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Lamar Miller's summer work

Hi, gang. Barry Jackson checking in with another link to a Dolphins column on my blog.

I met with Lamar Miller and Frank Gore this week to discuss their workouts together and why Miller says he's a better player than the one who shined in limited opportunities as a rookie last year. Miller says he feels fully ready to become a starting NFL back, presuming he keeps the job ahead of Daniel Thomas. (It would be very, very, very surprising if he doesn't; he said he was with the first team throughout the entire offseason program.) Ryan Tannehill said Miller has improved in pass protection more than any other area.

Here's the link:


Glad to report that Armando will return next week with his usual mix of info and entertainment. I'll have another three Dolphins columns on my blog in the next week, before camp opens, and will link to one more of them here before Armando returns. Please follow us on twitter at @ArmandoSalguero and @flasportsbuzz.  


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You people need to follow my example:
When you are wrong act like a man and admit it.
There is nothing more important than acting like a man.

Big Balls on Dashi. Not many admit they're wrong and how much wrong. My respects.

Some kind of a big tail of a come(n)t there. Man, we don't have time to read that.

Being wrong at times is part of being human. No one is infallible, as much as some would like people to believe they are.

Yes. But some are more infallible than others.

And F4L,

Dashi Has Compared L.Miller To C.Portis From The Beginning.

Posted by: Dashi | July 12, 2013 at 02:29 PM

fin4life as well my friend!

I cannot say about Lamar and this Season. But I loved, the 4th Rd pick, his vision, and he's fast as hell.

Dont know if you guys notice but Dashi is pretty much ALWAYS wrong....


what? oscar is a ho?

The Heat Head Coach Still Sucks.

C'mon Son.

I Gave Him His Respect. But He Is Still Flawed. The Heat Are Just Extremely Talented.

Again, If You Are Going To Troll Dashi Get It Right. Dashi No Longer Refers To Him By Name. Just As The Heat Head Coach.



If You Also Compared Him To C.Portis. Agreed. I Know It Was A Couple Of Us On Here That Knows What Kind Of Potential L.Miller Has.

Odin Has Compared Him To T.Thomas. Which Is Another Great Comparison.

I Know Someone On Here Who Thinks L.Miller Isn't The Best RB On The Team. But Let Him Keep Trolling Dashi.

Let Them Talk About Matt Barkley And Matt Moore. Since They Know So Much Football.

I just got back from Haiti and the Dominican Repbulic. I wasn't there by choice. One is the poorest nation in the Western Hemishpere and the other is the most mal nourished country in the Western Hemisphiere.It shows.

Both are awful places outside of the very few tourist zones. Now just about anything with a twat will do you for 10 bucks, but one look at them and you know it will cost another1000 to get rid of the koodies aferwards. Of course most of them are horrendously ugly anyway.

Stay away from these places.

Hi Dashi!

Barry, for those of us long timers here, I sincerely apologize for the inmates running this asylum.

Boy. eel is a moronic idiot fool he is stupid blind and DEFINATELY DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE. MIAMI DOLPHINS he is either a pissed off Jet fan or a poor thug type new England fan LOL


To Amen: The fool says in his heart there is no God!

Actually Time doesn't pass at all, it's just there. We are the ones that pass thru Time.

CC Williams, Please impress us as to what you know about football.

I do not personally know any Dominican women but I thought they are supposed to be nice looking. You are saying they all look terrible.
What am I to believe?

You are so prejudiced here. I met some women in DR that had nothing to envy any Miss Universe participant. I also had a Peruvian Miss Universe participant. Any Country in the World will have knockout Women, not just the USA.

I said most, not all. 95% are either ugly or unhealthy looking. 5% are pertty. Some of the ones living here may be better looking because they eat better and have money to by better makeup. Then of course they are not exactly well educated .

Perhaps you hung around with the "wrong" crowd there, "Ralph". From what I remember those beauties I met in DR, their families had more $ than Donald Trump. Of course, I was very good looking, and Cuban.


The board has crashed 3 times in the past two days. Mini-Me was left posting all by himself under a plethora of half-witted sign in names and aliases.

After the derelict realized he'd been talking to himself for hours and the board was fixed, he stooped to a level that only the utterly pathetic could manage.

He was actually blocking certain particular posts(Using Salguero's account and passwords no less)and pirating them as if they were his own.

Even for a rodent troll, that's a tough(and classless)act to follow.

Come again, I don't get you, Herald.

