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The Dolphins address various issues of note

What are the Dolphins saying their first full week of practice. Here are some snippets (love that word) on various topics:

Coach Joe Philbin on left tackle Jonathan Martin: “We saw a lot of progress, we saw developments there. His technique is good, he needs to work on his punch a little bit better, the consistency of the punch, but I thought overall he played well. He had five games roughly that he played at left tackle last year, so he needs to have frequent snaps but we’re expecting a lot.”

Is Philbin comfortable with the depth along the OL? “Not necessarily, I don’t know that I’m comfortable with the depth of any position yet. We’re still in that initial phase of camp, still a lot of teaching going on, not overly concerned with who’s getting a rep against who at this point in time. We’re more concerned about the volume of work that we can get done, the amount of things we can teach, get a look at it on the practice field, then go back and reinforce some of the things in the meeting room.  We haven’t really gotten to that stage yet, but I don’t know that I’m comfortable at a lot of positions yet."

What are John Jerry's thoughts on the OL? "We are going to be alright up front. We have five preseason games, so that will benefit a lot of guys."

Jerry on the eventual challenge from Lance Louis for his starting RG job: "I’m a competitor. Lance is a competitor. We are going to compete. We are going to help each other. We are going to make each other better."

But, but, but John, Lance Louis wants your job: "You know, I think he has that mindset, and I’ve got that mindset. At the same time, we are just trying to get better."

New receiver Mike Wallace and quarterback Ryan Tannehill haven't connected on any significan deep passes in live team periods yet. Is that a product of the installation of the offense, Mike? “We have different days where we do different things. I have all the confidence that Coach (Mike) Sherman is going to put it in how it is needed to be put in. I’m not really worried about that. I think that will come in due time. It is only day (four at practice). We have a lot more days to go at camp and especially before the regular season. I think everything will fall in place. I think they have a good plan in place for us."

Cameron Wake sort of took Olivier Vernon under his wings, so to speak, in the offseason and the two defensive ends -- one accomplished, one wanting to accomplish -- spent time together in the offseason.

What happened during that time, Cam Wake?

“He’s one of the guys I was talking to some of the guys earlier, he’s probably one of the most improved guys on the team.  I spent a little time with him in the offseason. He’s a guy who’s hungry and from the day he got here, you knew he was one of those guys with that mindset, being a small defensive end like me and some of the other guys on the team, you can’t go in there timid.  It’s not for the meek and mild. You have to go in there, throw your body in there, doesn’t matter if he’s 6’8 and 400 pounds, you have to go after him and tackle him.  It’s that pit bull mentality. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog. So he’s that kind of guy."

Does Wake like Vernon's approach?

"He came here with a lot of that, and I don’t want to toot my horn too much but, I like to think that I’m a guy that he can learn some things from and take some pieces of my game and incorporate his own style too.  He brought a lot already when he signed up here, but that guys is a hell of a player and I know he’s only going to get better."




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I am so glad you are back Armando. Thank you got the training camp updates.

Shiver me timbers. First.

The prosecution does not even have enough evidence for the probable cause hearing. and so the accused has to remain jailed.
I guess this kind of thing is common but no one cares. No one would even notice if he wasn't famous.

I'm throwing down the gauntlet: If the Dolphins don't win the Hall of Fame game, I'm OUT! That's it! Done! Finito! Adios!

Just trying to start the day with a little sarcasm.

Martin has to get stronger or we will have to keep a te or RB in to help him. That will cripple our offense. Vernon was a liability against the run, it is no accident that when he played more at the end of last year the run d sucked. The rams game that Vernon had two sacks we gave up 140 yards to an unknown rook and against the pats at the end of the year they ran right at him. Marshall isn't good enough to be a starter. He is a nickel guy. I hope dimitri beats him out because he and Carroll are practice guys who get torched in games

Nothing good can come from playing 5 preseason games.
Plenty of disaster in the form of season ending injuries to one or two key players can sink this season before it begins.

How come the Pats never have to play in the crppy HOF game?

Personally I will never be done with this team, no matter how they do, as long as this blog is here.

I like this blog more than I like the team!

Can't please anybody. Armando said Wallace was only a deep threat. Now Wallace is running the whole tree accept the fly and now they can't connect on the bomb.

