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Maurkice Pouncey, Steelers give Dolphins a lesson

On the first day of training camp one of the housecleaning issues that should have been properly handled was putting the "Free Hernandez" issue in the rear view mirror for Mike Pouncey.

The Dolphins fumbled badly in the attempt.

After an internal debate on how to handle the issue of Pouncey wearing a cap that read "Free Hernandez" during his and brother Maurkice's birthday bash at a South Beach nightclub, the Dolphins decided not addressing the topic and definitely not apologizing for any lack of sensitivity was the best way to approach it.

Coach Joe Philbin wouldn't discuss it publicly other than to say he wants players doing the right thing. Pouncey did not address it in his first availability, saying he was only prepared to talk football.

This approach came after a debate that had multiple people within the organization saying Pouncey should apologize for the cap that asked for the release of jailed and accused murderer Aaron Heranandez, a former roommate of the Pouncey twins at the University of Florida.

But what set the Dolphins approach apart was its contrast to how the Pittsburgh Steelers handled the situation with Maurkice Pouncey, the starting center in Pittsburgh who apologized almost immediately.

Well, apparently the reason Mike Pouncey didn't apologize or even address the issue is because the Dolphins wouldn't allow him. Unlike the Steelers, who wanted the situation handled quickly, the Dolphins took the bunker mentality approach.

Even when Mike Pouncey felt bad about the situation.

"I talked to Mike, and his team handled this situation a lot different than (the Steelers) did,” Maurkice Pouncey told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I'm sure Mike wanted to apologize, but that's how they handled it.”

So Pouncey wanted to apologize but the Dolphins prevented him. And, according to sources, Pouncey wasn't the only one who wanted this issue handled differently. I'm told several people within the organization wanted to have Pouncey apologize and let the issue simply die right there.

Those folks obvioulsy lost the argument. The winner of the argument?


He wanted the bunker approach and got it.

I assume the coach figured not saying anything and definitely not apologizing would make the issue go away quicker. He was wrong. It makes the issue linger because the question is still out there, new details now arise from Maurkice that Mike wanted to apologize, and there's the whole idea of the coach going against owner Stephen Ross's stated approach on how the club is going to be run.

You'll remember in March of 2012, Ross said that to the extent it didn't hurt any competitive edge, his team would be run in an open and transparent manner. He said the team had to emerge from "the dungeon" of the past tight-lipped football administrations.

He made this proclamation after hosting his football people -- including Philbin -- at his home in Palm Beach the day before and giving them marching orders about his new way of doing business.

Well, that is not how the Dolphins approached this. And the fact the Steelers, an far more successful and respected organization, handled the same issue in a vastly different manner makes the Dolphins look worse.

By the way, how does Mike Pouncey feel today? I mean really?

He's an open guy. He speaks his mind obviously. But he was clearly told to shut it down and not apologize for asking the release of an accused murderer. He feels he made a mistake, according to his brother, but the club won't let him make amends? You think he appreciates not getting that off his record, so to speak?

An apology makes it go away. Claming up makes it linger. Philbin, a second-year coach, apparently doesn't understand this. The Pittsburgh Steelers do. Maurkice Pouncey, a third-year player, does.

“I think manning up to the things you do is always important for any man with any position in life,” Maurkice Pouncey said. "I think I came out here and did that in front of everybody. I think it'll mean lot to everybody in Pittsburgh and all around  the country."

Except in Miami. Where Mike Pouncey was stifled. 

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Everyone has an opinion, but nobody has addressed my question.

Under what scenario would you not play your best Center at Center?

My stance is that a top center is worth more than a top guard when it comes to winning football games. Centers are routinely drafted higher than guards.

People here don't want to exchange opinions. They just want to play 'I'm Right You're Wrong'.

Forget this nonsense.

No really, watching Football is like watching a horse race(not so much now) where you used those wide angle binoculars where you not followed your horse but the whole field as well. Similarly, your eyes might be on the ball but your focus is on the whole field.

It's also a lot of fun in preseason Games to focus strictly on the lines. You can learn a hell of a lot from that.

» In six of the last 10 drafts, no center has been drafted in the first round.

» In 2009, for only the second time in the draft history, two centers were selected in the first round (Alex Mack and Eric Wood).

» The only position to have fewer drafted players over the past 10 drafts is the fullback position.

» In 1999, only eight centers were drafted.

» In three of the last 10 drafts, no guard has been drafted in the first round.

