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Perhaps one in-house candidate for Dolphins' opening

With Mike Dee leaving the Dolphins as their CEO, two questions linger before a nationwide search for his successor begins:

1. Are there any in-house candidates?

2. Are the Dolphins going to continue their wacky way of operating?

Here are the answers ...

If there is an in-house candidate her name is Dawn Aponte. That's it. No one else.

(I do not count Carl Peterson, former President of the KC Chiefs, as in-house despite the fact he is a close Ross friend and has indeed been working for Ross in other ventures. I count him as an outside candidate, albeit not necessarily a leading one.)

Aponte came to the Dolphins when her mentor Bill Parcells hired her in 2010. She came as the Senior Vice President of Football Operations, which was a long way of saying she was the cap specialist. She came well armed with experience, having served in a similar role with the Cleveland Browns and having worked for the NFL's Management Council prior to that.

Despite that vast experience, one of the first times Aponte was in the spotlight was when the Dolphins cut Joey Porter ... twice. The first time was a salary cap misstep that caused the Dolphins to take Porter back, endure his trashing of an organization he knew was cutting him, and then try the do-over when cap regulations actually allowed it.

Since then, Aponte has been something of a star internally. She has steadily increased her footprint on the football side and after participating in the hiring process in 2012, is one of coach Joe Philbin's closest confidants within the organization.

Aponte was promoted last year to Executive Vice President of Football Administration and her presence has become much more noticeable despite a clear desire on her part to remain in the background. She attends every Philbin press conference. She often has lunch with the coach after practice. She attends most practices or has her assistant attend -- I suppose so that he can report to her what happened.

She wants to be a club president and I don't doubt she'll get there some day. I just don't know if she's ready today.

She is, as I said, uncomfortable in the limelight. She prefers the background. And a club president or CEO cannot be in the background. A CEO needs to be in the community. A CEO has to forge media relationships. Aponte needs to improve or change that to be more viable for the job.

If the Dolphins, or any team, hires her as the club president or CEO, it would also need a CFO to run the nitty-gritty business affairs. Aponte, talented and worthy, is seemingly a better overseeer than a marketing person. And despite her credentials in finance, I don't know if counting pennies for the bottom line would be the best use of her talents.

So is she a candidate? Probably. Is she going to get the job? That question remains.

The next issue the Dolphins have regarding the hiring of this person is that the organization is way too divided into different factions.

Yes, most teams are split into business and football ops. But the Dolphins are seriously, tragically split. Unlike the Don Shula days when both sides of the organization lined up under the coach and marched to the same beat, the Dolphins often do not march in unison because, well, the right hand often doesn't know what the left hand is doing or doesn't care.

Bill Parcells liked a clear line of demarcation where it seemed no one could cross and that line hasn't been well erased since his departure.

And so you had football ops declining to help the business side with simple things such as players filming 30-second clips to be played at the stadium on game days.

You had football ops shaking their heads when they found out (through the media) that Jets T-shirts were being sold in the team store. 

You had Tony Sparano and his owner not really talking because the coach saw the owner as part of teh business side and not really a football man.

The interesting thing is that once Parcells was gone, owner Stephen Ross took over as de-facto president of the team. He was to be the unifying figure for the franchise.

Except that by that time, the business operations had been moved from the Davie training facility to Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens. So football staff was at Davie and business staff was at Sun Life. And, unfortunately, Ross is in New York.

An absentee owner.

While successful owners such as Jerry Jones, the Rooneys, Robert Kraft, Jim Irsay, Arthur Blank, the Maras and Tischs,  and many others are around their teams day-to-day and thus aware of practically everything that's happening on a daily basis, Ross is busy running his real estate development business.

What does that mean?

He doesn't see things for himself. He relies on the reports of others to tell him what's going on with his $1 billion investment.

That doesn't mean being present as an owner is more likely to bring a winner on the field. But I believe an owner who is fully invested and fully immersed in the day-to-day workings of his team is better equipped to make more sound decisions because his understanding of the various situations is greater.

Despite this, the Dolphins aren't likely to change course, at least that's what a club source said Wednesday. The set-up will remain the same. Football ops and the business side will remain separate and apart with Jeff Ireland and Aponte and Joe Philbin over on that side -- with none really ultimately answerable to the other. And the new CEO will be over on the other side -- with him or her not really answerable to the football ops people.

All will be answerable to Ross, of course. But Ross will remain in New York except on game days and other visits.  


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Doctor, I need your help.........., No.

We, are the Surgeons of the Mind.

We told you not to attack Us without motive. We will take down TMH and you along with it(a process that has started 3 days ago).

