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Longest practice of the season (officially) is over

The Dolphins just finished what Dolphins coach Joe Phiblin said would be the longest practice of training camp. And we had had touchdown passes today!

That's right, Matt Moore had a couple and Ryan Tannehill connected on his first TD throw in team drills of the training camp. Both came in red zone situations which was the focus of today's practice.

The stars of today's work?

Wide receiver Brian Hartline was one. He caught a TD from Moore and had two other catches in team work. He did drop a pass on a quick out and was open in the back of the end zone for another touchdown but the ball delivered by Ryan Tannehill was knocked down at the goal line.Brian Hartline In the picture (Courtesy Joe Rimkus of The Miami Herald), Hartline is snagging one of his catches as cornerback R.J. Stanford defends.

Dustin Keller, as usual, was the most active pass catchers in terms of catches and that is no surprise but second-year player Michael Egnew was very active in today's practice as well.

Egnew started out poorly. In Miami's fumble drills inside the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble offensive players hold a ball in their left arm and another in their right arm. Then two defenders standing on either side try to snatch the balls from the offensive players' grasp. After surviving this, player must run a gauntlet past coaches the pummel them with pads.

Egnew was one of only two players to fumble today. Running back Daniel Thomas was the other.

But Egnew got better once on the field. Yes, he dropped a seemingly easy catch along the sideline during 7 on 7 work, but also caught a touchdown and had one other catch. Inconsistent? Yes. That's still better than usual.

Free agent Marvin McNutt, good the first couple days of work as he vies for one of the open WR jobs, dropped one pass and had to double-catch another in traffic today. He did have one good catch from Tannehill but overall not a clean day for him.

Rishard Matthews, another WR vying for a job, caught the touchdown from Ryan Tannehill. It was, as mentioned earlier, Tannehill's first TD in team drills this camp.

After practice offensive right guard John Jerry stood out in the heat and answered media questions for a few minutes. Why is this important? Well, he was able to be upright. He wasn't vomiting. He wasn't spent. The guy is in better shape this year than a year ago at this time when he was 18 pounds overweight.

"It's like night and day," Jerry said comparing his conditioning now to last season. "I'm way ahead in my conditioning."

Jerry declined to divulge his weight but he's listed at 335 pounds and cannot be far from that.

Mike Wallace and Tannehill are still searching for the signature moment when the starting quarterback drops five steps, waits a count or two, and fires a strike to the new big play receiver deep down the field. But Wallace is catching a lot of outs and slants.

And he is battling, as expected, in one-on-one drills against cornerbacks. And I do mean battle. In the picture (Courtesy the Herald's Joe Rimkus) Wallace and cornerback Nolan Carroll are going at it in the end zone on one-on-one drills. That one was won by Carroll who eventually knocks the ball away.Dolphins25 breakup jwr

The kicking competition continued today and it wasn't great for rookie Caleb Sturgis who missed consecutive kicks in the NSMB, from 47 and 49 yards. Both sailed wide left.

I shared with you yesterday that the three incumbent specialists -- Dan Carpenter, Brandon Fields and John Denney -- are very close.

"Very tight," Philbin confirmed today.

And they're often seen together while Sturgis, the rookie, is alone and apparently on the outs.

So is breaking up that veteran trio a consideration in the decision as it pertains to affecting team chemistry?

"We told the players the first day of the meeting that our job, my job is to play the best players and there's not going to be any favoritism. I think every player deserves that and that's what we'll do."


Defensive end Dion Jordan continued his slow climb toward practicing full tilt. I believe once the team gets back from Thursday's off day, the heat will be turned up on Jordan relative to work in team drills.

As it stands, the rookie first round pick has not participated in any significant contact work yet. He's not been in team drills or one-on-ones versus offensive linemen.

"We thought he was moving around well yesterday," Philbin said. "He's picking things up relatively well."

On the injury front, running back Cameron Marshall pulled with an apparent hamstring injury during kickoff drills. He did not resume work. And cornerback Jamar Taylor missed his third day of drills while nursing soreness from the effects of his hernia surgery. 

[BLOG NOTE: Come back later this afternoon for actual play-by play of practice. And follow me on twitter @ArmandoSalguero].


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The snark blog.

man,they were crying 4 u armando.

carrol wuld be flagged 4 pi armando.

Nice Job on PFT Live earlier...

I enjoyed the insight !

Daniel Thomas fumble

What's new?

Man, even though the last few years have been toiugh, I REALLY miss football

u mean decades.

