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Maurkice Pouncey, Steelers give Dolphins a lesson

On the first day of training camp one of the housecleaning issues that should have been properly handled was putting the "Free Hernandez" issue in the rear view mirror for Mike Pouncey.

The Dolphins fumbled badly in the attempt.

After an internal debate on how to handle the issue of Pouncey wearing a cap that read "Free Hernandez" during his and brother Maurkice's birthday bash at a South Beach nightclub, the Dolphins decided not addressing the topic and definitely not apologizing for any lack of sensitivity was the best way to approach it.

Coach Joe Philbin wouldn't discuss it publicly other than to say he wants players doing the right thing. Pouncey did not address it in his first availability, saying he was only prepared to talk football.

This approach came after a debate that had multiple people within the organization saying Pouncey should apologize for the cap that asked for the release of jailed and accused murderer Aaron Heranandez, a former roommate of the Pouncey twins at the University of Florida.

But what set the Dolphins approach apart was its contrast to how the Pittsburgh Steelers handled the situation with Maurkice Pouncey, the starting center in Pittsburgh who apologized almost immediately.

Well, apparently the reason Mike Pouncey didn't apologize or even address the issue is because the Dolphins wouldn't allow him. Unlike the Steelers, who wanted the situation handled quickly, the Dolphins took the bunker mentality approach.

Even when Mike Pouncey felt bad about the situation.

"I talked to Mike, and his team handled this situation a lot different than (the Steelers) did,” Maurkice Pouncey told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I'm sure Mike wanted to apologize, but that's how they handled it.”

So Pouncey wanted to apologize but the Dolphins prevented him. And, according to sources, Pouncey wasn't the only one who wanted this issue handled differently. I'm told several people within the organization wanted to have Pouncey apologize and let the issue simply die right there.

Those folks obvioulsy lost the argument. The winner of the argument?


He wanted the bunker approach and got it.

I assume the coach figured not saying anything and definitely not apologizing would make the issue go away quicker. He was wrong. It makes the issue linger because the question is still out there, new details now arise from Maurkice that Mike wanted to apologize, and there's the whole idea of the coach going against owner Stephen Ross's stated approach on how the club is going to be run.

You'll remember in March of 2012, Ross said that to the extent it didn't hurt any competitive edge, his team would be run in an open and transparent manner. He said the team had to emerge from "the dungeon" of the past tight-lipped football administrations.

He made this proclamation after hosting his football people -- including Philbin -- at his home in Palm Beach the day before and giving them marching orders about his new way of doing business.

Well, that is not how the Dolphins approached this. And the fact the Steelers, an far more successful and respected organization, handled the same issue in a vastly different manner makes the Dolphins look worse.

By the way, how does Mike Pouncey feel today? I mean really?

He's an open guy. He speaks his mind obviously. But he was clearly told to shut it down and not apologize for asking the release of an accused murderer. He feels he made a mistake, according to his brother, but the club won't let him make amends? You think he appreciates not getting that off his record, so to speak?

An apology makes it go away. Claming up makes it linger. Philbin, a second-year coach, apparently doesn't understand this. The Pittsburgh Steelers do. Maurkice Pouncey, a third-year player, does.

“I think manning up to the things you do is always important for any man with any position in life,” Maurkice Pouncey said. "I think I came out here and did that in front of everybody. I think it'll mean lot to everybody in Pittsburgh and all around  the country."

Except in Miami. Where Mike Pouncey was stifled. 

Read more: http://triblive.com/sports/steelers/4401987-74/pouncey-hernandez-mike#ixzz2aGH9tVSF
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I'm beginning to think that Mando only posts this negative junk because he knows it will infuriate the fan base and will generate lots of hits on this blog with peoole arguing against him. We already know that 2/3 rds of his hits are by trolls as it is!

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Ross and Ireland have run the Dolphins into the ground. Losing and controversy dominate the Ross ownership.


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Losing breeds trolls. Winning breeds homers. The Dolphins have been losers for years.

Armando who cares if you think the Steelers have a better organization. Just your opinion, who gives a fvck

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If you really believe an article like this is something a sports journalist should be focusing on, then you have way to much time on your hands. Maybe you should watch the practices and figure out if the team is ascending or descending. Leave the real stories to those that are supposed to report it (although most MSN don't) and then we might have respect for you.

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So it was the Dolphin's fault that the Pouncey brothers did something stupid? Please.

They didn't shoot anyone. They wore a (mildly) offensive cap, at worst. What a pointless non-story

Armando's job is to seek the truth. Thats both the positives and the negatives. This was a cover up by the Dolphins trying to skirt the issue. Brush it under the carpet. Mando did great work uncovering the truth about the Dolphins.

The Palm Beach Post just now wrote the same article Armando did yesterday. Armando is clearly the leader in reporting.

Ross told Pouncey NOT to apologize?? WTF??

Armandos blog is the #1 cesspool online.

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Under what scenario would you not play your best Center at Center?

My stance is that a top center is worth more than a top guard when it comes to winning football games. Centers are routinely drafted higher than guards.

Posted by: 2015 | July 27, 2013 at 06:37 PM

First let me say that most posters here do debate and exchange ideas. The problem you refer to about people just trying to be right and win isn't as it seems.

Most of it is simply YG using multiple names and INSISTING that he be right about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE else is wrong. I'm not exaggerating either. He even makes up aliases to agree with himself. It's funny too(but mostly ruins the blog completely)his alias is obvious because he makes the same obvious mistakes that YG makes. Especially in the factual respects where he's usually way off base.

To this post, this is a fair question.

First I would say that I think Pouncey is a Great Center and we should try to keep him there. I mean, unless we have a Guy that can AT LEAST play up to or pretty close too Pouncey's level. I also think Pouncey is one of, if not THEE Best Center in the Game today.

To your question: How about when you have a Center that played 3 years of Guard collegiate-ly.

Then your Guard gets injured.

In this scenario your Back Up Guards are raw and not very talented. But your back up Center is Very Good.

In this scenario it would make sense to play your Center(who was a great Guard collegiate-ly)at Guard and let your Back Up Center play Center.

I'm not advocating moving Pouncey to Guard(not yet. I would have to see a Ginormous Surprise from Samuda First). But the above scenario is obviously a contingency plan that Philbin was experimenting with.

Most of us understand this and don't have a problem. The trouble was with YG putting his foot in his mouth so hard last night and being unable to admit when he's wrong, mistaken, confused, etc, etc. His personality disorder takes over and he takes out his self induced frustrations on the blog. He'll go to any length(Outright lies, making up falsehoods and attributing them too others, name calling and just a general influx of degeneracies). Once you see it's YG and how he uses aliases, it's gets a little easier. But wading through his garbage just ruins the place.

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Why should we make someone apologize for being supportive of a friend?

The scarier issue is who they are friends with...assuming guilt of course.

Poor choices in friends trumps wearing a stupid hat that might offend people.

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I don't think Salguero is a bad guy. I also don't think this blog entry is reason to demonize him to the ludicrous extent some have (despite it admittedly a tedious bit of journalistic fluff).

The only problem with Armando is that he's simply not an intellectual luminary and his writing is--at best--quite ordinary. To put it bluntly, he won't be getting any calls from the NY Times to move on up to the big leagues.

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