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Live blog of tonight's Dolphins scrimmage

There will be no television. There will be no radio. There will be no live streaming on the internet. And the Dolphins will not be providing official statistics.

But this blog will be live and in living color the whole time.

I'll give you play-by-play as well as I can. I will tell you everything I see. And I'll do it in the comments section.

By the way, the Dolphins released their tentative depth cahrt for the Hall of Fame Game. No surprises.

The starters?


Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace at WR, LT Jonathan Martin, LG Richie Incognito, C Mike Pouncey, RG John Jerry, RT Tyson Clabo, TE Dustin Keller, QB Ryan Tannehill, FB Jorvorskie Lane, RB Lamar Miller.


LE Olivier Vernon, DT Paul Soliai, DT Randy Starks/Jared Odrick, RE Cameron Wake, LB Phillip Wheeler, LB Dannell Ellerbe, LB Koa Misi, CB Brent Grimes, CB Richard Marshall, S Chris Clemons and Reshad Jones.


P Brandon Fields, K Dan Carpenter, KR Marcus Thigpen, PR Marcus Thigpen, LS John Denney.

Second team


WR Brandon Gibson, Rishard Matthews, LT Jeff Adams, LG Dallas Thomas, C Josh Samuda, RG Lance Louis, RT Nate Garner, QB Matt Moore, RB Daniel Thomas, FB Evan Rodriguez, TE, Charles Clay.


LE Vaughn Martin, DT Kheeston Randall, RE Derrick Shelby, LB Austin Spitler, Jason Trusnik and Jonathan Freeny. CB Nolan Carroll and Dimitri Patterson. S Jimmy Wilson and Kelcie McCray.

Yes, there's a third-team also. I tweeted it earlier. Follow me @Armando Salguero.

Ok, meet me in the comments section at 7 p.m.


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cant wait

BTW I found Rodriguez: he is the 2nd team FB.

Neither Davis CB nor Taylor CB is 1st or 2nd string.
That's messed up.

Let us know up front who is starting on the OL. (samuda)

our corners are bad outside grimes, we already knew that

We should have stayed put at 12. Got a first rate young TE for the future and a better corner with the high #2 pick.

Dion won't make in impact anytime soon.

Lamar Miller Is Our #1 RB.

D.Thomas Our #2a

Thigpen #2b

Grey #3

L.Miller Can Do It All. Run Inside, Run Outside, Catch Out The Backfield, AND PASS BLOCK. HE IS THE MOST COMPLETE BACK ON THE TEAM.

The Fins Seem To Have Hit On Almost All Their Draft Picks. Great Draft By Ireland.

da Shi,

So what's my ip?

Or are you planning to stop by?

Remember, they only person you can fool is yourself :)

ok, there has to be an "illegal" internet feed somewhere, please post if you know

sadly i agree zach

...Dashi. I hope you are right about Miller as far as his understanding of the pass protections. This is the biggest issue to me as far as Miller goes. I'm not sure if you are just supporting your guy. But if we go off of what we knew from last year. Miller didn't have a full grasp of his responsibilities. All of the other stuff..his running ability, his pass catching ability. I am excited for. If he can't block. We are in trouble.

Don't count out Gilislee yet. I know he had a bad first week. But he allowed to struggle. He is also allowed to improve. I want to know exactly what mistakes were happening that has slowed his progress.

Hello everyone. This deal starts at 7 p.m. Dolphins are expecting 20K people tonite.

Lets make sure we get the lefty QB right this time armando!

don't blow up the comments so we can get the play by play

Cant wait to see how Lamar Miller performs, I believe he's going to be key to this years offense..IMHO..

Guys, What time is the HOF game next week????

HOF game is at 8 p.m. on Sunday, Cuban. What up?

Hi everyone. Can't wait for some real dolphins action at sun life.

The HOF Game is 800pm Eastern Time and is nationally televised.

The scrimmage should be approx. 120 plays. So we'll be here a while.

Retired Mando, RETIRED......

Thanks Mando looking forward to your post.

Players are streaming onto the field. Warming up now.

I am torn! I want Offence to roll and score at will! I want Defense to dominate, shut the offence completely down! That really sucks! win, win, I guess?


The CB situation has several veterans. Let the young guys work their way in. I personally think Taylor will be our best CB draft pick since Surtain/Madison.

This may have been asked, but the hits will be live, full speed tonight right?

