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Nothing new on Vonta

This is David Neal, blogging in place of vacationing Armando Salguero.

Everything's come to stop around July 4 holiday as regards fullback Vonta Leach while the significant parties are out of the office, doing that Rest of Their Lives thing. Sunday is the earliest anything's expected to happen.

Back to your regularly scheduled July 5 hangover.


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Fullbacks have a lot of responsibility in an Offense, even a WCO. They have to be able to pass block, pick up the blitz, open a hole for a running back, make that short-yardage first down, and catch out of the backfield. That's why Leach is valuable! He can do all of that as well or better than any other fullback in the NFL! When the team is in the redzone, having a fullback like Leach is imperative to being able to score!

It doesnt make any difference whether you respond or not to the trolls or how you respond. There is only one thing that will stop them and thats a winning team.... and we have no control over that.

When you havent won a SB in 40 years, a playoff game in 16 years, and have 4 consecutive losing seasons, how can you do anything but bash the crap team?

I disagree, These derelicts like odin come by and repost all the crap. The rest of these morons here are too freaking stupid to realize who is baiting them when it is so freaing obvious. It keeps them coming back whether we win or not.

16 years? for what team? miami won a playoff game in 2001

Sorry bro but the way you served it up I counldn't layoff.

Keep in mind when the FB is on the field then only 2 WRs are also on the field.
The only time I want the FB on the field is 3rd&1 and 4th&1.

thats what the fb is for

16 years? for what team? miami won a playoff game in 2001

Posted by: dusty bottoms | July 05, 2013 at 07:49 PM


I've seen posts on here where people are ferring to the role of the FB in the WCO.
3rd/1 & 4th/1 are not WCO plays.
They are 1 yard and a cloud of dust plays.

Keep in mind when the FB is on the field then only 2 WRs are also on the field.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 05, 2013 at 08:06 PM

Not true, it is very common to still have 3 WR's with a fullback. The Rams with Warner did it all the time.

Let's face it most of you never played the game and will never really see it like a player just by reading those silly sports sites.

If the FB is the lone back then you can have 3WRs on the field. In that case the FB is pass protecting.

Fraud, tell us again how Reggie Bush never played with Chad Henne!

I played OL and DL in JHS and HS. I've already retained counsel to sue the school district because my current memory problems are the result of undiagnosed concussions.

Dude Henne and Bush were on the roster in 2011. Henne started 3 games and then got injured.
I remember the MNF game to open the season:
- BM dropped 2 TDs
- Fasano lateralled the ball to NE defender
- Bell/Smith/Davis rolling around on ground with menstral cramps
- Bush contributed a total of 18 yards
- Henne threw for 450 yards and set NFL passing record w/Brady for most passing yards in a game.

In those 3 games Henne threw for 900 yards. Bush didn't even contribute 100 yards total for the 3 games.
That is what I meant by not having Reggie Bush.

Fraud the only thing you've played wtih is yourself. That much is obvious. You ain't foolin nobody.

Since you brought up Henne...

Has anyone else noticed that in his last 10 starts Henne has thrown for 3000 yards and 15 TDs. Playing for the 2 shhtiest teams in the league?

This season Henne has Blackmon, Shorts, Merceds Lewis, and MJD back. Jville used the #2 overall on the top LT.

It would real embarassing to a lot of folks in Miami if Henne puts up a better season that Tanne.

Things were so civil in here at least for a little while.


Henne started 0-7

Moore started games 4thru 16 while Henne was recovering from surgery. But if you want to put the losses for games 4,5,6 & 7 on Henne even though he was not in the stadium so be it.
If Henne had been in the stadium when Brazil beat Espana last week they would have blamed him for that also.
Look it up.

In a few years Henne will be in the booth and every game in the 4th qtr he'll talk about all the ints he threw with the game on the line and we'll all laugh and wonder where the years went.

Tannehill is already way better than Henne. Only a troll would suggest otheriwse. Tanne is one of the best throwers on the run, and he is a serious run threat. He'splayed WR so he knows what's in a receivers head. He has tons of upside.

Phillbin and Sherman have coached HOF QB's. They know better than any jack off here, and they chose Tanne over Henne. I'll take their opinion over some lonely loser blogger obviously just being a jerk.

Ryan Tannehill threw for more yards than any rookie in Dolphins history.....with no weapons!

You need to have your memory problems checked also.
Philbin and Sherman chose GARRARD to start and he decided he'd rather get paid for not playing so he opted for surgery.

