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Lamar Miller's summer work

Hi, gang. Barry Jackson checking in with another link to a Dolphins column on my blog.

I met with Lamar Miller and Frank Gore this week to discuss their workouts together and why Miller says he's a better player than the one who shined in limited opportunities as a rookie last year. Miller says he feels fully ready to become a starting NFL back, presuming he keeps the job ahead of Daniel Thomas. (It would be very, very, very surprising if he doesn't; he said he was with the first team throughout the entire offseason program.) Ryan Tannehill said Miller has improved in pass protection more than any other area.

Here's the link:


Glad to report that Armando will return next week with his usual mix of info and entertainment. I'll have another three Dolphins columns on my blog in the next week, before camp opens, and will link to one more of them here before Armando returns. Please follow us on twitter at @ArmandoSalguero and @flasportsbuzz.  


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You taking detailed notes of this , Paul? This was important Today. Yes.

I wish our first game was against a division rival or one of the power teams. Why? Even the best teams are not fully in gear game one and we'd have the element of surprise on our side with no real tape on what current team will do.

Playing game one against the Browns is a waste. We should win, so winining won't tell us anything, and if we lose, it will cast doubt on the whole organization.

True, 2015. We'll see.

Should we lose 4 of our first 5 Games in 2013, 2015, then we would be in our always hanging dilemma. Does Philbin suck, do our Players suck or are we throwing away the Season as a rebuild. But then, we will finally take actions based upon our decisions.

The Big Red One is on Military channel.
This is going to be a long drunk night.

In 2014, Tannehill will be heading into his 3rd year. By then we'll know what he is made of, and lets assume he delivers. By then we'll know what we have in WR, RB and OL. The 2014 then will be the final tweaking draft of the 'new' team. If even half of our acquisitions worked out this year, then next draft we will be able to draft more freely, perhaps trade up for gold. The 2014 season will be the finishing touch season, where we get the final pieces in that draft. Those rookies will now be on a young team, but a veteran team on the rise. By the end of 2014, this team should be a finely tuned machine. The coaches will have mastered the players and the players will have mastered the plan.

So you see, 2015, that is the year, the golden year where the Miami Dolphins are not only one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL, but one of the most exciting teams in the NFL.

Many of you see me as being negative. You just don't understand where I am coming from. I am a realist, but also an optimist.

The Cleveland opener is a very good game for us.
Wheedon vs. Tanne
Bess vs Gibson
Shurmur vs Philbin

At this point it is pick em.

We need to have our first test against another weak team trying to get better.
If we do well no one will take us seriously.
If we lose we shouldn't lose by much because they suck too.


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RYAN TANNEHILL = 2012 7th ranked QB 20 plus yards

B GIBSON = Deep threat

M WALLACE = Deep threat

Deep threat= Field day for L Miller, D Thomas and the Gator

B Hartline and D Keller = X Factor = Bonus


Good Job by Ireland and Philbin...they project GREAT vision.


Ellerbe was a UDFA and really has had very limited playing time.

Not one single GM thought he was worth a draft pick.

Let's not get carried away over a few good games.

Just maybe it was easier for Ellerbe on the Ravens defense than it will be on ours.

Let's see before shooting globs.

God Bless in the breeze

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That's some funny stuff. Sorry troll you might have better luck picking on ALoco or 2 Watt. Save the score cards, it's obvious that Odin pushed your buttons to the point of you having a hissy fit.

The proof? Your last 30 posts were all rambling, incoherent blatherings ALL AIMED AT and ABOUT Odin.

You might as well admit it. He got you again.

Odin you are on fire lol.

Posted by: The Truth and Nothing But the Truth | July 10, 2013 at 12:45 AM

GEE, that makes you wonder if a lot of these trollings aren't coming right off of "SOMEONES" Dolphin's In Depth Account. This certain "SOMEONES" account would have to have the ability to block and remove other peoples posts.

I remember awhile back, the entire group here was saying as much. I didn't believe it then. But I do now.

Odin pushed "SOMEONES" buttons a lot harder than even I thought lol. Talk about some piss poor censorship. And all because Odin just beech slaps this troll all over the place.

Talk about pathetic.

Posted by: The Truth and Nothing But the Truth | July 10, 2013 at 12:52 AM

Dear Mr. Truth,

I didn't believe you at first, Silly Me. This schmuck set an all time new low.

This idiot blocked my IP address, removed a bunch of my posts, re-wrote them as his own and posted them under various sign in names.


We still need a QB.

Oscar, try Match.com

Odin if he is converted to linebacker do you seriously think he's going to start this year? He has never played the position in his life. He was a TE and then switched to DE. He has zero experience in the two point stance and has very little experience covering receivers and backs in the open. The only issue he will have on the line is setting the edge on run plays. You're saying don't put him there because there is an issue, put him at LB where there will be multiple issues. IMO he will be coming in on obvious passing downs and that doesn't necessarily mean only on third down. There's no reason to rush his progress, he has a long career ahead of him.

Posted by: Hernandez GUILTY | July 10, 2013 at 03:33 PM


ROTFLMAO – Don’t even try it! I respect your right to an opinion, but the things you posted couldn’t be further from the TRUTH.