And I was wondering for the past three yrs whats wrong in Dolphin land, and now I know, and now everybody knows. Ross give me the team, let me lead and win. The business and team sides should be one side. Ross Oh Ross,,,ye have seen but you do not hear. I was also wondering about that silly assed Tebow day, not that he didnt deserve it,,,but not during the season. Glad they didnt have a TB day while he was playing for the Jets...
How does everybody feel about the Dolphin chances this yr after reading this tie-bit?

Dawn Needs To Be Upgraded To CEO. Looking For If Dawn Aponte Is Doable Or Not. I Uncovered This Gem.


Dawn Was Responsible For The Trade That Let The Jets Draft Sanchez.

Oh, And For A Woman Her Age. She Is Doable. Specially After Having 4 Kids And All You Sick Pervert.

I'd let her have me for a night.

For All You Crying About Them Celebrating The UF Team.

Denver Was Getting Waxed 15-0 With 2 Minutes Left.

And Pouncey Was On That UF Team Also.

If Dansby Wouldn't Have Thrown That Game. The Fins Would've Had Their First Shutout Since Z.Thomas Retired.

Agreed, On That Celebrating A UF Team In UM Territory Is Sacrilegious. But That Wasn't The Reason We Lost That Game. We Lost Cause The Defense Quit On Spo.

Most teams separate the sports and business sides of the business but we get all these Einsteins on here who think they know better. Most of them probably didn't make it out of elementary school, never mind taking any business courses or running a business. Truly one of the dumbest fanbases in the NFL....this much is true.

And If Mando Did Any Research. He Would Know Dawn Was A Vice President For The NFL Before Joining The Football Side Of Things. Working For Teams.

But It Is Easier To Speculate And Discredit, Than Acknowledge And Research.

We, are the Surgeons of the Mind.

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 18, 2013 at 02:53 PM

You need a Surgeon and a Mind.

Truly one of the dumbest fanbases in the NFL....this much is true.

Posted by: Craig M | July 18, 2013 at 03:17 PM

True. Anyone with half a brain left this hopeless franchise years ago.

I love that PFT has us ranked 23rd in their preseason poll. I'm hopeful that all the experts underate us all year. They did the same thing back in '08 and we know how that turned out. On paper it sure looks like we have a much harder schedule than last year but really I think it's too hard to tell right now. Injuries and slumps will happen. If one of these top teams were to lose their starting QB or a top player or two then all bets are off.

I think most of us feel this tam is better this year but that may not result in a better record than the 7-9 record we had last year. Myself? Well it's too early to tell, but my gut says we'll go 9-7 this year. Will that be enough to make the playoffs? Doubtful. It's be great to see us 4-2 or 5-1 in our own division. That would make all the difference in the world.

Can we get the other guys back already??

I mean seriously, all this cat does is find something to complain about...because a Miami Herlad blog guy really has a firm grip on billion dollor business...idiot.

Craig, have you ever pleasured yourself in Tampa or Cincinnati?

Ross also alienated the Latin community with personal attacks on Latin politicians.

Hey Craig I read you on the Long thing.

Armando we are days from the start of camp and we get an article on Aponte? Come on man!!! Football talk not corporate administration talk please.


Yeah, Ross Hates Spanish People.

And Hating A Couple Cuban Politicians In Miami Doesn't Mean He Hates Spanish People. Everyone Who Isn't Cuban Does In Miami. That Makes Ross Normal In My Book.

Sorry, I've been under a lot of stress lately, both personal and otherwise. I don't know what's going to happen with you Guys.


You Have To Understand Mando.

This Is The Best The Miami Dolphins Team Has Looked In A While. He Won't Talk About That. So It Limits What He Can Talk About. Everything Negative.

So He Wants To Make Controversy Where There Isn't.

He Didn't Even Put The Thought That Maybe Ross Got Rid Of Dee And To Save Face He Let Him Find Another Job First.

The Business Side Of Things? REALLY!! WTF!!


I'm More Worried About The Football Side.

2 Months Off And This The Best He Can Come Up With. If I Was The Editor I Would Make Him Take Another 2 Months Off For This Weak Post.

Now We Know Why Mando Gets The Longest Vacation. Even Adam Beasley Drops More Knowledge.

Dawn Aponte is a solid 9.5, borderline Supermodel face, with a body that screams "I do pilates 4 hours a day" and a personality that says she is a tiger in the bedroom


I want you to curtsy today.

The only reason Armando still has a job at the Herald is because this just happens to be teh place we all come to comment, talk football or in most instances talk general douchebaggery. Either way, its the blog hits that keep him employeed..not the articles. The article are usually garbage.

