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Maurkice Pouncey, Steelers give Dolphins a lesson

On the first day of training camp one of the housecleaning issues that should have been properly handled was putting the "Free Hernandez" issue in the rear view mirror for Mike Pouncey.

The Dolphins fumbled badly in the attempt.

After an internal debate on how to handle the issue of Pouncey wearing a cap that read "Free Hernandez" during his and brother Maurkice's birthday bash at a South Beach nightclub, the Dolphins decided not addressing the topic and definitely not apologizing for any lack of sensitivity was the best way to approach it.

Coach Joe Philbin wouldn't discuss it publicly other than to say he wants players doing the right thing. Pouncey did not address it in his first availability, saying he was only prepared to talk football.

This approach came after a debate that had multiple people within the organization saying Pouncey should apologize for the cap that asked for the release of jailed and accused murderer Aaron Heranandez, a former roommate of the Pouncey twins at the University of Florida.

But what set the Dolphins approach apart was its contrast to how the Pittsburgh Steelers handled the situation with Maurkice Pouncey, the starting center in Pittsburgh who apologized almost immediately.

Well, apparently the reason Mike Pouncey didn't apologize or even address the issue is because the Dolphins wouldn't allow him. Unlike the Steelers, who wanted the situation handled quickly, the Dolphins took the bunker mentality approach.

Even when Mike Pouncey felt bad about the situation.

"I talked to Mike, and his team handled this situation a lot different than (the Steelers) did,” Maurkice Pouncey told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I'm sure Mike wanted to apologize, but that's how they handled it.”

So Pouncey wanted to apologize but the Dolphins prevented him. And, according to sources, Pouncey wasn't the only one who wanted this issue handled differently. I'm told several people within the organization wanted to have Pouncey apologize and let the issue simply die right there.

Those folks obvioulsy lost the argument. The winner of the argument?


He wanted the bunker approach and got it.

I assume the coach figured not saying anything and definitely not apologizing would make the issue go away quicker. He was wrong. It makes the issue linger because the question is still out there, new details now arise from Maurkice that Mike wanted to apologize, and there's the whole idea of the coach going against owner Stephen Ross's stated approach on how the club is going to be run.

You'll remember in March of 2012, Ross said that to the extent it didn't hurt any competitive edge, his team would be run in an open and transparent manner. He said the team had to emerge from "the dungeon" of the past tight-lipped football administrations.

He made this proclamation after hosting his football people -- including Philbin -- at his home in Palm Beach the day before and giving them marching orders about his new way of doing business.

Well, that is not how the Dolphins approached this. And the fact the Steelers, an far more successful and respected organization, handled the same issue in a vastly different manner makes the Dolphins look worse.

By the way, how does Mike Pouncey feel today? I mean really?

He's an open guy. He speaks his mind obviously. But he was clearly told to shut it down and not apologize for asking the release of an accused murderer. He feels he made a mistake, according to his brother, but the club won't let him make amends? You think he appreciates not getting that off his record, so to speak?

An apology makes it go away. Claming up makes it linger. Philbin, a second-year coach, apparently doesn't understand this. The Pittsburgh Steelers do. Maurkice Pouncey, a third-year player, does.

“I think manning up to the things you do is always important for any man with any position in life,” Maurkice Pouncey said. "I think I came out here and did that in front of everybody. I think it'll mean lot to everybody in Pittsburgh and all around  the country."

Except in Miami. Where Mike Pouncey was stifled. 

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Youre an idiot, armando. You are the one making it bigger than it needs to be. There would be no dying need to apologize for anything if he didnt wear the hat in the first place. If philbin wants to have the team not say anything about it, so be it. Go cover pittsburgh if they are such a godlike organization to you.

This is not news..you don't talk about practice, you talk about this non issue. Let the law take care of the Hernandez situation and let's focus on some football!

Could you not find anything else to write about?

Not a story. Not an issue. Stick to football, not TMZ.

bringing up a dead issue for hits? really Armando I would have thought you were better than this.

Nobody cares, we are more interested in Pouncey taking snaps at RG

Ditto, JP.

so close.

It's fairly common knowledge the best PR move is to take the 5th on any issue if you want it to go away ASAP. Easier said than done. Well done coach Philbin!!!

a new "low" for Armando

I don't recall anyone being chastised for wearing Bob Marley shirts? Wasn't he a big stoner? As for it going away, look how long (and still is) Kaepernick wearing a Fins' hat has lasted. It was a teammate and friend and, though most (as well as I), think Hernandez is guilty he hasn't been convicted yet. Maybe Mike will apologize once he is convicted. Maybe not. Who cares? What I care about is that Tanney hasn't thrown a singel INT in the last three practices!!!!!


