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Studying the Vonta Leach situation

No, I'm not totally back yet. I still have a couple more days of vacation left. But I have some information I've shared with my followers on twitter -- you should follow me @ArmandoSalguero -- that I believe should be here as well.

Regarding Vonta Leach:

1. Today is a big day because it marks the first in which Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland is expected back at work after his vacation in, among other places, Australia. That return to work means he's able to actually talk to Leach agent Ralph Vitolo and negotiate a deal for the veteran if he's so inclined. The two have exchanged some text messages in the time both were on holiday during the past few weeks, but with training camp opening in less than a week and both sides at work, the stage is set for something to happen.

2. Is something going to happen at all? Well, the Dolphins want Leach for the right price. And Leach wants the Dolphins for the right price. (Isn't that always the case?) The Dolphins have made no secret of the fact coach Joe Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman seriously want Leach for an offense that could use some veteran leadership and also needs an upgrade at fullback. Leach wants to play in Miami because he sees the Dolphins as an up-and-coming team that has a chance to challenge for the playoffs this year, assuming everything goes well. Leach, by the way, also has a good sense of the Dolphins system. That should not be a problem.

3. So what do the sides want from each other? Well, the Dolphins don't want to spend a ton on Leach. Nobody does with fullbacks anymore. The position players there are endangered species. But for the Dolphins it means superior lead blocking and experienced pass blocking on early downs. That's important because presumed starting halfback Lamar Miller is inexperienced and could use some veteran help. It's important because any help the Dolphins can give LT Jonathan Martin on early passing downs with Leach blocking in the backfield on pass plays is good. It's important because Leach can be a stabilizing figure in the huddle. He's been there and done that. For Leach, he wants the opportunity of making one last solid contract. I've reported he wants a two- or three-year deal. He doesn't want a one-year deal because he wants some sort of stability. He likes the idea of being a leader. He likes the coaches and has a comfort level with them.

4. So what can get in the way? Well, Leach has a standing offer to return to the Ravens if he wishes. My sense is it's a low-budget offer and that's the reason he hasn't taken it. He wants to do better. But, the Ravens loom nonetheless because they are comfortable for Leach, familiar to Leach, they're defending Super Bowl champions, and they're proven. I remind everyone the Ravens have this way of swooping in at the last minute and re-signing players they value. Yes, they've lost talent this offseason due to cap constraints, but they have a way of pulling surprise moves  -- witness the Elvis Dumervil signing.

5. What does it all mean? The Dolphins have been trying to get better across the board at every position this offseason. They are clearly not thrilled with the work of Jovorskie Lane last year to the extent they can afford to offer him no training camp competition. If they sign Leach, Lane is in trouble. Leach would be the presumed starter and Lane's only chance of making the team is if Leach is a bust during camp or gets injured. Simply, Lane was inconsistent as a rookie. His weight, his knowledge of his assignments, his execution ... all inconsistent. It wasn't terrible. But the Dolphins simply want a chance to upgrade.

So we'll see what happens on this front ... See you later in the week. 


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Good to hear from you armando....

Mark...I hit you up on the last blog....

2015/wd-40/any other name that you are using today...there is something there for you as well...


Welcome back.


I agree...Thomas is what he is....and to me...he is Ronnie Brown...but with Less explsoviness and zero consistency....he can make the team..but I am not sure I want him carrying the ball more than 5-7 times a game at this point....

pehaps he improves...we shall see...

Welcome back!

Once again the issue of Miller's pass blocking is raised, this time by someone other than me.

If Thomas gets passed on the depth chart by Miller during the offseason and
Miller cannot pass protect and
Lane cannot block either than
perhaps Gilligan can save the day because otherwise we are nowhere at RB.

Kris, last three posts on the last blog re: Pounceys

WS, Kris, yeah it's really wrong. I'd like to think booze was involved because I've done A LOT of bad things when booze was in play and can understand. But people want to discuss consequence? people as talented as the Pouncey's have never known consequence in their lives ... possibly even hernandez. Their physical talents always made them needed by somebody because there are very few people on the planet that can take their spots. In time, when age creeps up to them, they'll learn the lessons Chad Johnson and many other former athletes find out about consequence.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 15, 2013 at 10:01 AM

Read that the Fins brass will talk with Pouncey this week about the hat.
Posted by: Darkoak | July 15, 2013 at 10:18 AM

Haha, would could that discussion be like? Mike, please don't wear hats like that ... please sign this 5 year $50M extension and be a nice boy, ok?
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 15, 2013 at 10:20 AM

So when Leach is on the field on early down the D knows it's a pass play.
When Miller is on the field the D knows it's a run play.