"but the ball delivered by Ryan Tannehill was knocked down at the goal line"

Let's recap.
1. This was the knock on Ryan in college.
2. This was the knock on Ryan in training camp last year.
3. This was the knock on Ryan in preseason last year.
4. This was the knock on Ryan in the regular season.

Here we are again, training camp and the ball is getting knocked down in training camp.

The more things stay the same, the more things stay the same.

It only took three days of practice for Ryan Tannehill to throw a touchdown. What encouraging news!

soooooooooooo, who on clevelands d will have a career opening day like watts had.?

Well it seems not much information again about O. Vernon over J. Martin, or sacks. Too early to have the offensive line fix or simply no blitz today.

What the bleep is mando watching is he even there tanny and Wallace connected on two TDs one for 25 yards out over Grimes Wallace also caught a 30 yard drag from tanny brain had a few long catches from RT17 he had a really good day and his slants are a thing of beauty

Good stuff Mando. Trying to be patient with Tannehill/Wallace hookups but it's hard.

IDK...hate to say it but this is Ryan's year to be Boom or Bust.

He was billed as the next Peyton Manning by Ireland.

This kid doesn't get a 3rd year to prove himself before he is a BUST or a BOOM.

Sounds like from what I've read in Tweets that the offensive line is struggling. Any chance Ireland makes a move before the season to upgrade?

Great to see Mr.Tennehill score on the field..
We all know he score's off the field(Have you seen his wife????).
Now if he can transcend.........
Well you get the picture....

1 TD in 4 practices = 4 for all of the regular season.
LMAO@U Homers


armando. what did cheap ross give u for lunch.?

I agree with the o-line, Are we going to make a move? Also I am concerned abouyt our running backs. No proven durability at all anywhere with who we have. I am sure LM can be good, but never has played a full season in the NFL. Hopefully he holds up.

Thanks mando. Be great to get the play-by-play of the OL vs DL drills. Gives us an idea on how the OL is coming along.

No Stu Pu, there were TD's all day. TO ALL THE RECEIVERS!!!

You Need NFL NETWORK if u can't go to practice because u makw really dumb comments.

I think Lamar Miller will be OK, not much punishment the season before and he is young. I will be more concern about Daniel Thomas.

I agree Adrian, I just do not like the fact that we dont have a proven veteran that has taken a little beating and was durable a previuos season...

Speaking of RB, has ayone heard about Ricky since he left? I have not heard a thing about him!

Now I get your point Poizen, too true.

Bill Bellichick is pretty ckoked up over MR Hernandez foolishness

Poizen, I think he is the RBs coach at a college in Texas now if I remember right.

I'm looking at Tannehill's stat line from the last 6 games of the season and I'm liking what I see.

6 Tds passing and 1 TD rushing and just 2 INTs.

About 200 yards passing and 30 rushing yards a game as well. If he can take another step or 2 forward with an offseason and new weapons this offense will be solid.

Who cares how many td tannehill throws in practice.. its practice you idiots

RE:Lamar Miller, I see him as a possible threat to ant defense in the league, Arian Foster and Chris Johnson came out of nowhere in there 2nd and 3rd year, I see Miller doing the same,My only worry is his size....
He looks like he's only 200 lbs on a good day...

O line and corner are my biggest concerns. The positive thing about this year compared to others is we have better options in house. We have dimitri and the two rookies if Marshall doesn't perform grimes is the only irreplaceable corner. On the line. Jerry has samuda and Louis who can step in if he fails. Martin is another story. D Thomas is the only guy that can play that spot at a high level every other option is a big fall off. A bad tackle can kill your o. Colombo proved that a few years ago.

If Martin doesn't excel we will have to keep Keller or clay or miller in to help him block which takes a lot away from the offense. If the pats had to keep gronk in to block on every down they would struggle on offense to. Martin is the key to our team this year

In other words...
It's the first Tannehill touchdown that Mando SAW!
Nevermind reality...
It's all about the beat writer, and what he sees, when he bothers to look...maybe...coulda...woulda...shoulda...the team exists to impress the sports writers!
It's bleaping PRACTICE!!!!

Not enough information for the longest practice of training camp. I think Armando still in vacaciones

By his own admission, Salguero has been hobnobbing with folks in the stands (Bokamper, et al) and hasn't been paying attention to Training Camp. Read his posts...

Where is everyone? Holy crap, 4 days into training camp and all of the regulars are gone? Wow it's getting bad in here. Nothing else to say. Peace.