» In 2009, the first guard selected was Oregon State's Andy Levitre, taken 51st overall.

» In the last 10 drafts, eight guards have been chosen in the first round


Top 3 highest paid Centers in the NFL

1) Scott Wells........Center.............$5,500,000

2) Max Unger..........Center.............$4,900,000

3) Jeremy Zuttah......Center.............$3,875,000


Top 3 highest paid Guards in the NFL

1) Chris Snee.........Guard.......$6,700,000

2) Davin Joseph.......Guard.......$6,000,000

3) Logan Mankins......Guard........$5,750,000


The facts posted are from NFL Network (NFL.COM) hope it answers your question GIVEN WHICH ARE DRAFTED HIGHER and of course the tell all of tell all's WHO GETS PAID BY TEAMS MORE.

Everyone has an opinion, but nobody has addressed my question.

Under what scenario would you not play your best Center at Center?

My stance is that a top center is worth more than a top guard when it comes to winning football games. Centers are routinely drafted higher than guards.

Posted by: 2015 | July 27, 2013 at 06:37 PM

Your question is answered at 6:58, THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!!

what an idiot regis philbin really is... he better win this year or be gone...

I'm afraid John Jerry will never get back to the starting line up.

How Many Guards Got Drafted In The Top 10 This Season?

How Many Centers?

You Keep Spewing Factious Nonsense. While We Speak The Truth.

But Keep Being A Sociopath.

And That Sociopath Trying To Be Poetic. Doesn't Really Mean They Are Writing Poems. I Know You Want To Fit The Profile For What You Are. But Like I Said. You Don't Have To Ace The Sociopath Test. Just Have The Majority Of Them Right.

David DeCastro was a huge disappointment to me last year in Pitt. I thought he was a better Player.

With DeCastro, it could be that Stanford uses more of zone blocking scheme while the Steelers are a drive thru blockers.

Hi oscar!

Of course Ireland knew J Martin was a better fit at LT in a zone blocking scheme than Jake Long was. He just didn't realize Martin had so little pop.


Been watching NFL Network's AROUND TRAINING CAMP And they did a segment on the AFC East were everybody said Miami had closed the GAP. They all see N.E. still leading the pack (I know it's a NO-NO to drink the Kool-Aid before Mid-Oct.) but lets forget about what we did this Off-Season and focus on the Pats for a Minute given I believe the Jets (disarray lame duck H.C.) & the Bills (Re-Building but solid D) are still a couple of steps behind.

I look at the Pats right now and see a very MEDIOCRE team Offensively. They will feature Amendola (whose probably sitting a couple of games at some point injured) with Edlemen as the #2. Aside they have Mike Jenkins on the roster (below average) followed by a couple of rooks. The T.E. Pos. needs no explanation and till Gronk can return they'll go with Ballard and some guy named Micheal Hoomanawanui (WAHHHH?)

The stength is the OL and they will need to motor behind them like in the Cory Dillon ERA in N.E. If you can effectively shut them down running the Ball this Yr. they seem very beatable on paper. Their D isn't the group that won 3 SB's either with a very suspect secondary. If Tannehill can just be efficient we have the type of team that can challange aside from for the 1st time in Yrs. the faster squad.

You should be ashamed of yourselves that a Doctor here knows more Football, how to watch it and remember more of it than you with all that TMH database at your disposal.

Omar Kelly is admirable if only because he is such a very hard worker.


I didn't take you for being one of the diaper boy bloggers here. I guess I was mistaken.

Ok, you proved more guards were taken than centers in the last 10 years. Could it be there just weren't good enough prospects those years? It's just a question.

Now my original question wasn't so much draft placement as it was that in what scenario would you not start your best center?

Can you answer that without slinging diaper doo?

I'm starting to think some of these other bloggers are right about a select few of you 'old boys club' types.

Personally I support the decision of coach philbin about no further comment about the Hernandez hat . Apologize ?? About what. The guy is in jail and that's it. Look at the jets, when rex started to be a media clown they fell as a whole team. no further comment and lets move on. Armando your opinion is ridiculous.

This story is a complete waste of time Mando, Pouncey brothers were ignorant in their decision, he knows it and his brother knows..LET IT GOOOOO and get back to real football...its TRaining camp for gods sakes, theres plenty more to talk about than this crap!!!!


If any of you are so obsessed about one blogger or another, don't bother me with it. If you think I am someone else, just don't even bother responding.

If someone on a blog is irritating you that much, you are very fragile in the mind and maybe need something more in life than you are getting.