Some sources place the origin of mayonnaise as being the town of Mahon in Menorca (Spain), from where it was taken to France after Armand de Vignerot du Plessis's victory over the British at the city's port in 1756. According to this version, the sauce was originally known as salsa mahonesa in Spanish and maonesa (later maionesa) in Catalan (as it is still known in Menorca), later becoming mayonnaise as it was popularized by the French.

Aponte is the person for this job. She knows numbers. She will hire a marketing person and the team will roll in money. Because she can count and plan.
Maybe she should be the president of the USA. Can't do worse than the last 5 or 6 tools that have had the job.

Hi Jack!


Its only the uneducated such as yourself that hates minorities.

I should have kept my legs closed that night!!

This Is The Best The Miami Dolphins Team Has Looked In A While.

Posted by: Dashi | July 18, 2013 at 03:55 PM

Thats doubtful.

How about some news on regarding the progress with Dion Jordan's contract or an update on Vonta Leach?

Dion Jordan will have to hold out to get a fair deal from cheapskate Ross. Leach wants double to join this hapless team...

Aren't Cubans The Majority In Miami?

At Least That Is What You Guys Say.

And How Many I Hate Dashi, I Hate Dominican Republic Rants Have You Had?

Dashi Speaks The Truth And You Get Your Panties In A Bunch.

One Line. Which Everyone In Miami Knows It Is True. And I Didn't Say All Cubans Dumbfvck! I Said A Couple Corrupt Cuban Politicians. Added The Corrupt Because You Know It Is True.

I Have Plenty Of Cubano Friends, Dashi Even Has A Cuban Uncle.

It Isn't A Secret. Cubans Aren't Well Liked In Most Of Sfla. Heck, Some Cubans Don't Like Cubans In Miami. That Is Just The Truth.

Dashe, tell us again how Spo isnt a great HC !

Dashe, could you tell us again about your alien abduction?

I don't really want Aponte to be the CEO or marketing person. Leave here in the position she is now as the financial person on the contracts. Her and Ireland did quite well this offseason. They team signed all these new players and still has extra money to roll over to next offseason.

The Funny Thing Is Dansby Was A SS In College. He Should Know How To Cover And Line Up The Players Around Him. He Wasn't A Converted DE Like Misi.

Allegedly Dansby Was Also A RB In High School. He Is A Good Athlete He Just Got Fat From Living The Good Life.

Posted by: Dashi | July 18, 2013 at 02:16 PM

Dansby played for and was recruited by X-UM Assistant Coach Tommy Tuberville at Auburn who was hired by JJ and was on his staff from 86-89 at the U later stayed on through Erickson ERA. Remember it was JJ who loved recruiting kids at Safty then convering them into LB's while they filled out into their bodies. The LB's were converted into DE's and the DE's into DT's. JJ always said the ability to move and shuffle your feet was something you learned young and fast players who grew into bigger bodies usually retained "SWEET FEET" as he use to callm it.

The philosophy given JJ stumped and killed the days of the College wishbone with his emphasis on speed stuck after he left the U and spread throughout College Football and into the Pro's once his insanly fast Cowboys were dominating there. Dansby was a SS his Fr. Yr. bcause of back ground in H.S. as a WR. His 4.55/40 had him at LB by his Sophmore Yr. given a 4.55 was to slow at DB. In reality that 40X would have made him a DE at Miami in the 80's and 90's. Armstead was a 4.38/40 LB when the U recruited him out of Dallas, Texas while Darrin Smith was a solid 4.4. player out of Norlan and the slow poke Mike Barrow ran a sub 4.5 out of Homestead.

In those days you had T.E. Sapp switching to DT and your DE's Kevin Patrick, Rusty Medearis (would have been NFL great if not for really terrible injury) were 4.6 guys and promising DE's like The Rock were moved over to DT. This was the UM way which JJ constituted being really the 1st to go against the grain plugging thete's with the size into ground-n-pound positions. Dansby was NOT one of these Super Speed kids in his Fins Bio it says he was from Alabama so he's a local Auburn recruit who maybe could play WR in some nobody Div. in that St. but his 4.55 was either LB or T.E. all the way.

Armando has no respect and no dignity. He sits there repeatedly coming down on Aponte for one single misstep with releasing Porter? He then says her assistant joins her at the practices so he can tell her what happened? How insulting.

Meanwhile Armano is pitiful and incompetent at professional journalism. His command of the English language stinks. His editing stinks. He can't even proof read his own work. Aponte is 100 times more competent at her job than he is at his job, yet he goes out of his way to play up maybe her one mistake in years and then insult her further on top of that.

It sounds like jealosy to me.

Asians are your psychological and intellectual superiors. There is nothing you can do about it.

