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Players with $ issues in camp [Updated]

Dolphins players started streaming into the club's Davie training facility this morning and that included multiple players who are not thrilled with their current contracts. But it did not include first-round pick Dion Jordan.

Jordan, the No. 3 overall player selected in the April draft, remains unsigned at this hour. And thus he did not report on time. The Dolphins are "hopeful" Jordan comes to an agreement with the team by the time Sunday's first camp practice rolls around at 8 a.m.

We'll see if that happens.

[UPDATE: Jordan agreed to a four-year contract at around 2 p.m. this afternoon. Everyone is signed. And he will be present for the first day of practice Sunday.]

Meanwhile, safety Reshad Jones is at camp. And defensive tackle Randy Starks is at camp.

Starks, unhappy he was tagged as Miami's franchise player, wants a multi-year deal rather than the one-year tender. He stayed away from practically the entire offseason program and OTAs to make his displeasure known.

Camp is apparently a different story. Although Starks still wants a multi-year deal, he reported.

Seems to me it is unlikely Starks will get a multi-year deal in the very near future. The club has him tied contractually for the season -- at $8.4 million -- and obviously wants to see how he and Paul Soliai perform before deciding which one it will try to keep beyond 2013. (It's possible Miami keeps both players beyond 2013 if both agree to bargain deals, but the likelihood of that is not high).

Jones, in the final year of his contract, wants an extension. He made that quite clear to the team during the offseason. Simply, he believes he's outperformed his fifth-round rookie deal after starting the past two seasons. He threatened to sit out offseason activities in March. The club appeased him by saying it would visit the contract issue in July.

It's July, folks.

He has no new deal, but Jones has decided to be a good soldier as long as he's hearing the right things from the club. Apparently, he's been hearing he right things from the club.

So outside of Jordan, the Dolphins are looking good on dealing with players with contract issues. [UPDATE: Obviously, with Jordan also in the fold, no issues all around. Good start!]


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Yawn, another bash blog.

Starks is making 8.4m, don't think he's going to the soup kitchen. Jones needs to do it more then 1 season.

I wish there were microscopic Vietnamese people running up and down my muscular arms.

I never found any fraud in the martin cas so there was nothing to expose.
It was just a horrible accident.
And when there is an accident than insurance companies have to pay out.
In this case Z-man followed Trayvon first in his car and so his auto insurance company has exposure.
Since he was taking it upon himself to protect his home and neighborhood then homeowners underwriter also has exposure.

On CNBC Thursday night Joe Theisman stated while being interviewed that 98% of NFL players are broke within 2 years of leaving the game.

Which of the following will still be millionaire after thier NFL careers are over:
Brian Hartline who has invested all of his earnings in businesses that grow?
Mike Wallace who squanders $500k at time throwing parties for people he doesn't even know?

Hey Vic Tanny...

We Fought a war so that those people could run up and down your arm freely !!!

(Actually the war fought so that our American companies could open offices there...)

Happens every year players want a better contract. Jordan get your contract signed already....you'll get your money if you play well..

The team needs to find a way to keep both Starks and Solai for another couple of years.

Yes, and I respect the microscopic Vietnamese people running up and down my arms. I shall prepare tiny bowls of Pho and Bao Gao for the later today to help nurture their incredibly small bodies.

No harm shall come to them.

Agreed dadsmithwest...

They must keep Starks and Soliai

Make sure that you mix those bowls lot's of Amino Acids

That will help them grow small and strong !!

Leach to Giants

Thank you. That is a marvelous suggestion.

I must say it is quite difficult to balance all these microscopically small bowls of Xáo măng and Nướng xiên on my forearms without having them tip over and drown or horribly burn my tiny guests but they seem to appreciate the effort (I can hear their tiny squeals of joy if I turn off the television).

According to Paul Schwartz of the New York Post, the Giants have a standing offer to the Pro Bowl fullback, but it’s believed to be a one-year deal for near the veteran minimum.

The Giants are looking for some cover for the injured Henry Hynoski, but they’ve seemed to be on the fringes of this deal from the start.

The Dolphins put out word they were ready to move on without him recently, and if Leach decides he wants to play, he may come to realize the offer the Ravens have on the table might be the best he can do.

All Ireland has to do is sit on the contract he has offered to Dion and he'll be around. Mr. Jordan is not in the same position that RT was last year.

The Phins had second thoughts about signing Leach. We will never know why but that's fine. FB is the position I am least concerned about on the team.

Jordon doesn't want to sign, let him sit out the whole year. We'll be fine!

This is just a CHEAPAZZ franchise since Ross took over. Its no wonder they lose every friggin year and Mike Dee bailed on them.

I just watched a Jay Cutler fumble from two years ago. They just replayed it on NFL Network.