Armando, quit stirring the pot. Report on practice only. Leave your opinions at home. Suck it.

Peyton Manning breaks both legs in a traffic altercation? WTH?

..fin4life...I think it would be a mistake to look at the Pats as mediocre. I sure hope the team doesn't have that mindset. On paper we did well for ourselves this offseason. On paper, the Pats look like they have some dents in their armor. But before we start to get too puffed up. I think the Pats are still the team to beat.

They still have the best coach-QB. combo in the division. This will keep them the favorites at least for this year. We still don't know who, or what Tannehill is. So much of this season-future is dependent on him. No quality qb play..No closing any gaps.

Look..I'm excited too. In fact this is the best I have felt about the team since 2010..A lot of similarities to how people are talking this year, and what people were saying in the preseason that year..Young on the rise quarterback, stud receiver..even that we had a competent if not the next great HC(Sparano) I know it sounds laughable now. But if these were the feelings of a lot of folks on this blog. I'm just saying. It is fine to feel good about our team. But I would move with caution before calling out a proven winner. Until we take it..All we have is hype.

Sorry Armando, I think you really missed the boat on this one. I have to echo some of the other comments on here...on a day we should be talking about what's going on in camp, you're talking about a complete NON-issue on here. Who actually cares how the Dolphins handled this? And how is it that the Dolphins are at fault here, isn't it really about the Pouncey boys screwing up?

You foolishly say that the Steelers handled this correctly and the Dolphins and then try and draw a parallel to this being the reason the Steelers have had more success on the field? Really? How'd they make out with their handling of Rothlisberger? The point is really weak, Armando and I'm actually sick of hearing about it. Both guys acted foolishly here and I don't buy that one brother got it because he was forced to apologize.

..What up Craig M?? How's the summer been treating you?

2015 | July 27, 2013 at 07:35 PM

There hasn't been any civility on this blog for a while now that unfortunately seems to have been lost here. Every time I try to make some Football related conversation the whole thing (blog) seems to spiral into incessant name calling (which I can handle) or evolves into very cheap attacks on ones heritage/culture. If I was short with you it's because my patience has been worn thin and I really only come back because it's the only live Fins blog going aside from some frienships I have made over the Yrs. posting here if not would have taken my song-n-dance elsewhereb by now in all honesty.

2015 I believe being late to the party you missed what started this B.S. going a couple of days ago. I was having a conversation with odin about an idea we tossed around after the 2010 draft were I thought we should play Pouncey at Guard being he played there throughout in College really and not fill the need caused by the failure of FA signee J.Grove.

Today I believe Pouncey is our best OL regardless of were you play him in the interior of the OL (place him at Center or either Guard spot and he's the best at all 3 Positions for us period!) but given were playing a zone blocking scheme on the OL and it requires very athletic Guards who can pull and lead through the RB's on one quick cut through the hole. Pouncey has the atheticism for it and is a nasty mauler. I don't know if it will take because Samuda would have to prove himself worthy but now I'll ask you a question. Would you rather have a really good Center with 2 suspect Guards in your scheme or 2 really good Guards covering up the Center?

Don't mistake this for me saying it has to be done at Center he probably goes to the Pro Bowl this Yr. but it's food for thought

Hey DD,

Not too badly thanks. I'm off to Scotland in a week and I'll be back about a week or so before the season starts.

How's life with you? Getting a chance to enjoy the Summer and get some fishing in?

Can't wait to get this season started. We have so much promise this year but it's not going to be easy. And I agree with you, the Pats are still the team to beat.

Armando, the only reason this issue won't die is because of journalists like you who insist on continuing to stir the pot. This is really not an issue and journalists who try to make it otherwise make themselves look like self-serving muckrakers.

...Craig M..Enjoy Scotland. Lots of fishing. Lots of work, and remolding of my house(putting in a new kitchen, guest bedroom, and deck)..My new girlfriend is a Crackwagon fan. So although next week is just a preseason game. It will be fun. Seriously..enjoy Scotland. Try some haggis!

But I would move with caution before calling out a proven winner. Until we take it..All we have is hype.