Players have a better chance of getting hurt in practice than in games. In camp every player gets a ton of reps. In the hall of fame game the real players will be lucky to get ten snaps

Hof game is good for the our team and fans. If they have a good showing in this game it can give them a big confidence boost. This team thinks they are good but they need to see it against another team. It is also good for the fans. If miamis first team o and d dominate. Mike Wallace catches a deep td. Miller breaks a big run. The d dominates and Jordan gets a sack this place will go nuts

I agree. This blog is more fun than the crappy team.

Cam Wake mentoring the underclass men.....

This guy is the definition of hard work paying off....if some of that can rub off on Vernon...then we will be a better team for it.....

I am not sure what many expect out of the first week of practice....they call it practice for a reason....nobody ever said "perfect makes perfect"...Wallace and Tanne will get on the same page @ some point.....

Things are looking good for the FINS....

biggest question marks have to be Martin and Tanne (imo).....the "timing aspect of the WC could help improve both....but especially Martin....

we'll see....

Dustin Keller sounds like he's fitting in well. I hated him on the Jets. But GLAD he's here in Miami now!

Take your eyes off the ball! It's not all about the quarterback! But when the team loses it's the quarterback's fault. SMH

My life doesn't revolve around this blog.

I just happen to know every detail about every blogger and event that has taken place here.

Good update.

I'm real curious to see what happens with Jerry and Egnew.

I agree a good showing is good for the team and the fans.
I want the the team to do well and be dominant.
I'm just saying that since we are playing 25% more preseason games we have a 25% increased opportunity for disaster.

This blog is my best friend.
Therefore you mus all be my best friend.

I think Ireland has really blown it when it comes to his OL draft picks. Jeff seems to love guys that fall and selects them even though the Dolphins have not put in their share of due diligence on the prospect. Case in point Jonathan Martin. So far the Dolphins have missed badly on most OL they select. I'll go as far as to say even Pouncey has been a disappointment considering where he was selected, his play and his inability to be a solid QB of the OL in general.

Great update Mando, glad you are back. Would love to hear your opinion of how J. Martin is doing at some point before the HOF game if possible! Is his "new muscle" noticable in his play?

Tannehill has all the skills to become an elite QB but he's slow in dropping the rookie habit of staring down his primary receiver. As he tries to break this habit he becomes slow in his decision making.

Hopefully, experience and time will cure this and he can mature into an elite passer.

Wrong again ETF, according to players and coaches they are happy to play an extra

game because of all the new players.

You better hope they don't connect that double murder on your boy Dexter, I mean

A Hernandez.

There was a game last yr, don't remember which, where Tannehill, TWICE over threw a wide open Hartline for sure TDs. Twice in one quarter of football. From camp reports, other then the Herald, Tannehill's accuracy hasn't improved all that much. Year after year what are the real improvements of a quarter back? Accuracy, maybe footwork and thats about it. Their arm might get a little stronger but not faster. Marino got better yr after yr with accuracy. His arm strength wasnt any better but his accuracy improved yearly. Mando, why dont you ask Philbin about passes batted down at the line of scrimmage.

First of all I have no first hand experience with the criminal justice system.
Evidently it is business as usual for the police to arrest an hispanic person, charge them with a crime even if they have no evidence, throw the person in jail and then delay the legal proceedings. I'm sure that when the person is poor and without resources the police can get them to agree to plead to something.

Furthermore it has become clear to me that when the police describe an incident as 'gang related' that means they have no clues or evidence and saying 'gang related' sounds better than saying we have no clues or evidence.

Lastly if they can find no evidence of the crime as it relates to a suspect then perhaps they arrested the wrong suspect.

PS. Since I am the only person originating this topic on the blog then definition I cannot be a troll.

Statistically Tannehill is the most accurate QB in camp. His arm strength and accuracy are the reasons veterans (Keller, Grimes, etc..) have been saying he can be an elite QB.

Tannehill's needs to improve between his ears.

ETF,your posts are the best laugh I've had today.

Man, Marino was born accurate.

Guys, Martin is a weak spot at LT, why couldnt we offer JL just a little bit more money?? I think we would of been fine keeping Davone Bess and not signining Brandon Gibson. For as bad as Martin was last season all we did is slide him into the most important position on the OL, makes no sense to me..

"New receiver Mike Wallace and quarterback Ryan Tannehill haven't connected on any significan deep passes in live team periods yet."

On Top Of This Statement Being Erroneous. The Media Only Sees A Portion Of The Practice. And From What I've Read Elsewhere T-Hill And Wallace Have Been Connecting. I Guess Just Not "Significant" Enough For You.

