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Studying the Vonta Leach situation

No, I'm not totally back yet. I still have a couple more days of vacation left. But I have some information I've shared with my followers on twitter -- you should follow me @ArmandoSalguero -- that I believe should be here as well.

Regarding Vonta Leach:

1. Today is a big day because it marks the first in which Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland is expected back at work after his vacation in, among other places, Australia. That return to work means he's able to actually talk to Leach agent Ralph Vitolo and negotiate a deal for the veteran if he's so inclined. The two have exchanged some text messages in the time both were on holiday during the past few weeks, but with training camp opening in less than a week and both sides at work, the stage is set for something to happen.

2. Is something going to happen at all? Well, the Dolphins want Leach for the right price. And Leach wants the Dolphins for the right price. (Isn't that always the case?) The Dolphins have made no secret of the fact coach Joe Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman seriously want Leach for an offense that could use some veteran leadership and also needs an upgrade at fullback. Leach wants to play in Miami because he sees the Dolphins as an up-and-coming team that has a chance to challenge for the playoffs this year, assuming everything goes well. Leach, by the way, also has a good sense of the Dolphins system. That should not be a problem.

3. So what do the sides want from each other? Well, the Dolphins don't want to spend a ton on Leach. Nobody does with fullbacks anymore. The position players there are endangered species. But for the Dolphins it means superior lead blocking and experienced pass blocking on early downs. That's important because presumed starting halfback Lamar Miller is inexperienced and could use some veteran help. It's important because any help the Dolphins can give LT Jonathan Martin on early passing downs with Leach blocking in the backfield on pass plays is good. It's important because Leach can be a stabilizing figure in the huddle. He's been there and done that. For Leach, he wants the opportunity of making one last solid contract. I've reported he wants a two- or three-year deal. He doesn't want a one-year deal because he wants some sort of stability. He likes the idea of being a leader. He likes the coaches and has a comfort level with them.

4. So what can get in the way? Well, Leach has a standing offer to return to the Ravens if he wishes. My sense is it's a low-budget offer and that's the reason he hasn't taken it. He wants to do better. But, the Ravens loom nonetheless because they are comfortable for Leach, familiar to Leach, they're defending Super Bowl champions, and they're proven. I remind everyone the Ravens have this way of swooping in at the last minute and re-signing players they value. Yes, they've lost talent this offseason due to cap constraints, but they have a way of pulling surprise moves  -- witness the Elvis Dumervil signing.

5. What does it all mean? The Dolphins have been trying to get better across the board at every position this offseason. They are clearly not thrilled with the work of Jovorskie Lane last year to the extent they can afford to offer him no training camp competition. If they sign Leach, Lane is in trouble. Leach would be the presumed starter and Lane's only chance of making the team is if Leach is a bust during camp or gets injured. Simply, Lane was inconsistent as a rookie. His weight, his knowledge of his assignments, his execution ... all inconsistent. It wasn't terrible. But the Dolphins simply want a chance to upgrade.

So we'll see what happens on this front ... See you later in the week. 


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During Jake Long's rookie season he was drafted to stat LT right away. Took every camp rep at LT. Started every preseason game at LT.

Did J Martin do these same things? No, he did ll of these things learning a totally new position(RT), while starting 12 games at this totally new position before Long landed on IR.

This year, Martin takes every camp rep, preseason star, and goes into game 1 as our starting LT. A whole helluva lot different from last season.


Who the hell needs to be genius to be smarter than dumbass bloggers here?

Sherman needs to tighten up with his game plans because his play

calling was herrendous last year.

Unless we just didn't have any weapons to call a good

game plan.

Bush was almost never used on screens, thrown to in the flat or spread out wide. That seems to me Sherm didn't make the most of his players strengths, he was trying to ram square pegs into round holes. The Fins ran a game plan that didn't maximize the strengths of it's players. That's bad IMO.


Also, it did not take Sherm 5gms to figure Tanne could be used on rollouts. He knows a helluva lot more about developing qb's than you or I.

Sherm knows, developing qb's 101, is first getting your qb adjusted to "playing within the pocket". Rolling him out right away, he never gets used to operating in a pocket.