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | July 27, 2013 at 07:55 PM

Your right and like I posted a big NO-NO to sip the Kool-Aid this early without answering the questions you put forth. I just see another Parallel remember in the 80's Shula acting as H.C./GM burried the team with alot of lousy drafts that made them perenially mediocre but not bad enough given Marino's heroics to land in the top-10 of any draft (and when it did outside of Webb they were all bombs like Bosa, Kumerow and Sammie)

We had in the ERA the best Coach/QB COMBO going until outside of a handful of players nobody on the roster really distinguished himself. There not quit dead yet and feel they're still the CLASS of the AFC East but the GAP has narrowed and feel if Tannehill can at least be efficient again as I posted before we can give them a run for their money. No doubt the whole thing implodes like a house of cards if Ryan is proven not the answer but if he can merely hold his own like Flacco in the early Yrs. chasing Pitt. we can push in the race.

We want to know why you won't post a current photo of your face, the owners of the paper should force you to come clean on the photo, Pittsburg would make you show it, what's the problem here, what are you hiding? Bill

What about a real team issue like the Roethlisberger case of sexual harassment?? Armando I'd like to know why you think the steelers are more respected as an organization? More SB wins is the only thing ( and still feel the Seahawks and cardinals got robbed by the nfl).


Ok, that is a response I can appreciate. I'll go right to your question first.....On our team if we are talking about Pouncey or Samuda, hands down I woud rather have Pouncey at Center.The drop off is too steep. IThe only way I'd move him from Center is if we had a top 10 Center to replace him, and even then I'm not so sure. He is so versatile and with still so much upside that with Pouncey at Center he can help both sides of the line. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Grove was gone before Pouncey arrived. I get the idea Pouncey was drafted to play Center, to replace the awful Berger. They've had other options at Center either in FA or Cogs or one of our back ups, but have kept Pouncey at center because it seems to me that is where you get the most value out of him.

When I came here Armando was on vacation and there was all this chatter about people waiting for him to come back. I thought the blog would get better. It didn't. I don't even find Armandos blogs very interesting. I may just stick to the mainstream sports media outlets.
It isnt worth the trouble filitering through all the muck here.

In the mean time, don't let fools drag you down, but I get that you are on top of that now.

By the way this post by Mando sounds to me like he didn't attend today's practice and filled the space with whatever came to mind, nice given your extended hiatus!


I definitely will try some haggis. I'm Scottish born and I've had haggis more than once before. The whole family is going back and we're looking forward to the trip.

Congrats on the new girlfriend. How long has that been going on?


I also don't believe Armando was at practice today. He normally tweets using his Twitter account but there was nothing there today. Tells me he wasn't there and wrote something that really has no relevance any more.

2010, 2012, And 2013 Draft Guards Got Drafted Before A Center.

Guards on Average Make More Than Centers.

But Keep Spewing Your Nonsense.


Your point is valid and I can respect our right to not see it eye to eye here. I feel a couple of good Guards can make a Center more than a Center making the Guard play go. Berger was a stop gap player at Center who gets injured when we were forced to play with Corey Procter in that infamous Thursday Night game Vs. Chicago with Thigpen at QB. If you remember (or are haunted) by that night we took 6 sacks in the 1st half with that being the 1st time Long played with a harness as well suffering from shoulder/triceps and knee injuries (the latter dragging from the 4th Pre-Season game at Dallas) were he couldn't finish and Incognito ended the contest moving over to Center. It's what I mean by the Center Pos. problem coming to a head on that evening and the reason we weren't looking to replace R.Brown but solidify the middle of the OL in the following draft.

Of course Armando was not at practice today. There were many posts until 10:30AM. Unusual when he has to attend practice.

Craig M,

In reading Mando since his return he sounds negative and uninspired about everything aside from writting pure fluff in-between. Never know what's going on in somebody elses life but get the feeling Mando and the Herald are headed for Divorce.

2010, 2012, And 2013 Draft Guards Got Drafted Before A Center.

Guards on Average Make More Than Centers.

But Keep Spewing Your Nonsense.

Posted by: YG=Sociopath | July 27, 2013 at 08:38 PM

I also agree the Guard play exceeds the importance of the Center Pos.

Lol I made the top 8 of hate from YG. And all I've ever done is try to help him. "Shakes head".

Darkoak | July 27, 2013 at 08:54 PM

I happen to think it's a distinguished group of seriously informed Football fanatics and the reason for his dislike cause he can't hang!

When you guys put down Chad Henne I know you are just kidding.
The truth is you would very happy if Henne and Tanne were both doing well because that means that both are winning.

Because you guys are my best friends I'm going to make sure that you are aware of every completed pass, every TD, every 300 yard game and every victory of Chad Henne this season.
His team drafted the top LT. He has MJD for rushing and Shorts/Blackman/Merceds Lewis to throw to. His GM was director of personnel for Atl the past 5 years and his HC was Seattle's D-coord for the past 4 years. He is finally in a talented, stable environment for the first time since he left michigan.

