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Studying the Vonta Leach situation

No, I'm not totally back yet. I still have a couple more days of vacation left. But I have some information I've shared with my followers on twitter -- you should follow me @ArmandoSalguero -- that I believe should be here as well.

Regarding Vonta Leach:

1. Today is a big day because it marks the first in which Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland is expected back at work after his vacation in, among other places, Australia. That return to work means he's able to actually talk to Leach agent Ralph Vitolo and negotiate a deal for the veteran if he's so inclined. The two have exchanged some text messages in the time both were on holiday during the past few weeks, but with training camp opening in less than a week and both sides at work, the stage is set for something to happen.

2. Is something going to happen at all? Well, the Dolphins want Leach for the right price. And Leach wants the Dolphins for the right price. (Isn't that always the case?) The Dolphins have made no secret of the fact coach Joe Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman seriously want Leach for an offense that could use some veteran leadership and also needs an upgrade at fullback. Leach wants to play in Miami because he sees the Dolphins as an up-and-coming team that has a chance to challenge for the playoffs this year, assuming everything goes well. Leach, by the way, also has a good sense of the Dolphins system. That should not be a problem.

3. So what do the sides want from each other? Well, the Dolphins don't want to spend a ton on Leach. Nobody does with fullbacks anymore. The position players there are endangered species. But for the Dolphins it means superior lead blocking and experienced pass blocking on early downs. That's important because presumed starting halfback Lamar Miller is inexperienced and could use some veteran help. It's important because any help the Dolphins can give LT Jonathan Martin on early passing downs with Leach blocking in the backfield on pass plays is good. It's important because Leach can be a stabilizing figure in the huddle. He's been there and done that. For Leach, he wants the opportunity of making one last solid contract. I've reported he wants a two- or three-year deal. He doesn't want a one-year deal because he wants some sort of stability. He likes the idea of being a leader. He likes the coaches and has a comfort level with them.

4. So what can get in the way? Well, Leach has a standing offer to return to the Ravens if he wishes. My sense is it's a low-budget offer and that's the reason he hasn't taken it. He wants to do better. But, the Ravens loom nonetheless because they are comfortable for Leach, familiar to Leach, they're defending Super Bowl champions, and they're proven. I remind everyone the Ravens have this way of swooping in at the last minute and re-signing players they value. Yes, they've lost talent this offseason due to cap constraints, but they have a way of pulling surprise moves  -- witness the Elvis Dumervil signing.

5. What does it all mean? The Dolphins have been trying to get better across the board at every position this offseason. They are clearly not thrilled with the work of Jovorskie Lane last year to the extent they can afford to offer him no training camp competition. If they sign Leach, Lane is in trouble. Leach would be the presumed starter and Lane's only chance of making the team is if Leach is a bust during camp or gets injured. Simply, Lane was inconsistent as a rookie. His weight, his knowledge of his assignments, his execution ... all inconsistent. It wasn't terrible. But the Dolphins simply want a chance to upgrade.

So we'll see what happens on this front ... See you later in the week. 


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The Dominican Republic is another unimportant country.

I Have A 1/2 Gallon Of Milk For Your Moms Nightly Bukkake Fest.

Posted by: Dashi | July 16, 2013 at 07:14 PM

So you are into Necrophilia? That is beyond sick and twisted. Get help soon. At least try to.

Odin's web cam is linked to Dashi's room.

P.S. Lamar Miller put up 1,900 Yds. between spot duty as Fr. and Soph. Yr. before going Pro after his own knee injury ala McGahee and Gore to give Dolphins top RB his due and to inform those that just don't know and he put it up behind a much worse OL and supporting cast than the others in College!

Posted by: fin4life | July 16, 2013 at 05:43 PM

As usual, GREAT post. Facts, color, insightful, Opinionated, etc, etc(Some here ought a take notes-LOL).

Anyway, Fin4, this is why I didn't include the running backs in my "Camp Battle Prediction" post.