That's the surest way to lad your rookie qb down "Bust Lane".

Tannehill didn't develop veteran pocket presence in a handful of games either. Tannehill had problems throwing from the pocket, Sherm was forced to adjust. Sherm had coached him for two plus years, he should have had a good understanding of Tannehill's weaknesses.

Anyway like I said I'm not a Sherm fan. His game planning never made the most of his talent.

From what I have seen of Bush, if you put him in a screen, he will most likely run to the sidelines and get what is there. Regardless of whether the screen is to the middle or the side. Bush always runs to the sidelines. Sometimes the sideline is the best place to go;to Bush I think it is the safe place to go.

The drafting of Lamar Miller was the death nail in the coffin for Reggie Bush in Miami. Bush was in his contract year and Ireland never had intention of resigning him.

So, why the hell would Sherm use Bush in a way to drive up the value of a player who wouldn't be with the team 1 yr later anyway? It isn't like using Bush more frequently on screens would make this a playoff team.

Still, Bush had 35 recs, 292yds, and 2 tds last year. That's an average of over 2 catches per game. Remember, Bush is pretty injury prone himself. So when you add that to his rushing attempts, you have to know when to when, because of his career injury history.

Anyway like I said I'm not a Sherm fan. His game planning never made the most of his talent.

Posted by: Darkoak | July 17, 2013 at 12:38 AM

Well, I guess, inside of the metropolis you call your brain. Its always raining great offensive coordinators.

Have you ever heard of getting what is the best available at the time? Usually when a team needs a coordinator, the very best ones are already employed.

Wow someone is a little sensitive that I disagree with them, why the hostility buddy, you all right?

I called your brain a metropolis. Whats sensitive about that? Sensitive would be calling you a "pea-brain".

You kids don't even have clue of when one's being extremely civil towards you. It's you who are "overly sensitive". You take both attack and nne attack like as an attack.


I think what it really is, you kids feel threatened when you feel you're losing a debate. Then you get all over sensitive and take everything as if its an attack.

When I was growing up, it was called "learning" not coming under attack. Seems today's kids feel that if you're trying to teach them something youre attacking them. Exactly why America seems to be getting dumber by the day.


It may also help if you look up the definition of metropolis. Then you'll know that it wasn't an attack.

If you don't know the meaning of a word, look it up. Then you'll never jump to false conclusions kid.

Kids lol that's hilarious. I think I can recognize sarcasm when I see it 17, actually anyone could recognize it there.

Anyway relax you gander is getting up, and I don't want you to blow a gasket. Oops my age is showing, lol.

With the invention of text messaging, youngsters today have learned how to turn what would normally be a 5 minute conversation into a 5 hour conversation. Those of us from the "old school" are more direct and to the point.

We don't have enough time left to use it up on turning 5 minute conversations into 5 hour bafflonious bullsh-t. We never have and never will.

Goodnight, just took my Geritol, and Im off to bed. LOL...


Im out now Odin Odor. You can come out to play with your cut and paste now. You blithering coward. LOL...

Why would I care if I lose a debate with a stranger on a football blog? Ha, I don't care about that stuff at all. And it's hard to win or lose when one is just giving there opinion. It seems to me you might have an issue with "winning and losing" debates on here. I'm actually OK with your opinion, I don't think you are an idiot for having faith in Sherm, and I'm not trying to beat you at anything, why would I, I don't even know who you are. Even if I did I still wouldn't, that' not how I'm wired.

I see Sherman's play calling last year as being conservative, not inadequate. It would be very reckless to call plays that were aggressive in the situation we were in.
Also, in a situation with an untried QB, I would want to bring him into the fold with some subtle applications.

Good sense I think you are right in regards to the play calling. My issue is that the game plan didn't take advantage of what we had (which I'll admit wasn't much).

I see Sherman's play calling last year as being conservative, not inadequate. It would be very reckless to call plays that were aggressive in the situation we were in.
Also, in a situation with an untried QB, I would want to bring him into the fold with some subtle applications.