Your point is valid and I can respect our right to not see it eye to eye here.

Posted by: fin4life | July 27, 2013 at 08:46 PM

Simple as that. I agree. Others want to turn everything into an 'I'm right, you're wrong'.

Witness the below post. It's like the most minor disagreement they see as some personal attack. The local blog has too much nonsense for my tastes. There is room in the internet world for a better outlet for local sports fans.

* * * * * *

2010, 2012, And 2013 Draft Guards Got Drafted Before A Center.

Guards on Average Make More Than Centers.

But Keep Spewing Your Nonsense.

Posted by: YG=Sociopath | July 27, 2013 at 08:38 PM

I see no problem with the o-line experiments...but they have to figure out the configuration in a timely fashion...and start rolling!

The center is 'boss' of the O-line. The center calls the blocking assignments at the line.

The most important players on a team play in the middle of the field:
Baseball: C, P, 2B, SS, CF
Football: QB, C, MLB, S

After watching still pictures of Dion Jordan in practice I see absolutely no reason why he can't hold the edge except for technique. Look at the calves, the arm, if he has 3% of fat in his body is a lot. That's pure fiber and hard to break. Something else!

If he were making an adult film than I agree.
But at 240 lbs guys like jake Long will simply lift him off the ground and throw him away like a ragdoll. He needs to get bigger.
But if he wants to make pornos between now and then why not.

Tanne = very good

Henne = very very good

Henne > Tanne

According to Philbin today was the day the Team has run the ball best. I don't know if it was by design preparing for the big scrimmage on Monday or if it was due to the recent changes in the OL. Either way is a +.

Jack, no timely fashion. Games next Sunday

ETF, are you Armando? Trying to stir the pot?

The most important players on a team play in the middle of the field:
Baseball: C, P, 2B, SS, CF
Football: QB, C, MLB, S

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 27, 2013 at 09:02 PM

No doubt but out of those Positions you mentioned the Center is the one Pos. that requires more of an intelligent player than superior athlete. Look at a player like J.Saturday to give one example. Not the best most athletic but can call out what he sees quickly approaching the line allowing Manning to audible in his play calling. Dan Koppen who the Pats thought was done has been resurrected by Manning waaay on the wrong side of 30 for the same reason in Denver last Season. He also needs to be able to snap and have the physical ability to hold the point espcially on pass plays were the Guards more often than not are helping out with double teams.

He has a lot of fast twitch muscle fibers just as when Usain Bolt when studied was found to have. That's a great advantage for any athlete. But we'll see.

I never agree with Armando but in this case I actually think he's 100% on point. Multiple families devasted by the death of their loved ones and the Miami Dolphins organization doesn't feel it neccesary to have their star player apologize for his disgusting display of wearing a hat asking for the law to not apply to an accused murderer. "Showing some love to a former gator teammate" is that an excuse?? As a lifelong Dolphisn fan I thought this was something that we should have stood tall and denounced. After all what good is a brand if we are saying we condone supporting the release of a prisoner accused of murder ( I think we can all see the evidence mounting). Does this say that we are okay with players smearing our brand? I am a big phishing supporter but if its true that he refused his player the opportunity to apologize and to admonish his organization (that supposedly values their community) than this is a collasal error on his behalf. I'm thoroughly disappointed in the Miami Dolphins Organization for this. Whoever gave Philbin this advice should be relieved of his duties. I have my suspicions. Obviously there is a reason that the Rooney Family and their ball club have earned the respect of many in this country and around the world. They embody the word CLASS! I'm still shaking my head that I actually agree with Armando on this.


Dashi if you are this obsessed with YG, he has beaten your vaaaginaaa!

Time for you to GET A LIFE! The blog shouldn't be such a drag on your being!

Have some soup and chill out!!!!

Andrew W., are you Armando?

Of course it is Philbin who will make the biggest + difference in this Team.

Dear Miami Herald,

How many years has Armando had the blog? Yes, he gets the hits, but it is the same 15 people!!! At what point do you deem this blog an UTTER FAILURE?????

Take a glance at this blog any day of the week! It is has to be the most immature and embarassing site on TMH!

Shut it down, show your dignity. Let one of the other writers who actually speak English give it a try.

This place is a cesspool!

There can be NOOOO denying!

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