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Some highlights and observations from Tuesday's practice

I promised you some practice highlights from Tuesday's first day of work in pads and here it is:

First, the actual contact work was light.

I sat with former Dolphins defensive end Kim Bokamper during practice and we both looked at our watches and noticed there had been no real hitting a full 90 minutes into the practice. Bokamper said in his day there would have already been a goal-line drill and some live team period done.

Coach Joe Philbin said he's going to bring the contact along slowly. Some Tuesday. More Wednesday. Team is off Thursday. Then a bit more Friday on, leading up to a scrimmage next week.

The Dolphins have completed a ton of passes to WR Mike Wallace so far, but most have been on out patterns along the sideline and slants. Ryan Tannehill did connect with Wallace on a 25-yard throw down the middle of the field early today. The reason for the connection?

Broken coverage.

Wallace was by himself, which should never happen on defense.

I will say that cornerback Brent Grimes has been excellent so far. He's faced Wallace one-on-one on several occasions and is battling on every pass. He had a beautiful PD today when he basically ripped the ball from Wallace's grasp as the two fought for it.

Good news, bad news

I'm particularly interested in the fates of Michael Egnew and Jorvorskie Lane this camp. I'm interested to see the team's plans for two players that made the team as rookies and had moments but are under pressure this year and might not make the team.

Today, for the first time, the Dolphins put Lane into his familiar lead blocker role at fullback with the first team offense. Miami has been mostly in one-back sets and using the TE as a lead blocker the first few days.

The news on Egnew has been encouraging if you trust that him doing something (anything, really) is more than he did last year. He caught a few passes Monday. On Tuesday, he caught a nice pass down the seam from Matt Moore delivered and just as I was thinking, 'That's the reason he's here and needs to do more of that,' he got stripped of the ball.


De'Andre Presley stipped the ball as he took Egnew to the ground. The interesting thing to me is that once the ball was out and defenders picked up the ball and started charging back up field with the turnover, Egnew remained on the ground.

He didn't immediately get back up and try to get the ball back with a strip from behind. Perhaps I'm making too much of this but every athlete is going to lose sometime. But if he's going to lose and accept it, instead of reacting by getting up and trying to change the play back to his favor, he's got no chance.

Remember Don Beebe in the Super Bowl? He ran down a Dallas defensive tackle and turned what seemed like a certain Dallas defensive touchdown off a turnover into a fumble for Buffalo and a touchback.

Beebe refused to be defeated on that play. He didn't give up despite being in a tough situation.

By the way, how many times have you seen a QB throw an interception but then make the touchdown saving tackle on that very play? Sometimes it doesn't matter, but sometimes that tackle becomes a big deal when the defense refuses to let the other team score.

Egnew should learn not to accept that once he fumbles the play is over and he remains on the ground. That's the time to get up and chase the ballcarrier to try to cause a fumble for your team.

Speaking of tight ends, Charles Clay is being more productive this camp than in previous camps. He had a very nice catch down the seam against Phillip Wheeler today. The new LB had close coverage but Ryan Tannehill fit the ball in a tight space and Clay caught it.

The Dolphins need that from Clay in actual games because 18 catches last season just isn't productive enough.

The kicking competition:

It was Dan Carpenter's day to do all the kicking. Carpenter connected on kicks from 50 and 52 yards inside the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (NSMB) and from 49 yards on the practice field. Carpenter has been hot so far in camp, not missing even once, but that streak ended when he failed from 54 yards out.

By the way, it is an interesting dynamic this competition between Carpenter and rookie Caleb Sturgis because it obviously also involves long snapper John Denney and punter Brandon Fields.

Fields, Denney, and Carpenter have been together since 2008 and have developed a friendship. They hang together in practice. They have lockered together. They're like the Three Amigos.

Now comes Sturgis, a rookie, trying to beat out Carpenter and break up the trio because, well, that's his assignment.

Well, it was interesting to watch today as Denney, Carpenter and Fields standing together on the sideline -- as they usually do -- while Sturgis was by himself on the sideline and obviously not a part of that group of specialists.

I'm not saying the veterans aren't being professional or are giving the rookie the cold shoulder. I'm just saying sometimes human nature is very apparent.

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M Egnew, a worse pick then Eddie Moore?

Wonder if we are going to go after Vontae Leach? Maybe after a few more days of watching Javorskie Lane and Hernandez, Clay to make a better evaluation. I was hoping we sign Leach but after watching the replay of the Super Bowl and the little that is on YouTube out there of him I don't really see an improvement. I think the FB will be little involved in most of the offense and when I see Leach I see Lane.

