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Live blog of tonight's Dolphins scrimmage

There will be no television. There will be no radio. There will be no live streaming on the internet. And the Dolphins will not be providing official statistics.

But this blog will be live and in living color the whole time.

I'll give you play-by-play as well as I can. I will tell you everything I see. And I'll do it in the comments section.

By the way, the Dolphins released their tentative depth cahrt for the Hall of Fame Game. No surprises.

The starters?


Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace at WR, LT Jonathan Martin, LG Richie Incognito, C Mike Pouncey, RG John Jerry, RT Tyson Clabo, TE Dustin Keller, QB Ryan Tannehill, FB Jorvorskie Lane, RB Lamar Miller.


LE Olivier Vernon, DT Paul Soliai, DT Randy Starks/Jared Odrick, RE Cameron Wake, LB Phillip Wheeler, LB Dannell Ellerbe, LB Koa Misi, CB Brent Grimes, CB Richard Marshall, S Chris Clemons and Reshad Jones.


P Brandon Fields, K Dan Carpenter, KR Marcus Thigpen, PR Marcus Thigpen, LS John Denney.

Second team


WR Brandon Gibson, Rishard Matthews, LT Jeff Adams, LG Dallas Thomas, C Josh Samuda, RG Lance Louis, RT Nate Garner, QB Matt Moore, RB Daniel Thomas, FB Evan Rodriguez, TE, Charles Clay.


LE Vaughn Martin, DT Kheeston Randall, RE Derrick Shelby, LB Austin Spitler, Jason Trusnik and Jonathan Freeny. CB Nolan Carroll and Dimitri Patterson. S Jimmy Wilson and Kelcie McCray.

Yes, there's a third-team also. I tweeted it earlier. Follow me @Armando Salguero.

Ok, meet me in the comments section at 7 p.m.


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In your opinion, who looked better out of Devlin and Moore.........?

Posted by: odinseye | July 30, 2013 at 01:13 AM

Moore had a mix of starters and 2nd string while Devlin didn't have the same opportunity so hard to gage or give fair comparson. One thing Devlin looked sharpe all 3 did and I hope he gets a shot early this Pre-Season in games. That 3.5 Mil due Moore next Yr. could be used on Jones renegotiation (who by the way looked GREAT and deserves the money) with Devlin taking the back up job and another QB drafted to groom as new 3 (The G.B. way forever which got them behind Favre over the Yrs. some very good players as we all know)

I played guard at Clemson in the 80s and incog has been playing the wrong g spot and jerry is getting better but doesn't have the talent to play g. Pouncey would be an all world lg but he is already a great center and makes all the line calls. Lg has to be a lil more mobile than rg while both need to be able to pull get to the second level and pass pro. Rg has to be able to anchor and lg pull and be a better athlete

That's a scary guy, DJ is. He has missed a lot of time and is very raw and still making plays probably only on talent. Forget it.

Martin pouncey samuda cogs clabo would probably be our best line but that would move pouncey from center which teams don't like to do. So I hope samuda or thomas win lg and cogs switches to the rg spot and we will be good

I believe that is a Interesting Competition to watch. The #2 QB.

Last Pre Season Devlin had the best stats out the group.

We all know T-Hill is the Starter so he won't get a lot of playing time in preseason. He needed it Last Year, Not this year.

Devlin and Moore will Probably see a Half each. With T-Hill seeing 1 or 2 drives the first 3 games of Preseason.

They might even rotate Quarters. Moore will get the 1st and 3rd, Devlin the 2nd and 4th. And switch the next game to get Devlin some quality time with some starters.

Those crying for M.Moore forget he lost his job to J.Clausen Once. Jimmy F'ing Clausen.

The guy has been highly inconsistent and has more Turnovers than TDs. By a Wide Margin.

M&M has little hands. Which make him fumble at a M.Sanchez Rate.

Matt Moore Career Numbers

33 TD
26 INT
24 Fumbles

In 2011 M&M started 13 Games Fumbled 14 Times.

So I hope samuda or thomas win lg and cogs switches to the rg spot and we will be good

Posted by: jay | July 30, 2013 at 01:32 AM

We won't see Louis till after HOF game but if Samuda or Thomas win LG I suspect Cogs will be swing back up at both spots just a guess but we didn't sign (this new Coaching staff) Louis to back up. If anything we should be deep on OL this Yr.

Yeah, Philbin said that because DJ is so versatile they plan to use him all over the place, RDE, LDE, LB either covering or blitzing. What else, Safety?

O line has to gel. U depend on each other more than any other unit. I agree louis wasn't brought in to backup but he has missed all the otas and camp so far. If he isn't a full contact go soon he will not be in the mix to start


In think Cogs and Moore are gone next Yr. if Devlin and the young OL show there worth. In simple economics your talking about 7.5 Mil between ththat needs to get redistributed with a piece going to Jones who will be our best Free Safety since Brock Marion. I believe Strong Safety should be the order of business i 2014 draft ahead of all other Positions.

