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Some highlights and observations from Tuesday's practice

I promised you some practice highlights from Tuesday's first day of work in pads and here it is:

First, the actual contact work was light.

I sat with former Dolphins defensive end Kim Bokamper during practice and we both looked at our watches and noticed there had been no real hitting a full 90 minutes into the practice. Bokamper said in his day there would have already been a goal-line drill and some live team period done.

Coach Joe Philbin said he's going to bring the contact along slowly. Some Tuesday. More Wednesday. Team is off Thursday. Then a bit more Friday on, leading up to a scrimmage next week.

The Dolphins have completed a ton of passes to WR Mike Wallace so far, but most have been on out patterns along the sideline and slants. Ryan Tannehill did connect with Wallace on a 25-yard throw down the middle of the field early today. The reason for the connection?

Broken coverage.

Wallace was by himself, which should never happen on defense.

I will say that cornerback Brent Grimes has been excellent so far. He's faced Wallace one-on-one on several occasions and is battling on every pass. He had a beautiful PD today when he basically ripped the ball from Wallace's grasp as the two fought for it.

Good news, bad news

I'm particularly interested in the fates of Michael Egnew and Jorvorskie Lane this camp. I'm interested to see the team's plans for two players that made the team as rookies and had moments but are under pressure this year and might not make the team.

Today, for the first time, the Dolphins put Lane into his familiar lead blocker role at fullback with the first team offense. Miami has been mostly in one-back sets and using the TE as a lead blocker the first few days.

The news on Egnew has been encouraging if you trust that him doing something (anything, really) is more than he did last year. He caught a few passes Monday. On Tuesday, he caught a nice pass down the seam from Matt Moore delivered and just as I was thinking, 'That's the reason he's here and needs to do more of that,' he got stripped of the ball.


De'Andre Presley stipped the ball as he took Egnew to the ground. The interesting thing to me is that once the ball was out and defenders picked up the ball and started charging back up field with the turnover, Egnew remained on the ground.

He didn't immediately get back up and try to get the ball back with a strip from behind. Perhaps I'm making too much of this but every athlete is going to lose sometime. But if he's going to lose and accept it, instead of reacting by getting up and trying to change the play back to his favor, he's got no chance.

Remember Don Beebe in the Super Bowl? He ran down a Dallas defensive tackle and turned what seemed like a certain Dallas defensive touchdown off a turnover into a fumble for Buffalo and a touchback.

Beebe refused to be defeated on that play. He didn't give up despite being in a tough situation.

By the way, how many times have you seen a QB throw an interception but then make the touchdown saving tackle on that very play? Sometimes it doesn't matter, but sometimes that tackle becomes a big deal when the defense refuses to let the other team score.

Egnew should learn not to accept that once he fumbles the play is over and he remains on the ground. That's the time to get up and chase the ballcarrier to try to cause a fumble for your team.

Speaking of tight ends, Charles Clay is being more productive this camp than in previous camps. He had a very nice catch down the seam against Phillip Wheeler today. The new LB had close coverage but Ryan Tannehill fit the ball in a tight space and Clay caught it.

The Dolphins need that from Clay in actual games because 18 catches last season just isn't productive enough.

The kicking competition:

It was Dan Carpenter's day to do all the kicking. Carpenter connected on kicks from 50 and 52 yards inside the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (NSMB) and from 49 yards on the practice field. Carpenter has been hot so far in camp, not missing even once, but that streak ended when he failed from 54 yards out.

By the way, it is an interesting dynamic this competition between Carpenter and rookie Caleb Sturgis because it obviously also involves long snapper John Denney and punter Brandon Fields.

Fields, Denney, and Carpenter have been together since 2008 and have developed a friendship. They hang together in practice. They have lockered together. They're like the Three Amigos.

Now comes Sturgis, a rookie, trying to beat out Carpenter and break up the trio because, well, that's his assignment.

Well, it was interesting to watch today as Denney, Carpenter and Fields standing together on the sideline -- as they usually do -- while Sturgis was by himself on the sideline and obviously not a part of that group of specialists.

I'm not saying the veterans aren't being professional or are giving the rookie the cold shoulder. I'm just saying sometimes human nature is very apparent.

