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Players with $ issues in camp [Updated]

Dolphins players started streaming into the club's Davie training facility this morning and that included multiple players who are not thrilled with their current contracts. But it did not include first-round pick Dion Jordan.

Jordan, the No. 3 overall player selected in the April draft, remains unsigned at this hour. And thus he did not report on time. The Dolphins are "hopeful" Jordan comes to an agreement with the team by the time Sunday's first camp practice rolls around at 8 a.m.

We'll see if that happens.

[UPDATE: Jordan agreed to a four-year contract at around 2 p.m. this afternoon. Everyone is signed. And he will be present for the first day of practice Sunday.]

Meanwhile, safety Reshad Jones is at camp. And defensive tackle Randy Starks is at camp.

Starks, unhappy he was tagged as Miami's franchise player, wants a multi-year deal rather than the one-year tender. He stayed away from practically the entire offseason program and OTAs to make his displeasure known.

Camp is apparently a different story. Although Starks still wants a multi-year deal, he reported.

Seems to me it is unlikely Starks will get a multi-year deal in the very near future. The club has him tied contractually for the season -- at $8.4 million -- and obviously wants to see how he and Paul Soliai perform before deciding which one it will try to keep beyond 2013. (It's possible Miami keeps both players beyond 2013 if both agree to bargain deals, but the likelihood of that is not high).

Jones, in the final year of his contract, wants an extension. He made that quite clear to the team during the offseason. Simply, he believes he's outperformed his fifth-round rookie deal after starting the past two seasons. He threatened to sit out offseason activities in March. The club appeased him by saying it would visit the contract issue in July.

It's July, folks.

He has no new deal, but Jones has decided to be a good soldier as long as he's hearing the right things from the club. Apparently, he's been hearing he right things from the club.

So outside of Jordan, the Dolphins are looking good on dealing with players with contract issues. [UPDATE: Obviously, with Jordan also in the fold, no issues all around. Good start!]


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Jordan signed.

I'm sure Armando is breathlessly going to update everyone on this even though anyone with an internet connection already knows it.

I'm sorry about eating some of those tiny Vietnamese people, Vic. Didn't mean any harm.

These posts are right out of "One Flew Over The Cookoo'S Nest.
You guys need to join a sewing circle for the severely retarded (sorry retards).

Jordan signed already....


Here's a thought: Why don't you report all of the positive stuff you can find about the Dolphins this year? You know...do something different for a change! The reason being that there will probably be a lot more positive than negative things going on this year...

Just a thought...

Armindy is always LAST on breaking important Miami Dolphin news.

The Defense Is Complete.

Jordan Is Signed. Now He Has To Battle Odrick, Vernon, And Misi For Some Time.

It All Falls On Ellerbe Now. He Needs To Lead This Defense. I Expect Ellerbe And Wheeler See Some Extra Time In The Preseason. To Get The System Down. I'm Just Excited To See Someone Other Than Dansby Or Crowder In The Middle.

Expect To See Wake Get A Nice Rest And Vernon And Jordan To Play. Bringing DJ Along Slow Of Course. He Is Coming Back From Injury. We Need Him Ready For The Season.

Misi Is On The Bubble.

bwaa waaa wee wee
hottie doodie
gayboy rainbow room
nuff said

Me Is In The Bubble Bath With My Little Red Boatie. It Is So Much Fun! It Really Floats! Like A Boat!

Wise move Jordan and as a bonus this is another poke in the eye for those spewing the Ross is a cheapskate mindless banter.


i don't see a battle.....

you don't move up 9 spots to draft someone to sit on the bench....not @ #3....

Jordan is the starter.....

i said the same thing when they took Tanne @#8.....

Steve Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Koa Misi = Another Ireland bust?

there isnt much positive about 4 consecutive losing seasons lol

Once, I was a Super Bowl-winning TE for the Dolphins but today I grow AWARD-WINNING yams on my beautiful farm!

Dads....well , Ross opened the bankroll this season...can't be refuted....things are lookin up.

..I can't understand some of the peccimism , not only on this blog, but among Dolphin fans in general..

....everyone wanted a new HC....better WR'S....better TE....better D-backs....develop a high-drated QB ....get depth on the O-line.... get faster as a team , get younger........

The FO did ALL that..and still the attitude seems to be a negative one....unreal

I like yams.


If you learned how to spell people might take you seriously.

Why Dashi...which word don't you understand..Mr Fukken Perfect....

Is Armando a chipmunk?

KMA ...do you understand that?

Dashi, the guy misspelled one word. Big deal.

You are the LAST person who should be on here critiquing other's writing or spelling. You come across as someone with the intellectual capacity of a guava.

Hi Dashi!

Nice Jordan is signed, everyone is in camp, and "knocking on wood" we got through the offseason relatively unscathed. I'm missing Hard Knocks, it would be awesome this season if it was on our team.

i said the same thing when they took Tanne @#8.....

