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Maurkice Pouncey, Steelers give Dolphins a lesson

On the first day of training camp one of the housecleaning issues that should have been properly handled was putting the "Free Hernandez" issue in the rear view mirror for Mike Pouncey.

The Dolphins fumbled badly in the attempt.

After an internal debate on how to handle the issue of Pouncey wearing a cap that read "Free Hernandez" during his and brother Maurkice's birthday bash at a South Beach nightclub, the Dolphins decided not addressing the topic and definitely not apologizing for any lack of sensitivity was the best way to approach it.

Coach Joe Philbin wouldn't discuss it publicly other than to say he wants players doing the right thing. Pouncey did not address it in his first availability, saying he was only prepared to talk football.

This approach came after a debate that had multiple people within the organization saying Pouncey should apologize for the cap that asked for the release of jailed and accused murderer Aaron Heranandez, a former roommate of the Pouncey twins at the University of Florida.

But what set the Dolphins approach apart was its contrast to how the Pittsburgh Steelers handled the situation with Maurkice Pouncey, the starting center in Pittsburgh who apologized almost immediately.

Well, apparently the reason Mike Pouncey didn't apologize or even address the issue is because the Dolphins wouldn't allow him. Unlike the Steelers, who wanted the situation handled quickly, the Dolphins took the bunker mentality approach.

Even when Mike Pouncey felt bad about the situation.

"I talked to Mike, and his team handled this situation a lot different than (the Steelers) did,” Maurkice Pouncey told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I'm sure Mike wanted to apologize, but that's how they handled it.”

So Pouncey wanted to apologize but the Dolphins prevented him. And, according to sources, Pouncey wasn't the only one who wanted this issue handled differently. I'm told several people within the organization wanted to have Pouncey apologize and let the issue simply die right there.

Those folks obvioulsy lost the argument. The winner of the argument?


He wanted the bunker approach and got it.

I assume the coach figured not saying anything and definitely not apologizing would make the issue go away quicker. He was wrong. It makes the issue linger because the question is still out there, new details now arise from Maurkice that Mike wanted to apologize, and there's the whole idea of the coach going against owner Stephen Ross's stated approach on how the club is going to be run.

You'll remember in March of 2012, Ross said that to the extent it didn't hurt any competitive edge, his team would be run in an open and transparent manner. He said the team had to emerge from "the dungeon" of the past tight-lipped football administrations.

He made this proclamation after hosting his football people -- including Philbin -- at his home in Palm Beach the day before and giving them marching orders about his new way of doing business.

Well, that is not how the Dolphins approached this. And the fact the Steelers, an far more successful and respected organization, handled the same issue in a vastly different manner makes the Dolphins look worse.

By the way, how does Mike Pouncey feel today? I mean really?

He's an open guy. He speaks his mind obviously. But he was clearly told to shut it down and not apologize for asking the release of an accused murderer. He feels he made a mistake, according to his brother, but the club won't let him make amends? You think he appreciates not getting that off his record, so to speak?

An apology makes it go away. Claming up makes it linger. Philbin, a second-year coach, apparently doesn't understand this. The Pittsburgh Steelers do. Maurkice Pouncey, a third-year player, does.

“I think manning up to the things you do is always important for any man with any position in life,” Maurkice Pouncey said. "I think I came out here and did that in front of everybody. I think it'll mean lot to everybody in Pittsburgh and all around  the country."

Except in Miami. Where Mike Pouncey was stifled. 

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dusty's not a very deep thinker. He can't grasp what you're saying. It's all black and white with this guy. As you've said, it's about supporting an ex-teammate and brother and his time of need, when the world has turned on him. They're not supporting someone who goes out and murder's someone else (who would) but what they are doing is supporting a guy they bled with for a number of years in College. For a guy like dusty, who's probably never played a team sport at a competitive level or been in the military, he wouldn't get this. Mike Pouncey is EXACTLY the kind of teammate you want. Hence the reason I don't think the Dolphins want to make more of this than they have to.

For Armando to critcize this, when the team has chosen to keep the focus on football (and not distractions and sideshows, is laughable to me). They've dealt with it internally (as they should) and somehow Armando turns this into the reason the Steelers have been more successful on the field. Really BIG reach, in my opinion. Weak even.


I'm sure you'll be saying the same thing about Pouncey when he's going to multiple Pro Bowls and as a fan, isn't what he does on the field really what's important here?

I'll look for you on here when it's happening Steve but I'm pretty sure you'll have gone into hiding or be posting under a different name.

Armando, the PBP copied your Pouncey article. 24 HOURS LATER! LOL

Posted by: Rabblerouser | July 28, 2013 at 10:51 AM

Armando has the timely articles and sets the trend. There's a reason he has the best and most active blog.

Seems like Wallace is getting fed up with Tanny like Marshall was with Henne. A good WR is useless with a crap QB. Ireland hasnt learned that yet. Tanny will be benched by the bye week if not sooner.


Yeah you're right man....he's fed up with him after 5 days of camp. Where do you come up with this stuff? Do you also write for a tabloid magazine?

dc u just dont get it do u. public figure, do what u want but dont eb so dumb to wear that hat out where everyone is gonna jump all over it. hows that oj hat fitting u today

agree craig, go finsssssssssssss gonna be a big year

Exposing The Fraud????.....More like exposing the troll.

Get a life, bro.

It's what trolls do, they never directly answer anything, they just continualy spout garbage, no matter how many reactionary posts they get about they're mothers being dirty french prostitutes.