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would be shocked if Sturgis doesnt win out over Carpenter.....its just simple math as to who sticks......500k salary or 3 milion salary-simple, like I said.

Nice to get data but too early to draw conclusions.
Egnew comes in shaky and remains shaky. The only way he stays on the team is to emerge as solid in practice and really perform in preseason games.

I'd like to know if Thomas is managing to run past the first defensive player who contacts him

I like to know if Deon Sims is a potential answer as a blocking TE who can receive?

I'd really like to hear more about our RB.

My questions are mainly on offense since it is hard to believe with out defensive talent that we will not be a top 5 defense.

It's in the breeze thank you for a great post. If you go to anymore practices please keep us updated. Much appreciated.

During Marinos only SB appearence, he licked his hand more times than I've licked my wife of 15 years! And that is A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

True at 8:33. I freaked a little and only because I hear this every year about the oline. But what I didn't take into account is the fact that we have some new players on the line and they need time to gel. And yes obviously its early and the d is always ahead so there's that.

Phins78's MO...

He'll come on here. Get frustrated. Then make an attacking post and say 'he's out'. But really he is still here.

He couldn't fool a fool.

And with that, good night all and be good. Go Dolphins!!!!

Phins78's second good night in the last hour hahahaha

Read on and weep on.

I remember Ginn was the Jet killer with long bomb TD catches in more than one game. Versus the Jets, and of course the kickoff returns. I also remember an INT by New Orleans that Ginn ran down the interceptor and knocked the ball out and it should have been a touchback and not a Saints TD. The photo was displayed on SI. So for all the crap Ginn took he did a lot of good on some very crappy Miami teams.

Phins78 can't hold his own without one of the three other members of the CJ club around.

True, in that NO game it was a bad call.

Ginn was one of the few players to beat the illustrious Revis on a deep route and for a TD.

would be shocked if Sturgis doesnt win out over Carpenter.....its just simple math as to who sticks......500k salary or 3 milion salary-simple, like I said.

Posted by: benz | July 23, 2013 at 09:05 PM

500k vs 3 million is a 2.5 million savings. Many contracts to be signed in 2014 and 2013 fa's counting larger against 2014's cap than 2013.

That's 2.5 million that can be carried over to help with 2014's larger cap hit. Exactly why it would be shocking to Carpenter retained this year barring a near complete Sturgis meltdown.

Ironic, but, it seems almost any qb can hit the deepball until they become a qb in Miami. Then, in an almost cursed sort of way they seem to struggle with deepball touch.

Chad Henne seemed to complete more deepballs in his limited time as Jaguars starter, than he completed his entire fins career.

Im beginning to wonder if there's a deepball curse in Miami.

Also, Dan Marino is Miami's greatest deepball qb ever. If you don't believe me, just ask the woman who mothered his illegitimate child.

She'll tell you that Marino is indeed, "balls deep".

Ah the over-reactions of all after day 3. It's still early, we'll see how it shakes down in September.

Did the Fins cut anyone yet, usually there's a cut by now just to show the 90 they mean business.





I hope that Wallace plays better than he practices. My Steeler friends were right about him dropping a lot of passes. They used to call him hands of stone. I see myself cursing at the TV a lot as Wallace drops a pass.

He got Calvin Johnson money and he is not half the player that Johnson is. IMO we paid way too much for him. I hope he proves me wrong but I am really worried about him not living up to his contract.

Well, who cares what a guy who is actually out there on the practice field says???

We who have ZERO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER to the team definitely know much more than those stupid players and coaches!!

I can't believe you would even quote him! How DARE he say that!! Jimmy Wilson and the rest of those players better stop saying things that contradict our EXPERT ANALYSIS based on YEARS of sitting on a couch and drinking beer!!

We will be able to make an intelligent,informed decision on Tannehill at the bye week. Continue with him or make the switch to Moore.


Wallace wont be as effective in Miami like he was in Pittsburgh. Big Ben is a HOF QB if he remains healthy.

Who remembers the old comic strip "Nancy?"

When Nancy and Sluggo would walk around the city, there were always THREE rocks neatly piled somewhere.

