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Studying the Vonta Leach situation

No, I'm not totally back yet. I still have a couple more days of vacation left. But I have some information I've shared with my followers on twitter -- you should follow me @ArmandoSalguero -- that I believe should be here as well.

Regarding Vonta Leach:

1. Today is a big day because it marks the first in which Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland is expected back at work after his vacation in, among other places, Australia. That return to work means he's able to actually talk to Leach agent Ralph Vitolo and negotiate a deal for the veteran if he's so inclined. The two have exchanged some text messages in the time both were on holiday during the past few weeks, but with training camp opening in less than a week and both sides at work, the stage is set for something to happen.

2. Is something going to happen at all? Well, the Dolphins want Leach for the right price. And Leach wants the Dolphins for the right price. (Isn't that always the case?) The Dolphins have made no secret of the fact coach Joe Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman seriously want Leach for an offense that could use some veteran leadership and also needs an upgrade at fullback. Leach wants to play in Miami because he sees the Dolphins as an up-and-coming team that has a chance to challenge for the playoffs this year, assuming everything goes well. Leach, by the way, also has a good sense of the Dolphins system. That should not be a problem.

3. So what do the sides want from each other? Well, the Dolphins don't want to spend a ton on Leach. Nobody does with fullbacks anymore. The position players there are endangered species. But for the Dolphins it means superior lead blocking and experienced pass blocking on early downs. That's important because presumed starting halfback Lamar Miller is inexperienced and could use some veteran help. It's important because any help the Dolphins can give LT Jonathan Martin on early passing downs with Leach blocking in the backfield on pass plays is good. It's important because Leach can be a stabilizing figure in the huddle. He's been there and done that. For Leach, he wants the opportunity of making one last solid contract. I've reported he wants a two- or three-year deal. He doesn't want a one-year deal because he wants some sort of stability. He likes the idea of being a leader. He likes the coaches and has a comfort level with them.

4. So what can get in the way? Well, Leach has a standing offer to return to the Ravens if he wishes. My sense is it's a low-budget offer and that's the reason he hasn't taken it. He wants to do better. But, the Ravens loom nonetheless because they are comfortable for Leach, familiar to Leach, they're defending Super Bowl champions, and they're proven. I remind everyone the Ravens have this way of swooping in at the last minute and re-signing players they value. Yes, they've lost talent this offseason due to cap constraints, but they have a way of pulling surprise moves  -- witness the Elvis Dumervil signing.

5. What does it all mean? The Dolphins have been trying to get better across the board at every position this offseason. They are clearly not thrilled with the work of Jovorskie Lane last year to the extent they can afford to offer him no training camp competition. If they sign Leach, Lane is in trouble. Leach would be the presumed starter and Lane's only chance of making the team is if Leach is a bust during camp or gets injured. Simply, Lane was inconsistent as a rookie. His weight, his knowledge of his assignments, his execution ... all inconsistent. It wasn't terrible. But the Dolphins simply want a chance to upgrade.

So we'll see what happens on this front ... See you later in the week. 


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After all these years Armando has only managed to attract a handful of bloggers that resort to nothing but vile debate.

It is a testament to the sad state of our society. Many of you simply say so what.



Who Remembers Some Clown The Other Day Saying The Fins Are Losing Value?

I Should've Learned From The Lacy/Gillislee Debacle. Never To Trust Anything Urinal Cake Says.

The Fins Have Actually Increased In Value Since Ross Took Over. But Why Let Something Like Real Facts Get In The Way Of Your Opinion.

You Talk About Football All The Time. This Being The First Time Your Name Showing Up And Not Having Nothing Football Related To Talk About For The Past Hour.

So Urinal Cake Gets To You. Alright Urinal Cake.

Dashi is way too stupid to recognize who I am even though we have talked football in the past. It is just not worth it anymore to see him carry himself the way he does.

No surprise. He is challenged mentally.

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Let That Sink In For A Moment, Birdbrain.

Think About How Egregious Your Statement Is. How Ignorant You Have To Be To Say Something That Stupid. Just Think.

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What I Am Saying Is, Talk Football. Notice Dashi Can Multitask. Talk Trash With The Garbage, While Still Talking Football.

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Well, my tolerance for foolishness has been exhausted. My point has been made for those that understand.

Viva la blog...but hopefully in a better way.

It's up to YOU.

"Never send to know for who the bell tolls. It tolls for thee." John Donne

Lamar Miller. It may be a great thing he didn't get extensive playing time his rookie season. At the U, he's yet to prove he can "STAY HEALTHY" an entire season, and they don't play 16 regular season games in college.

No, add to the fact D-Thomas has yet to prove he can stay healthy either, and idiots here have anointed Miller starter and Thomas backup. Well, this maybe true for the first 8 games, possibly.

With neither Miller nor Thomas having a proven track record of avoiding injuries over a single season. It's very possible by game 8, or afterwards, Gillislee/Thigpen will be the new starter, with the other as the primary backup.