Eddie Moore? Yeah that was a bad pick for sure but what about Jackie Shipp in 1984 who we traded two picks to move up to take and Ted Ginn Jr. Eric Kumerow also? Those guys were all first rounders.

Sturgis is possibly another wasted draft choice as Carpenter just had a couple of uncharacteristic misses. It happens to most kickers. Carpenters overall body of work has been generally good.

Ted Ginn played a lot and scored TD's so I cant put him in there with Egnew, and Moore.

I am encouraged that Grimes is holding up so far but I'm still skeptical that he'll break camp with the team.

So far so good!

Manny Wright ay have been a worse pick then Egnew.

Sounds like the defense will have to hold teams to 13 pts or less for the phins to win.

Well, Philbin wanted Vonta Leach signed over a month ago but evidently Ross doesnt want to spend any more money.

I'm tired of hearing about Egnew already. Obviously a bust, likely to be cut, let's move on.

Eddie Moor got knocked out in a bar. Miami should of drafted the guy that knocked him out. Moore, Shipp and Kumerow might be the worst picks of all time. Ginn actually won some games for us with his returns.

Why pay Leach if we are barely using a FB this year.

Brandon Marshall for Michael Egnew worst trade ever!

When Marino threw an INT he used to run away from the defender that made the INT. LOL

Ginn actually won some games for us with his returns.

Posted by: Sam | July 23, 2013 at 04:38 PM


"Games," plural?

I can think of one. That Jets game where he was brilliant. Which others?

Easy for you to say but I imagine that if you get blasted might not be that easy to pick yourself off the ground.

Well, I remember Tannehill made a picture perfect tackle on a LB that was going all the way last year. Of course, RT was a WR.

Is #49 The Number Of Names You Have Used This Week? (Now Watch Him Come Up With Something Silly)

Anyone Remember W.Sapp Clocking Farve On A INT?

Qbs Are Taught To Get In The Fetal Position After The INT. Else The Defense Is Looking To Rip His Head Off.

Oscar, what you or I or anyone would do after getting blasted is irrelevant. Neither you nor I are PAID professional football players.

Armando is absolutely right that overcoming adversity is necessary for success in the NFL. Ask Adrian Peterson. Ask Peyton Manning.

Guys that give up are losers. Guys that deal with adversity but come back from it or fight it are winners.

By the way, guys that make excuses for guys that lay on the ground while the play is going in the other direction also have a loser mindset.

Armando, I was under the impression the current Collective Bargaining Agreement limited the number of full-contact practices (as well as overall number of practices) that NFL teams are allowed to conduct.

As such, I'm not sure Kim Bokamper's recollections of practices under Shula decades ago are relevant to today's realities.

Yes, in general, it is not wise for a QB to try to tackle anybody.

Peyton Manning is your example?!?

First ballot, unanimous Hall-of-Famer no question...and I have LOST COUNT of the number of times he has stayed on the ground or simply gotten out of the way after throwing an interception being returned the other direction, including his most recent appearance in that playoff loss to the Ravens.

Are you watching football in a funhouse mirror, dude?

The Gold medal winner Jimmy Hines was fast, very fast, just couldn't catch a cold, he was one of many bad picks. Bill

Maybe instead of spending the dough on Leach, we need to be revisiting the LT market?

Ive never seen a QB other then Marino run away from a defender with the ball.

Marino was a girly man.

I have seen plenty of QB's run away from the contact. Not just Marino,

Thus far, Egnew continues to be somewhat of a head scratcher. Last season we could presume he was borderline bust. This season, he seems to still be struggling with "consistency".

With Keller, Sims, and Clay having a fine camp right now. Egnew could very quickly find himself "very expendable. Inconsistency leads to distrust in the minds of nfl coaches.

It's good I've never had a concussion.

Most QB's pretend to run to make a play then over run it out of bounds trying to buy a receiver time to catch up. Ive seen Marino do that. I also remember Marino solo tackel Daryl Talley from the bills in a playoff game where scott schwades or what ever the hell his name was let the ball bounce off his chest right to Tally.

Marino seemed to be the king of "pic 6's" for at least the last 4-5yrs of his career. During this time, it seemed to me, nearly every Marino pic went for 6.

Ive never seen a QB other then Marino run away from a defender with the ball.

Posted by: Just Sayin | July 23, 2013 at 05:19 PM



I didn't realize there was a part of the country where every game involving Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Kurt Warner, Dan Fouts, Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas and oh...about 85% of the QB's in the NFL over the past 50 years...was NOT TELEVISED.

The Egnew thing just sucks. I knew nothing about him except he came from Missouri. The "experts" called it a quality pick for a quality player... ooopppss. I rmember them saying he would be bad at blocking but a incredible receiver...

