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Lamar Miller's summer work

Hi, gang. Barry Jackson checking in with another link to a Dolphins column on my blog.

I met with Lamar Miller and Frank Gore this week to discuss their workouts together and why Miller says he's a better player than the one who shined in limited opportunities as a rookie last year. Miller says he feels fully ready to become a starting NFL back, presuming he keeps the job ahead of Daniel Thomas. (It would be very, very, very surprising if he doesn't; he said he was with the first team throughout the entire offseason program.) Ryan Tannehill said Miller has improved in pass protection more than any other area.

Here's the link:


Glad to report that Armando will return next week with his usual mix of info and entertainment. I'll have another three Dolphins columns on my blog in the next week, before camp opens, and will link to one more of them here before Armando returns. Please follow us on twitter at @ArmandoSalguero and @flasportsbuzz.  


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Someone! Dear God someone be offended. Lol.

D Thomas got a lot stronger... he should start

D Thomas couldnt make any practice squad on any other team.

I'm the only one that knows anything about football. The rest of you are clueless. Listen to me.


I'm Not Questioning Your UM Knowledge.

As A True Miami Homer. I Know You Are One Of The Most Respected Bloggers Here. I Agree With Everything You Say. I Also Think Duke Has The Potential To Be Barry Sanders Great. Some Of Us Aren't Objective Or Don't Root For The Home Team No Matter What. We Recognize Talent.

Miami Will Be Back This Year. Just Watch Out.

Dashi I asked you earlier how you feel about the line backing corp. You and I asked for change and shockingly we got it.

Darkoak wants to bond with the DaShe.



Latin men don't consider bj's from guys as being gay. So feel free to engage with dashe.

The funny thing about the social deviants on this site, to which your are included, is their childish desire to offend people.

I find it funny, you amuse me.

No one would actually behave like you if they were speaking to someone in person. Anyone who behaved that way would not get through life unscathed. It's humorous when people act so from the safety of their keyboard.



Odin will be by later. He has a super fine hottie right now, police cheifs smokin hot 22 yo daughter! So once the old geezer comes up for air, he will be by for some cut and pasting.

The funny thing is how darkork has nothing better to do than respond. LOL

Actually you are responding, snap, you never realized it. Lol. Too funny.


We All Will See What Real LBs Look Like. Dansby Was a Quiter. And K.Burnett Was Average At Best.

I Know Dashi Wanted The LBs Gone. But The Ones That Will Be Truly Happy Are Every Dolphfan. When The Defense Doesn't Quit In The 4th Qtr. This will Be One Of The Best Dolphins Team In A While. This Is As Complete A Team As We Have Had. Running, Passing, Defense. A Complete Squad.

Can't Wait. Good Thing The Fins Have 5 Preseason Games. Football Season Can't Come Soon Enough.


I'm Not Questioning Your UM Knowledge.

Posted by: Dashi | July 13, 2013 at 12:03 AM


I'm not questioning your either I always read your posts and respect your knowledge of sports in general. I was just stressing a point about how some post things simply parroting what they read and I'm not one of them. I remember the 02 draft which was Portis draft and thinking 2 things.

1) I couldn't believe Portis slide to RD-2 and then thinking he went to the best possible team in Denver. He was the perfect RB to succeed there post Terrel Davis given they were very similar types.

2) I couldn't for the life of me figure what Butch Davis was thinking passing on his College RB twice while taking BC RB William Greene 6th overall?

This Is As Complete A Team As We Have Had. Running, Passing, Defense. A Complete Squad.

Can't Wait. Good Thing The Fins Have 5 Preseason Games. Football Season Can't Come Soon Enough.

Posted by: Dashi | July 13, 2013 at 01:16 AM

I agree 100% The key to it all will be Tannehill but you got to love the moves at T.E. which should help him plenty underneath. I don't get why some are even questioning letting Fasano walk for Keller and like Dion Sims out of Mich. St. who slips in draft due to legal issue.

The other under the radar signs are key as well, like the upside on DT Martin over McDaniel and Grimes looks like our LCB also Clabo at RT is huge given his ahtleticism and history in the zone scheme our line is playing ect....

"God is a fiction and all Western religions are nothing more than death cults and mystic rubbish for fools."

Why just Western religions???

Scared of offending other religions that may not be so accepting of criticism?