I got this from NFL.com:

He showed promise after moving across the line during spring 2010 practices, playing in 13 games and starting one at defensive end (5.5 tackles for loss, two sacks) as a redshirt sophomore. But the move really bore fruit when he earned first-team All-PAC 12 honors in 2011 as a 12-game starter at his hybrid defensive end/linebacker position (42 tackles, 13 for loss, team-high 7.5 sacks). Jordan continued working at his drop end, outside linebacker spot in 2012, recording 44 total tackles, 10.5 going for a loss, including five sacks. The Duck forced three fumbles and intercepted one pass. He only played in 11 full games after missing parts or the entirety of three others with a shoulder injury. It has been reported Jordan will miss the Senior Bowl to undergo surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder.

Jordan played a lot at OLB and his coverage skills were great. His Coaches had so much confidence in his coverage skills that they OFTEN had him covering the slot WIDE RECEIVERS!

I would have Jordan starting day 1 at OLB(he only needs to beat out Misi and Trusnik!). Then in the majority of passing situations I would turn him loose! Otherwise, WHAT? Start Misi over a guy we took 3rd overall and used two premium picks on? EVERYBODY knows that guys you take that high and spend multiple picks on, EVERYBODY KNOWS they SHOULD BE DAY 1 starters.

This includes Ireland and Philbin. After what we went through and spent on Jordan, if he’s NOT a day 1 – 3 Down Starter, then I will consider it a COLLOSAL INSTANT FAILURE. To be honest, I believe 32 NFL GM’s would agree.

Anyway, I respect your right to an opinion and I gave mine above. But I have to take exception with anyone skewering the facts. Jordan has played a lot of OLB and was GREAT in multiple types of coverage’s. Ultimately, like many analysts have stated, Jordan has an excellent set of skills and should be able to play a similar hybrid OLB/(Pass rushing)DE in the NFL.

PS: Sorry it took so long too get back to you. I was having some severe "Technical(Ahem......LOL) Difficulties".

If you know what I mean..........?







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Gromes is our CB.
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The bible did get one thing right. Religious people are sheep who need a Sheepherd to guide them through life. Sheep are really dumb!! And the wealthy sheep herders did an amazing job making controlling a bunch of poor people. They had them raise crops and tend to livestock while promising them heaven. But only after they died poor. I doubt they ever would have imagined it could have ever lasted this long. But they were smart. Once they taught religion to the first group and gave them churches. These poor fools brought there kids there. And taught them to do it too. As an added kicker. The people who ran the churches also took their cut!! They got poor people who were already being squeezed by rich land owners to give the church what little money they had to better secure their seat in heaven.

Thankfully the fastest growing demographic is atheism. People who take science over science fiction. It needs to happen faster. Then maybe we can end all these wars that at their core have religion to blame, and start investing in science to cure diseases. Praying wont make your cancer, or Parkinson's, or anything else go away.

Why not worship comic book heroes? There are as likely to exist as god. But the stories are better and about as believable!


Jaison, don't be a douche. Talking at people like you have the answer key undermines your whole position.

Heads up other readers, nothing to see here. Just a reply to a prior comment with little football to be had. No more from me after this I promise! Also sorry to the author Jackson, I am not him.

This note is to "Hey It's in the Breeze, Troop!" hope you check in one more time.
I finally had a chance to post a reply...

I do appreciate a good conversation, and enjoyed hearing what you had to say. I think you missed the point tho, which often happens when people chat with limited time and in my case, typing skills. My goal of responding to your full-mast post from the other day was just to offer another viewpoint, and to re-affirm that most people (including atheists, and with the possible exception of Jets fans) are decent people.

I got a little whiplash tho after the “Believe as you please” “SNAP OUT OF YOUR BS”, “I respect a person for who they are” and “that is Bullshiznit in staggering amounts...” The atheists I know ARE "Cool people who just want to get along." They would have your back, that is, unless you really did find it “HILARIOUS” to see “Atheists attack Christians...yet leave Islam, Judaism or other religions more or less alone.” They don't, and would not. What can I say? It seems like you need to meet more atheists, which can be tough since most just keep their mouths shut for fear of oppression by the religious majority. "And what church do you go to?...Really?...Poof." That my friend, is the Christian way I've come to expect. Sad but true.

Anyhow, my bad if I didn’t properly cover all the angles about my belief system in what should be a football blog, much of it is personal, and of absolutely no interest to anyone else. I’ve been crawling around on this planet for just a few months less than you, and I can’t recall hearing the “foxhole argument” from someone who has actually been in a foxhole, at least not in decades. You asked, “Who is tired of it, YOU..?” Well, yes me--the one responding to you post. That almost hurt my feelings. Made me feel like you had a monopoly on insight for a minute, but I got over it.