Good To Hear Wake And Wake Jr Get Along Real Well. You Just Sort Of Knew Those 2 Had To Click. OV Likes To Workout Just As Much As Wake. And They Have Similar Bodies.

Oh, And Mando You Haven't Posted Once About The RBs. Do You Hate L.Miller? I Already Know The Answer. You Don't Have To.

I Know Gillislee Is Doing Bad. But You Can Still Post About The Position.

Thigpen Is Battling With D.Thomas For The #2 Spot.

Guys, Martin is a weak spot at LT, why couldnt we offer JL just a little bit more money?? I think we would of been fine keeping Davone Bess and not signining Brandon Gibson. For as bad as Martin was last season all we did is slide him into the most important position on the OL, makes no sense to me..

Posted by: Truth | July 25, 2013 at 11:08 AM

Bess wasn't the kind of receiver this offense demands. Philbin wants guys he can move inside or outside that can run a full route tree. That wasn't Bess at all. Besides, there were a lot of Tannehill picks last year that came from Bess shortarming or pulling up on the route.


Does your life revolve around the blog?

Or just hating on Mando?

Doesn't Matter How Much We Offered. Jake Wasn't Resigning. He Didn't Want To Play For The Fins.

Couple Reasons. His Wife Was Jealous Of Mrs. T-Hill. And Chad Henne Is No Longer On The Team. Nobody Wants To Talk About It. But Jake And Henne Were A Couple Since They Entered College Together. Jake Probably Feels They Did Chad Dirty. He Knows Chad Was Better Than Sanchez But They Didn't Give Him A Second Chance. He Didn't Speak About It. But You Just Know That Had To Affect The Way He Felt About This Team.

That And Philbin Wasn't Going To Baby Jake.

Woodshed, ok if they didnt want to keep Bess, Binns, Matthews, McNutt could take his place, paying Gibson vs getting help at the Tackle position will hurt the team. Martin stinks anyone who seen him play last year could see if he struggled on the right side, typically you go against the best DE on the left side.

There were some throws there from Marino that I'd never seen before, or since.

All we need is for RT to be just half as accurate as Marino was.

What's the big commotion with J Martin? Everybody knows that he's susceptible to the speed rushers with power, like a John Abraham, just as Jake Long was.

There were some throws there from Marino that I'd never seen before, or since.

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 25, 2013 at 11:23 AM

For being so slow, Marino had the most nimble feet in the pocket that I have ever seen. He could adjust his feet to a covered WR to make a pinpoint throw with pressure all around him.

The Dolphins are pathetic in 2013. Everything in and around the organization is second rate. From the uneducated and incompetent writer who covers the team. To the team's radio voice (Cefalo). The Dolphins are not only irrelevant in the NFL, they're largely irrelevant in their own city. Mike Dee's quitting was a good thing. Yet this team and its surroundings need an enema if this organization is to begin its accent back to respectability. The Herald going out of business will help this team's recovery from its continued national embarrassment.

oscar, Martin susceptible to speed rusher, bull rusher, and any type of decent rusher.

..Unless there is an injury. How much information can a fan gather after one week of training camp? Not much. The team doesn't even have an identity yet(I am ripping off Incognitos point from his interview)..So anyone trying to come to a conclusion about these players is guessing. You may end up being right, good on you. But really. We have no clue as to how the structures of these practices are meant for the team to evaluate. So because Tannehill and Wallace haven't connected on a deep ball spells doom?

Well, we are just about to find out, Truth.

Oh, Lord. It's fast approaching that time when people attach all kinds of meaning to TOTALLY meaningless practice games that are mostly played by guys who won't even be on the final roster.


Gibson was the right call. The guy is physical, has a huge catch radius and goes up vs. DBs and wins. Strong hands. He can play all 3 WR positions. Binns is right here with him and if the Dolphins, as I believe go 4 wide, the D will find it hard to match up. Matthews is also another very talented guy right along the same mold as Gibson but he still needs to develop. Dolphins are finally deep at WR.

Mr Ross:

Please sell the team ASAP.

Thank you

Who said the Herald is going out of business? It is just, let's say, changing direction.

This team/franchise cant do anything right. Its laughable.

@ Truth...not necessarily so, judging LT play with RT performance......some OLmen are right side strong....others left side strong...
Martin played LT in college, where he was comfortable, and if that's his "Stronger" side, then a full camp spent re-acquainting himself with the LT spot could be all he needs to upgrade his performance over the few games he spent at LT at the end of last season..

