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Studying the Vonta Leach situation

No, I'm not totally back yet. I still have a couple more days of vacation left. But I have some information I've shared with my followers on twitter -- you should follow me @ArmandoSalguero -- that I believe should be here as well.

Regarding Vonta Leach:

1. Today is a big day because it marks the first in which Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland is expected back at work after his vacation in, among other places, Australia. That return to work means he's able to actually talk to Leach agent Ralph Vitolo and negotiate a deal for the veteran if he's so inclined. The two have exchanged some text messages in the time both were on holiday during the past few weeks, but with training camp opening in less than a week and both sides at work, the stage is set for something to happen.

2. Is something going to happen at all? Well, the Dolphins want Leach for the right price. And Leach wants the Dolphins for the right price. (Isn't that always the case?) The Dolphins have made no secret of the fact coach Joe Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman seriously want Leach for an offense that could use some veteran leadership and also needs an upgrade at fullback. Leach wants to play in Miami because he sees the Dolphins as an up-and-coming team that has a chance to challenge for the playoffs this year, assuming everything goes well. Leach, by the way, also has a good sense of the Dolphins system. That should not be a problem.

3. So what do the sides want from each other? Well, the Dolphins don't want to spend a ton on Leach. Nobody does with fullbacks anymore. The position players there are endangered species. But for the Dolphins it means superior lead blocking and experienced pass blocking on early downs. That's important because presumed starting halfback Lamar Miller is inexperienced and could use some veteran help. It's important because any help the Dolphins can give LT Jonathan Martin on early passing downs with Leach blocking in the backfield on pass plays is good. It's important because Leach can be a stabilizing figure in the huddle. He's been there and done that. For Leach, he wants the opportunity of making one last solid contract. I've reported he wants a two- or three-year deal. He doesn't want a one-year deal because he wants some sort of stability. He likes the idea of being a leader. He likes the coaches and has a comfort level with them.

4. So what can get in the way? Well, Leach has a standing offer to return to the Ravens if he wishes. My sense is it's a low-budget offer and that's the reason he hasn't taken it. He wants to do better. But, the Ravens loom nonetheless because they are comfortable for Leach, familiar to Leach, they're defending Super Bowl champions, and they're proven. I remind everyone the Ravens have this way of swooping in at the last minute and re-signing players they value. Yes, they've lost talent this offseason due to cap constraints, but they have a way of pulling surprise moves  -- witness the Elvis Dumervil signing.

5. What does it all mean? The Dolphins have been trying to get better across the board at every position this offseason. They are clearly not thrilled with the work of Jovorskie Lane last year to the extent they can afford to offer him no training camp competition. If they sign Leach, Lane is in trouble. Leach would be the presumed starter and Lane's only chance of making the team is if Leach is a bust during camp or gets injured. Simply, Lane was inconsistent as a rookie. His weight, his knowledge of his assignments, his execution ... all inconsistent. It wasn't terrible. But the Dolphins simply want a chance to upgrade.

So we'll see what happens on this front ... See you later in the week. 


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If Tannehill goes through the typical sophomore slump we'll be beyond pathetic LOL

Yes and a real fan laughs at his pathetic team. You are Windexed window transparent, it's laughable.

The Dolphins are laughable. Its a circus act. Thats why I'm laughing. Its a shame how Ross/Ireland have destroyed this franchise....

There is no alternative now. We have to wait after the 3rd Game of the coming Season to properly evaluate the 2013 Miami Dolphins.

"He completed 211 of 314 attempts,3000yds, 30 tds. For 67% completion average too. He's probably Bama.s best qb since Willie Joe Namath."

Posted By You Know Who


Read That stat And Give It Thought.

314 Attempts. Not A Lot For a College QB. Meaning The Team Ran the Ball Most The Time.

211 Completions. Again Very Few Passes.

Lacy Playing Part Time His Junior Year Ran The Ball 208 Times. And Had 19 Total TDs.
And Idiot Alabama Has Never Been Known For Its QB. They've Been Known For Their RBs.