Not one rock. Not two rocks. Not four or more rocks. It was always THREE rocks.

The Miami Dolphins should take note.

Vaz makes no sense because Wallace averages 8 TD's a year with Ben , Charlie Batch and Leftwich all throwing to him.




Roethlisberger earned the AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award in 2004 and his first Pro Bowl selection in 2007. He became the youngest Super Bowl-winning quarterback in NFL history, helping lead the Steelers, in his second professional season, to a 21–10 victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL at the age of 23. Roethlisberger led the Steelers to a second Super Bowl title in four seasons as they defeated the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII, 27–23, after completing a game-winning touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes in the final 35 seconds.

Roethlisberger has been one of the most efficient passers in NFL history. He currently ranks 10th all-time in NFL passer rating (92.9), 5th in yards per attempt (8.06), and 11th in completion percentage (63.24%) among quarterbacks with a minimum of 1,500 career attempts. He has the fourth highest career winning percentage (.710) as a starter in the regular season among quarterbacks with a minimum of 100 starts.

Known for playing outside the pocket in what he calls "backyard football",[3] Roethlisberger grew up idolizing John Elway, and has often been compared to him.[4] Roethlisberger wears number 7 in Elway's honor.[5]

I was hoping we sign Leach but after watching the replay of the Super Bowl and the little that is on YouTube out there of him I don't really see an improvement. I think the FB will be little involved in most of the offense and when I see Leach I see Lane.

Posted by: dolfandave | July 23, 2013 at 04:27 PM

Are you serious.......?

You honestly see little or no difference between Lane and Leach........?

Tell me you're just trying to get a rise out of someone(like me-LOL)?

Try this, here's the Link for "Leach Pancakes Patrick Willis". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7I5A05f8T8.

Keep in mind this is just one link. But please post us a Link here that shows Lane doing **ANYTHING** - **CLOSE**. I mean slightly, remotely, SOMETHING that indicates Lane is even in the same league as Leach.

Survey Says: Not Even **CLOSE**

AND BIG BEN RUNS AFTER AN INTERCEPTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a new dance craze going on here. You squat down a bit, hands on your knees, shake your booty to the music, not side to side, but up and down.

It's called the odin plop.

Survey Says:

Marino was a girly man.

Richard Carl Westmoreland (born February 17, 1941 in Charlotte, North Carolina) is a former college and professional American football defensive back. In 1963 he joined the San Diego Chargers of the American Football League. He played for the Chargers and the Miami Dolphins for seven seasons and was an AFL All-Star selection in 1967.


There we got that out the way!!

Only QB Replacing T-Sizzle because of Performance is Pat Devlin. Write It Down. Do Whatever you want with it.

Matt Moore is getting paid because Joe Philbin is a Good Guy. Philbin has M&M on the Retirement Plan. Trying to get Maattty Matt Vested. 2 More Years And Moore Could Collect Moore For Not Playing Football Than For Playing Football.

Matt Moore And Pat Devlin will battle it out for #2 in the Preseason. Can't Wait to Watch!! With the Backup RBs, TEs & WRs Battling it out. My Money Is On Devlin , D.Thomas, Egnew, and R.Matthews & A.Binns. Those are My #2. With Thigpen Battling D.Thomas because Thigpen can make something happen. Also I want to see a couple of them guys than ran a 4.2 that are in camp.

And if for some reason Ryan Tannehill Sucks!! Which isn't going to happen. AND P.Devlin SUCKS!! Which definitely isn't going to happen. Jeff Ireland Will Use A 1st Round Pick On QB Stephen Morris. Before The Great Matt Moore Sees The Field During The Regular Season.

Joe Philbin wants to make C.Pennington QB Coach, With M.Moore as his Assistant In 2 Years.

If the Dolphins did things right they could have had Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, AND Mike Wallace as WR's. That, I would say WOW.

Jim Karsatos (born May 26, 1963) is a former American football player, starting at quarterback for two years with the Ohio State Buckeyes. He is of Greek-American origin from the island of Kefalonia.

Jim Karsatos (born May 26, 1963) is a former American football player, starting at quarterback for two years with the Ohio State Buckeyes. He is of Greek-American origin from the island of Kefalonia.
Posted by: Otto | July 23, 2013 at 11:22 PM

I have relatives in Kefalonia.

