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Live blog of tonight's Dolphins scrimmage

There will be no television. There will be no radio. There will be no live streaming on the internet. And the Dolphins will not be providing official statistics.

But this blog will be live and in living color the whole time.

I'll give you play-by-play as well as I can. I will tell you everything I see. And I'll do it in the comments section.

By the way, the Dolphins released their tentative depth cahrt for the Hall of Fame Game. No surprises.

The starters?


Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace at WR, LT Jonathan Martin, LG Richie Incognito, C Mike Pouncey, RG John Jerry, RT Tyson Clabo, TE Dustin Keller, QB Ryan Tannehill, FB Jorvorskie Lane, RB Lamar Miller.


LE Olivier Vernon, DT Paul Soliai, DT Randy Starks/Jared Odrick, RE Cameron Wake, LB Phillip Wheeler, LB Dannell Ellerbe, LB Koa Misi, CB Brent Grimes, CB Richard Marshall, S Chris Clemons and Reshad Jones.


P Brandon Fields, K Dan Carpenter, KR Marcus Thigpen, PR Marcus Thigpen, LS John Denney.

Second team


WR Brandon Gibson, Rishard Matthews, LT Jeff Adams, LG Dallas Thomas, C Josh Samuda, RG Lance Louis, RT Nate Garner, QB Matt Moore, RB Daniel Thomas, FB Evan Rodriguez, TE, Charles Clay.


LE Vaughn Martin, DT Kheeston Randall, RE Derrick Shelby, LB Austin Spitler, Jason Trusnik and Jonathan Freeny. CB Nolan Carroll and Dimitri Patterson. S Jimmy Wilson and Kelcie McCray.

Yes, there's a third-team also. I tweeted it earlier. Follow me @Armando Salguero.

Ok, meet me in the comments section at 7 p.m.


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Moore is doing good, as usghe !

Let us know if D Thomas runs for more then 1 yd. lol

See, I told you about Jonas Gray.

I wonder who missed the assignment. And who in the he$# is AJ Francis.

Completion of 5 yard from Devlin to Miller makes it fourth down. Francis with the big series.

but we did not have a coach that fist pumped after the fieldgoal

True btimms. On the other hand you can't baby them too much.

First team offense and second team defense coming back out.

Any players late to the scrimmage. I got an alibi for them.

Sounds like this yr is not that diff than past. No offensive line means our new toys won't matter. No time to do fancier offense w tHill on his butt. Ireland has never gotten a decent offensive line in five years!

They're at the 26 yard line going in.

anything from egnew??

Daniel Thomas with a gain of 2.

@phins78 Ya if it's gonna happen it's gonna happen but players going down for the season this early just makes me cringe. Sad stuff. Unless they are on the schedule. JK! haha

Has Miller made a significant block yet? Or is he still on the bench?

Tannehill fumbled?

How does Wallace and Tannehill look??

Stafford is making noise in camp?

Tannehill finds Clay crossing in front of a chasing Trusnik and he's in for a TD. Wilson could not get him

The PAT is BLOCKED by Kheeston Randall! Carpenter has to be better than that.

Why aren't Wallace and Hartline playing ?

Dashi s a class of soup and cooking stock used in Japanese cuisines. Dashi forms the base for miso soup, clear broth, noodle broth, and many kinds of simmering liquid.

Hmm, that is interesting.

a blocked PAT is the kickers fault?

Second team with Devlin in at QB vs. First team D.

Incomplete pass to Miller as Koa Misi defends.

C'mon, C'mon, give us 1sts vs 1sts.

Finfan73 too early to tell but you're right, if this line doesn't gel Ireland gets full blame. Multiple coaches have come and gone, it can't be all their faults. Ireland is the constant. We'll see.

Egnew wide open down the seam. Devlin throws behind and pass gets batted away.

biggest winner so far--Caleb Sturgis

J Martin looked terrible.

Other kinds of dashi stock are made by soaking kelp, niboshi, or shiitake in water for many hours or by heating them in near-boiling water and straining the resulting broth.

Hmm, that is interesting.

I wanted to stay put and draft TE TYLER EIFERT ... Guys STILL WHO is our Red Zone THREAT??????

Laces needed to be out on the xp.

Devlin another Incomplete and then Carpenter connects from 45 yards out on a FG.

Mando... how has J Martin looked?

Devlin is no Moore, that we see. A good practice squad QB though. I guess.

This if first and 10 from the 16. The starting OL has Garner at RG.

Martin looked bad

Means it was a good snap but low kick.

What's the difference between Trusnik & a statue????? The statue is faster & more athletic...

Gibson drops wide open pass!!

Not only was Cameron enamored with John Beck. So was Mike Shanahan, who ended up sigining him for a couple of years. He never showed much and couldn't hold the starting job.

Devlin is another Beck.

Thanks Phins78

Tht was for 7:58

Saw that Hartline seemed to tweak something before the scrimmage. Reason he's not competing?

Guy's Gotta a Hurricane on the way Gotta dip, You all be good.....

You know, you guys could do us all a favor and hold off on your questions, comments, and snide remarks so the rest of us can read what Mando's typing!

Hey, it could happen...

Damn a lot of you fans are already in mid season complaining form. Its a scrimmage. Relax and try and believe in a offseason that most fans were thrilled about. The season is awhile away. Support your team.

You guys do realize that Tannehill wouldnt start for his college team this year, right?

TD Devlin to Keller.Best offensive play of the day. In the back corner of the end zone. Nice.

Don't even say that Armando!

Nice pass breakup by Phillip Wheeler on a potential TD throw to Egnew. Nice D.

Great pass and catch by Keller.Hige upgrade at TE this year

Mando, everyone is saying it was Tanny to keller? which is it?

I fully expect the team to draft a developmental QB in the next draft. I don't understand keeping a Qb who can't make all of the throws, doesn't make sense.

You guys do realize that Tannehill wouldnt start for his college team this year, right?

Posted by: MJ | July 29, 2013 at 08:04 PM

Well, not at QB but probably at WR.

Hartline is on the sideline with his pads off. he had his pads on previously. So that's not great.

Good for Devliin! Another inc might have sent him packing.

Later Cuban

Tannehill ust completed a TD pass of 9 yards to Daniel Thomas who was uncovered to the end zone.

Tannehill looking sharp. Good news.

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