77 Division 1 QBs Attempted More Passes Than AJ. And He Was Airing It Out? GTFOH!!

You Didn't Watch 1 Alabama Game. Not Even The Title Game. Alabama Has Won All Its National Titles Under Saban The Alabama Way. Running And Defense.

Oscar, yes we do. The women down there work very hard ...

Why would Tannehill have a sophmore slump when it's his same offense from college?

All reports from mini camp stated Tannehill is a GO!

On paper, Miami Dolphins have best WR core in AFC.

Dashi, still hear AJ may be a top 10 or at the very least 1st round pick next year. You know how I feel about Alabama players as pro prospects for the most part tho (except Julio Jones and Chance Warmack)

2013 = 0 excuses.
u'r already giving them 3 mulligans.

He's not saying they can lose three games, he's saying we won't really know what to expect until they have played three games. Seemed pretty clear to me.

So, even that!, 2 watt.

oscar,the only way to generate a hornets nest is 2 be 3-0.

clev. has won 1 out the last 10 openers.
scum bag smith isn't back there 2 drop lux game winning int.
3rd game?

Man, I never try to generate any hornet's nest. I just say the Truth, always. Then other People take it from there.

now, if martin suxx at lt,tannehenne will be 3 + out king again and the phinz will be 0-3.


AJ A First Rd Pick?

Sounds like Matt Barkley Last Season.

Or Some Clown Saying Manziel Will Get Drafted Higher Than T-Hill.

College Game And Pro Game Are Way Different.

Remember Tim Tebow Might Be The Best College QB Of All Time. But He Sucked As a Pro.

And Before The Clown Says, But Tebow Beat The Dolphins. Yeah, And Dansby threw That Game!! Since Then I Disliked That Insubordinate Diva. Up 15-0 With 2:00 Minutes Left.


You Hit It Right On The Head. Agreed With Everything From Your Post Yesterday. Lacy Is Similar To E.Campbell.

Even Though You Know People Also Compared Ricky To Campbell.

E.Lacys Feet Are Underrated. He Is Pretty Agile For A guy His Size.

The Injury Concern. I Blame Saban. He Never Let Him Heal. He will Be OK. They Say The Fusion Took. Remember, Sports Medicine Has Advanced A lot. Even In The Last 10 Years. And Alabama Has The Best Doctor In The Country. Dr. James Andrew.

Lacy Shared Carries His Whole Career At Alabama. Him And Franklin Will Be A Good Duo. Lacy And L.Miller Would've Been A Better One. But I Am Happy We Took D.Jordan. The Best Defensive Prospect In the Draft.

Dashi, I'm not putting these rankings together. he always looked like a game manager to me.


I knew it was a waste leading a dumb brown donkey like you to the AJ McCarron waters of wisdom and truth. I can lead the dumb and stubborn brown donkey to the water, but, cant make him drink.

For a very long time, Im fully convinced now, the most influential part of your being slid down your mother's nappy hairy legs.

McCarron did his job and did it well. When the safeties crept up to stop the powerful run game, he punished them. He had a td pass of over 80yds last season as full prof of this.

Dumb Dashi would have us errantly believe that Lacy consistently successfully ran against 8-9 in the run box. This is far from true because AJ McCarron would make defenses pay. AJ McCarron will be a 1st rd nfl qb in 2014.

Possibly a top 10 pick, depending on if his 2014 season is similar to 2013, or better.


E.Lacys Feet Are Underrated. Look At The Elusiveness, Not Just The Power. 1 Cut And Go. No Dancing Like Reggie. More A.Peterson Like.

Again, I'm Not Comparing Lacy To AP. Just Saying They Have Similar Running Styles. Like Ricky.