Others that may cut your nuts off?


If T-Sizzle getting coached by C.Pennington this Off season makes him C.Henne. So be it. L.Miller is better than R.Bush. And M.Wallace is the best WR the fins have had since I.Fryar. D.Keller the Best TE since Keith Jackson.

B.Davis didn't draft C.Portis but he did draft J.Jackson. He is a great college coach, bad pro coach. B.Davis can recruit. He is a better coach than D.Wannstedt.

Dolphins 12-4. Book it Dan-O.

And as the biggest J.Ireland fan. He better resign NOW. Or M.Sherman will be the GM next season.


So much to like about this team it's hard to pick one part of the team that I'm most excited to see on the field this year. Everyone around this team including coaches, players, media and just the casual passerby can see all the talent and potential on this team. There's just no doubt this team has a very good chance to be great for a nice run the next few years. One week to training camp!

And we could even get better this week. I find this extremely interesting...Pro Bowl FB Leach(probably the best in league)that just won a SB wants to join this team and is lobbying/negotiating a multi-year deal. Where's the people that were saying no one wants to play for this franchise? Time for them to have a serving of humble pie and eat their words. And the kicker is Ireland was a huge part of it.

I would like to see who's name would be called out if these atheists were hanging on for dear life over a cliff?

No team with so many changes at so many positions has ever had success right a way. All these areas are new on the team, rookies, or players with very little experience

New LBs
New OL
New CB's
New TE's
New K

The vegas super computers say 7.5 wins. They are right more than any expert.

Taking into account the "so many changes" I look forward to being better at the end of the season when the team needs to be playing it's best football. However, I don't completely agree the new players we brought in can be any worse than some of the guys we had. The 2 new LB'er's are going to do what?.. make less then almost no impact plays we got from Dansby and Burnett? The 1 new OL (Clabo)is going to do worse than rookie Martin? What Martin is going to struggle worse than Long did last year and not finish the season? The 1 new starting CB(Grimes)is going to more inconsistent and get burned more often than Smith? The combination of Keller, Sims, Egnew and Clay are going to do worse than Fasano, Ennew, Clay and whoever? The new K is going to choke and miss more big FG's than Carpenter?


I'll take the over on that 7.5 vegas, thank u!

Above and beyond the individual players, it is a team game. The teams that do well are the teams that have had a stable group of core of players for some time. The exceptions are very rare.

Players need time to gel. Coaches need time to see how to best use all these new players.

Two new LB's that have never even played together, let alone on our team. Do you think there are going to be break downs in communication? I do.

We have only one prove n CB.

The oline is unknown with at most 2 out of 5 of them playing theiir same position last year. Do you think there will be communication break downs? I do.

Our top three RB's - Rookie, 1 year experience, and Thomas with two years experience yet never lasting a full season.

Does this sound like a playoff team?

I'm still trying to understand the Dion Jordon pick. I have to believe we would be a better team had we not traded up and kept our high second round pick.

Just on talent and game planning alone I see the team finishing 9-7 this year. Of course this is barring a massively unlucky raft of injuries to starters. He'll we went 7-9 last year with a rookie QB and a new defensive playbook, offensive playbook, 2 capable WRs and a no longer clutch kicker. 9-7 is not an impossibility IMO.

Did Cincy sound like a playoff team with a 2nd year wr, second year qb to anyone before last season? Did Indy sound like a playoff team with rookie qb, rookie rb taking over for mediocre 2nd year rb, coming off the worst record in league (albeit tanking most gms)? If u can say yes to both of those, you can say yes to us. Every year one or two teams surprise (see above) and others tank (see Pitt, SD). If Tannehill and Miller play well, we will be in the playoffs this year, likely as a wild card, and challenging the clam chowders for the division next year (maybe this year, u never know)!

Go Fins!


Hey 2015.....its nor 1970 anymore.....

This is the era of FREE AGENCY.....EVERY TEAM...EVERY YEAR has changes @ key positions....bar none.....

The teams that ADAPT the best to change have had the best results over times....the PATS have been the poster child of how to PLUG and PLAY in the FA period....you have heard of the PATS right.....

The Raven's signed key FA last year that helped them get over the HUMP.....news flash...Jacoby Jones was NOT drafted by Ozzie Newsome....