Posted by: Good Sense | July 17, 2013 at 01:15 AM

You sound very true to your screen name. Its very rare that true wisdom gets expressed here!

Good Sense,

Im very happy that you realize playcalling is limited to the player an OC has that he feels confident they can execute plays he send in.

If an OC gets "to cute" and the players cant execute what he calls. Then, the play ends in disasterous turnover and the same twits now complain it was a stupid call by the OC.

Wreckless? Offense was just about dead last.
Sherman didn't open the play book until we are eliminated from contention.
Bush should have been catching passes all year long

An OC is only as good as the personnel he has to execute his play calls. Exactly why the offensive roster went into great overhaul this offseason.

You are limited to the players you have which means you try to maximize what you have. That means game planning match ups prior to the game. What player do you have that gives you that precious mismatch? That is something we didn't see much of, also changing the game plan when problems arose during the game.

Well maybe we see more innovative game planning this year? Anyway I'm out, 17 and others all the best.

Its simply amazing how much the no nothings here think they know about being an OC.

If youre really as smart as you think you are, then why in hell don't you put in an application with the team?

Its a great paying job, yet youre so damn smart youre afraid to apply. Are you afraid it will be exposed that you aren't nearly as smart as you think you are or fraudulently have us to believe?

Post Of The Year!!!!

SERIOUSLY, this is one of the best POSTS I've read in quite some time. You gotta give credit where credit is DUE!

Why do you care so much about it? A lot of time spent being critical of an absolute stranger. So what, ignore his posts then.

Posted by: Darkoak | July 16, 2013 at 08:13 PM

Kudos to you Sir!!!!


For gods sake man, youre an absolute nfl offensive genius. I suggest you talk to Ireland and get him to replace Sherm with you right away!

Odin sh-t Odor is in the house! We caught odor wind of your coming arrival 2 hours before you arrived, stank-stank. LOL...

I think this year will be more indicative of where we are as a competitive football team. Although, our schedule is much more competitive, I think we have a better chance to excel in this season.
I don't think Reggie will be missed; as well as Long and our linebackers.
I think the secondary has been greatly improved.
Of course these issues will be tried by fire, but I am anxious to see the results.

Odin Odor,

It would be a huge upgrade if we could down grade you to only smelling like sh-t! Even fresh sh-t! LOL...

Good Sense,

Im with you every step of the way with your very wise posts!

Dig It

Lf17-0iya snon other then YG4L/YG/DB Etc etc, Hey YG Insteadf poluting this blog go out and get a JOB...
Heck even Odin has a part time job.

Is it 3AM?


I will not engage in any speculation until I start hearing reports from training Camp about individual Player's performances and after our Game with Dallas.


All they can ever do is reduce themselves to silly lockerroom drivel instead of intelligent debate.

Choose your contacts wisely.

Posted by: Cellophane | July 16, 2013 at 08:34 PM

Troll Boy posted for 6 hours straight without referencing the Dolphins or Football ONCE-LOL!

And he's trying to give Darkoak advice........ROTFLMAO!

No wonder he was totally and completely ignored. I think it's wonderful that everybody's on to this Tard-SMH ;)

Dashi is way too stupid to recognize who I am even though we have talked football in the past. It is just not worth it anymore to see him carry himself the way he does.

No surprise. He is challenged mentally.

Posted by: Cellophane | July 16, 2013 at 09:16 PM

Talk about delusional - LOL!

First off, most have your number and would rather just lose it.

Second, who the Fvck cares enough to try and follow all the fake names you Troll up(ruin)the blog with....?

Nobody gives a Fvck about you here. On the contrary, MOST wish you would simply get hit by a bus. That's all it would take for the blog to improve exponentially.

Simple as that.

Cellophane says good bye at 9:43 and YG re-appears right on Que at 9:46 Duuuuuuuuuuh!


No, add to the fact D-Thomas has yet to prove he can stay healthy either, and idiots here have anointed Miller starter and Thomas backup. Well, this maybe true for the first 8 games, possibly.

Don't be surprised if by game 8, both have landed on injured reserve, or have to sit out 3 or more games. Roger that, idiots!