Actually, this Year, our 4th Game this preseason is where the starters will play most of the Game and it will be vs TB.

Signing grimes and jones are prioritys imo. Ireland has spent a lot of money but we aren't in cap hell like the Jets when they went on their spending spree

If he isn't a full contact go soon he will not be in the mix to start

Posted by: jay | July 30, 2013 at 01:45 AM

Not disputing this and I also put on pads in my day at SS playing for Miami Killian Sr. and understand what I see as well. How many blitz pick ups did you see Cogs miss last Yr. up the gut cause it was his miss in Az. that contributed to the loss to name you one also how many times did you see slow developing plays in run game or blown pick up assignments out of him were Pouncey from Center Pos. cvovered on the play. You say he would be better at RG and I suspect if he could snap he'd be best suited at Center in all honesty.


I Agree with what you are saying. This team needs to always have an Eye on the Future.

The way I see this team shaping up. Next draft they will just need to address SS and RT early. With a mid round pick on a OLB to replace Misi.

Clabo might be back next season. Depending how he looks this season. But Jay brings up the point on how important chemistry is for an O-Line. And if we can add a Good young RT next season to go with the other young players on the line. We can have a good solid o-line for the next decade.

That is what has also helped Brady. He was allowed to Develop with his O-Line. Now some of the O-Line is Old on the Pats. But when they were going to the Superbowl almost every season. They had the Same 5 upfront.

I watch alot of SEC Football so will keep my eye on LSU S.Safety Craig Loston and FSU SS Karlos Williams.

Hard to give the LG position to a rookie like Dallas. It is true what Jay said that Cogs fits better on the R side but we have Lance Louis already on his way for that position also. In any case, it might not be now, but in the future it will be Martin, Dallas, Pouncey, Louis and Clabo. MO.

I do not like cogs that much but he anchors well and has good hands and a second step. His pass pro is average and he is not athletic enough to get to the second level often. Because his anchor and mean streak he is a better option than jerry who trys but isn't good enough. Louis may be better but who knows I have never watched him and he is a 330 pd guy of a serious injury. He may never be good again


That is why I said the first 3 games. I know we play 5 Preseason games. So our 2nd to last game T-Hill should play at least 1 Half.


The bette SS's in the 2014 draft (Lotson, Williams) will be there late RD-1 with the other available RD-2.

You scenario for what we need plays out remember Tex A&M RT (will move to LT this Yr.) Jake Matthews will be available and Sherm is familiar also love the fact it's Bruce Matthews son (all timer who played like 20 Yrs. for Oilers/Titans also Lewan out of Mich and don't forget FSU's Cameron Erving either, strong group later RD-1 although as team needs prove in rookie CAP ERA stock on all could fly high between now and then.

Incognito was a RG when he played with STL. Spo was the one that switched his position.

He wanted Jerry to develop as a RG even though Jerry was a LT in College.

Jerry should've been put at LG or RT.

LG because he played the Left Side his whole Career. And RT. Because Jerry was a OT not a OG.

Heck, the whole senior bowl that Spo was coaching. Jerry played OT.

Waiting for that Game, Dashi.

Spo was called an o line guru. Lol

Well, seems like Philbin does know in what position to place Players. Finally a good Coach here!

Thanks for all the Info Fin4.

You're definitely one of the reasons I come here as well.

Most of you Guys are.


I'm with you it is to early to tell who will be the top prospects next season. But we should be able to answer those 2 needs early in the draft.

Next years draft will have more skill position players taken at the top. More Qbs taken in the First Round.

T.Bridgewater and S.Morris Look Like First Round Picks To Me.

Clowney, S.Watkins. 2014 Draft Will Be Stacked at The Top.

I believe Manziel is a 3rd Round Pick at Best in 2014.

Of course, I can't compare Football knowledge wise to you guys here, I'm a Dr. But I am very wise. Thank you People.

Leach resigns with ravens. Who cares we will rarely use a traditional fb


I'm waiting for the HOF game. The scrimmage was just an appetizer.

That 4th game will be our first real look at our starters. But this team is so stacked this season I even want to watch the Back ups. We need to get payback for what the Cowboys did last preseason.

Make them start Panicking In Dallas. You know they are already on edge. When we spank them in front of everyone. Even though it is Preseason. Have ESPN talking about are the Cowboys Ready. Can't Wait.

So interesting was it tonight that I did not notice YG was not bothering us.

Cogs actually played Center at Nebraska and was drafted as one by the Rams who made him a RG (drafted by old Fins OC under Saban, Scott Linehan) and agree in a power a power oriented scheme (like the one they ran under Linehan which we ran under Saban) he's a mauler! Even though he's slow there as well firing out setting the wedge or clearing but makes up for it with effort and pure brute strength, if he had any speed to go with his power he'd be one of the best. J.Jerry played Guard and Tackle in College at Ole Miss but on the right side.

Enjoyed it tonite guys. I will be here more often later
Go fins

I'm out as well juiced at what I saw going to be a good Season!