If the Dolphins did things right they could have had Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, AND Mike Wallace as WR's. That, I would say WOW.

Posted by: Ron Son | July 23, 2013 at 11:22 PM

You have heard of the NFL salary cap right?

You have heard of the NFL salary cap right?
Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | July 23, 2013 at 11:26 PM

No, whats that?

I have relatives in Kefalonia.

Posted by: #49 | July 23, 2013 at 11:26 PM


Jim Karsatos is from Kefalonia.

I Heard L.Miller is Faster than M.Wallace. Remember L.Miller was timed with a Bum Shoulder at 4.34. He Is Definitely Quicker Than Wallace.

I Read Somewhere That the Reason Joe Philbin Feels Confident In L.Miller and O.Vernon is Because while Reggie Bush was pulling a 100lb Sled after Practice, They Use To Pull Around An Old Broken Down F150 Everywhere.

Lamar Miller will be Scary Good. After the first long run in Preseason. We won't see him Again til the Regular Season.

1st contact practice and folks already freaking out about the offense like we just watched a game on sunday. We read a few tweets take it easy! We are talking about PRACTICE

So You Want 3 Head Cases, Instead Of 1. And Wallace Is More Mature.

Now What You Should Give CREDIT TO IS Jeff Ireland has Brought More 1,000 Yd WRs Than Any GM In Dolphin History.

What If Jeff Ireland Was The GM When Marino Was In His Prime. And Shula Was Still The Coach. Marino Would've Had Guys Like Marshall And Wallace. Even A Brian Hartline. He Would've Found A R.Bush, A D.Thomas, A L.Miller To Run The Ball.

Jeff Ireland Knows WTF HE IS DOING.

He Got Rid Of Parcells,He Got Rid Of Sporano, He Even Got Rid Of M.Dee. But Kept D.Aponte. Smart Man. Hired Philbin & Co. Which Is The Best Decision He Has Ever Made.

Philbin Knows Talent.

Worst draft pick ever. yatil green. Did that dude ever get in a game? First rounder to boot.


I Consider C.Clay A #1. Because he will be the primary FB.

Now If Egnew And Sims Can Also Play FB. Then C.Clay Is Endangered. If Egnew Was Smart Enough He Would Know How To Play FB, An Easier Position.

At Least Sherman Gave J.Lane A Shot. Now He Has To Win. No More Evaluating.

Then John Avery. The Next Season.

With C.Collins As A 5th RD Pick.

Winning is not a requirement for a Steve Ross GM.

Egnew reminds me of Ernest Wilford. Another guy we spent money and time on and got peanuts in return.

Clay is a scary talent. He has shown a knack for making chunk yard plays downfield. The problem is, he will disappear for weeks after a big game. If he is consistent and Keller performs as expected, we will have a pretty scary offense from a single back set.

I was against drafting Tannehill so high. I wasn't really sold on drafting him at all. Since that time, he's shown me some things that impressed. He also showed a lot of the things/problems you get with MOST Rookie QB's.

I said all that to say, I hope we're having an open and HONEST QB competition this year. I'm not ready to pull the plug on Tannehill in the least. But I believe we should do everything humanly possible to ensure that we start this season out with the QB that gives us the best chance to win. For the record, I'm not 100% convinced that it's Tannehill.

I'll definitely concede that he's the current front runner. But if Moore gets settled in and Hot, so be it. If Devlin make gigantic strides and tears it up in camp and pre season games, give the kid some rope!

As it stands, our season's riding on two great big question marks. The first is Tannehill and the second is Martin.

Lets have a fair, open and honest QB competition!

Phins78 can't hold his own without one of the three other members of the CJ club around.

Posted by: Duh | July 23, 2013 at 09:28 PM

Who cares how many times he says good night........?

You peeking through his windows or something.........?

Why are you thinking so hard about another going to bed anyway.............?

Besides all that, how many times are we going to hear you commenting on Egnew and Sturgis tonight........over and over again.........SHEESH!!!!