Mr Herald obviously is not part of the Herald and has no clue. He is likely one of the trolls he speaks of.


You know me well enough to know how I feel about being told what to talk about....I'm the blog's #1 defender of free speech....even the troll can/should speak about what they want.....most of us just wish he/she (it) would do it with a bit more tactt....and be more respectful of others.....

I don't think religion or politics is ever out of bounds...especially this time of year....I mean what else are we gonna talk about....the latest NFL player to be arrested.....everything else is just "reports" and heresay....

Then, I know for a fact you haven't been in DR, "Ralph". In practically all Latinamerican Countries there is a Social Class , about 10% of the population, usually Caucasians, that control 90% of the GNP of the Country. Same as the Castro government in Cuba. Now, you going to tell me that Mr. Trump has more metallic than the groos national product of any of those Countries? Puuuleeese. Thank you.

As a charter member of the get rid of Dansby club I'm crossing my fingers that Ellerbe is a good replacement. Dashi you getting excited to see what our new line backing corp can do?


If You Also Compared Him To C.Portis. Agreed. I Know It Was A Couple Of Us On Here That Knows What Kind Of Potential L.Miller Has.

Odin Has Compared Him To T.Thomas. Which Is Another Great Comparison.

Posted by: Dashi | July 12, 2013 at 05:13 PM


I know your a big Miami Sports fan and I don't doubt your FANDOME but know it isn't STRONGER than mine. I've been following the Hurricanes since I was a boy and OJ Anderson was playing RB for the U becoming the 1st RB in School History to rush for over 1,000 Yds. (Yr. I became a fan in 78) In the process breaking Chuck Forman's (Pro Bowl RB on some Vikigs S.B. teams) career rushing records at the U. while you probably remember him as the Giants S.B. - 25 MVP

78 was Jim Kelly's Fr. Year by the way were he took us to a couple of Bowl games before getting hurt on a scramble were Univ. Of Georgia H.C. Mike Richt took over for him in 82 his Sr. year paving the way in 83 for redshirt Fr. Kosar who won it all setting the stage for the dominance that was the U on a 5 Title run that should have been 7 or 8.

Jimmy's best team after all was 86 when Testeverde threw 5 Int.'s in the Fiesta Bowl costing us the Nat'l Title and in 88 we were robbed in South Bend on a play we score a TD on and RB Cleveland Gary lets go of the ball in the endzone which the refs called a fumble (biggest robbery I've ever seen till tuck play) followed of course by back judge throwing P.I. flag in Fiesta 2002 after side judge let the play go giving Ohio St. 5th down but no sour grapes!!

I saw C.Portis play plenty being the 1st TRUE Fr. to start at RB for the U. since OJ in 75 replacing big shoes in the Edge who bolted for the NFL after 98. Highsmith started after redshirt Yr. Portis almost single handedly brings us bck Vs. Univ. of Washigton in 2000 were we suffered our only lossof that Season on a GREAT U team.

The truth is in that ERA the Canes had 2 GREAT one cut runners with sub - 4.3 speed in Portis and the man who took over for him in 02 after Frank Gore's Spring practice knee injury in Willis McGahee who was NEVER the same runner from that Hurricanes team after the knee injury in the Fiesta Bowl. Gore was more of a slasher then who morphed into the bulky power RB you see today after his 2 knees were blown out in College.

I've followed all the Canes GREATS over the Yrs. and LOVED Miller from the get go (saw those other RB's in his style and speed) alot more than Edge Baby Cousin Javarris James or Greg Cooper or Mike James later. Duke has a shot to be Barry Sanders special!

I remember Maira. She was the girlfriend of a very good looking, also Cuban, classmate of mine. Her Father was probably one of the most prominent Surgeons in DR. He did us many favors in his Private Clinic. We lacked nothing. Years later, I found out thru my classmate about Maira's erratic behavior and that they had found her in a ditch, drunk out of her mind. I then realized that she had had the Bipolar gene.(What has this story has to do with anything here? Nothing. Just a story)


After a UM victory, my friend went down to the Field to mingle with the Players. Of course, he and his friends started talking sh-t in Spanish about some Women there. Suddenly, George Mira said, Caballeros, respeten a las mujeres. Going far back, aint I?

If Lamar Miller was near as good as Bush he would've started last year.

The Dolphins took the cheap route letting Bush go and playing Miller. Its likely to come back to bite them in the ass for being so cheap. Certainly the depth at RB is nonexistent.