“Men and women rarely call out for God in fear in Combat. No... It is much more personal. It is much more unsettling... Because scared men call for they're MOMMIES. They seek God once they have calmed down, got back to normal life in camp and had a few day's to evaluate they're lives.” I appreciate you taking the time to write that down. I'll have to trust your anecdotes--it was simply put and sounds horrible. The sentiment is not limited to the battlefield tho, but I this was precisely the concept (deep stirrings in one's being) I was trying to convey when I was talking about people coming to god after realizing their own mortality. It doesn’t matter to me what interval you choose....maybe after deep reflection back in camp, as you said in your 2nd post, or maybe right when you hear bullets whiffing past. I hope you'd agree, since that's part of what I was responding to from your 1st post...“But truthfully... where I saw most Atheists come to know "A Higher Power" then their own mouth... Was the first time they saw blood squirting outta something it shouldn't... on themselves or otherwise...” Nothing like the prospect of exsanguination to get the mind going--I couldn't agree more.

You say “Atheism has declared war on Christianity” and possibly Christmas. Then “I'm not religious, in fact I despise religion. It is a man made effort to control Gods own.” With all due respect, if you cite scripture, and implicate atheists for “the breakdown of the family and complete collapse of a moral compass...” you are religious. Not that there's anything wrong with that. And to pass judgement on someone you don’t know on a dolphins blog, makes you appear classically so. Why so quick to dismiss my experiences? You know nothing about me, or how many dying babies and adults I’ve heard screaming for their MOMMAS, nor how many years I spent in church before the hypocrisy of so many people abusing that book of collected human wisdom sunk in.

“Which is worse... A God who allows us free will... or a God who creates robotic slaves to a religion..?” First off, the “robotic slave” option is almost never the right choice. Second, both your answers presuppose the existence of a god--in particular, one that is doing me a favor by granting me “free will.” Are we just hamsters in god’s Habitrail? (You are 47, even if they don’t make Habitrails anymore, you must get the reference). Why the game?--I mean really? When I mention deformed babies, I am not saying short people have no reason to live, I am saying I don’t see a good reason why any god (let alone a supposed loving all-powerful one) would permit people to suffer like he does. Why cripple Hawking? Was this punishment, or just a favor disguised as punishment? Why not cripple raping priests, or the zealot sniper that killed a doc through his kitchen window while he was doing dishes in New York City in 1998? I know, I know: people have the freedom to choose the wrong path, they will be judged later, it’s just them doing what “THEY do.” Hey, so long as it isn't women wanting to make a choice, right?...that’d be crossing the line! Gimme consistency--don't just stick newborns with original sin. Why give glory to god for a football win (Notre Dame aside, they seemingly have connections, although campus lightning strikes a few years back had me chuckling at the irony)? Shall we claim that 9/11, or Sandy, or Sandy Hook happened because people (those kind that lay with the same sex mostly, from what I hear) angered god? What about the 298 survivors of 300 in that San Fran plane crash--what a miracle (alternatively, what did those 2 chicks do to so wreck their karma?). It’s all part of god’s plan right? Wait, what?--I don’t have proper clearance or the ability to fathom his greatness? !?!? Talk about a 3D steaming pile of “Bullshiznit.”

OK, that atheists have no agenda is not accurate. (No such thing as altruism right?--Philosophy 101). You said it well: the agenda is “to in one way or the other divorce yourself from having to be bothered with people who don't believe what you do.” I can accept that, since it is is essentially the agenda of every organism on the planet. Live long and prosper. Except that I do work with/for people who don't think like me all the time, that is ultimately grounded in a respect for life as much as it is my need to prosper. A very few atheists (a minority of a small minority) actively campaign against religion; is the reverse true? Do you really take offense at the possibility of IGWT coming off our currency?--god seems to have no interest in keeping our economy strong or punishing fraudulent bankers? Could you live with “in sunlight we trust?” Is a moment of silence at the beginning of school (that can be used by everyone as they see fit) a real threat to our nation’s moral compass?).

I would appreciate it you don’t don’t lump me in with the manufactured atheist devils (from my perspective) who supposedly “crusade to make the idea of a simple prayer for the protection of players at a sports event paramount to a crime.” That's as silly as teaching creation in science class--musta happened in some blue state! My not wanting to hold hands and pray with you is not an attempt to stamp out prayer. Pray away! (But he did choose to play football, and god already knows how it’s going to turn out right? Hmmm. Does the number of prayers offered up one’s odds of recovery--man it would suck to be unpopular during times of crisis). All silliness aside, I can guarantee that in my line of work, my colleagues and I, or our thoughts and wishes fly to injured people as fast as anyone’s prayers.

That's about it. Just sharing a few thoughts and questions. No ill-will intended. I am glad you made it home after all those tours--24 years is a long time. It is appreciated. My dad did 27, and we were stationed lots of places. If all you truly ask is that I understand that NEITHER is all correct... and neither is all wrong...that we all must make our way...that God can be a crutch, and that unbelief may wrong--than we’re A-OK. All I hope is that you recognize that many atheists are stand-up citizens, and that you put in a good word with god for the fins, for I have no credit. Oh, and ease off on the talk radio--that junk will rot your brain.

Oh man, sorry everyone. The length of that last post was ridiculous--I guess there really is no space crunch!





WTF! When did this blog become a nest of batsh!t crazy religious nuts. Leave that talk for your fellow cult members. My church? Its called the RedZone Channel

No mando and still no dashi, this seems like a real mystery to me

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