Posted by: Kris | July 20, 2013 at 04:08 PM

Oh really now? So everything you say must be true.

Toot, toot my whistle.

I Don't Care If You Misspell, I Misspell Words All The Time. I Don't Double Check My Post Sometimes. My Problem Is Your Lack Of Definition YG.

And If You Know How Dashi Types, You Know My Style. It Is One Of The Things That Drives You Crazy. The Capital Letter. All That Carpal Tunnel From Jerking Off On This Blog Doesn't Let You Use Your Pinkies You FF!!

But Stop Trolling Yourself. Seriously. Mr. Cut And Paste.

I love these posters who make a point of letting you know about the 1 out of 50 times they were right, as though the other 49 times didn't count.

Some people are seriously desperate for strokes.

Dashi! Stop posting and come back to bed.

Don't worry Dashi. Darkoak and odin adore you. You can feel secure in that. You can not go through life being upset just because most people are a wee bit smarter than you are. You'll always have somebody somewhere.


I Agree. I Don't Expect Philbin Won't Give Jordan Every Opportunity To Play, Taking Him That High And All. He Did Draft DJ Higher Than T-Hill.

The Good Thing About The Pick. Apart From Being The Best Defensive Prospect In The Draft. Is The Different Positions DJ Can Play.

He Is More Athletic Than Misi. On 1st And 2nd He Can Play OLB. With Odrick In Front Of Him. And On 3rd Down Move To DE To Rush The Passer.

Vernon Can Be Good As A Rotation Player. For Wake And DJ When They Need A Quick Rest. While Developing Him And DJ To Be The DEs Of The Future.

Misi Is Playing His Last Season In Miami. I Just Wonder If It Is As A Starter Or Backup.

They need to get Reshad Jones resigned before the start of the season. His price will only go up.


If you learned how to spell people might take you seriously.

Posted by: Dashi | July 20, 2013 at 04:22 PM

I Don't Care If You Misspell, I Misspell Words All The Time.

Posted by: Dashi | July 20, 2013 at 05:07 PM


Talk about flip flopping. First he attacks the guys spelling then turns around a minute later and says he doesn't care about spelling.

So Dion got wise. In any case, he had said he was going to be here for the start of training Camp. I'm beginning to take this guy seriously.


In your professional opinion, does Kirs continually exhibit unwarranted hostility? Is he an unhappy fellow overflowing with frustrations?

Man, don't involve me in your sh-t. If I post here is strictly because I need to do it here now. The day I don't need to anymore, you won't see me around evermore.

I don't blame Ireland for the offset language clause. If Jordan is the player he says he is, the offset won't matter but just in case he's a bust Miami will save some cash.

Will it ever dawn on odin and dashi that they are nearly universally disliked here? The only "we" they're talking about here is EACH OTHER.

Talk about a couple of delusional twits.

It's good going around to other sites and seeing so many enthusiastic fans. Lofty expectations too. Well it's all go tomorrow...

Why would anyone ever feel like they "need" to post here?

The only ? is Blind Side.
Hope Martin fix well.

It's not pessimism is caution. We have been plugged in the asss so many times by this Team, specially the 2008 one, that we are reserving expectations and not becoming homerish. For our own sake.

Will it ever dawn on odin and dashi that they are nearly universally disliked here? The only "we" they're talking about here is EACH OTHER.

Talk about a couple of delusional twits.

Posted by: the truth eludes them | July 20, 2013 at 06:28 PM

Racism emanates from Fear, Hate from injustice.

I don't care about the "He Said, She Said" stuff. But I am already starting to feel vindicated. Me and a very few others have taken a ton of grief for stating our opinions on Jordan playing OLB. It's staring to sound like we were right on the money.

From Barry Jackson:

On obvious passing downs, Odrick likely will move to tackle, Soliai will exit, and Olivier Vernon and Dion Jordan will enter, complementing the pass-rush of Wake, Odrick and Starks.

When he’s not playing end in passing situations, the Dolphins have discussed using the 244-pound Jordan as an outside linebacker at times (strong side preferably) in the base defense ---

I've been saying this all along and it simply comes down to having your "Best 11" on the field. Jordan was the no. 3 overall pick for a reason. He's super freaking talented. To me, this means the Coaching staff HAS TO FIND WAYS to EXPLOIT ALL of Jordan's skills.

Go Team!!!!

go finssssssssss

You guys that think Ross is cheap or that throwing the cap under the bus is a good idea are batsh*t crazy and beyond clueless.

Posted by: LONGTIME Fan | July 20, 2013 at 02:14 PM

Nice post LTF! This blog could use more like you.

Do you have any camp favorites? Any Darkhorses you predict will surprise? Any shake ups......?

3.5 mill for probaly the best fullback in the nfl is far from dumb and not even close to throwing the cap under the bus

Longtime Fan,

You must be longtime stupid if you can't see all those Ross is Cheap comments are trolls looking to provoke fools like you.