Armando that is a nice camp report. Some people think 12 one line brief descriptions of certain plays and refusing to talk about certain players based on personal BS is how to write a camp report but this is informative and appreciated.

The Tom Brady legend was born out of the vicious hit taken by Drew Bledsoe after throwing a pic.

Bledsoe is a prime reason qb's are taught to run out of bounds are not attempt a tackle after throwing a pic. Brady owes his entire illustrious career to that Drew Bledsoe not getting out of bounds after the pic.

The most important is to take care of your head upstairs. Your Mind goes, you soon go after.

Drew Bledsoe hit by Chang of Ohio. Many great play he make! All time Chang of Ohio hit man they go hospital.

Chang of Ohio best.

That D could look great in 11 on 11s and scrimmages among our Team. But some other Team might come along and put 50 points on them. I've seen it before. Need perspective here.

The storyline of the day is the defense. Therefore, I ask myself, with this potentially being a top 5 overall nfl defense. Will going up against them everyday make this a much improved 2013 offense?

Struggle does most often bring about change. Change makes us either move forwards or backwards. There's no option to stand still.

Struggle does most often bring about change. Change makes us either move forwards or backwards. There's no option to stand still.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS!

What about an escalator?

Great camp report by Armando?

Not really. It's great if all the reader expects is a report on a much maligned 2012 5TH RD rookie te whose 2012 contributions were completely moot.

I would much rather get a report on 2013 rookie te Dion Sims. He's a 2013 5TH RD te who has already passed up the 2ND YR Egnew on the depth chart.

So, great report? A te, whose inconsistency still has him borderline cut list. There will be a time and place to address Egnew when he's cut.

Then we get the kicker battle when far so much more interesting things happened today. I think not.

What YG means is that if you compare yourself only to yourself you will always win in your eyes and therefore learn nothing. Now, when you begin compare yourself to others then you will really know on many occasions what a loser you are and how much so. Then you can correct it.

go finssssssssss

With Keller, Sims, Clay(having easily his best dolphins camp). Egnew is already on the outside looking in. Rookie Dion Sims is running rings around him already.

Q. Who knew the tight end would be a bust?
A. Egnew.

good stuff mando, thanks. I know its early, but doesn't sound like Egnew has got that fire in his belly. Hopefully Clay gets it going; seen him flash a couple times since we drafted him and it looked promising.

go dolphins!!!

I predict Egnew's cut at end of camp and picked up by Jets. Then Keller's arrival can equate to Keller for Egnew trade.

What dolfan wouldn't take that "straight up" trade?

dolfan SF,

Sun Sentinel reporting Clay's having easily his best camp as a dolphin. Hopefully this means his flicker is turning into a flame.

egnew is horrible. luckily he will be cut by end of aug and we wont waste anymore time on him

Last week Egnew boast of taking MMA training this offseason. What did he learn, how to lose?

dusty have you been right about anything even once in the last 3 years?

Marino played touch football lol

marino was da man, how dare u

marino was da choking man

marino was da choking man

Posted by: 2 watt | July 23, 2013 at 06:13 PM

Are you saying the Marino was Chinese?

Since we now know Marino is Chinese(Cho-King). Can we now simply refer to him as "CHO"?

I heard the offensive line was HORRIBLE today. How many years do we have to go through this. I mean I know it's early but seriously, BLOCK SOMEONE!!! And it should be easier now with pads on yet they seem to be regressing. WTF.

If our offense is going to have any chance at long plays these guys have to start doing what they get paid for. Or else we will hear more lines like this one (which happens to be one of my top three favorite lines from a coach).

I know most of you remember this. After our team went on a 21 play drive that took most of a quarter Mike Sherman was heard muttering in disgust, "sheesh, that was like giving birth."

Of course best line ever was the Tampa Bay coach, after being asked about his team's execution that day he said, "Execution? I'm all for it!"

"When Marino threw an INT he used to run away from the defender that made the INT. LOL"

Not true, Marino never ran a day in his life! Haha

I didn't realize there was a part of the country where every game involving Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Kurt Warner, Dan Fouts, Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas and oh...about 85% of the QB's in the NFL over the past 50 years...was NOT TELEVISED.
Posted by: Remarkable! | July 23, 2013 at 05:28 PM

EVERY one of those QB's tries to make the tackle on an INT. Brett Farve?? Heck he headbutts linebackers for the fun of it. Brady and Warner have made a bunch of tackles as has Eli Manning. Evidently there is a problem with YOUR TV.

Martin is a turnstile at LT. We are going to miss Jake Long a ton.

Did someone suggest Brett Farve runs away from the defender on an INT?? TOO FUNNY! TOO STUPID!!!

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