With neither Miller or Thomas having proven track records of avoiding injury. Don't be surprised if by game 8, both have landed on injured reserve, or have to sit out 3 or more games. Roger that, idiots!


I don't take sides, I just don't get the need to battle pointlessly day in day out. But usually people don't respond well to being called idiot when they are debating an issue. When that stops then the blog will be at a higher level. Lead by example, stop deriding people you don't agree with. It's possible that they are not idiots you know, but have a differing opinion, and that's actually part of the fun of discussing football.

Lamar Miller spent his entire Hurricane career being a walking injury bug waiting to bite. Same with D Thomas and his Dolphins career,

Quite possibly by week 8 we'll be down to our 3rd and 4th string rb's(Gillislee/Thigpen) as starter and backup.

Posted by: Darkoak | July 16, 2013 at 09:48 PM

If you really believe what you've just posted. Then its quite possible youre an idiot too.

The ones here that cry foul most, are themselves the blog's greatest trolls. They can dish it out, but, they cant take it!

Posted by: I LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | July 16, 2013 at 09:56 PM

Many here wish for a "circle-jerk" just like Ohio's blog. Youre stroking yourselves if you think that's going to happen here.

What part of "FREE PUBLIC BLOG" you idiots don't understand? I'll take a troll infested blog over "circle-jerkers" and buddy assisted "cack smoking" any day!

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The question these crybabies here should be asking Armando is this:

"Armando, who do we contact and how much would it cost to create our own private circle-jerk blog?"

But, of course, you'll never here the poor and destitute crybaby trolls pose this question to Armando.


FAKING describes Kris and his few chosen blog buddies perfectly. They are too immature, too much in denial, to recognize it.

Chill 17 and 0. You know Millers been working out with Frank Gore

all summer. And you have to catch him before u try and hurt him.

What a ocean breeze douchbag story, Neil. STFU Neil, you suck. A). If you are older, more aware and perhaps wiser then recoginze that they looked like a couple Jack!ass kids...mumble, chuckle, shake your head...move the fk on. You go on this turd sandwich babble about non-sense. Rtard.
2). Way to wrap up a story by pretty much saying, freedom of speech...BUT...
III). Replace the cover photo with a cartoon depiction of yourself scorning a couple of youthful puppys wearing the Pounceys' jersey. Then re-title it "Nobody Gives a Shyt".

Lead by example, stop deriding people you don't agree with. It's possible that they are not idiots you know, but have a differing opinion,l.

Posted by: Darkoak | July 16, 2013 at 09:48 PM

You do realize that this is what the people you are defending do? Only worse than call them idiots, they resort to adolescant, vulgar nonsense. They are not even capable of decent dabate, only trivial homosexual accusations. This is what you defend?

I guess you don't realize it.

You may be very stupid too.

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I have no idea what to expect from Miller but most of the possibilities are negative. Probably a blunder letting Reggie walk away.

Chill 17 and 0. You know Millers been working out with Frank Gore

all summer. And you have to catch him before u try and hurt him.

Posted by: stop speculating | July 16, 2013 at 10:36 PM

Those post were aim at the king of Hostess Twinkies here. Better known Dashi swallow bunny.

The scissors and Elmer's glue cut and paste King, Odin Idiot. Will show up to spew his cut and paste venom when he's sure they aren't around to place his "COWARDLY ASS" into the interrogation room underneath the hot lights.

Add "COWARDLY COWARD" to the long list of his stupendous none accomplishments in this blog.

Dashi lord of swallows.

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Dashiki and Odor = Twan from living Color ( aka hated it!)

Posted by: stop speculating | July 16, 2013 at 10:36 PM

I also pray that Lamar Miller doesn't become the the walking injury waiting to happen machine, as a Dolphin, that he was at the U either bud.

Gotta admit ...... These rants by idiots are pretty amusing

Hi Dashi!

I feel ya 17, but he is one of the fastest in the league.

I hope he doesn't get hurt.

I'm more worried about D Thomas and his concussions.

That upright running style Is no good.

Odin's my hottie!

*Than Milk In Your Mouth.

Posted by: Dashi | July 14, 2013 at 08:35 PM

dashe does have an obsession with jizzle and swallowing. Most likely latent fantasies trying to emerge. It is a matter of him struggling to come out of the closet.


I have feeling that D Thomas will be sidelined for at least 2 games by week 5. That's his injury pattern.

If we're lucky, D Thomas plays 10 games this season. He'll miss at least 6 games due to some type of injury.

Dashiki and Odor give each other tender sponge baths and apply ointment to each others bed sores.

Dashi, did you just burp again?

Sour poi is still quite edible with salted fish or lomi salmon on the side. Sourness is prevented by freezing or dehydrating, although the resulting poi tends to be bland in comparison to the fresh product. For best thawing results, microwave after a layer of tap water has been poured over the surface of the frozen poi. Sour poi is also used as a cooking ingredient, usually in breads and rolls. It has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel.

This Dashi fellow s pretty disgusting, isn't he?

I've learned a lot about poi here today.

I admire dashi and his innuendos. They turn me on.