I doubt there will be competition at QB. I think Tannehill would have to really regress for that to happen. I do like that they have Devlin working with the 2nd team offense though. I really want to see him get some playing time vs better talent this preseason.

I really think if Vaughn Martin continues to shine, things will get real interesting on our defense. With Solia, Starks and Martin, we seem to be better suited to run a 3-4, at least on obvious running downs. I don't think Jordan will see much time at DE this season but he could see a lot of time in a 3-4 rotation at OLB and be highly effective.

There is a new dance craze going on here. You squat down a bit, hands on your knees, shake your booty to the music, not side to side, but up and down.

It's called the odin plop.

Posted by: Try it after a bowl of chili! | July 23, 2013 at 11:06 PM

Your intellectual prowess speaks for itself. Honest.

Oh PLEASE.........Please, PLEASE give us your rundown on Sturgis and Egnew........JUST one MORE time!


Woodshed...I agree..Tanny is the QB...

he would have to go 0 & 5 before any chance of a back-up seeing the field...

...and I don't see that happening....


Also....I hear what you're sayinh on the 3-4...but I think Coyle is committed to a base 4-3....intent on stopping the run cold, and letting the upgraded secondary greatly reduce the third down conversion rate

Odin I think there is a better chance of Devlin getting hit by a meteor than Devlin starting this season. Tannehill is the starter, there is no competition and frankly there shouldn't be, not this year. If he falters then open competition next season, but he needs all the reps to develop the timing with the new players, running a competition is counter-productive this year.

It's funny since I've followed football there is always the small group of people that think the third or fourth string QB is the messiah.

If the Dolphins did things right they could have had Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, AND Mike Wallace as WR's. That, I would say WOW.

Posted by: Ron Son | July 23, 2013 at 11:22 PM

Yep and they'd hire you as their Capologist.......RIGHT?

Jim Karsatos (born May 26, 1963) is a former American football player, starting at quarterback for two years with the Ohio State Buckeyes. He is of Greek-American origin from the island of Kefalonia.

Posted by: Otto | July 23, 2013 at 11:22 PM

Don't know who put this up?

There's a name from the past!

We drafted this guy in either 86 or 87 in the 12th RD could really throw the cover off the ball. I think Shula was lookin for his new caddie for Marino given it was the end of the Strock ERA who had gone to Cleveland but this guy showed up something like 30 Pds over weight. I remember this guy at Camp back then given I use to go with My Old Man to every Camp back in those days at St. Thomas Univ. Karsatos looked more like he was ready for a Pie eating contest real butterball, thanks for the blast from the past!LOL!

Worst draft pick ever. yatil green. Did that dude ever get in a game? First rounder to boot.

Posted by: Catharsis | July 23, 2013 at 11:43 PM

Man amongst boys at the U blew out his knee in 1st prctice cutting without being touched. His surgery was botched given structural dammage hadn't been properly repaired and even though he complained team doctors cleared him and JJ rushed him back on the field to soon were he proceeded to do the type of dammage you don't fully recover from, sad really and you obviously know nothing!


I keep saying it.

Clay at his best and consitent = Dion Sims!

If the Dolphins did things right they could have had Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, AND Mike Wallace as WR's. That, I would say WOW.

Posted by: Ron Son | July 23, 2013 at 11:22 PM

Yeah! Between the 35 to 40 Mil. a Season tied into these 3 with the A 120 Mil. GENIUS IDEA!!



On the talk earlier about whether Marino was tough or not how many of you remember the Dolphins / Steelers game back in 96 on Monday Night (JJ's 1st Season) were Marino was rolling out to his right to throw a pass and right when he throws Greg Lloyd (who played with an attitude and was a mean SOB) plants Marino wickedly right on the edge of our sideline and when Lloyd goes to get up Marino grabs him by the facemask and lets him have it, how many remember??

Over his career I can remember Marino taking some incredible shots but always getting up like nothing with that steel look in his eyes. The reality is the cumulative affects of the shots he took realy worn him out were he broke down by 97. Aikman and Montana always seemed to get hurt on those hard licks which ended Aikman's career behind a much superior OL while still young and Joe on a similar hit like the one Dan took from Lloyd was nearly retired himself by Leonard Marshall.

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