Miller's limited play last year certainly cemented him in as the CLEAR starter. I suspect he would have quickly eclipsed Bush as the starter had he hung around. Granted he struggled with blocking asignments, but he was already closing the gap.

Thomas will hang on as the no. 2, but only because of Gillisslee's inexperience and Thomas' Size/change of pace abilities. Thigpen or Gray could surprise, but I'm not taking those bets. Either could challenge Gillisslee, but as quick as he learns is as quick as he displaces them(I personally believe Gillisslee will *EVENTUALLY* be just as effective as Miller).

Long story short: No real position battles here.

1. Miller.

2. Thomas(almost by default).

3. Gillisslee

4. Thigpen.

5. Gray.

I don't know Odin I think Thigpin sees more action this year, maybe more than Gillislee.

Never watched much college ball. Does Miller have decent hands? Is he a threat to catch passes?

I don't know Odin I think Thigpin sees more action this year, maybe more than Gillislee.

Posted by: Darkoak | July 16, 2013 at 07:34 PM

Yep, Good call Darkoak!

I didn't think of that until later in my post. That's what caused me to back track a little by saying he could surprise.

Thigpen has skills no doubt. I just haven't seen him at RB enough to make any educated guesses, predictions, etc, etc.

One thing for sure, I love Thigpen as a returner and I believe he was a lot closer to breaking off more big ones than we realize.

Personally, I would like to see Thigpen get some screen passes out of the backfield or the slot. Whichever way we can get him the ball in space.

Regardless, Thigpen can be a weapon and the more ways we find to get him the ball in space, the better off we'll be. One more guy that will help in surrounding Tannehill with Talent!

Dashi @7:01

Draft Spotlight: RB Lamar Miller (Miami)

Posted by Rob Warner in NFL Draft Central, SPIN Articles No Comments »

NEWS:Draft Spotlight: RB Lamar Miller (Miami) | Fantasy Football Spin

Miller ran for 1272 yards and nine touchdowns in 2011 while averaging an impressive 5.46 YPC while missing time with a variety of knee and ankle injuries.He has NFL starting RB size (5’11, 212) and is one of the elite playmakers at his position. He ran the fastest forty time (4.40) at the combine which may have cemented him as a late first round pick.

His special teams skills are intriguing as well as Miller averaged 25 yards per return on 15 kickoffs during his two seasons at Miami.

Miller is viewed as an above average pass catcher despite the fact that he had limited receptions during his 2 seasons at the U. His vision and ability to lower his pads makes him a candidate to start in his rookie season. On the negative side his ability to pickup the blitz and tendency to take negative plays will need to improve for him to succeed at the NFL level.

Yeah Odin screens or those wheel routes the Pats run to Vereen. I think Thigpin will surprise a lot of people with his versatility.

Also Darkoak, I think you're right. Barring a MAJOR surprise by Gillisslee, Thigpen will/should see more action.

Like Miller last year, Gillisslee will be brought along slowly.

Hopefully though, with all this new talent, we'll get some big enough leads to see some of these youngsters get valuable playing time. Nothing beats game time experience and we have a lot of inexperienced youngsters that would benefit immensely!

Go Fins!!!!

@laVerdad @7:04

Cuba is a paradise in the Caribbean, my man! Always has been and always WILL be! People come from all over the world to its beaches (one of the nicest in the caribbean) and hotels (some of the most luxurious in the Caribbean). Europeans care about it, last i checked Europe was not in Miami. U need to get out of that bubble that you're living in thinking that the world revolves around whats happening here in the US. Grandparents brought us here for a better life, no doubt. But i long for the day to be sitting on one of those beaches, with our people free from tyranny, a Cuba Libre in one hand, un Tabacco en el otro, kids runnin round in the sand.

Only one thing left to do.........

Tinkle on Castro's grave!

(Kinda like Kris did to you YG @6:44)


(Kinda like Kris did to you YG @6:44)


Posted by: PHILLIE Chirino | July 16, 2013 at 07:51 PM

Sorry, excuse me, I just had to cut in here and make a brief comment:

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

OK........I'm Good!