The last time I looked, we were installing a West Coast-style offense, which is pretty much a dink & dunk offense with the occasional long bomb and running attack. Philbin is installing the basic fundamentals and concepts to ensure everyone is on the same page. Point in fact, today they worked on some red zone offense...which usually leads to actual touchdowns. Duh! But, apparently everyone is waiting for the long bomb. Uh, wasn't that the very first play of Training Camp? You know the one where Tannehill overthrew Wallace, the player that couldn't be overthrown? And, reports are that Wallace has yet to show that 5th Gear that he's known for in games. But, everyone's already poopooing the quarterback play!

It sounds like they really haven't worked too many fly patterns to Wallace yet. They are trying to ensure that all of the receivers can run every route, lining up everywhere. Wallace said he even plans on playing the slot position to create mismatch opportunities.

Another article on NFL.com stated RT17 connected with Wallace on SEVERAL over the middle passes. Seems a lot of people on here only read Armando's posts and nothing else.

Where is everyone? Holy crap, 4 days into training camp and all of the regulars are gone?

Posted by: Phins78 | July 24, 2013 at 02:48 PM

I guess their lives don't revolve around the blog.

All you non-fans need to get your jabs in now. This club has already turned the corner to be a good team.

The difference now is that you can pick on individuals, but you know that the team as a whole is getting much better. Organization, cap space, coaching, speed, everything is better. It is only a matter of time until this team takes off.

You trolls better find another team to heckle. This one is moving past you.

Just watched Belilichik presser on NFL Net. and it's obvious from his tone that the Hernandez situation is hanging over this teams head as a major distraction. Taking also into account they placed Gronk on the PUP list with his return slated for sometime Mid-Season and they're ability to control the intermidiate to deep middle (Pats bread-n-butter) will be a thing of the past in 2013.

The Hernandez hang over also had them pass on signing DT John Drew given his gun charge problems plus apparent very public debate in Boston about whether they keep Talib and of course the situation regarding Dennard. There was even talk in the press conf. about possible sanctions against players who hung out at Hernandez Franklin, Mass. flop house, issues GALOR!

I see them rellying more on their rungame this coming Season behind they're OL (Strongest group on team) because there WR's aren't scaring anybody. Some compare situation to 06 but at least then Brady had WR's J.Gaffney, Troy Brown and Reche Caldwell to go with T.E. Ben Watson. This Yr. they go with Amendola (will at some point be injured) followed by Edelman as the lead WR after them it's Mike Jenkins and a host of guys on their present roster I've never heard of aside from replacing their 2 headed monster at T.E. with J.Ballard, really? The back up T.E. is a guy named Micheal Hoomanawanul (WHAAA?)

I smell blood in the water this team is Marino late 80's Fins mediocre outside of Brady and the distractions won't help what is also a young roster!

The prosecution did not have evidence to present against Hernandez today so the state got a 1 month extension to try and find some evidence.

What a horrible way to treat a human being just so that Robert Kraft can both save his money AND still own Hernandez. That's correct. When the commish said no one else could sign him that means he still belongs to Kraft.


Regardless of were AH stands in the legal process I was making a point about the teams talent at the skill Position and off field distractions. By the way it hurts Hernandez greatly in the Court of Public opinion when the only thing Belichik had left to do on public TV was say he was sorry one of his players was a murderer with his somber teary eyed disposition. AH will get a Boston jury that from all intents and purposes will see a guilty man needing to prove his innocence and you'd think his lawyers can have him look a little more presntable aside from humble, every time you see AH in a Court he's got that SMUG F YOU! look on his face which won't help him come trial.

I'm watching a replay of our practice on NFL Net. with Sapp and Wilcox and with all due respect to Mando it looks like the QB's were ripping it up on pass drills.

Today it appears was mainly red zone work. It's the blitz packages that drive these QBs crazy.

If everyone played well the first practice in pads, they wouldn't have a practice, they'd just start the preseason.

Perspective, people.

go finssssssssssss

Honestly it seems like what Mando reports and what I read from other reporters are completely different. Other people say our offense looks much better, not sure who is right. I see Mando is trying to not get our hopes up, but it really is an exciting time to be a fan right now.

How many of Tannehills passes were blocked at the line of scrimmage in the past three days,,, 6 ? This was his bugaboo last yr, remember the Houston game, ever other pass was blocked by a linemen. When is Philbin going to address this flaw? Its Tannehill throwing sidearmed or just short armed?d Dont see any of Moores passes blocked. Matt Moore is the better of the two QBs I dont care what anyone says. To bad the real football cant see that. Or maybe the real football people are not that good either?

The probable cause hearing is a more in depth look at the evidence by the court to justify the prosecution request for murder 1 charges and no bail.
The prosecution needed the extension. Why? Because they don't have the evidence that he killed anyone because he never killed anyone.