Why do you burn a second round pick (42nd overall), and then want to write in this stupid offset language? You can't have it both ways Mr. Ireland. If you believed that he was worth all of the moving up to get at 3, then just sign the guy. If not save us all the drama, stay at 12, keep pick 42 and pay those players where their respective draft positions dictate.

Dion Jordon - already under-delivering, and his career hasn't even started! My mama used to say, "if your word's no good, you're no good." Initially excited about picking him in the draft, now predict he'll be just another over paid, under performing player - a wasted pick and drag on the organization. Hope I am wrong...

I just watched a Tannehill INT from last year. They just replayed it on NFL Network.

I wish I could tell you, GMoney but I'm not Ireland.

Ireland's drafts are useless lol

Ireland's drafts are useless lol

Posted by: 2 watt | July 20, 2013 at 01:56 PM


Even more useless are all your posts.

Even more useless are all your posts.

Posted by: Celo | July 20, 2013 at 01:57 PM

truth hurts?

Um, nope.

Bwaaaaahaaaaaaa Haaaahaaaaa!

Hey, Ross said he hoped to retire Tannehill's number and then balked at paying him fairly forcing Tannehill to hold out.

It's official. We traded up for a holdout.

I think Ross and Ireland realize the team is not going anywhere this season and are refusing to spend any more money on Vonta Leach or anyone else.

Back in the time of the very first humans the man with the biggest hose was in charge.
There was no currency.
There were no stores.
There was no agriculture.
There was only day to day survival.
In that time all of the women feared the man with the biggest hose and so they obeyed him. All of the other men saw whom the women feared and obeyed and so the men aligned themselves as underlings to he with the biggest hose.
That was the beginning of all inequality.

Jordan has to hold out because Ross is SO FRIGGIN CHEAP!!! We all knew this would happen. Its a pattern with Ross. Tannehill last year Jordan this year. And Philbin wanted Leach but Ross is TOO CHEAP!

never seen a 4.4 billion dollar man this cheap

A lot of expiring contracts at the end of the season so Ireland has to play this carefully.

Jones, Starks or Soliai(both aging), Misi, Grimes(aging), Clabo(aging), Jerry, Incognito(aging), Lance Louis & Keller(aging).

If they perform well, you assume Miami will want to lock up Grimes, Louis or Jerry, Starks or Soliai & Keller for 3 years max.

Not sure the cap space we have next year is enough to do what we'll need to. I expect Ireland to wait until the end of the year to address some of these contracts.

For a so-called 'Dolphins Blog' it's almost comical how little many of you actually know about the team.

This whole 'Ross is cheap' nonsense is the best evidence of it. He has been anything but cheap, spending whatever his football people have asked.

Apparently, a few of you dimwits think it's sound fiscal policy for NFL franchise to simply lavish huge contracts on every player deemed desirable, regardless of the ramifications on the salary cap (you know, that thing that PREVENTS teams from spending over a certain limit).

Do you seriously not recognize just what a horrendous cap situation Miami has FINALLY extricated themselves from? How it seriously hindered their ability to plan for the future with too many bloated, overvalued contracts saddling the team? Yet you seemingly want the team to return to EXACTLY that policy. It's ludicrous.

Want to know some teams that do NOT throw away their resources and do NOT go crazy lavishing money on questionable talent? They have names like the Patriots, Steelers, Packers and Giants. Perhaps you have heard of them or seen them winning Super Bowls.

Not that Miami is shy about putting up a big offer for a specific guy. You might want to ask Mike Wallace how "cheap" Ross is. But to do that routinely is to court disaster and absolutely wreck your cap going forward. Smart fans recognize that.

And one more thing: Want to know the only truly "cheap" owner Miami has ever had? That would be none other than Joe Robbie. Back when he owned the franchise, long and very contentious holdouts and contract squabbles were a YEARLY event. Everyone from Larry Csonka to Dan Marino and even Shula had ugly contract disputes with JR. In fact, before Shula's arrival in Miami Sports Illustrated ran a lengthy feature about Robbie naming him the "worst owner in sports." You can look it up.

Yet, it all worked out pretty well didn't it?

You guys that think Ross is cheap or that throwing the cap under the bus is a good idea are batsh*t crazy and beyond clueless.

Hi My Name Is Mando And I Just Have To Say Something Negative.

This Is The Eve Of Training Camp And This Is What We Get.

Mando Do You Give Your Kids Gifts At Christmas?

Cause You Are A Grinch When It Comes To Dolphins Football.