You always seem to take the "holier than though" approach on all controversial issue. Maybe you should take the fins approach an avoid issues not personally affecting you.

After all, you did write "accused murderer". Constitutional law writes "innocecent, until PROVEN guilty". Both Pouncey brothers were well within "constitutional" bounds of their actions.

If it affects you so much, lead a charge to begin a college fund charity for the victim's children. As a member of the powerful U.S. press, this is an even greater contribution you guys could be making.

Seems the press almost always seeks to use it powers to try everyone in court of public opinion. You guys wont find it so comforting when one day your press piers turn on you in the exact same manner.

It doesn't have to be about murder.

dude armando this is pitiful journalism. you are the king SH&T stirrer of all time. you think we all care about this? nobody does. only you. opine about football not tabloid junk. geez.......

The Pounceys only showed a little love and compassion for a former teammate and friend. You don't have to beat a mule everytime it stumbles Armando.

If so, even you yourself are guilty of great abuse. Why always so holier than though, Armando?


Also, its an entirely different situation. The Steelers are located in the Northeast media districts closer to where the said event happened.

So you should expect that Philbin may have lateral ability to address it a little differently. That doesn't make the way Philbin handled more right or wrong.

If we were located in the northeast media zone, I fully believe Philbin would have handled this matter in mirror of the Steelers handling it.

Translation: I want my Pouncey apology headline, and I'm going to get it one way or another.
Armando, you make me want to read the Post with crap like this. Is there a reason the worst sports journalists in America are all in South Florida? I suppose there's just too much muck to rake.


We Have Practice Today. And You Post This Nonsense.

I Find More Integrity In Pounce And Philbin Standing Up For Themselves Than Folding To Media Pressure.

The Dolphins Did The Right Thing.

Why Lie To Satisfy A Few. When Your True Feelings Are Still The Same.

I Can Tell You How That Conversation Went.

Philbin- So Pouncey Is This How You Feel About The Situation?

MP- Yes Coach, Hernandez Is A Friend Of Mine. We Were Roommates Back At UF.

Philbin- If This Is How You Feel I Won't Make You Do Or Say Something Which Isn't True.

MP- Thanks Coach.

End Of Conversation.

Now You "Objective" Writers Need To Get A Life. And Hope You Have Even Half The Integrity That Philbin And Pounce Have.

What a JACKASS organization the Dolphins are! They proe it over and over again. Remember Ireland and the hooka mom apology?

Who cares!!!! Wasted my time reading this.

I actually agree with Mando on this one. Philbin is the one dropping the ball here. He preaches as evidence on hard knocks last year doing things the right way and doing what is best for the team. Burring your head in the sand and hoping it goes away is not the way to go here. If in fact this proves to be true, I have lost allot of respect for coach and what he preaches to stand for.
Yes Pouncey did something short sighted by wearing the hat. He is a young athlete that has been taught to stick by your teammates thru thick and thin since he started playing. It falls on the leaders of the team to teach him what is right and wrong in these types of situations. I feel they fell WAY short and did an injustice on many levels by handling it this way.

Ross ia a PR nightmare. The hooka mom incident, then alienating the Canes fans with Tebow, then alienating the Latins with his anti Latin politician crap, and now allowing support for an alleged murderer? WTF, Ross?

Great thing many of you aren't god. This would have been a peoples planet eons ago...

The Dolphin circus continues.......

people less

I usually don't bash you like a lot of people on here do, but this is too much.

In one post you say that Philbin runs his ship too tight to allow for some of the more adventurous players in the league. Now you are bent out of shape because he allows someone to support a former teammate. Still innocent by the way.

Any intelligent person knows that Pouncey does not know the details of that case, he is just supporting someone that he likes and admires as a teammate.

Write about something you are qualified to write about.

Great thing many of you aren't god. This would have been a people less planet eons ago...

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/07/maurkice-pouncey-steelers-give-dolphins-a-lesson.html#storylink=cpy

Armando, you are exactly what Pat Riley talks about when referring to the "narcissistic" media! You want an apology so bad you ae trying to "will" it to happen.

This ftanchise is clueless in EVERY aspect. The total incompetence is just amazing on and off the field.

After reading the responses to this article, you know why it's not just an inadequate organization that is keeping the Dolphins mediocre. Their fans are immature and naive. There's much they could learn from
Steeler Nation . . . but they won't.