Kicker are lonely People. They only get one chance and is pressure-filled. They are also Humans , that I know of. Which of them to hire? The less Human one.

tanne never bit as a pup/hear me out/last year ater blowing games against the jets and cards (unforgivable) the fins had some momentum after trashing the jets after the bye to go 4-3 and with a putrid titan team and horrid bills team following indy on the schedule one would have figured to go 2-1 in that stretch and tanne would start to feel like the #8 qb and take over right/well what he do 2 tds and 5 int in those 3 games getting blown out by tenn and was outplayed by jake locker,fitzpatrick and luck.against indy tanne 217 yds 1 int 0 td,luck 433 2td//against titans 122 yards no td and 2 int,locker had 2 passing tds and more yardage(outplayed at home against locker really?)and then the bills 253 yds pass 1 td 2int.terrible/no excuse for that.then they beat a seattle team but still outplayed by wilson.with a shot at the playoffs still(more due to an abysmal afc)going into SF and at home against new england and 1-1 was critical for the playoffs what happened you guessed it outplayed by kapernick(his 3rd game)and of course brady.season over /tannes only game was arizona where he threw for 400+ and looked promising/5 deflected passes in one game by one lineman ouch.that seammed omnimus.lets hope im wrong ,but whats that old parcells saying one more time.if they dont bite as pups...averiging .7 td a game/25th ranked passing O/outplayed by just about every rookie qb,(and henne who if not for late ints the jags would have won).when the money was on the table for those three and then 2 games he crapped out,.overthrowing and underthrowing a wide open hartline several times/more batted passes, idk what ppl see but someone plz explain other than hes a rookie or not enough experience,hes young,or he didnt have talent around him.

1 hour after the corpse of Aaron Hernandez's driver was found the police let the press know that Aaron Hernandez had murdered his driver.
Now a moth later the prosecution does not have the evidence for the probable cause hearing.

How Does This Not Concern You People?

Great Job Mando

Appreciate the honesty

Believe your doing ZZZ Best job so far covering camp

Dont get too used to the favorable suck up comments
but right now u r spot on
esp appreciate the honesty in QB coverage

seems many reporters are finally stepping up and telling the truth that QB Matt Moore is the better QB to date

We all know Tanny is going to be our starting QB
and Ireland invested all in on this work in progress

Home likes Moore better for now, same as last year
If Tannehill improves - will be first to praise the developing QB

Moore is also over 6 yrs younger than Brady and a shame to watch him sit while Tanny develops, if he develops favorably

This is the best team in years and Ireland did an outstanding job in every position with the exception of LT this offseason and draft

2012s Dolphins draft sucks in all top 3 if Tanny does not become an elite QB which all the sheeple have already anointed him to be way too prematurely

Admire their Hope, but Tanny has not done Shiet yet

Will be reading and keeping up daily, Mando

Great job!


Mando and James Walker have 2 different summaries of today's practice.
According to Walker Tanne and Wallace hooked up on multiple deep throw TDs.
According to Mando Tanne's only TD throw of camp so far went to Matthews.

Stay Puff Marshmallow Man Martin is not gonna ever be a very good LT

Ireland should be doing everything he can to find an upgrade and use the money he did not spend on leach

plus possible cutting of Carpenter and Dick Marshall
Big savings there

However both Carpenter and Dick Marshall practicing well this season to date

Both players are getting paid prob way too much and will never get that kinda money elsewhere

They better both have stupendous practices each and every day or their gone

Great depth on the Fins, .... FINALLY

Go Dolphins!

We can win the division!

Ya Mon !

Gary Stevens has this to say about the Dolphins training camp:

1) The kicker battler transfixes me. Dan Carpenter, unquestionably had a poor year last year. This is too bad because, in the previous 3 years he was actually one of the more reliable Dolphins.

2) Does Caleb Sturgis have a cannon of a leg - yes. But, remember, when you sign a rookie kicker, you get a rookie kicker.

3) Since we're on the subject let's have some love for Brandon Fields -- the best punter in the NFL not named 'Lechler'. Consistency, and high-quality play from an underrated but critically important position.

4) Training camp battles are a lot of fun. I find it funny when people say Charles Clay is in a camp battle...buys, Clay will make the team. Jvorske Lane & Michael Egnew will be cut. Dion Simms could impress behind Dustin Keller.

5) Speaking of guys named 'Dion' -- one of the most important things to remember about Cameron Wake is that he racks up his sacks as a strong-side LE pass rusher. That is somewhat odd and is also excellent news for Dion Jordan. How many other teams can add a first round pass rusher to an existing all-pro DE without any camp uncertainty about who gets to feat on the blindside

that's it for now

go dolphins

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