They Can Jump Over A Guy And Run Over Another Guy All In The Same Motion. That Is Special To Watch. Jim Brown Use To Do That. The Original Power Back.


Explain this to us. Lacy wasn't a starter in 2012, yet Bama won a nat' title. Bama also won a nat' title in 2013.

The real common thread of both these nat' title is that AJ McCarron was the starting qb both seasons. So, Dashi, how do you wiggle out of this one?

PS: Here come the BS folks!

The first 5 games will be against top teams. We need to win 2 of the 5.
If Grimes breaks camp with the team and can play all of the first 5 games we can win 2 or 3 of them.

If we start 0-3 so be it does mean the world is ending as long as the games are close.
If we can play close with the top teams then we should beat the medium and shhty teams.
If Grimes does not break camp with the team we will be in trouble.
Worse case: Grimes plays AND we get blown out in those first 5 then we're screwed.

Meant to say: If we start 0-3 so be it; does not mean the world is ending.

In any case we can squander the next 2 months arguing about what will happen/should happen.
The we can squander the next 4 months arguing about what is happening.
Then we can follow that up by squandering the following 6 months arguing about FAs,Draft, etc.

Worse case: No matter what happens on the field we will be able to squander our lives, day by day, hour by hour, right here in this blog :D



And look at r rookie tight end sims great blocker can catch too we will see soon enough go phins


Lacy doesn't outrush Richardson's 2012 totals, yet, now you're calling him Jim Brown and AP. Your delusions and denial has definitely entered into the realms of no return.

There's not even evidence Lacy's better than Trent Richardson(2012 Bama rb). Richardson had 1679 yds 21tds 5.9ypc.

Lacy 1322yds, 17tds 6.5ypc. You may wanna argue Lacy has the better ypc. However, in 2012, Trent Richardson ran the ball 283 times compared to Lacy's 204 carries in 2013.

This means Richardson carried the ball a whopping 79 times more than, yet still averged 6ypc(5.9).

So, you compare Lacy to accomplished nl alltime great rb's, yet, it isn't clear he's even better than former teammate Trent Richardson.

Richardson's nfl stats:

267 carries(279 in 2012 at Bama) 950yds(1679 Bama) 3.7ypc(6ypc Bama). See how things greatly change after these rb/s hit the nfl level?

Richardson was easily considered the best rb in 2012's draft. Yet, was blown away by "6TH RD" pick Alfred Morris. Morris: 1613yds to 950yds(Richardson). That's a whopping 663yds.

This is the same Trent Richardson, your boy Eddie Lacy didn't prove he was better than. At least not when you compare their senior season productions at Bama side to side.

Dashi now argues Eddie Lacy's comparable to A-Pete and Jim Brown. However, I'll bet money that Lamar Miller will have a much 2013 rushing season than Lacy.

Keep an eye on this folks!

The Browns always beat us.

Trent Richardson was a 1st rd pick. Eddie Lacy, 2nd rd?

Isnt he A-Pete and Jim Brown like? Why didn't the nfl gm's agree with you?

Dashi, please explain? We're waiting...

For a guy that already knew the offense Tannehill really stunk last year. Another wasted pick?

Lacy, Richardson, who cares?? They both stink

For a guy that already knew the offense Tannehill really stunk last year. Another wasted pick?

Posted by: 14-IN-YUR-ASS! | July 16, 2013 at 01:41 PM

If this were a court of law, there's definitely enough "circumstantial evidence" to make a Tannehill arrest. I'll give you that.

However, this would still be the "pre-trial" stage, and his rookie season would be considered a lawful "continuance". Trial begins year 2. At year 2's end, then the jury goes in to "deliberate".

Game by game(2013), the evidence builds for "acquittal" or "convict". So, Tannehill doubters, don't worry. When the 2013 season begins, you'll get your day in court.

Sounds like YG has spent plenty of time in the hoosegow

During the Tannehill 2nd season trial, I'll also give you doubters jury, instructions that they can also convict on a lesser charge of manslaughter.

