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Some highlights and observations from Tuesday's practice

I promised you some practice highlights from Tuesday's first day of work in pads and here it is:

First, the actual contact work was light.

I sat with former Dolphins defensive end Kim Bokamper during practice and we both looked at our watches and noticed there had been no real hitting a full 90 minutes into the practice. Bokamper said in his day there would have already been a goal-line drill and some live team period done.

Coach Joe Philbin said he's going to bring the contact along slowly. Some Tuesday. More Wednesday. Team is off Thursday. Then a bit more Friday on, leading up to a scrimmage next week.

The Dolphins have completed a ton of passes to WR Mike Wallace so far, but most have been on out patterns along the sideline and slants. Ryan Tannehill did connect with Wallace on a 25-yard throw down the middle of the field early today. The reason for the connection?

Broken coverage.

Wallace was by himself, which should never happen on defense.

I will say that cornerback Brent Grimes has been excellent so far. He's faced Wallace one-on-one on several occasions and is battling on every pass. He had a beautiful PD today when he basically ripped the ball from Wallace's grasp as the two fought for it.

Good news, bad news

I'm particularly interested in the fates of Michael Egnew and Jorvorskie Lane this camp. I'm interested to see the team's plans for two players that made the team as rookies and had moments but are under pressure this year and might not make the team.

Today, for the first time, the Dolphins put Lane into his familiar lead blocker role at fullback with the first team offense. Miami has been mostly in one-back sets and using the TE as a lead blocker the first few days.

The news on Egnew has been encouraging if you trust that him doing something (anything, really) is more than he did last year. He caught a few passes Monday. On Tuesday, he caught a nice pass down the seam from Matt Moore delivered and just as I was thinking, 'That's the reason he's here and needs to do more of that,' he got stripped of the ball.


De'Andre Presley stipped the ball as he took Egnew to the ground. The interesting thing to me is that once the ball was out and defenders picked up the ball and started charging back up field with the turnover, Egnew remained on the ground.

He didn't immediately get back up and try to get the ball back with a strip from behind. Perhaps I'm making too much of this but every athlete is going to lose sometime. But if he's going to lose and accept it, instead of reacting by getting up and trying to change the play back to his favor, he's got no chance.

Remember Don Beebe in the Super Bowl? He ran down a Dallas defensive tackle and turned what seemed like a certain Dallas defensive touchdown off a turnover into a fumble for Buffalo and a touchback.

Beebe refused to be defeated on that play. He didn't give up despite being in a tough situation.

By the way, how many times have you seen a QB throw an interception but then make the touchdown saving tackle on that very play? Sometimes it doesn't matter, but sometimes that tackle becomes a big deal when the defense refuses to let the other team score.

Egnew should learn not to accept that once he fumbles the play is over and he remains on the ground. That's the time to get up and chase the ballcarrier to try to cause a fumble for your team.

Speaking of tight ends, Charles Clay is being more productive this camp than in previous camps. He had a very nice catch down the seam against Phillip Wheeler today. The new LB had close coverage but Ryan Tannehill fit the ball in a tight space and Clay caught it.

The Dolphins need that from Clay in actual games because 18 catches last season just isn't productive enough.

The kicking competition:

It was Dan Carpenter's day to do all the kicking. Carpenter connected on kicks from 50 and 52 yards inside the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (NSMB) and from 49 yards on the practice field. Carpenter has been hot so far in camp, not missing even once, but that streak ended when he failed from 54 yards out.

By the way, it is an interesting dynamic this competition between Carpenter and rookie Caleb Sturgis because it obviously also involves long snapper John Denney and punter Brandon Fields.

Fields, Denney, and Carpenter have been together since 2008 and have developed a friendship. They hang together in practice. They have lockered together. They're like the Three Amigos.

Now comes Sturgis, a rookie, trying to beat out Carpenter and break up the trio because, well, that's his assignment.

Well, it was interesting to watch today as Denney, Carpenter and Fields standing together on the sideline -- as they usually do -- while Sturgis was by himself on the sideline and obviously not a part of that group of specialists.

I'm not saying the veterans aren't being professional or are giving the rookie the cold shoulder. I'm just saying sometimes human nature is very apparent.

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I'm out for a bit but before I go I just wanted to chime in on the 'which qbs make tackles'.