Uhm, there's such a thing as a two back set ...

Re: #2

So the Dolphins "have a chance" to "challenge" for the playoffs, "if everything goes well"? So, should I hold off on printing those Super Bowl Champions t-shirts?

Remember when we used to challenge for the playoffs every year (not just "have a chance" to) even if everything didn't go exactly right (Does it ever? Other than 2008, that is.)


Lets also not ignore the significant role hip hop culture plays on many of today's athletes. You spend all day listening to rap songs about getting drunk,high, spending money on jewelry and killing fake thugs and it will affect your psyche.

On the flip side, you can add Reverend as your title, start an organization for minorities and totally ignore the problem and just blame the white justice system!

Welcome back Armando. Leach should sign with someone before camp, not like fullback is a top need position for most teams. If he wants to play this year he'll sign soon.

When 2 backs are on the field then only 2 WRs can be. When I posted in here that Miller can't be the starter because he can't block then everyone screamed about all the improvement he made during the offseason.

The truth is Miller is a liability and so is Thomas and so is Lane and so is Egnew and so is Clay.

good to have you back Mr. Salguero. GO DOLPHINS!

Leach is a must-sign (IMO for Dolphins offense to be officially dangerous).

On Pouncey, it's a non-story to me. Anyone who's been on a team of any sort knows the camaraderie you build with your teammates. They can become like brothers. The Pounceys supporting their "brother" doesn't surprise me in the least. Yeah, Hernandez might have killed someone. Yeah, he might be a bad guy. But that doesn't erase the bond he formed with his college teammates, and that's what the Pounceys are supporting. Does it make it right? Of course not. But when have athletes ever been bastions of doing the "right" thing (morally or otherwise). These are all overpaid, selfish, highly over-pampered celebrities who became millionaires the second they entered the workforce (from college). See those kids on Wall St. who make millions within a few years and you'll see they have a lot of the same traits (and they are mostly white).

It's really not about race, or rap, or even intelligence. It's a sense of entitlement that people have which causes them to think they are different from everyone else (and can say or do whatever they want without consequences).

Gary Stevens has this to say about Armando's return:


It is nice to see that the single most visited and highest-profile internet site in the entire Miami Herald web platform -- Miami Dolphins in Depth -- can once again begin counting on regular updates from its visionary architect and primary content driver.

Welcome back.

Miller perhaps can block now, we'll find out pretty soon.

ETF, that is also not true. In a two back set, you can go with 3 wrs and no TE.

And there are plenty of starting RBs that play only two downs. heck Jerome Bettis is going to teh HOF and he was never a 3 down back.

WS, it's one thing to listen to a certain style of music. For example I grew up on 80s rock but was never stupid enough to wear spandex pants, tease my hair, or go on 7 day benders... well I came close on the last one a few times. Sooner or later you jsut have to be smart enough to know right from wrong. It falls on teh individual. This culture of blaming outside influences for being a retard is a big problem with western culture.

And DC, yeah, these athletes and their sense of entitlement or nto having to face consequences for what they say was discussed this morning, I agree.

Ireland drafted every RB that is on the team now.
If none of them are 'NFL Ready' than that must be exposed.
Ireland is also the on that constructed our CB Corps:
Patterson, Groms, Carroll, Davis, Taylor.
Ireland is also the one that constructed our O-Line.

Ireland deserves the credit for the D-Line and LBs.

Perhaps Ireland's high water mark is Defensive front talent evaluator.

Stop setting up alibis for Tanne in advance.
If the Phins Phlounder this season it will be on Tanne's narrow shoulders 100%.
No one else.
No excuses.
No alibis.

When two backs are used; three WRs can be used(one off the LOS). As for Miller, he will be just fine coming out of the backfield. I think early on one of our backs will be chipping on the left side to help Martin. We know Leach has good hands(I believe we need to sign him but not over market value). We need to see if Miller has good hands to because a pass catching back is required in this W/C type of offence we run

Phlounder is clever good.

Oscar, u liked the bushy armpits?

We really did not focus on that area, Mark.

Are you suggesting 5 OL + 3 WR + 2RB + 1QB?
No TE?

I agree that every team has a few plays from this formation to use 1 or 2 times per game in special situations.
It is not a base offense.

I've been stating in here for years that Ross' real motivation i not to win a super bowl.
Ross' motivation is to have a losing team and an empty stadium because he can use that to leverage a new stadium funded by the taxpayers that he will own and depreciate.

ETF at 11:19, neither is 3 WR a base offense for most teams.