The Pounceys wearing "Free Hernandez" hats is almost as meaningless as saying "Greg Kote is better writer than Armando Salguero".

Armando, let us know when the Pounceys wear matching "Free Charlie Manson" t-shirts. Then you may be on to something.

"Free Charlie Manson"!

Yeah I said it, but does it mean that it will actually happen. Geesh................

More interested in the development of the 2013 Miami Dolphins and how they will fair in week 1 vs. the Browns. SOOOOOO DONE WITH THE HAT THING. Next post please.

Who Cares about off field issues! Can Mike play? Can Philbin coach? Yes and Yes thats what this phin fan cares about.

The team practiced today, major changes on Oline, Tannehill connected deep to Wallace. I would expect an article on any of those things or updates on Jordan and Taylor.

Instead we have a stinker about an incident that happened before camp even started. Armando, are you paid extra to cast a dark cloud over the Dolphins Organization?

mando, it is dificult not to agree with the guys here about WTF was that. However, I finish the article, which also says a lot about you and your writing style, some love it (like me), other haters, but we all come here.

but really, please talk to us about the dolphins.you are our dolphin mailman...you are going to give us a dolphins article later one, right mando?...I know you are not going to leave us hanging like that..

your #1 fan

You guys didn't think I was just going to let this one go did ya?

What if they had worn the hats after the prosecution failed to supply any evidence for the probable cause hearing? Then it would have gotten a whole different reaction.

I'm not done, I'll be back later.

I could mostly care less, and I think many fans would agree, if Mike Pouncey issues a totally insincere apology, after the fact---does anybody think that Maurkice wasnt forced, or strongly encouraged, to issue that apology?--so how meaningful/sincere is it, really?--and how exactly does that make the Steelers look so good?--how about this.....how about dopey players use their head for 10 seconds before putting a hat with a ridiculously inappropriate message on to begin with? Like they need a team or coach to tell them its inappropriate and disrespectful?--the apology, or whatever happens after the fact, is mostly irrelevant.....its like punching a guy in the face and then apologizing.....nice, except the dude still has a broken nose.

Who wants a fake apology ? Did anyone think the NFL players who are forced to apologize for their constant stupid twitter rants mean it ? It's worthless ! As is this blog and it's writer !

Hey Armanda...you're a douche..its a non story and you're trying to make it one..asswipe

These Dolphins are strictly minor league.

Retarded to write a column about this. Moving on.

Armando, great work finding out the REAL TRUTH. We appreciate your quest for uncovering the real answers. Thats what makes you the best.

Armando, it's only in the mind of the media. It's Over. Let.It.Go.

Mando YOU SUCK, focus con camp and stop your stupid out-of-field conclusions.

Armanda, go back to writing the comics and smoking your crack, that's all your good for!

Armando can I hear about training camp..damn you are sucky journalist!

A waste of time reading that article - get back to reporting football facts. We want to hear about traning camp.

The only people that make this an issue is the media...Shut up about it and cover football.

As for the "accused murder" what happened to innocent until proved guilty???

If Pouncy not smart enough to to know it was a bad move in the first place he's probable not smart enough to fix it besides who cares.

This is very good research uncovering the real story. Keep up the research, Mando.

Worst blog article evaaaaaaar!!

Does anyone still care about this? So what the Dolphins took the don't talk about it approach. The Pats are doing that with the Hernandez thing too but no bad press for them.

I noticed the other blogs are talking about what a great practice it was today, and Tannehill and Wallace connecting on the deep ball. And we get Pouncey hat one week aftermath.

This subject is a week late. I'm sure Philbin told him straight out the team doesn't want that kind of attention.

"Armando, great work finding out the REAL TRUTH. We appreciate your quest for uncovering the real answers. Thats what makes you the best."

Dude, you kidding me? This has been out for a couple of days now. Mando is actually just slow.

I'm thrilled that T-Hill has gone 3 practices in a row without an interception. Chris Carter had some great things to say about him too. I'll take his word over the doubters here.

What a rinky dink franchise. The entire FO needs lessons in PR.

The Dolphins shove it under the table like wussys instead of dealing with the situation. Figures.

dadsmithwest, LT and Willie McGinnest were talking up the Dolphins yesterday on NFL network. People are talking, I think the naysayers and non-fans have had it easy the last few years finding reasons to rag on the team. This second year of the rebuild has me feeling hopeful that will end.

The Steelers handled it right. The Dolfins? Not so much.

This hasn't been an issue for days! Why is it even being written about? Write about training camp!

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