First, who cares?
Second, Dan Marino hasn't played football in over 13 years and is irrelevant.
Third, Dan Marino was one of the slowest qbs in the history of the game and couldn't catch anyone had he decided to chase them down anyway.

Lastly, Dan Marino is a hall of fame qb and the people in here making fun of him are no life, loser bloggers who no one will ever remember after they die. Lets keep things in perspective here people.

Dan Marino NFL records

Most Attempts, Career: 8,358
Most Completions, Career: 4,967
Most Yards Passing, Career: 61,361
Most Touchdown Passes, Career: 420
Highest Pass Rating, Rookie Season: 96.0 in 1983
Highest Completion Percentage, Rookie Season: 58.45 in 1983 (296-173)
Most Yards Gained, Season: 5,084 in 1984
Most Games, 400 or more Yards Passing, Career: 13
Most Games, 400 or more Yards Passing, Season: 4 in 1984
Most Games, 300 or more Yards Passing, Career: 60
Most Seasons, 3,000 or more Yards Passing: 13 (1984-92, 1994-95, 1997-98)
Most Consecutive Seasons, 3,000 or more Yards Passing: 9 (1984-92)
Most Games, Four or more Touchdown Passes, Career: 21
Most Games, Four or more Touchdown Passes, Season: 6 in 1984
Most Consecutive Games, Four or more Touchdown Passes: 4 in 1984
Lowest Percentage, Passes Intercepted, Rookie Season: 2.03 in 1983 (296-6)
Most Seasons Leading League, Attempts: 5 (1984, 1986, 1988, 1992, 1997)
Most Seasons Leading League, Completions: 6 (1984-86, 1988, 1992, 1997)
Most Seasons, 40 or more Touchdown Passes: 2 (1984, 1986)
Most Seasons, 20 or more Touchdown Passes: 13 (1983-92, 1994-95, 1998)
Most Consecutive Seasons, 20 or more Touchdown Passes: 10 (1983-92)
100 TD Passes in Fewest Amount of Games to Start Career: 44 (9/7/86 at S.D.)
200 TD passes in Fewest Amount of Games to Start Career: 89 ( 9/17/89 at N.E.)
300 TD passes in Fewest Amount of Games to Start Career: 157 ( 9/4/94 vs. N.E.)
Records Tied For Graphic
Most Seasons Leading League, Yards Gained: 5 (1984-86, 1988, 1992)
with Sonny Jurgensen (Philadelphia, 1961-62;Washington, 1966-67, 1969)
Most Consecutive Seasons Leading League, Completions: 3 (1984-86)
with George Blanda (Houston, 1963-65)
Most Consecutive Games, 400 or more Yards Passing: 2 (1984)
with Dan Fouts (San Diego, 1982) and Phil Simms (N.Y. Giants, 1985)
Most Consecutive Seasons, 4,000 or more Yards Passing: 3 (1984-86)
with Dan Fouts (San Diego, 1979-81)
Additional Statistics graphic
Regular Season :
Played 242 games, starting 240 of them
Career passing efficiency rating is 86.4
Threw 252 interceptions in his career
Only QB in NFL history to have six 4,000-yard seasons (1984-86, 1988, 1992, 1994)
Led 37 fourth-quarter comeback victories, second only to John Elway.
Holds Dolphins team record for most seasons played, 17.
Had 116 wins under Don Shula – the most by a head coach - quarterback combination in NFL history.
Won the AFC Offensive Player of the Week honor 18 times in the regular season (and 20 times overall, including playoffs).
Playoffs :
Passed for 4,510 yards over career in playoff games
Threw at least one touchdown pass in 16 of his 18 playoff contests, throwing a TD pass in his first 13 postseason contests.
Other :
Selected to nine Pro Bowls (1983-87, 1991-92, 1994-95), including seven as a starter (1983-86, 1992, 1994-95). Due to injuries, played only two games (1984, 1992).

Is anyone else actually watching Training Camp? Sorry, but I'd like a second opinion on how things are really going...

RG3 runs to make tackles then misses a game for his effort. yes a TE should try hard to stop the guy running back an int. i don't have a problem with QB's avoiding the hits.