See what I mean?


L.Miller Injured His Knee In HS. Reason He Was Redshirted As A Freshman.

He Didn't Workout Pre-Draft Because Of Shoulder Surgery. A la D.Jordan.

L.Miller Ran The 40. He Couldn't Do The Bench Press.

Google, L.Miller Shoulder Surgery. He Played On A Bum Shoulder His Last Year In College. And Had Shoulder Surgery Before The Draft.

L.Miller Also Ran Track At UM.

Dashi is a fraud. All he knows is what Google tells him. He has no real knowledge, he googles before posting and acts like he owns the info.


Dashi is like a minimum wage secretary gophering info online like we need his help for that. LOL.

I don't need to know what Dashi thinks about Miller.
I want to know what our opponents think of him. All of our opponents left him on the board until we got around to taking him in the 6th or 7th round.
What do the Steelers think of Miller?
What do the Ravens think?
What does Cleveland think?
That is what matters.

Dashi, I'm curious what the weather is like in Barcelona right now. Would you google that for me?

Dashi is like a minimum wage secretary gophering info online like we need his help for that. LOL.
Posted by: Cellophane | July 16, 2013 at 08:09 PM


Why do you care so much about it? A lot of time spent being critical of an absolute stranger. So what, ignore his posts then.

Remember when Dashi tried to make it sound like 12oz steaks were BIG steaks? LOL. THen he spent 5 posts weasling out of it, oh he ate two, oh no, four. LOL

Urinal Cake,

I Have Said Before. If There Is One Team I Like Almost As Much As The Dolphins. It Is UM Football. I Watch College Football.

And I Even Told You While We Comparing L.Miller To Other RBs. That He Played With A Hurt Shoulder.

Or Would You Like To Explain Again How AJ Carried Alabama. And Not The Running Game.


On your post about Camp predictions I can only say I tend to see it like you do pretty much lock-n-step!

I was looking forward to the Camp battle at CB but unlike others I was watching to see who would emerge between Grimes (good CB but how would he look after return from injury) and the hold overs D.Patterson and R.Marshall because the rookies at that Pos. usually take there lumps early before settling in.

Patrick Peterson (who I believe has Deion type ELITE potential) made the Pro Bowl as a rookie on Special teams given he got lit up some early that Season and really came on Yr. 2 (last Season) College teamate M.Claiborne who Dallas traded up for in 2012 I saw some last Yr. especially in game Vs. Philly (was watching him) were Vick was injured by Ware and rookie Nick Foles picked on him unmercifully with that white boy WR the Eagles have Riley Cooper famous for the mullet who wears #14. After that teams went at him all day ignoring B.Carr and it hurt Dallas plenty!

I expect our Rook CB's to push for nickle / dime packages early maybe ascending late in Season but not early. Some forget maybe the best pure cover corner we ever had P.Surtain was the slot CB in our dime package his Rookie Yr. and Vinny and the Jets burned him during a game in the Meadowlands all game costing us in JJ's last Yr.

The other Camp watch for me is the OL given the Zone scheme we will use and we know Clabo is penciled in at RT (played it in Atl. for Alex Gibbs) but the battle at Guards both L and R are critical given they require alot of pulling in the scheme and agility is a must which we know isn't a Cogs strong suit and will Louis heel and unseat Jerry or will Jerry who apparently showed up in great shape and can play on both the L and R maybe push Cogs (and his 4 Mil. in CAP space?) with Louis settling in next to Clabo (food for thought?)

I am more confident than others in Martin at LT his smarts and conditioning this Offseason point to a better player in Yr. 2 (the signing of Leach would make me feel better) Finally the tinkering with the front 7 should make for interesting fun but doubt we see any of it before Sept.

Darkoak, you can defend the losers you blog with all you want. It's your choice. They are still pathetic idiot losers by all accounts.

Some of you are soooo desperate for football talk you accept any derelict that enters.

If you want a better blog, stop feeding the immature posters,the totally ignorant posters desperately trying to make an impression, the big ego posters thar are losers, and stop feeding the trolls.