While I can admire the focused single-mindedness, the lack of spine simply "exposes" them for what they really are.

Oscar I never lie. And TMH has an IP address for everyone on the blog, but possibly for a users proxy server. There are tons of proxy services available.

You seem to think I lie a lot, curious, I mean for a doctor and all.

Craig M.

I'm just saying what we all know Shula would do with the Pouncey distraction. It made little difference to Don Shula how good or bad the player was. If you are a distraction..you are gone. Shula ran a class disciplined team unlike these Dolphins.

And Pouncey was playing guard today.

There are numerous articles saying Wallace is having difficulty with Tannehills passing. just google it and you'll find 5-8.

fraud are u legally retarded?

There is an article in TODAYS Palm Beach Post on Wallace making negative comments....


Most ridiculous comment I've seen on here in a long time. Seriously bro....DUMB!!

You're going to get rid of one of our best players because he wore a hat? It's clear that you have no grasp on reality. And as far as Shula is concerned I couldn't give a f*ck. Don Shula hasn't been relevant in close to thirty years. So keep living in the past. I'd like to deal with the here and now.


I don't take anything you say seriously, because it's ONE-sided. When you bring something to the table I'll take not but right now you're batting .000

Like Jack Nicholson said.....'Some people cant handle the truth" LOL


you're another guy. Been reading your crap on here for a long time. Go take you ball and play somewhere else. It's been clear for a long time now that you're a class A moron....

“We’ve got a long way to go, man,” Wallace said. “But we have a long time to prepare … we’ll be fine.” thats hardly negative just being honest. its july

Craig don't take the Dons name in vain.

You either have chemistry or you don't.

Armando has pointed out numerous times how Wallace and Tannehill are having difficulty connecting. Its no secret to the fans that read.

After practice Wallace said he and Tannehill "are going to progress every day" but that the chemistry isn't there yet.

Isnt Craig M for MORON? From Canada? Canadiens discussing MIAMI football? HILARIOUS!!!

tom brady said he hasnt found the chemistry yet with amendola. pats season over

marshall > wallace

henne > tannehill

It's up to the receiver to work on chemistry with the QB. Raymond Berry used to drag Unitas everyday from bed in the off-Season to throw to him and also after practices and on off-days. Wallace should do the same. I'm sure Tannehill will comply. Nothing is given to anybody, you must earn it.

Marshell and Cutler had chemistry from the beginning.

The Marks Bros had it with Marino instantly.

Wallace is a strange guy and a different type of runner. He had chemistry with Ben, doesn't have it with Tanne.

You just can't expect a player from one team to perform as well on another team for many reasons.

brady had it right away with welker and moss. now he cant find it with any of his wrs, pats are screwed

We seem to have good Players. But nobody should assume that because of it we are a good Team, until we play another Team.

Yeah, I've seen the new tendency of the PBP to bash the Miami Dolphins like TMH does. I've also seen that over there they are charging to be read. Probably both TMH and PBP in the same predicament, looking for $.

This Aaron Hernandez thing is going to linger and be discussed until Pouncey issues an apology. The Dolphins handled this very wrong IMO.

Funny to hear people say Henne had chemistry with Henne from the beginning. Is they why Marshall had such few TD numbers while he was here? Is that why Marshall would throw temper tantrums on the sidelines and behind closed doors? Is that why it would look like Marshall wasn't trying at times?

Honest to God.... I don't know what world some of you guys live in....

who said henne had chemistry with henne? lol

craig is a moron lol

You guys get so easily rattled when facing the Truth. Sheeeeesh

craig m you arent thinking strait take your meds lol

There will always be dedicated Players like Cam Wake. Those that are not, it's up to the Coaches to kick them in the assss until they become so.

2 watt,

Very funny....

You knew I meant Henne and Marshall. But be smart a@@, cause we all know you know nothing about football.

And nice way to spell 'straight', 2watt. At least If you are going to correct someone don't also funk up!

The huge difference that Armando sees is easily explained. FREE HERNANDEZ on the Steeler Pouncey referred to AARON Hernandez, while the FREE HERNANDEZ on the Dolphin Pouncey referred to DIEGO Hernandez, who was kidnaped and is still missing in Mexico. Why should he apologize for this?

Pouncey you're a big boy. Should have apologized from the get go and took the heat later from Ross, the Front Office and the coaching staff.

Who get's in trouble for apologizing anyway? Makes me wonder where the values lie in this pathetic organization. And for those of you here that only want to talk football and sweep it under the rug like the Dolphins... shameful imo.

Let's face it- both Pouncey's are big turds for doing what they did. Mike is a bigger one for not apologizing. Whether his Dolphins "parents" allowed him to or not!

Stick to football your part of the problem not the solution!!

Agree on one thing. Story is now irrelevant. The damage is already done and speaks volumes to Pouncey and the FO. But, just like many pretended Brett Farve didn't committ a lewd act with that reporter because he was Brett Farve, most will forget this even occured once football starts. Sad but true

If that is true and it was Philbin, then that is too bad becuase I thought that came from above him, saying he was sorry would have been the right thing to do. On the other hand not wearing the hat in the first place would ahve been smarter thing to do,

To all of you saying the Dolphins handling of Mike Pouncey was wrong, think again. It is the RIGHT approach to not air everything that happens in the media. Just because we live in the information age does not mean we are all obligated to respond to every story or explain ourselves in public. Kudos, not hatred, to Philbin and the Miami Dolphins.

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