Posted by: Nancy | July 20, 2013 at 02:26 PM

Nancy sounds as ignorant as YG-LOL!

What would you have him do Nancy? Not post at all? Not laugh at the Trolls as he hands them their asses?

Maybe you're OK with the trolls going "Unchecked(which is curious in and of itself.....if you know what I mean "Nancy-Wink, wink ;)"

But personally I relish the opportunities to send them packing. Did you see the troll on the ropes here yesterday? He was exposed and harrassed with the truth so bad, it was HILARIOUS! Thoroughly enjoyable. That Troll resorted to straight up lies and making up false stats to TRY and back up his crap.

He got his ass handed to him, as he should have - LOL!

Just the way it is Sweet Cheeks!!!!

...IMo the whole idea behind taking a player like Jordan isn't so much if he starts or not..I don't care about that. To me I want to see him used in packages that allow him to use his versatility. Is it important to have him in on run situations? Not to me. This is a guy that may have to learn his way into the run packages, he may have to adjust his game to be able to be an effective 2 way player.

To me he is a pass rush guy, a cover guy. So if the defensive packages for each game have him seeing more downs because situationaly it fits..Great. I see no need to 3 force him onto the field in scenarios that may expose his deficiencies. If this means he(Jordan) sees limited snaps. Im ok with it. Look how the Niners used Aldon Smith(I understand 2 different players) He saw about 40 percent less snaps in 2011 as he did last year. The Niners were smart

We know you are going to copy and paste either way...how about on the light side for a change???

You know... move up an octave...

Posted by: Jack! | July 20, 2013 at 02:36 PM

I don't mind constructive criticism at all Jack. Especially when it's delivered in a cordial manner, Thanks.

I do copy and paste some of the good stuff, but apparently I've let the trolls jade me.

Matter of fact, I copied and pasted some of LTF's post from page one and complimented him. I'll use that as my model and make a conscious effort to improve.

Thanks Jack!!!!

A lot of people are condemning Armando for being negative.

A lot of you are commenting on him being behind on the breaking Dolphins news.

Have any of you thought about any possible correlation here?

Mando use to be on point and would have ALL the Dolphin's breaking news. But then a certain set of events transpired and suddenly..........Things Changed.

If you can identify the certain set of circumstances, the people involved and what played out, you will understand.

Buster, Jack told me I should "Take it up and octave(an analogy I think he knew I would like)". He said I should copy and paste some "Good Stuff".

So......here I go........

....everyone wanted a new HC....better WR'S....better TE....better D-backs....develop a high-drated QB ....get depth on the O-line.... get faster as a team , get younger........

The FO did ALL that..and still the attitude seems to be a negative one....unreal

Posted by: Buster | July 20, 2013 at 04:17 PM

Excellent point and post Buster.

I don't know how good this team will be. But I do believe they accomplished many things that the Fan Base was clamoring for. It seems like the FO and Head Coach are in tune with what many of us are seeing and thinking. More-so than maybe any other time.

I personally Love what their doing, I love what Philbin's trying to build and I think they're positively moving in the right direction. I can't remember being more excited about an upcoming season.

I'm missing Hard Knocks, it would be awesome this season if it was on our team.

Posted by: Darkoak | July 20, 2013 at 04:39 PM

You and ME TOO!

I think the NFL would earn Gazillions instead of mere Billions in TV revenues if they sanctioned a Hard Knocks type of show for every Franchise, every season.

I would subscribe to "The Miami Dolphins Network" and pay pretty much whatever exorbitant amounts they asked for.

That's a Fact!!!!

Will it ever dawn on odin and dashi that they are nearly universally disliked here? The only "we" they're talking about here is EACH OTHER.

Talk about a couple of delusional twits.

Posted by: the truth eludes them | July 20, 2013 at 06:28 PM

So........you think they will be enshrining JOE FERGUSON in the Hall Of Fame anytime soon....?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Odin Odor,

When you copy/paste and comment to a post from 3hrs ago. Do you really think that when that person returns to the blog, he'll go back 1-2-3hrs and look for your copy and paste post?

You are such a dumb retard.

Odin Odor,

Since Iv found that you are not faking being a true retard. I find it very difficult to enjoy picking on you anymore.

I now have great empathy for you.

Tannehill has no excuses now.
Everybody is signed, in camp and healthy.

You guys are so smart answer this one:
Who was the Texam A&M starting QB when Tannehill was a junior and Sherman was head coach?

I think Philbin believes that he needs to have different types of players to match up against different types of teams.

D-line rotations will vary depending on which team we are playing. Offensive packages and personnel will vary with the defense we are facing.The individual stats may not be great but the players should stay healthy and more rested.

Philbin wants a really talented team but no heroes.

Posted by: Everybody Knows | July 20, 2013 at 09:14 PM

Posted by: Everybody Knows Your A Dckk | July 20, 2013 at 09:22 PM

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