Wake up and get a clue who is who!

Why do you care though? Does it affect your life in a negative way? Why bother commenting? It seems to me that it's a collosal waste of your time. If I were you I'd probably find another avenue to blog on, maybe where these people don't take part. You may be happier if you do.

I'm actually not defending them, but looking out for your mental health.

You don't know.


I Know When I Hit A Nerve, Just Notice How It Becomes An I Hate Dashi Fest. Or Ignorant Remarks About DR.

How Predictable And How Childish.

Grown Men Coming On A Football Blog To Talk About Another Man.

Sanchez Is Better than Tanny

DarkoDude...you contribute to the blog being a collosal waste of time by enganging time and again sick immature diaper boys.

Reap what you sow friend.

Oh but I do Oscar, I do. Isn't that right Paul?

Cuba is a third world country of poverty and ignorance.

How Predictable And How Childish.

Grown Men Coming On A Football Blog To Talk About Another Man.

Posted by: Dashi | July 16, 2013 at 08:20 PM

Childish? You are the King of childish with your endless posts about swallowing and milk. You have no education or vocabulary to express anything beyond lockerroom drivel.

You muchacho, are childish. Now, get back to chatting your old man juvenile deliquent....

Dashi | July 16, 2013 at 08:04 PM

Not disputing the shoulder injury but as a Canes fan you know he missed a few games in 2011 because of trouble with a reconstructed knee. It's the reason (not wanting to risk further injury) that he jumps into 2012 draft (declaring) and probably (maybe) after consulting Gore, McGahee, Portis and the Edge all jumping early some to avoid injury others to avoid further injury. Nobody jumps early after Sophmore Season unless they're Vick or MEGATRON Crazy good or avoiding hurting their stock with injury history and in his case BAD advise remember Dashi (thought you lived here?) he was told he would be a 1st Rd pick Channel 7 on Sports Final covered it. I don't know how but go back and look up the Herald's articles on his decision and you'll see not risking another knee injury weighed on him.

Darko is ok in my book, just unfortunately blind about who he is dealing with and how it promotes only more blog foolsishness.

Dang, I Must Be The Worlds Fastest Typist. 2 Post At 8:20. I'm Reaching YG Territory.

Fool, When Has Dashi Ever Called T-Hill, Tanny?

That Is The Gayest Thing I Have Ever Heard.

That Is The Gayest Thing I Have Ever Heard.

Posted by: Dashi | July 16, 2013 at 08:26 PM

Dashi, just like his blood sister odin...always returning to the gayyy theme. No surprise. We understand why.


I'm Not Arguing The Knee Injury. Like I Said, That Was More Freshman Season.

It Wasn't Bad Advice. L.Miller Was Battling T.Richardson For #1 RB That Whole Season. Look At The ESPN Rankings. Kiper And Mcshay Had Him Above Richardson For A While.

The Problem Was He Had Shoulder Surgery Before The Draft. And That Made His Stock Drop.

I Would Also Say. Al Golden Told Him what Was Coming Down The Pipe. The Duke. L.Miller Would've Had To Share Carries With Mike James And The Duke. That Would've Hurt His Draft Stock This Season.

Oh, but we like you a lot here. That's why We want to teach You here.

Darko...do you see? These bloggers like dashi and odin and others, they are borderline illiterate. Stunted mental growth. All they can ever do is reduce themselves to silly lockerroom drivel instead of intelligent debate.

Choose your contacts wisely.


I want to know what our opponents think of him. All of our opponents left him on the board until we got around to taking him in the 6th or 7th round.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 16, 2013 at 08:11 PM

We traded up to top of RD-4 to grab him.


On your thoughts regarding the potential of Duke being Barry like elite I have to agree 110%!!!

Also didn't really think about Miller sharing time with Duke and M.James. I feel M.James has NFL potential and your right Duke is killing his draft stock, should make some team happy RD 4 to 5 in his draft.

Only Gay People Are Offended By A Good Gay Joke.