Dan Marino never won nuthin

Now post your personal achievements from your career and do a quick side by side comparison. Embarrassed yet? hahaha peace


1)Choker every time on the big stage
2)Cheater on his wife numerous occasions
3)Quitter after 1 week in the fins FO

What's up "PHIN-LAND"????Been Months, Who's left here on this Blog anyway??????
Who dares besmirch the great Dan Marino?????
Guy's thoughts on this years record????

Posted by: Facts | July 23, 2013 at 06:54 PM

Facts read fins78 post at 6:46 and go sit down for 30 minutes..

so what ur saying monte is martin is a much cheaper jake long

Cuban, blog has gone downhill big time. Imposters, trolls, internet 'fist fights' you name it. Have to scroll thru all the BS to find actual conversations about you know, football.

Cocoa,I went through a little bit of todays posts, Does Dying Breed have a new name??????
And what about our "NORSE" Warrior Odinseye??
Is he still scoring with "HOTTIES"


Great Post On Marino. What These Nimrods Fail To Realize Is Marino Even Has The Record For Most Records Held By A Qb. But They Keep Talking Blasphemy About The QB God.

Then Again, They Also Want Moore To Start At Qb. Say Sanchez Lead The Jets To 2 AFC Champ Games, Say AJ McCarron Carries Alabama, And Claim Joe Ferguson Is The Best Qb Of The 70's. Oh, And Almost Forgot, They Wanted To Draft Matt Barkley In The First Round.

Yeah, These Guys Really Understand The Position.

And To Those That Say Marno Never Won, You Never Played. So That Is That.

You left off 1 record:

Most tears shed on Super Bowl post game interview

Guy's coming back stateside for a couple weeks in sept. cant wait to see the improvement to the mighty Air-Breathers, Also going to the Canes-Gators game on the 8th(Hate the Gators)...

Cuban, Dying has multiple names. I see some post by Odin every so often. There are still some good (some probably new to you) post here but 90% is just BS

Can't Wait Til Preseason.

I Feel Like Philbin. I Know What Most The Starters Can Do. I Want To See The 2's And 3's. If Our Back Ups Are Good, We Will Play Great This Season.

Our 4,5,6s Can Be 1,2,3s On Most Teams.

Philbin Is Building This Team Right. Not Just Trying To Buy Wins For One Season. Like 2008. Philbin Is Trying To Build A Dynasty. A Team For Prolonged Success.

Going to be State side for a couple weeks in sept,Cant wait to see how Good the Mighty air-Breathes are this year(I'am hoping for at least a 10 win season) Also gonna catch the Canes-Gator game Live at the stadium formally known as Joe Robbie Stadium....

Great Post On Marino. What These Nimrods Fail To Realize Is Marino Even Has The Record For Most Records Held By A Qb. But They Keep Talking Blasphemy About The QB God.

Posted by: Dashi | July 23, 2013 at 07:08 PM

He left out another record...only QB in NFL history to cry after a game on national TV.

And Marino Is Actually 2nd To Peyton In Comeback Wins With 47. They Realized Elway Was Credited With More Comebacks Than He Really Had.

Total # of games cried:

Ryan Leaf: 0
Jamarcus Russel: 0
Dan Marino: 1


Marino "Choked" Less Than He Succeeded. Even Compared To Other Qbs.

Percentage of choke games in the playoffs:

Montana 0.001%
Elway 0.2%
Marino 99.99237246231% (to be exact)

My Bad 36 Comebacks.

A popular drinking game is whenever Armando says the word "I" in one of his articles, you take a drink. I was blasted by the third paragraph. Remember, Armando, you are not the story here.

Another popular drinking game is to have a shot of tequila every time Armando has a grammatical error.

Mando Says The Fins Aren't Hitting.

They Didn't Hit Last Season. It Was Actually Even Worst Last Season. I Remember Mando Crying On Here That The Fins Didn't Run The Ball Once All Training Camp Last Season. That The Run Game Was Going To Suffer Cause Of That. Didn't Happen.

With The Fins Running A High Paced Practice In Weather That Feels Like 104. I Doubt Hitting Is A Priority. Plus, S.Smith And Dansby Aren't On The Team Which Were The Main Ones Missing Tackles.

Turnovers Is The Priority. And This Defense Looks Like It Will Cause More Turnovers Than Last Season. Way More.