But that's not the biggest thing; this is:
Henne's production the past 2 years has been 300/yds 1.5 TDs per game.
That works out to about 5000 yards and 25 TDs.
And he is an UFA after this season.
So put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Fraud, they also decidied that they liked Moore, Garrard and Tanne better then Henne. They said bye bye to Henne. These are coaches that coached Farve and Rodgers,..,.but of course you know better. Only in your mind...nobody is buying it. Henne couldn't even beat out glamour boy for the starting job.

Jawaorski rated Tanne with 1 year experience over Henne with 5 years experience.

Enough said with your diaper boy opinions.

Unless you can convince me you know better than Jaws, Philbin and Sherman.

Good luck.

no gnu s is good gnu s

only a few will understand that joke// to the fraud guy um ya henne throws for a ton of yards becuase his team is down by a million points and they frantically throw every down to try and play catch up.i rather my qb throw for around 4k for the season becuase that means they are using a balanced attack and they are in every game.


I'm deeply disappointed in Chad Henne

I-Form 3 wide is one of my favorite formations. It's a power run formation that forces the defense into nickle. If you choose to pass, the FB can be the check down or the RB.

Scott I wouldn't say Tannehill had no weapons, but limited non- conplementing weapons is more accurate.

The value in a player is conditional to how well and how much you utilize his talents. This of course is conditional on how often his talents can be used. Often a certain player in the lineup sends pre-reads to the other team.
I like Leach, but what is his value? How much would he cost us in losing the player he would replace? We have a very frugal cut line.
As in life, everything we get comes at a price.

Fury is gay.

What is obvious is that all I have to do is post on this blog, and you will be here to make a childish accusation to invoke a reciprocal response from me.
You should be on the payroll to elicit hits. Perhaps you are.

I'm deeply disappointed in Ryan Tannehill

Fins of Fury I agree with you but until we draft a young FB to groom Leach would not hold back anyone's progression. In fact he may make Miller's life a whole lot easier this season. I would sign him just on helping Miller's production alone. His pass catching, ball running, and pass blocking prowess is gravy.

For the 8th guy taken, Tannehill played like the bottom of his draft class along with the Brown's Weeden. And to watch Texas A&M's offense improve dramatically after Tannehill left, has to be disturbing.

Like I said, I like him also. There is much logic in signing him.
In this offense, I wonder how much showing a conventional FB, indicates to the defense. Or, perhaps he is more diverse than I think him to be?

I had finally gotten over talking about Henne on this site. You guys brought me back.
Thank you.

Krillian is a fool. Killing them with kindness...bwahahahahhahaha LMFAO

You guys should have given Henne another year. He will prove you guys were wrong about him.

Fin4life...Will Davis played in same conference as Matthews

Tannehill is developing like Henne.

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Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 05, 2013 at 08:03


Fraud do you ever get tired of being wrong?

Anyone who thinks Henne will ever be a great qb is as dumb as YesterdaysGone. You know nothing about football and should be shot.

Glad to see the resident troll spent the better part of a friday night looking for people to argue with in an anonymous blog. Does he see how pathetic his life is? Nope!

Does he see how pathetic his life is? Nope!

Posted by: lmao | July 06, 2013 at 10:02 AM

Do you see how pathetic your life is just to be aware of the soap opera

The pro fullback is going by way of the dinosaur which is to bad. A good fullback who can catch the football is worth a bundle. The fullback must be able to run the ball on short yardage, swing out of the backfield, catch the ball and run over DBs. The fullback is also valuable as a run-blocker. NFL teams no longer run out of the "I" formation where a fullback would block for the RB on almost all running plays.
And Vontae Leech fills the bill on all counts. And yes, spanky, a good fullback can help make the west coast offense go. If hr could not, then I dought Ireland/Philbin would want him so badly.

Tannehill is following in Henne's footsteps.

Fake Fraud at 11:09

Chad Henne never played one down with Reggie Bush.


I think they should trade Tanny for a 3rd or 4th rder before he becomes as worthless as Henne did.

I have firm and attractive buttocks as a result of many hours of sweat at the gym. All who have observed my buttocks are left with a feeling of admiration for them.

You have sagging and repulsive buttocks that cause others to turn away in horror or vomit uncontrollably.

Sorry, we're going to have to call a Great Big: BULLSHYT on this........

Does he see how pathetic his life is? Nope!

Posted by: lmao | July 06, 2013 at 10:02 AM

Do you see how pathetic your life is just to be aware of the soap opera

Posted by: Nope! | July 06, 2013 at 10:16 AM

LMAO is right, thanks to quite a few fed up posters pointing out your pollution, it's become rather easy to recognize you. Regardless of whatever fake name you're using at the time.

ROTFLMAO, sorry Man, it is, what it is.

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