And That Wasn't Even A Joke. So Why Get Offended? Cause I Used The Word Gay.

You F'ggots Are über Sensitive About Everything.

I don't know about the rest of you.

I don't know where you work or what you do.

Janitor to CEO is fine with me.


Too many here are nothing but low class, illiterate trailor trash. They think they are special. They think they are the good bloogers. But they consistently drag it down into the sewer.


Because too many naive fools with no class and no standards are eager to accept them.

A blogger can come on here for years dictating who is going to swallow his load, yet desparate losers like dashi and odin and several others continue to engage and debate this infant., never realizing he is only here to antagonize.

Why do they do this? Because the are stupid, gullible, immature and desperate for attention of any kind.

Funny because Dashi has aTanny tattoo on his coccyx.

Cuba, is not equal to, the government of Cuba.


M.James Got Drafted This Season In the 6th Forgot By Who. I Wanted The Fins To Draft Him. Pairing James And Miller Again. I Had James On A Couple Of My Mock Drafts.

Yes, Duke Is The Truth. UM Will Be Back This Season. Can't Wait For Football.

james in on tampa. love the U and we are getting close to being back. need a big year out of morris and duke. get the d back on track

Nobody knows(except Me). I'll leave you alone for now. But I'll be back tomorrow, at 3AM, you hear, odin!

I just don't see the need to get so personal with these guys. So what if they say something stupid, who cares. No amount of deriding each other is going to change them or help get your message across. Like I said a waste of time and energy. You got better things to do than spar with these guys.

Me I blog on here when I'm killing time, sometimes at work, sometimes when Idon't feel like working on my renovations.

Urinal Cake(s),

Other Posters Talk To Dashi And Odin Because We Don't Disrespect Them. Notice We (All The Regulars) Have Civilized Discussions With Each Other. And Only Desecrate On You And Your Partner.

Why Is That?

Cause Everyone Except You 2 Idiots Knows How To Hold A Regular Conversation.

(Kris, That Was Hilarious... Don't Mind If I Take It To Refer To The 2 Flamers)

Forgive me for striving for quality.

The blog here used to be a better place, and now it appears it will never return to it's former standard, and for many of the reasons I cited.

Oh well. Can't knock me for trying.

The trolls will troll because most of them are sick. They are social deviants, and based on their comments I would wager some are bi-polar or are sociopaths. The bloggers that engage them can be just a bad, in that you are correct.


I'm More Worried About The Defense. Hopefully The New LBs They Have Can Play. And Golden Has Upgraded The D-Line. Maybe, Chickillo Has Some Help On The Other Side.

I'm Predicting BCS Game.

But Again, I'm The Same Guy Saying The Fins Will Go 12-4. 13-3 If We Sign Leach.

Notice We (All The Regulars) Have Civilized Discussions With Each Other.

Posted by: Dashi | July 16, 2013 at 08:51 PM

You little boy are in Major denail. Civilized conversation is not resorting to silly lockeroom nonsense and constant refferences to swallowing semen every single time you don't like someone's opinion. You are juvenile and add nothing to the blog no matter what your blind ego tells you.

YOU are in denial. And I am certain you will remain there.

Darko I see you have chosen the dark (kiddy) side. That is your choice.

You will see my point of view in time.

In the mean tiime, have fun bloggin with DashiSeman and odinBwaaaaahaaaahaa.

I misjudged you for someone above that.

Cellophane/Urinal Cake From 8:08 - 8:52.

You Have Been Talking About Dashi Or "Other Posters".

When Are You Going To Talk About Football?

You Have Been Trolling For The Past Hour. Give It A Break You FF.

Make That From 8:08-9:00


I talk about football all the time.

You are just too freaking stupid and naive to figure it out.

Stop polluting the blog with your deviant and disgusting trash talk. Learn a few new words and try to express yourself better than a 14 yo from the ghetto.

The best Dashi can do is Urinal Cake.

So impressive.

This is a sign of very low education and likely illiteracy. But, most of you feed and support this.

Raise the bar. Don't be afraid.

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