to admit it has a positive effect on all of us as fans and have us mor excited for the season.

Jesus Christ's teachings are accepted all across the world. Many don't believe in his Messianic proclamation as the world's saviour and they definitely don't see him as divine. However, they do find his teachings shockingly remarkable, leaving psychologists to suppose that outside of his deistic proclamations that he may have been the sanest and wisest people to have ever lived. His teachings on forgiveness, separation of church and state, freedom of religion, human dignity/value of life, caring for the sick and the poor, were all mostly revolutionary concepts in the classical world that are foundational to how we rejoice in the United States today as land of freedom. Many of these ideas/concepts were considered revolutionary at the time of Jesus and have had an everlasting impact on the rest of the world (mostly in the Western tradition, but not exclusively). Now the U.S. is still the greatest country in the world despite a number of horrible atrocities that have been done here by countless Christians and non-Christians alike. But many of the foundational principles that make this country great are simply taken for granted without appreciation for the teacher who inspired them.

When we refer to the Christian who did atrocious acts in the name of Christ, those people were clearly either grossly misguided (you have to understand nobody had Bibles back in the day of the Holy wars), or they had manipulated and abused very clear teachings to align to their own established benefit. Christians are sinners too...in addition, there are people who claim that they are striving to seek Jesus who's words are empty and who's actions are indisputably disobedient to the teachings of Christ. Claiming you are a Christian doesn't necessarily mean that you have transformed your life in a way that sacrifices your self-absorbed wants every day for the love of others. Christianity in biblical times was referred to as "The Way". It wasn't a proclamation and a belief-> It was an inspirited faith that was demonstrated through our actions in correspondance to mankind and creation. Those people who today who discriminate, who overly judge, who fight tooth and nail for their own individual opinion without giving consideration to others, who kill in the name of their God- none of these correspond to "The Way" or the teachings of Christ. As Christians, we're called to understand that WE ALL are created in God's image and therefore intrinsically valuable...we may be called to help people to move from their damaging ways of life in a way that ascribes to Jesus's teachings, but we also recognize that we are all sinners and have our own areas worthy of being judged- therefore we do not judge someone else. Any Christian pointing the finger or proclaiming and "us vs. them" mentality is simply misunderstanding or abusing Christ's mission and teachings.

If anybody wants to break down specifics of the Old Testament, New Testament, etc. I'm always down. I appreciate your feedback. All I ask is for you to dig a little deeper. I'd be more than happy to talk about misconceptions of the Bible, misconceptions of Christian history, psychological parallels, morality, cultural worldviews/religion, etc.

I'm also always down for talking about the bitter sweet love or hate (hi trolls) that we all have for our Miami Dolphins.

"All Truth is God's Truth" - Augustine. "I would follow Christ if it wasn't for all of the 'Christians'". -Gandhi

Just looked at the clock and it's 3:16:)

Ross made a big mistake attacking Latin politicians and alienating the entire Latin community...

Krillian, way too long to read.

I'm sick of eating crow for knocking the best HC in the NBA, Spoelstra. Boy was I off on that one!!

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