I thought the new CBA set a limit on money for rookies. Fisher and Joeckel signed, Jordan what is the problem? You can't get more than Joeckel. You're not even NFL ready whereas Joeckel is already protecting Henne for the Jags.
It is too bad that after all these many years Henne finally will have some blocking but the only skill players he has are Blackman, Shorts, Mercedes Lewis and MJD. To compound that travesty Henne's new GM was the Falcons Director of player personnel last year and his head coach was d-coord for Seattle last season. Henne cannot catch a break.

HOLY SHYT ITS JULY!!!! I had no idea, thanks for the update Mando...

how many total NON STORIES can one "writer" actually write...around these parts??

A LOT...

And that's a fact...

Ask Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Vonta Leach, or Matt Flynn how cheap Ross is LOL

Longtime, that was seriously a great post. Don't waste your breath here, though. Only a few of these guys have the brains to recognize what you're saying is 100% true.

I'm also old enough to remember how it was with Robbie, too. Just as you said, those holdouts and disputes were a yearly thing back then with a lot of bad blood. These guys on this board don't even know about that.

How happy is Jeff Fisher he didnt take the Fins job? HAHA

Joe Robbie didn't want to pay Marino because he knew that Marino was jerking off the entire fan base and would never win anything.
If Marino played today he would be in the category of Ryan, Rivers & Romo.

Not nearly as cheap as your mom....

Philbin has to regret taking this job. They wont get him the players he wants.

Longtime Fan,

You must be longtime stupid if you can't see all those Ross is Cheap comments are trolls looking to provoke fools like you.

Dees is a baseball CEO, not a pro football CEO, theres a big difference.

Hey Longtime Fan,welcome to the world of football morons,namely FED UP! This guy keeps posting how cheap Ross is which only shows his lack of brain cells. Not any one team spent as much on new talent as the Dolphins this off-season,and he still calls them cheap. Pitiful!

Long time fan, this blog is full of idiots. I agree you're wasting your time here with opinions based on intelligence and facts. I think I recognize your writing from a MUCH BETTER Dolphins blog with smarter people writing on it but won't mention which one because I don't want these misfit morons infesting it!





Just what the trolls love, all you fools blogging back and forth how Ross isn't cheap. They drop in a comment with no other reason than to start you guys up like battery operated bunnies.

And you stupid FKN AzzWipeMorons fall for it time and time and time and time again. Won't you EVER figure it out? Sheesh, it is so freakin obvious.

Such unbelievably unaware and gullible people you are,

Politicians LOVE people like you.

I feel bad for folks that are new here or come by to post a well thought out post because they just don't realize that a) it just ends uo getting lost in the drivel and b) 95% of the posters in here aren't capable of reading and comprehension beyond a 3rd grade level.

I got a suggestion for Odin...
Hey man, instead of coming on to copy and paste all the BS drivel for folks to read multiple times whilst you talk shyt...how about copy and paste the good stuff and commentate on the positive end.
We know you are going to copy and paste either way...how about on the light side for a change???

You know... move up an octave...

Aside from Long (maybe if he stays healthy for the Rams), who is anyone going to miss or be upset we didnt get? NO ONE.

There is a MUCH BETTER Dolphins blog than this one?
I must find it.
Without me there is no one to expose the fraud.
I so effectively exposed the fraud about the Phins offseason that ESPN has gone to a Facebook system.

Don't worry.
I will find you.

LOL, thanks!

I actually used to post here fairly regularly 1-2 years ago but it just got ridiculous. There's a couple of good ones left but mostly it seems like a mix of really stupid people and others who think every dumb detail of their boring lives is somehow compelling.

And, yeah, I do post on a "much better" Dolphins blog but also won't mention it for the same reasons!

No offense because I really do mean any but...instead of constantly mentioning the "MUCH BETTER" Dolphins blog you folks go to, why don't you just ummmmm...


Bye Bye now.

I just checked. Ther is no Phins blog better than this one.
Another fraud has been exposed.


dont mean any

I exposed my fraud once....

but I got a weekend in county for it...

Folks got all bent out of shape, after over-coming their initial fear...

Even If Ross Is Frugal, It Is Understandable. He Is Jewish. So You Heretic Gentiles Be Easy.

I just checked. Ther is no Phins blog better than this one.
Another fraud has been exposed.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 20, 2013 at 02:42 PM


Any Dolphins blog without you on it is automatically better by default. Odor and Dashiki, too.

Gentlemen, I must ask that you cease this bickering!

The colony of tiny Vietnamese people living on my forearms has become so upset seeing these gigantic words of anger projected in the "sky" above them (my monitor) that some have leapt to their death on the floor below and a few were so horribly maimed in the effort that I had to step on them out of mercy.

Please. Think of the microscopic Vietnamese people on my arms before writing these hateful words to each other!

Dion Jordan just signed his contract, all you "Cheapskate Ross" idiots.

(not that Armando would break this news)

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