Drew Brees and others have changed the way we look @ the Saints.....FA works.....I know you are probably bitter from Don Shula's try back in the early 90's....but stick around...times have changed....

The thing I like most about this years team is that the young depth is being developed. Soon we won't need the over priced Trusniks of the NFL just to play mediocre backup roles for us. We'll have young hungry players we drafted or uncovered trying to get on the field by out playing the veterans. This is how teams stay competitive for years.

In Irescums 6th year we are an expansion team with all new players. Its crap again for this season.

No team with so many changes at so many positions has ever had success right a way. All these areas are new on the team, rookies, or players with very little experience

New LBs
New OL
New CB's
New TE's
New K

Posted by: 2015 | July 13, 2013 at 08:35 AM

New RB's too

I see how you can mistake a rebuilding team for an expansion team. Last year was more of the "expansion team" year in my mind, I only expected a 3-13 season and was pleasantly surprised. If the team has a losing year this year Ireland will most likely be gone so you may get your wish.

Indy was already a perennial playoof team except for the one season they had no QB. Drafting the top rated QB to come out of college in years solved the issue.

Cincy had drafted the best WR and already had a decent defense.

Niether of those examples hold water to my example.

FA aside, this team has NEVER had as many personnel changes in one season as they have now. Most teams rarely have this many changes.

Aside from all that, we only have one PROVEN offensive weapon in Wallace. Everyone else is still a question mark.

This is the league of scoring points. It won't be easy when only two out of the five lineman are the same ones in the same spot from last season


Maybe you should read my post again. The Ravens have been a perrenial playoff team for a long time. Your analogy is light years from my point.

We didn't just bring in 'a player or two', the new roster could very well be almost a 50% change from last year.

I know its a dolphins blog so everybody is supposed to wave the aqua flag, but I'm just trying to be objective.


2015 this team is a rebuilding one I think anyone can see that. Good coaching can cover up a lot of the unfamiliarity you speak of. That said you are right that this much change will take some time to come together. The good thing for us is the toughest part of our schedule is at the start of the season and we have an early bye. Most likely that gelling will be occurring by mid-season when we can hopefully beat some manageable opponents. Secondly our division is weak and the Bills and Jets seem to be in a worse position than we are. Watch for the Fins to get dangerous after week 6.

2015, you have no idea how good or bad the Team is because you never seen them play.

I've never seen an existing team with near this many new players. Its not s good sign for the near future.

I would rather play the tough part of schedule after the team gelled.

2015, you have no idea how good or bad the Team is because you never seen them play.

Posted by: shut up already | July 13, 2013 at 11:30 AM

We've never seen expansion teams play either and we know they stink. Same thing here.

Well, we've seen Tanny play and we know he stinks.

BP for a team with the changes we have the schedule can be a blessing in disguise. The team will be tested right out of the gate. If they perform well then we are looking good, if they lose to tough opponents the early bye week allows the young team to regroup and coaches to adjust before we get into the "easier" part of the sched.

This is all based of the team needing time to gel argument. Maybe they do so in camp and come out looking like a well oiled machine, but there is something to the change over argument.

Let's look at how many new players the team will be starting this year. We have Wallace, Keller and Clabo on offense. The defense has Wheeler, Ellerbe and Grimes. That's 3 of eleven players on each unit and hardly seems like a big obstacle. Not to mention most of those guys listed above are very accomplished in this league.

dadsmith convienently fails to mention also new starters at RB, LT, RT, RG, CB, and S. LOL

dadsmith Jordan isnt starting?? LOL

We have a new, unproven kicker too....or another wasted draft choice...

Cincy, Tampa, San Diego, Pittsburg

If we go 2-3 in the first 5
and 2-4 in the division
then we have to win our other 5 games and 4 of the teams we play are
Cincy, Tampa, San Diego, Pittsburg



2015 & other doom-n-gloomers!

I can't for the life of me understand how any of you can question the upgrades across the boards in talent on this team compared to last Yr. and say were worse off for it because of turn over!

Turn over is exactly what the team needed in 2012 but didn't have the CAP room for! By Ireland and the Coaching staffs own admission the team went into last Season with no #1 or #2 WR a blocking T.E. (glorified Tackle who couldn't run away form DE's) a glaring hole on the right side of the line and suspect Secondary with Sean Smith as the #1 LCB playing well Vs. the bigger WR but getting lit up like a Christmas tree by the smaller quicker WR all Season. All this without mentioning we featured a RB in our new zone blocking scheme whose attributes didn't fit the scheme. Bush is more of a utility pass catching back / punt returner.