..I am excited about this years crop of running backs. Especially if we add FB. Leach. The Phins did the right thing by not resigning Bush.(IMO) I like that we will give the opportunity to Lamar Miller. We don't know what ceiling he has. With Bush, we saw about as much as we would get. It wasn't good enough if the team is serious about taking that next step offensively. Add Gillislee into the mix, and hopefully a healthy Daniel Thomas. And we could have a dynamic group.

Now..The flip side is that Miller isn't ready to take the reigns. Thomas continues to be middle of the pack, and Gillislee plays like a rookie. This will make for a long season. Everyone wants to see us get the ball down the field. Everyone seems to be expecting a pass heavy offense. I think we will see some of both at times. But we are still grooming a young inexperienced quarterback. If we can't run it...Forget all the bells and whistles. It could get painful.

Enough of the Debbie Downer stuff. I expect the combination of Miller-Thomas-Gillislee to combine for over 1700 yards as a group. Add 15 rushing TD's(again as a group)...That would be a great start.

George Mira said, Caballeros, respeten a las mujeres. Going far back, aint I?

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 12, 2013 at 08:18 PM

Great MLB in his day on arguably the best of the UM teams Md-80's. Steroid bust tainted a great College career. I actually ran into him on Okeechobee Rd. back around 04 after bad accident were he was one of the fireman who responded.

When I saw her today,I noticed her immediately, well dressed and somehow built. Fiftish and a paralegal now, she told me she used to work for Lou Duva, during Sugar Ray and Duran's Time and she was the one that held up the card between rounds announcing which round came next. I was right in my appraisal.

hehehe, fin4. You know better than that.

Actually, Ted Hendricks speaks good Spanish. He is from near here in Hialeah, Miami Springs. Some kind of citizen.

Where do I meet so many interesting People? By Being There.

My son has no friends because he never leaves his house.

I wouldn't call anything about 90% of the people who post hear as normal Scoop.

TEs are neutral or better......CBs as a group are better, and deeper......WRs as a group are better and deeper....LBs are neutral or better (younger and faster for sure)......Dline is better and deeper (cant add Jordan and have Vernon in yr 2 without thinking thats an improvement)-not sure the Oline is worse as many feel, as Clabo is a big upgrade at RT while Martin is a downgrade at LT....I'll go with a little worse--RBs are unknown/neutral; Bush is a loss but more depth with Gillislee, and hopefully Miller steps up--Tannehill should improve but nobody knows yet--I dont see why all the negativity--generally younger, faster, more depth, more playmakers--they were 7-9 last year, so how how great were some of these guys they let go?

dont be so hard on yourself Clorox.......you're not naive--yeah, I know, but I'm talking to the 20% here who arent trolls, and plenty of them are somewhat negative as well--but thanks for looking out for me.

The team should be entertaining to watch for sure this year benz.

Let me start by saying I hope I'm wrong but thats unlikely. I am very astute at evaluating football players, coaches, teams, etc.

I dont see the Dolphins headed in the right direction. They dont have any of the really great players needed to be SB competitive. Ireland is inept and Ross seems too clueless and cheap to produce good results. I doubt Tannehill will ever crack the top 15 QB's. Even HC Philbin is an experiment. There just arent enough strong pieces in leadership roles on or off the field.

-I dont see why all the negativity

Posted by: benz | July 12, 2013 at 09:25 PM

4 consecutive losing seasons. DUUUUUHHH!

do you really need to take a shower after a dump?

New LT Jonathan Martin can’t block a soul.


I'm hoping the offensive playbook gets a little bit more versatile this year. A decent passing game will open up the run.

I'm hoping the offensive playbook gets a little bit more versatile this year. A decent passing game will open up the run.

Posted by: Darkoak | July 12, 2013 at 11:14 PM

Wow! That was insightful!!!!

And the bait is taken, predictable.

Dark Choke....bait my testes

The thing I find most interesting about the social deviants on this site, much like yourself, Is that there is no way you can get through life unscathed acting that way in person. But from your computer you find it acceptable to behave in a disrespectful manner. I sincerely doubt you'd behave this way if I was standing in front of you.

It's funny to me, I find you amusing.

Dark Choke....another blog fool seeking attention.

I dont see why all the negativity

Posted by: benz | July 12, 2013 at 09:25 PM


You know you've beaten the fools when they start stealing your name!

Imitation is the most true form of flattery.

Too bad you can't REALLY be like me. Smart.

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