Obey their commands.


So You Don't Think If Ms.Aponte Was To Move Up She Wouldn't Find Someone Capable To Replace Her? Or That She Will Stop Overseeing The Numbers. I Don't Think That Is In Her Nature.

I Always Wondered. Is Armando, YG Or Oscar?

Could Be YG, Since Mando Has Been Known To Protect Him.

Plus, Ross Promoted Her So She Won't Go And Be The First Woman GM For Another Team. They Have Big Plans For Her. Maybe That Is Why Ross Hasn't Resigned Ireland. He Already Has His Replacement On Staff.

Hi there Dashi!

Armando may have not been too happy with the Ross campaign to oust the Latin politicians...


Correct Me If I Am Wrong. But To Me JJ Is The Creator Of The 4-3 Cover 2. I Know They Say M.Kiffin. But How You Explained, JJ Was The First To Place The Emphasis On Speed Over Size That Makes The Cover 2 Special. Speed Kills, Even On Defense.

Philbin Understands This.

If Armando is trolling his own board then he is one sick puppy.

If Armando is trolling his own board then he is one sick puppy.

Posted by: Darkoak | July 18, 2013 at 07:07 PM

Sick puppies blog daily with sick puppies.

Armando is the best Dolphin journalist by far. And has the best blog on the net. Sometimes he "lets the players play", but he has banned a few that were out of line.

Armando has no more than 20 regular bloggers after many years. Pretty pathetic. It is a testament to how lame his writing is and his followers are.

Just take a peak and see.

nog getti ng leach is a mistake

Let's face it, having the most popular blog at the Miami Herald is like being the least overweight person at fatso's anonymous. Big deal.

Ask yourselves how many fin fans are their worldwide? And how many post here?

Far less than 1%. Even if there were 100 regular bloggers, that wouldn't even be .0001 of total fin fans.

This blog is an abject failure and only succeeds because the Herald itself is on lifelines and needs the few moronic posters it can attract.

Heck 100 bloggers is 100% of the Dolphin fans! LOL

It's funny those that criticize the team and those that talk football here themselves have post counts out numbering the people they criticize. There's some statistics for you lol. God do you guys even see how deranged your thinking is? Get help!

But don't get the help from oscar.....beware.

WTF yo

Dee left because he knows this team is headed straight down. Good riddance.
This team is as shhty as the Padres were when he left in 2002.

I'm really surprised that a lot of the really offensive stuff remains on here seeing as it reflects poorly on the Miami Herald to have jiz and Miami Herald come up in Google searches. I know tha people talk about the ban hammer as the solution but anyone with any IT skills can get around a blacklist. If you really want to stop the trash you add IPs to a white list and block everything else. Really Armando would just need to delete posts, I'd be happy to so, free of charge. After not having your posts appear for days on end that takes away the trolling and still lets Armando develop hits.

The Dullfins are a worse franchise then the Marlins.

Just ban Dashi, Odin,and YG and its a much cleaner blog.

I told you to stop using my handle.

Dashi @6:57,

There was some cover-2 in JJ's D formations but for the most part he played a base 4/3. The exact position of the defensive backs (cornerbacks and safeties) depended on the type of pass coverage his team was in. At UM he used Bennie Blades in deep cover-2 which is essentially double coverage in zone or around the line of scrimmage in run support.

In Dallas he tried this with Kevin Everett who he traded for with Bucs until he found his SS in 92 draft with Darren Woodson (one of the most underrated ever at his Pos.) Woodson was a monster in both run support and pass coverage which allowed his FS's James Washigton and later Brock Marion to freelance a little playing centerfield which goes completely against the concept of the cover-2, so again it depended on the coverage he was in.

Alot of people talk about different D's this and that but probably couldn't tell you what cover-2 actually means in terms of lining up or scheme. The cover-2 is simple in philosophy, basically your 2 Safeties divide the deep part of the field each responsible for a sideline. Freeing the front 7 to key on the run. You need a really good front 4 in particular because the pressure has to be applied by the DL playing in the gaps across the line stuffing run lanes as well for the scheme to work. If caught blitzing your LB's in the cover-2 you expose the entire center of the field.

By the way forget Monte Kiffin the original cover-2 was employed by the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70's were Tony Dungy who played DB for Chuck Noll from 77-79 learned the scheme and actually led the Steelers with picks in 78. He returned to the Steelers and was their DC from 82-89 were he was the master of the cover-2. He really made it famous taking it to Minnesota were his D was topped ranked in the D.Green ERA. In Tampa he added some wrinkles to his cover-2 with DC Monte Kiffin which became known as the Tampa-2.

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