Are you happy now?

duh b found some crack rox.

Would've been useful in a different trial in Florida this week

To prematurely say Tannehill's a bust. You must also say its it's a "slam dunk" case.

Exactly why the case doesn't go to trial until year 2(Tannehill's 2nd season surrounded with very potent weapons).

Right now, all of you doubters could be arrested yourselves for trying "to fix" the would be jury.

Posted by: 2 watt | July 16, 2013 at 02:03 PM

A "2 watt" light bulb still laces one totally in the dark doesnt it?

Is this why you smoke your crack in the dark?

blocked on social media sites, dumped by the wife & dumped on by the blog. the life of a loser.

sad thing is since he doesn't have to find time to ignore his woman anymore, the likely hood is that he'll be here to annoy the blog more.

Even if you say Tannehill's a bust based on circumstantial evidence(2012 stats). There's also great "REASONABLE DOUBT" to exonerate him.

Beginning with close to the absolute worst receiving corps in the nfl. This alone could return a "not guilty" verdict.

So, yes Tannehill doubters, you have enough "CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE" to have your judge sign the "ARREST WARRANT". However, your "FLIMSY" evidence is "FAR" from landing a "CONVICTION" of "BUST"!

Posted by: 2 watt | July 16, 2013 at 02:03 PM

2 Watts is just enough light to place your crack rock on the pipe, in darkness of night, right?

Alabama Ran The Ball Over 560 Times As a Team. They Attempted 320 Passes.

Again, 77 D-1 Qbs Threw More Passes Than AJ. That Is More Than Half The Schools.

Explain How AJ Carried The Team.

Running Style. Idiot. Everyone Except You Understands What I Am Saying.

And Idiot. Dashi Is With L.Miller Saying He Will Gain 1500 Yds. And Said Lacy Will Gain At Least 1000 Yds As A Rookie. So yes, L.Miller Will Gain More Yards. I Also Bet Lacy Will Gain More Yards Than Gillislee. Heck, I Bet D.Thomas Gains More Yards Than Gillislee This Season.

And 1001 Names. Didn't I Say, There Is a difference Between A College Game And A Pro Game.

I Don't Have To Explain. Even N.Saban Said E.Lacy Is the Best RB He Ever Had.

And Just How M.Ingram And T-rich Cost Lacy The Heisman. They Also Cost Him A 1st Round Pick. Yes, The Injury And Average 40 Time Didn't Help. But The Previous Players In The Same System Hurt.

For Instance, Look At USC Qbs. Nobody Will Draft 1 In the First 3 Rounds. Cause Of The Last Few To Come Out.

Mcgahee Still Got Drafted In the First, Because Teams Had Confidence At Recent History Of UM RBs.

But Logic And Common Sense Seems To Escape You.

E.Lacy Will Also Have A Better Rookie Season Than M.Ingram And T.Richardson.

Again, Cause I Already Told You. But You Seem To Forget. E.Lacy As A Freshman Averaged More YPC Than Ingram And Richardson. As A Sophomore He Averaged More Than Richardson. And As A Junior He Averaged More Than Yeldon.

So In Simple Terms. While At Alabama Lacy Averaged More Per Carry Than Any RB There. ALL 3 YEARS.


I see YG doesn't get only under my skin ...

"For Instance, Look At USC Qbs. Nobody Will Draft 1 In the First 3 Rounds. Cause Of The Last Few To Come Out."

That Is How I Knew Matt Barkley Will Never Be A First Round Pick. Then You Add His Physical Limitations. Mark Sanchez Is A Better Athlete Than Barkley. And Has A Stronger Arm. So How Was Matt Barkley A Can't Miss Prospect.