The key to the FA turn over is Ellerbee and how quickly he can pick up the D asignments changing the formations and calling audibles when necessary. If he can do this here alone he's a HUGE upgrade over Dansby who couldn't call an audible to save his life! Not all together his falt given he was an OLB playing out of Pos. but late in games when he could have audibled given the looks he got from the O he NEVER did and this was a glaring weakness for the team. All this and we haven't discussed Ellerbee's ability to cover in the pass D which will help greatly allowing our F.S. to play a little deeper in pass D covering center field or cheating over in a deep zone. How many times in the last few Yrs. since Zach retired have you seen the Dolphins Safety's caught 10 Yds. of the line of Srimmage on long pass plays or don't any of you pay any attention to what your seeing!

The DL a strength will be that much stronger in 2013. For starters Odrick who was out of Pos. at DE in the 4/3 on passing downs should see some time at DT and the addition of V.Martin is an upgrade over McDaniel. The key will be Vernon who needs to step up this Yr. but feel confident here also how creative we get with Jordan and his athletic ability will be important but again feel very confident with Coyle running the show. The OL which had Garner at RT late and seemed like the 2013 RT improves greatly with Clabo out there who played the zone scheme in Atlanta for the GURU Alex Gibbs again upgrading a weakness in 2012. All of this without mentioning a RB more fit to play the scheme. All hinges on Tannehill from my prospective but if he can progress this new look team with speed for todays game can challange for a wild card spot in my opinion.

I've said it before:
We need Grimes for the first 5 games.
If Grimes can keep us in those games than we can be close and the offense will pull out 2-3 of the games.
Then if Grimes achilles gives out those 2 rookie CBs will have some plays under thier belts and we have a chance to be competitive all season.
If Grimes doesn't break camp then Marshall, Patterson, Davis and Taylor will be the CBs and we are phucced.

If we fall behind early because our corners are getting lit up then there won't be any running game, Tanne will have to pass 40-50 times/game.
Those will be exciting games, and we'll win some but not enough to make the postseason I don't believe.

Then if Grimes achilles gives out those 2 rookie CBs will have some plays under thier belts and we have a chance to be competitive all season.
If Grimes doesn't break camp then Marshall, Patterson, Davis and Taylor will be the CBs and we are phucced.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 13, 2013 at 12:53 PM

How many times have you seen a player come back from achilles surgery and have it re-occur!! Usually players come back a little weaker in their ability to plant with force during the rehab process which takes from their initial burst. By all accounts Grimes isn't just running well but running in prctice with Wallace which is a very good sign. Most players recover 100% from this injury. Marino's problems late in career were not due to the achilles but high/low ankle problems caused by atrophied because he didn't work out the leg or really run on it much anymore after.

Well known outside of 7 on 7 passing drills Dan never really practiced again after the injury which caused him to plant less and force the throw of his arm and shoulder more eventually leading to the shoulder problems that ended his career when he couldn't get anything on it anymore. He was an exception given Testeverde in 2000 came back strong as ever. Merling the work out slacker came back in Season 2011 and Suggs last Yr. was a monster in his return ect....

You don't understand drafting a FRANCHISE DE in a WEAK DRAFT.


Ellerbe in less starts had more 10+ Tackle Games last season than K.Dansby. And more Sacks and INTs. What don't you understand?

R.Marshall was our best CB last season. N.Carroll was our #2 for most the Season.

B.Grimes is/was a Pro Bowl CB. J.Taylor has the potential to be as good as S.Madison or P.Surtain. W.Davis will probably beat out D.Patterson and N.Carroll for the #4 spot. And Then R.Marshall Next Season.

Our DTs can finally rush the passer this season. While still stopping the run.

Our LBs can cover and rush the passers. In certain formations D.Jordan and O.Vernon will be playing OLB. Not just Misi.

We have more than 1 DE that can rush the Passer. We have 1 Elite DE and 2 young proteges.

R.Jones and C.Clemons have another season together and in the same system. And don't have to worry about covering TEs for the LBs. While covering Deep for the CB that kept getting toast deep.

The Defense is better. The Offense Improved even more.

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