..Armando..Can you tell us how the scrimmage will be structured? If there will be a certain formations that are featured tonight that we should know about?


I Hope Gillislee Makes The Team.

But Someone Here. The IP Guy. Cried And Cried. Gillislee Will Be The Best RB On The Team From The Start. That L.Miller Should Get Hurt So Gillislee Can Play. That Gillislee Is Better Than E.Lacy.

Gillislee This, Gillislee That.

We Have Better RBs Than Gillislee. Ireland Drafted Him So In The Future He Can Be A 3rd Down Back. Like Travis Minor.

Darryl, the media has been given no heads up on the structure of the scrimmage. We'll know when it's in front of our eyes. I will try my best to relay to you.

Dolphins are also providing no stats from this scrimmage.

Armando how has Tannehill looked?

The hits will NOT be full speed and QBs are not to be touched.

Big crowd for a scrimmage


They are going to open with the Wildcat! Bwa ha ha ha.

Serpico, I like the fact Tannehill rarely picks the wrong place to throw. Just doesn't do it.

I am concerned about his accuracy, particularly his deep accuracy which I have written about. I've seen nothing this camp to suggest he's fixed that issue. Perhaps as he gets more familiar with his WRs, that will come. We'll see.

I'd also like him to throw quicker. He's sometimes held the ball a count in practice.

whooooo hooooo !


Philbin Said On L.Millers Blocking. That By The End Of Last Season He Already Had It Down.

I Believe They Were Babying L.Miller Last Season. Because Reggie Was Suppose To Be The Feature Back And D.Thomas His Back Up. Coach Knew He Was Going To Have L.Miller For More Than 1 Season. And Bush Always Cried That He Never Got Enough Carries In N.O.

The Dolphins Proved R.Bush Wasn't A Every down RB.

I Love That They Asked Philbin If L.Miller Is Similar To Reggie. And Coach Said In A Nice Fashion, NO L.Miller Doesn't Dance.

..Cactch up later. I can see mayflies hatching on the creek right now. I'm going fishing! Enjoy the scrimmage.

Last Years scrimmage T-Hill made up ground on M&M for the starting spot. Maybe this season M&M will make up ground on T-Hill.

Just Kidding.

But I would like to know how the competition for the #2 spot is going. Maybe Devlin keeps making ground on M&M in this scrimmage.

WOOT!!!! It's actually gonna resemble some good old fashion quasi-real foosball!

Give us the straight dirt on what your peepers tell you Mando.


Lot of people for a scrimmage. Huge atmosphere

Armando: I had a chance to go back and watch each and every single offensive snap on coaches film in NFL rewind. The one thing I saw about Tanny on the deep ball was that he threw plenty of incompletions that were 50-50 balls. Meaning, he read it, saw it wasn't open, hesitated, but then threw it up anyway, instead going to a completely different progression. But if a guy was open, rarely did he just miss someone. I was more concerned about the fact that he missed a lot of second level reads and actually rushed a checkdown when the line was actually holding up on the pass rush. He actually had an extra second or 2, so maybe this year his holding the ball might be a blessing in disguise.

Mando, Thoughts on D. Thomas please.....

Let's Go PHINS!!!!!

there is no competition for the #2 dashi, matt moore will have it barring a miraculous occurence

Gillislee shouldn't be first string but he will probably pass Thomas at some point this season as he is a more complete back than he is and doesn't have the tendencies to put the ball on the ground. It is pathetic that someone was saying they want Miller to get injured though. Hopefully both will improve greatly this year and provide a nice young one two punch the next several seasons.


Agreed...they didn't sign Moore to those $$$ to have him get passed by Devlin or anyone else in camp not named Tannehill.


has it started?

What's up gentlemen? Thank you for doing this Armando.

it's been 10 minutes. Any updates Mando?

Mandy. I'm back. Good to see you...Err, blog you

They are still going through drills. The scrimmage has not begun. Trust me, I'm not going to miss it. Neither are you.

IM in Va no chance to see it love the updates if can be provided...

They are doing position drills. Scrimmage to come.

I could still see Moore being trade bait if he'd have a shot to start somewhere else, the deal was good and Devlin looks ready to be a backup.

Doesn't mean I WANT Matt Moore to leave....but for the right player/pick....

Phin78 you Ol Dog, How they hanging????????

Welcome back Marc!

hopefully, the backs all look good tonight. It's my main concern along with the O line.

they are doing positition drills now

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