Can't forget when Romo and Witten came from behind and beat us in Sparano's last year here. Unforgivable. Yeah, let's kick them in the asss!


Most Coaches never played the game.

Anyone can study the game.

Just need to understand what you are watching and have a High Standard when you compare players. Difference between Philbin and Spo.

I believe that is the biggest error Fans make and Certain Coaches. They get emotionally vested in the person and Not his play.

I call it the Joel Anthony Effect.

They develop sympathy for the people they like. Forget about a persons talent.

Now guys like Belichick believe Talent Reigns Supreme. Watch, when Brady starts to Suck. Belichick will tell him retire or you to will get replaced. You can't have Compassion in Pro Sports. This isn't a Rudy Movie.

Boy, have we gone thru unpleasant moments with the Dolphins in the last 10 years or what! Hopefully, it is over. GN

Chad Bumphis mark duper

Did Grimes play?


I hope this isn’t the same cr@p as last year and in the past as well that none of our wideouts can get a TD pass. Dumb move on Jeffy for signing Hartline to another contract. Would you give 3o plus million to a wideout who hauled in ONE TD the entire season? We are screwed on wideouts because other teams will do the same to Wallace as they did to Brandon Marshall, put a safety over the top of him and just cover the others one on one because they couldn’t scare a baby.

Same old cr@ap with the o-line, when the coaches figure out a week before the season who will work, there will be no time for them to gel as one. That spells bad news since the first four of five games we play will be against playoff teams.

Another year of the same ole fins, mark my words…….

Steve Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Where are all the Tannehill haters this morning? Or the Matt Moore/Pat Devlin lovers as if they are the next Joe Montana's? This scrimmage means nothing, but it's just interesting to note Tannehill had multiple TD's, and the other 2 QBs had none. Hmm, hard for you "TanneHenne'ites" to wrap your mind around huh? Your beloved back-ups are proving that they are....back-ups. Stick to trolling, leave the lineup to the Coaches who know what they're talking about.

Chad Henne threw TD's in scrimmages too. So did Pat White....LOL. I just hope we're in position to draft Johnny Manziel next year.

I was at the scrimmage last night and I can tell you the D looked horrendous. Missed assignments everywhere. I'm not so sure about how good Coyle or the D will actually be.


Please tell us more about how the North Attleboro PD framed Aaron Hernandez.

Fraud, also please tell us about your limited knowledge of football. Johnny Manziel is pretty tiny, and most observers are noting his skillset won't translate much to the NFL (a la another college star...Timmy Tebow). But you keep dreaming. Maybe one day you'll get lucky and be right about something.

We will be in plenty positions to draft Manziel next year. Ultimately, I think some team will sign him as an undrafted FA.

Word is that Jeff Ireland had a special spring in his step as he arrived at Dolphins HQ this morning. Well done, sir!

Jonny Manziel equals Ryan Leaf... look at how he is handling is new found fame... Leaf same boat..

Someone may have already touched on this but what was the word on why Wallce didnt scrimmage?

can't blame tony spighetti for that ol,
puuuuuuuuuuuuke all over the joe.

I'm surprised no one has started in on Dashi yet for how fat Lacy looks in GB.

Dashi, just read your post from 12:47. No worries, I knew

Fraud thinks "Johnny Football" will be good in the NFL... missed exposing that one, huh???


Good to hear Tanne did well....

I don't put any stock in scrimmiages.....and very little (but some) in pre-season games....

from reading your post....it sounds like things could have been worse....so good for Tanne....

but I will save my praise for the regular season...and I see those TD passes in games that count....

as far as the Delvin camp....

that includes 2 people from what I can tell....Dashi and Odin...and I don't think either of them thin Delvin is better than Tanne....I could be wron tho....

anyway....as far as I am concerned...no news is good news...and good news is a bonus...so I guess we FIN FANS got a bonus....

I look forward to a good showing @ the HOF game....


I Know the hate is coming on Lacy.

Not making excuses, but Lacy did have a foot Injury. Doubt that he did a lot of running. And Speed was never really his game. He looks just a little overweight. With Pads. Without Pads He looks Normal.

Lacy has Huge Thighs. Plus, he is about 40lbs bigger than any RB on the GB roster. So he will Look HUGE compared to those little backs.

New blog dashi, also read your post from 12:47 and no worries, I knew.

Oh, I already typed that. Haha



I don't think Devlin is Better than T-Hill. I know T-Hill is the Franchise.


(Pardon the Bold, Just making sure everyone sees my point clearly.)

The reason I compare Devlin and M&M is to show the clowns that Moore isn't even in the same League as T-Hill.

The Only QB competition on this team is for #2, Not #1.

And the Clowns wanting J.Manziel 1st Rd are the same ones that were crying we should've drafted Barkley At #8 Instead of T-Hill. Asinine.

Manziel will be a 3rd Round Pick at Best in 2014. And The way his stock is dropping Manziel Might Not Even get Drafted.

It's a darn scrimmage!

How is Cameron Marshall doing? I know he had a hamstring injury. Will he play in the scrimmage and during pre-season?

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