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Nothing new on Vonta

This is David Neal, blogging in place of vacationing Armando Salguero.

Everything's come to stop around July 4 holiday as regards fullback Vonta Leach while the significant parties are out of the office, doing that Rest of Their Lives thing. Sunday is the earliest anything's expected to happen.

Back to your regularly scheduled July 5 hangover.


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The NFL Network showed the 1972 and 1973 Dolphins.
That certainly was a nice little "fix."
I'm ready to punch Tom Brady in the mouth and challenge the Patsies for the AFC East.

Armando has two really close "Guy Friends" that help him out by pumping up the blog hits here.

Rumor has it, they all met at the Rainbow Room and became "Fast Friends". To help the POOR BOYS out, Mando throws them a bone once in awhile for polishing up the vette and taking care of the lawn.

They in turn, take turns, pumping up the blog hits with all the simpleton one liners and the trolling in general.

I know a lot of us have had clean football related posts rejected and some even removed after they were posted. But not Mando's Two "Guy Friends". NOPE! They've always been allowed to express themselves in any manner they see fit. Most of the time, this is how they "See Fit".

I came in my mouth today. It was a perfect shot.

Posted by: Ron Son | July 06, 2013 at 03:27 PM

Now, define Troll.............Duh!

Why do some people on this blog (troll and 'regular' alike) act as if they are more important than others or that anything here revolves around them?

I've got a news flash for them: You are NOBODY. Your words here don't matter more than anyone else's, nor do you have even the slightest power over anything that appears here.

That will never change.

You will remain completely inconsequential.

And there is nothing you can do about it.

Meh. The trolls ARE the regulars here. Who the hell doesn't know that by now?

odindouche is the biggest troll on here

Whoever keeps stepping on my handle cut it out.
I told you I was over talking about Henne on this site.
When Henne goes to camp in two weeks his entire 2 year $9.6mil contract will be vested.
Not just the gusranteed part, the whole thing.
At the the end of the season he'll be an UFA.

When Henne was called upon in game 1 of his freshman year at Michigan he responded by holding on to the job for every single game the four years he was the there. He had them ranked in the top 20 for 45 weeks.

When he played in the Rose Bowl his freshman year he set the record for touchdown passes with 4.

When he played on MNF against the Jets he threw the bomb to win the game with time expiring. That ended the NoodleArm era.

When he played NE on MNF he set the record with Tom Brady for most yards thrown in an NFL game.

When he came off the bench for Jville last season he threw for 350yds and 4TDs becoming the first QB since Steve Young to come off bench and throw 4 TDs.

When he reports to camp in 2 weeks his entire 2 year $9.6mil contract vests.

I was out and you pulled me back in.

Tannehill is worse then Henne.

odin is the only one clueless enough not to know the trolls ARE the regulars and nearly everybody here has fun AT his expense, not the other way around.

That said, it's a lot more fun with him being so thoroughly confused so I hope it stays that way!

Henne and Tanne have nothing to do with each other.
They have thier own lives, accomplishments and futures. Their lives are completely different. For example: When Henne was a freshman he won the Big-10, played Vince Young's Texas Longhorns in the Rosebowl and he set the record for TD passes in that game with 4.
When Tanne was a freshman we never heard of him. We don't even know if he made the team that year, he certainly didn't elevate the Aggies.

Let Henne live his life and let Tanne live his own life.

In 2009 the Phins had a QB named NoodleArm and the fearsome WR tandem of Greg Camarillo and Tedd Ginn. NoodleArm started 0-3 and then decided he would never play again.
Henne elevated that pile of shht team to a 7-6 record over the next 13 games.
And the best you as$holes could come up with was to blame him for losing 6 games.
Go Phuc yourselves.

What a dumb fukkk Kaepernick has turned out to be! Cut him, San Fran. We'll pick him up here(along with that girlfriend in that photograph).

Monkey BUOYYY! BWAHAHHAAA! Homoerotic imagery. ROFL!! Monkey. Hottie. BWAHAAAHAA! Penis fixation. LMAO!!

if i remember right,marino had a few good fullbacks he utilized quite a lot.i remember before no.13 there was a few other good fb's,pete johnson comes to mind,how about sam bam

just driftin back when we would win a big game or two.i really miss those days

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