One can make an argument that Marino was the worst thing ever for the fins. He gave the entire organization the perception he could win a SB on his own. He couldn't, We may have built a better team with a slightly less stellar QB.

Dashi must translate to endless crybaby in Arabic.

Another popular drinking game is to have a shot of tequila every time Armando has a grammatical error.

Posted by: WordSmith | July 23, 2013 at 07:47 PM

Could be a "POST OF THE DAY" IMHO...

Nobody admires Shula more than I. As a coach. As a GM...well, that wasn't his game.

Shula would not have done as well with todays rules. A big part of his competitive advantage was the training he put his players through. 3 a days. Now it is becoming sissyball. The rules prevent you from practicing more than the other team.

Belichek, did not learn his lesson from Shula's experience trying to be GM/Coach. And like Shula, he never won another trophy since Pioli Pizza Pie left.

Dashi must translate to endless crybaby in Arabic.

Posted by: Sirhan Sirhan | July 23, 2013 at 07:51 PM

Training camp lasts 7 weeks for Miami. It's on-par that the defense is ahead of the offense at this point. If our Offense was better then our Defense RIGHT NOW... I would say we are in for a long season.

I have attended 2 of the practices thus far. Yesterday and today. I think Armando is being fair, but I KNOW you are only getting the sample size version of what is going on.

Where Armando say's... "The Dolphins have completed a ton of passes to WR Mike Wallace so far, but most have been on out patterns along the sideline and slants"...

He is being honest, yet what he is NOT conveying to you is that what he is describing to you is EXACTLY what the West Coast Offense does. It picks you apart with slants, cross patterns and back shoulder sideline passes (Which is RT17's signature throw) NO ONE in the NFL throws the back shoulder sideline ball any better then RT17.

Wallace isn't taking off on a vertical rout every play. It is VERY CLEAR Miami intends for Wallace to be a complete receiver and run the entire WCO Rout tree. It looks to me from where I sat that Wallace takes to the WCO MUCH better then most talking heads gave him credit.

From where I sat... I see an offense steadily employing the complete West Coast system. For the very first time they actually have the talent and personnel hand picked to run the scheme they wanted to run since they arrived last year. This offense is the same as last years offense, but the book has been opened completely up... just take into consideration Armando's report that QB's are hitting RB's out of the backfield... THAT IS WHAT WCO DOES!!!

It will take this group some time, by the 3rd preseason game they should start to really show where talent intersects with scheme... The best talent in the league takes time to absorb a system... but once the system and talent come together we will see some dynamic offense in Miami.. Until then.. we have a smothering Defense to keep us in games.

I think Phins78 has the right perpestivve. First week of practice, all is not perfect, LET"S PANIC!!!!!

Marino article better than Mando article


I'm so glad you are back. You are the best at what you do.

Don't let it go to your head.

Phins up!

If you have the title "The Best Quarterback to Never Win a Super Bowl" you might as well be called one of the biggest chokers of all time.

Dan Marino owns those titles.

You know what we need?

Another 2000 bloggers to say it is expected that the defense is ahead of the offense at this point.

It is quite obvious that 98% of the bloggers have absolutely no clue of any post older than 1 hour.

Saw a snippet from a Miami v Atlanta game from either last year or the one before when Javorski Lane walked all over Brent Grimes,it was great to see then...not so sure now.

"Martin is a turnstile at LT. We are going to miss Jake Long a ton."

We missed Long when he was here. Short memory you have.

Martin is Russian for Columbo

Percentage of choke games in the playoffs:
Montana 0.001%
Elway 0.2%
Marino 99.99237246231% (to be exact)
Posted by: Records | July 23, 2013 at 07:36 PM

Nope, Marino choked 100% of the time. Thats why he's called No Ring Dan.

8:05, great comment, thanks!

Marino played touch football. After he retired the Dolphins were able to add 2 plays to their offense, the QB sneak and the QB draw.

Brezze article better article than Marino article, so
1 Brezze
2 Marino
3 Mando

I heard the offensive line was HORRIBLE today. How many years do we have to go through this. I mean I know it's early but seriously, BLOCK SOMEONE!!! And it should be easier now with pads on yet they seem to be regressing. WTF.