My mongoloid wife mainly reads the blog waiting for odins bwaaahaahas. then she laughs and farts at the same time. It's good to see her happy.

I've learned today that Richard Nixon aka "Tricky Dick" may still be alive.

Dashi we're not a womb!

Smells like Odin Odor hour's drawing close. Grab your ass cheeks Odin Odor. Open wide Dashi.

My worst fear 17 is D Thomas fumbling away the game at the 1 yard line.

We probably should trade him, eventually.

I am indeed alive and I owe it all to poi.

It has also enabled me to have tremendous stamina in the bedroom.

I am not a crook.


Last season Armando tried to warn how awful D Thomas was in practice. With me it fell on death ear until before season's end I saw the light. Now, I fully agree with Armando.

I also agree with you that we should try and trade him before he has a costly fumble that perhaps cost a playoff appearance or worse.

Dashiki and Odin filming a new movie.

Not Tango and Cash, but Butt hole and Ash.

Pour the bitter wine on the cat. The bitter, bitter wine.

On. The. Cat.

Let us fly to Yemen and place three almonds on a green table.

Let there be Swedish camels dancing the Rhumba.

It is now your onion. I do not want it anymore, Patricia.

Well that's my attempt to get people to stop flooding the blog with crap. You may return to your everyday social ineptitude.

At least it's good for a laugh from time to time.

We are a better team when D Thomas is sidelined. He's friggin pathetic.

I am more confident than others in Martin at LT his smarts and conditioning this Offseason point to a better player in Yr. 2.

Posted by: fin4life | July 16, 2013 at 08:15 PM

I was too caught up in losing Long and finding a replacement to give Martin any serious consideration. Then it dawned on me, Ireland wants his 2nd rounder to pan out so bad it's unreal. That's a major coup for a GM. Finding a legit starting **Left Tackle** in the 2nd round............? Are you kidding me......?

I'm not sold on Martin for any number of reasons. His play late last season being a big one. But, the more I've heard and read and the more I think it through, the better I feel about it(Like we have a choice-lol).

Consider that Martin had a very, VERY good collegiate career at Left tackle. He is TRULY a Left Tackle and wants to play there at this level. In his mind, he's ALWAYS been a Left Tackle.

Consider that he had a full rookie season to get acclimated to Life in the NFL(The Speed and Talent he has to face). I think it was 12 games at right tackle and 4 at Left. You have to admit, this was a GREAT way to get your Rookie Tackle "Broken In" at this level.

The really crucial things though, I think are Martin's dedication and commitment to wanting to be a Left Tackle. I read quite a few interviews of Martin where he's stated over and over again how he's always wanted to be a Left Tackle. How he always EXPECTED to BE a Left tackle. Then when drafted to a team with a Jake Long firmly ensconced, he still felt that he would eventually end up being an NFL Left Tackle one way or another.

Ultimately, Martin's putting in the time and work to give him the best possible chance to successfully return to Left Tackle. Putting on 15 to 20 pounds of muscle is a big time testament to this.

I'm not sold on Martin, but I like everything I've read and heard since the Jake Long shakeup. If he continues to work hard and increase his strength(the only knock on him coming out)I think he'll be just as good at this level as he was at the collegiate level.

Here's to keeping our fingers tightly crossed!!!!


We are a better team when D Thomas is sidelined. He's friggin pathetic.

Posted by: Monte | July 16, 2013 at 11:53 PM

All one need ask himself is, If Dolphins are hppy with D Thomas, why would a "4th rd" pick be spent on Gillislee?

That's pretty darn high for a 3rd on the depth chart behind Miller and Thomas. The tea leaves don't lie.

I think Thomas will be given a chance at the FB job. If we don't sign Leach, he will have a good chance of getting it. In a zone blocking scheme, he is useless as a HB. He can't read blocking.

The biggest problem with putting Martin at LT is that he has no competition, it's Martin or bust so to speak. Would be nice if he had to compete against a vet or something.

You don't spend a 5th rd pick on a "3rd string" backup rb(Gillislee). This is an indication D Thomas' day could very well be numbered in Miami.

It also now wreaks of "ODIN ODOR" here.

I think Thomas could be gonzo this camp unless he looks amazing, nobody has mentioned how good he's looked so far, so I doubt amazing.

Chill. Martin isn't the first LT to struggle a little in his rookie season and he wont be the last. He started 3-4yrs at Stanford protecting the best pure qb in the college game(Luck).

He only played the last 4gms at LT. There has to be some sort of adjustment period after playing 12gms at RT. At least this year he starts day 1 game one at LT. He should only get better as the season goes along.

He's also aided by the fact that we have a very mobile qb. Tannehill exhibited his greatest accuracy last season when throwing on the run. Good thing that our OC(Sherman) is much smarter than our bloggers.

I wouldn't say Sherm is a genius, it did take him 5 games to figure out that Tannehill should be used on rollouts. I'm not a Sherm fan, but I can respect the guy ( the way he ripped Egnew on Hard Knocks was awesome).

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