If they do sign Leach, I hope Leach is smart enough to not wear a hat supporting Aaron Hernandez. I hope Leach is smart enough to realize that George Zimmerman got a fair trial and was not guilty so that Leach doesn't need to make racist, ignorant tweets about a trial he knows nothing about. A lot of other dolphins need to learn these things...


He Doesn't Get Under My Skin. I Find It Amusing How Hard Headed He Is.

And That He Throws Out These Astronomical Lies That He Rants Are Truth.

I Hit Him With The Facts.

He Says AJ Carried Alabama.

I Tell Him. 77 D-1 QBs Attempted More Passes. That Alabama Had 560+ Rushing Attempts. And Only 320 Passing Attempts. And Remember Passing Attempts Aren't Completions. AJ Only Completed 210 Passes.

I Tell Him Lacy's Running Style Is Comparable To Some Of The Best Power Backs In History. He Takes That As Comparing Them Statistically As Equals.

But Yet Again, He Hasn't Said Nothing About Me Comparing L.Miller To L.Tomlinson. I Have Been Comparing L.Miller's Running Style To C.Portis. Before The National Media. I Actually Feel L.Miller Can Be Better Than Portis. He Has A Chance To Be LT Great.

Can't Wait Til Preseason.

Some People Say Preseason Isn't Important. To Me I Say As Long As My Team Is Playing I Am Watching.

Heck, I'm Jonesing For Football So Much I'm Even Starting To Watch CFL Games With Interest.

Dear Vonta Leach,
We DO NOT want you or need you in Miami.
Keep walking there is nothing to see here.

I Believe The Reason The Fins Aren't Desperate To Sign Leach Is Because They Already A 3 Headed Competition Going On Right Now. J.Lane, C.Clay, E.Rodriguez.

C.Clay Will Be More Involved At FB, If the Fins Can Find A legit #2 Behind Keller.

C.Clay And E.Rodriguez Have An Advantage Over Lane. And Even Leach. They Can Lineup At FB, H-Back, And TE. That Versatility Means A Lot To Philbin.

If Egnew And D.Sims Can Develop As TEs Of The Future. This Offense Will be Set For Now And The Future.

Don't Get Me Wrong. Leach At FB Will Be Great. But Giving One Of The Young Guys a Chance Won't Be A Bad Thing.

I Wouldn't Mind Seeing A Preseason Battle At FB.

Already Have

The FB Position Isn't Disappearing. It Is Just TEs Can Do The Job.

On Most Teams. The #2 Or #3 TE Line Up At FB In Certain Situations.

C.Clay Already Has A FB Number.

When The Fins Drafted Him. C.Clay Played RB, H-Back And TE In College.

Again, I'm Not Comparing Lacy To AP. Just Saying They Have Similar Running Styles. Like Ricky.

They Can Jump Over A Guy And Run Over Another Guy All In The Same Motion. That Is Special To Watch. Jim Brown Use To Do That. The Original Power Back.

Posted by: Dashi | July 16, 2013 at 12:49 PM


Lacy doesn't outrush Richardson's 2012 totals, yet, now you're calling him Jim Brown and AP. Your delusions and denial has definitely entered into the realms of no return.

Posted by: I LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | July 16, 2013 at 01:25 PM

Wow! Dashi comes right out and qualifies his statement with a disclaimer. Dashi even states, I'm NOT comparing THEM, I'm comparing their Running Styles.

Yet YG still doesn't comprehend.

Or does he....................?

He's either a dumbass, a troll or both.

He did the same thing with Fin4life's post last night. Actually he does that with almost all the posts he responds toos. A mind is a terrible thing to waste-LOL!

A Strawman Troll, how original ;)

Sounds like YG has spent plenty of time in the hoosegow

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 16, 2013 at 01:59 PM

That still wouldn't explain the delusions.

He went on for half of a page talking about things that Dashi supposedly said. Who cares that Dashi didn't say them lol.

This guy has lost it-LOL!

Odindooshy and Dooshy agreeing? Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go finsssssssssssss

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