Posted by: Phins78 | July 23, 2013 at 06:19 PM

I would be more disappointed if I idnt read how the defense dominated the oline in the first day in pad/ Traditionally defenses are always ahead of offenses in early going. Not to mention Martin's 1st camp as starting LT and the newcomer Clabo.

The offense needs to build continuity. This only comes with the same 5 guys playing their same starting positions over a pretty good bulk of time. If after a couple weeks of camp we're still reading that the defense has been totally dominant. Then "Houston, We Have A Problem!"

A whole lot can not be read into in the first day of donning the pads. We can only take it as a single grain of salt. A single grain of salt has never radically changed the taste of anything.

It is quite obvious that 98% of the bloggers have absolutely no clue of any post older than 1 hour.

Posted by: It's in the Breeze, Troop..! | July 23, 2013 at 08:05 PM

I actually love your "Camp Report" much better than Armando's. Please continue to give us the goods from your perspective.

Great job, man!

Dan Marino just never really looked comfortable playing on the big stage. In the regular season, he set lots of records. But in the playoffs, Dan Marino was a pretty below average QB. He only played in three conference championships in his legendary career. The Dolphins were 1-2 in those games. In his only Super Bowl they lost that game 38-16. Marino had one touchdown, two picks, and a 66.9 QB rating in that game.

Four of his last six playoff games he had a rating under 70.00, which the Dolphins went 0-4 in those games. They lost a 38-3 game to Denver. The Dolphins actually did one better the following year losing 62-7 to Jacksonville.

Too often, Marino just came up short in the playoffs, like the 1985 AFC Championship Game where they lost to New England 30-14 at home. Marino had two picks and a 54.9 rating in that game. The 1992 AFC Championship Game where Marino had one touchdown, two picks, and a 56.5 QB rating in a 29-10 loss at Buffalo. Ten of his 18-playoff games saw Marino throw two or more picks. The Dolphins were 1-9 in those games. Compare that to the 7-1 record when he threw one pick or less. There is no debating that Marino was not the same quarterback in the postseason that he was in the regular season. Marino just wasnt a money QB.

I really don't care to hear anymore "Camp Kicker" reports until it's written about who the winner is.

However, if the competition's even close, it's sayonara
Dan Carpenter. Undoubtedly, we're most likely to go "Younger Cheaper".

Carpenter will have to be nearly "twice as good" because of the comparisons of contract. This will only happen if Sturgis is close to disaster.

Is Marino related to the Chinese philosopher CHO-KING?

If as fans, we have to argue amongst ourselves if Marino's a great qb or not. Then, it's highly probable that he wasn't.

I really don't care to hear anymore "Camp Kicker" reports until it's written about who the winner is.
However, if the competition's even close, it's sayonara
Dan Carpenter. Undoubtedly, we're most likely to go "Younger Cheaper".
Carpenter will have to be nearly "twice as good" because of the comparisons of contract. This will only happen if Sturgis is close to disaster.
Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | July 23, 2013 at 08:45 PM

Even when its worse, CHEAPER is the key word to Ross. Thats just part of the reason the team stinks.

good cause carpenter sucks

Posted by: dusty bottoms | July 23, 2013 at 08:51 PM

YUP, Sturgis has to be nearly awful to lose. He has the much smaller contract and a 5TH RD pick is invested into him.

Ireland bashers will have a field day if 5th rd pick Sturgis is cut. LOL...

Plus, Carpenter probably can not b traded because teams know that he'll be cut anyway.

Even if a trade could be worked out, the opposing gm would have to be brain dead to give up the last pick of the 6TH RD.

Dashi I haven't seen any comments about people wanting Moore to start but I also don't read 80% of the posts in here anyway. If they're not more than 2 sentences I skip over them and if they are obvious attempts to rile I ignore. New year new rules for me. :)

But I'm not surprised fans would say that because most don't understand the game very well. Obviously I disagree with this opinion for so many reasons. I've stated those reasons on many occasions in the past as have many of us. And the people making the statement are the same who have been saying it since he got to Miami. Even after they watched his very mediocre performances during his starts as well as an entire career of the same. But hey, they're entitled to their opinion right?

The backup QB is always the best QB to the casual fan who doesn't follow a winning organization. I'm done debating this with people because it doesn't matter, we don't make the decisions.

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