And he accomplishes this buy spending $200M on contracts in an offseason?

Ross did not cut a check for $200mil from his personal account.
The Phins signed contracts with players that will be paid for over time from:
- The gate
- TV revenue
- Revenue sharing

The NFL is not Ross' primary income source.
His NYC real estate business made him a Billionaire. He needs something huge to depreciate that he can own and someone else pays for. That thing is a professional sports stadium. He bought the Dolphins because they were for sale at the time. Had the Raiders or Dodgers been for sale instead he would have bought one of them with the same goal in mind.

I think the Ross won't spend on a winner theory is dead with the money that went out this year.

Yea but iform weak strong formations with 2wr and 1 te + the 2 rbs is a base formation that we can pass out of productively with keller at te...u dnt make sense ETF

The current base offense in the NFL and college is 1RB+3WR+1TE+1QB+5OL

Before Bill Walsh came along it was 2RB + 2WRs. The Bears won the '85SB like that and the NYG won the '86 like that.


Welcome back Mando. Your annual two month vacations are like a drought in the desert for me.

ETF, since when does and NFL owner pay players from his personal funds?

And every dollar that the team pays out in contracts is one less dollar to the owner ...






2 mo. Vacation!? I could never afford even a 1 wk vacation.

Really, a base offense is 3 wr now?? WOW

Actually in early down situations I like the "21" personnel(two TEs and one RB). It all depends on how the front five OL are blocking. Im trying to figure out how we could utilize Leach(if we sign him) in our offense. If we sign him to a multi year, 2 to 3/mil. per year contract, he would need to be used more than just on short & 3rd and goal line situations. Miller needs to be a complete back if we are running with a one back set. It appears we are leaning to the 3 to 4 WRs sets. So where does a big time FB fit in? Any thoughts?

Leach would be a great addition to the Fins

Omar getting into an argument on his Twitter page with some fukkker there. You public figures cannot afford to do that. You will lose it everytime.

armando. i'm the only one who mixxed u.

Nice to see some of the regulars back here talking football again. Won't be long until the season starts up now.

I'd very much like to see Leach as part of the team and if that means we overpay a little, then so be it. I'm fine giving him a 2 year contract. I have no confidence in Lane and I think Leach would help Miller and Martin, as Armando has mentioned, plus be another much needed vet on the team. Hope it happens.

Mark, did you tie the know during all this downtime? How did it go? I'm back to the single life again.



Best thing about us unknown Fukkks is that We can say whateverTH we want and nobody will pay the least attention to Us.hehehe


Craig, i did... June 1st. leaving for the honeymoon this saturday.

Sorry to hear that Craig but seeing as she caused you to miss several football games last year ... she just had to go...

Craig, I read a report Lane gained weight again (don't think it's as bad as he was, but going in the wrong direction). And tie that to the fact he wasn't a world beater to begin with, and I agree with your no confidence vote for him. Move on, pay Vonta for 2 years and you have a leader and vet that can teach some of these youngsters how to be a professional.



Posted by: ₩¥ N↑ | July 15, 2013 at 12:20 PM

Jamar Taylor and Brent Grimes should replace Carroll and Wilson on that list.

With the questions marks surrounding Miller's and Martin's blocking abilities, Leach is a must sign.
Give him some of the money you spare by cutting Carpenter and keeping Sturgis at K.

I agree, you've gone this far in re0building this team .. what's one more year between friends espcially when teh coach obviously wants the guy so much?

Tannehill's mobility is very good, his arm is pretty strong, he's got what it takes to be a very good QB...But having said that, if they can't protect him, he's a dead duck...Adding Leach would help, no question about it...What's the point of adding Wallace if the QB is running for his life...

Congrats Mark. Where are you guys off to? I'm off to Scotland in two weeks, so I'll be watching things from afar. Back just before the season starts.

DC, it's a no brainer really when it comes to Leach. Only way it doesn't happen is if he's playing the Dolphins to get a better deal from the Ravens or Giants.

Wallace's speed is ONLY A FACTOR IN 3 AND 4 WR sets.

Wallace will be double covered when there are only 2 WRs on the field.

Exposing the Fraud,

Is there a reason you're on a Dolphins football blog spewing all this negativity towards the Dolphins? I haven't read even one positive comment from you all day about your 'supposed' team. How about you let things play out rather than trying to play 'smarter than the average bear' every 15 seconds.

ETF, perhaps you haven't heard of this Dustin Keller fellow? If you double cover Wallace with a S, then that means Hartline either has one on one or Keller is on a LB.

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