Posted by: I LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | July 16, 2013 at 09:46 PM

Despite YG PROVING once again that he's the REAL name calling idiot, he also completely misses the fact that Philbin in Co actually "anointed" Miller as the starter.

Sorry YG, in accordance with how idiotic we know you are, we're just going to go with Philbin and Sherman on this.

I'm just SURE you have a master plan that's way better. But ah, we'll stick with Joe on this one just the same.


It's a towel and tomato day. Better have that clay under the lamp!

Troll Boy posted for 6 hours straight without referencing the Dolphins or Football ONCE-LOL!

!Posted by: odinseye | July 17, 2013 at 03:32 AM

You pretty much do that everyday!! MORON!

The trolls ARE the regulars here and the regulars ARE the trolls.

The term is meaningless on this blog and has been for a long time.

I can't imagine anyone being stupid enough not to realize it but apparently one or two folks here really are that clueless.

just 1 or 2 ? huh?

Troll Boy = odinseye

Hi all...been catching up on the last coupla days posts.....nothing worthwhile to contribute...just wanna say hi...and anxious for camp to start..

GO PHINS!!!!!!!

yo !

some1 tell tannehenne that july 21 is summer,
not fall.

YG, when you get up at about 2pm, please tell me what a "death nail" is. The phrase I'm familiar with and widely used is "death knell".

Buster!!! what's up???


Feel free to use the term Urninal Cake @ your leasure....I do think it fits YG well...

Never have I seen someone so deserate for human contact that they spend their entire life on a football blog insulting (baiting) people to talk to them....


Hats off to you man...you maintained yourself in a manner that is commendable....we could all learn from your conversation last night with YG...he kept poking you with sticks....and you kept giving him FOOTBALL talk....must have drove him crazy....

Looks like it's Soliai over Starks....


Seems like the NO-BRAINER choice now....

but I remember a couple a years ago when it didn't seem so clear...

Hats off to BIG PAUL....I wonder if he will give the FINS a discount this time as well..

Kris, I may have to consult with Darkoak because YG gets me going almost all the time. I admittedly have no patience for ignorance though .. especially when it's so eloquently displayed.

And Big Paul, I love that guy. I'd keep him over Starks too. Paul gives you all sorts of flexibility when shifting from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and since his game is all power, he should be able to play into his mid 30s like Sam Adams and Ted Washington. He also is pretty much a one man wrecking crew in the run game. he's unmoveable in the middle. As far as the discount, I thinkhe gave the team one last off season. His contract coming off a franchise tag was more than fair. Big Paul really grew up in the Dolphins franchise. A role model in terms of what hard work and discipline and bring you. Good for him, he deserves everything good financially he gets. A pros pro.

An ancient Greek curse will befall you.

My wife is Greek, I guess you are too late with your prophecies...

Hey Mark, Kris and Odin nothing too fancy about how I talk to YG, I just try to be respectful at all times. It's a good way to be. My biggest concern is for YG's mental health, he's not a very stable man. The name changing, superiority complex, his hypocritical arguments and personality shifts mark someone who has lost his grasp on social norms for communication. Usually you can just chalk it up to an immature mind looking for kicks pissing people off, general social deviancy. His obsessive behavior though marks a more dire situation for sure.

YG if you have never seen a psychiatrist I would suggest you do so. At the very least take one of those online mental health exams, it might give you the push to get the help you need. All the best to you.

Walker's blog has a headline, "Jets Will Go Deep In Playoffs".

For the past 5 months Walker has had his nose way up our bung holes, why is he switching to the Jets now that camp is about to open?

Do not go to Dr. Oscar Canosa because that is the Dr already treating oscar canosa.

In the journal of Polynesian Cultural History, Poi Making, by the Hawaiian historian Mary Kawena Pukui, the significance of poi is expressed: “Among my people, a child learned to pound poi at the age of eight, and it was the custom that each beginner ate every bit of the first batch he or she pounded. . . . My hair was coiled up and pinned securely so that there was no danger of getting a strand of it in the poi. We both turned out a smooth batch, which my aunt blessed (pule kahukahu) before we ate.”

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