If Jake Long wasn't here last season, Martin would have been at LT initially, the position he was drafted to play..
...so I think it's fair to allow him the time in pre-season to readjust, and have patience awaiting the results....you never know, we may be pleasantly surprised..I , for one, certainly hope so....only time will tell.


@ D Dunphy...I agree totally....we have to wait and be patient...and I don't want to hear from the naysayers that we have been waiting for over a decade...

...last season,or the last ten, have NOTHING to do with this one...NOTHING !!


I've been a fan for 41 years. I know hope springs eternal in training camp.

But, I'm over the hype from the free agent signings. I'm not being suckered into thinking this team can contend or is even on the right road. They need to prove it to me with a solid 10-6 or better season and follow that up with another improvement in 2014.

The OL is still in progress. There is no TE depth. The backfield has many questions. The DB's have some questions.

I like the LB's and the DL.

Tannehill needs to prove he's not Chad Henne, Season 2.

I completely disagree with how this team is run by ownership, by Ireland and by the recently departed Mike Dee. The Dolphins need to prove that they are not an NFL laughingstock. 40K in season ticket sales means they have a long way to go in convincing others as well.

And that logo will never appear in my home. Period.

So Dolphins...I will dutifully tune in on TV every weekend. I will not be purchasing tickets to any games this season. I will watch on TV...searching for some crumbs that show that this club is passing through a 10-year tunnel of darkness. But I'm done getting all emotional about this team. No more torturing myself.

Yeah, whatever, accuse me of not being a hardcore fan. Enjoy pulling your hair out if you're drinking the Kool-Aid.

I'm Not Hating. Just Being "Objective" About My Fins.

If I Was Hating On Mando. I Would Talk About His Writing. Which Has Plenty Of Flaws. Mando Is No Ed Pope. And Mando Was Here When Ed Pope Was Around. He Could've Learned Something. Look At LeBatard And Cote. I Dislike Their Opinions On Some Issues But I Will Never Question Their Vernacular. Or How They Articulate What They Want To Say. I Actually Learn Some New Words From Time To Time. That Is An Old E.Pope Trick. Throw 1 Word In The Article You Have Never Used Before. It Was Educational On Top Of Informative. Us Readers Aren't Retards, We Like To Be Intellectually Stimulated.

I Would Make Fun Of How Mando Gets Giddy Over The Word Snippet.

But I Don't.

So Me Hate Mando? NO.

I Just Dislike How He Only Talks About His Opinion. Which Is Skewed.

Have 2 Post. One With A Unbiased Practice Breakdown. And The Other With Your Opinion.

Heck, I Have To Read Barry Jackson's Blog To Get An Unbiased Breakdown Of Practice At The Herald.

If I Was Mando, I Would Let A.Beasley Do The Grunt Work. The Practice Breakdown, And I Would Do The Commentary. Just A Thought.

But I Know Mando And His Troll Doesn't Want Anyone Else To Post On This Blog. Cause He Is Afraid That He Will Lose This Job. Then How Long Will His Furlough Be?


Furlough = Layoff

When the man wants to discriminate against you a little then you get laid off for 2 months at a time.

When the man wants to discriminate against you a lot they charge you with a crime for which there is no evidence and throw you in jail and then use delaying tactics to keep you there.

Glad you are back Armando. With all the new pieces I am glad we are playing the extra Preseason game this year. Ready for big things out of Lamar Miller, Oliver Vernon, Ryan Tannehill and our ever improving Wide Receiver Corp this year. Every teleconference and player interview I hear they all talk bout Grimes. Just read a story on how the Dolphins are in great cap space for next year thanks to Ireland and Aponte. So happy with this team!!

By every account I have read, Moore has been the best and most consistent QB. The question is, does he really have any shot at starting?

Contrary to the common lip service, it is not likely Moore will start even if he continues to perform the best.

Mando's standards are just a bit higher than some other people. He wants a top team. Mando is a great reporter and thats why we're all here whether you choose to admit it or not.

We know Mando is perfectly objective because the trolls disagree with him just as much as the homers. Mando has good contacts inside the team. He also has great insight and timely, informative articles from an experts perspective.

Mando, keep up the great articles.


@ Teal.....really..after only 4 days of camp, some are already making comparisons and drawing conclusions! ?

.......intersting to say the least...


By every account I have read, Moore has been the best and most consistent QB. The question is, does he really have any shot at starting?
Contrary to the common lip service, it is not likely Moore will start even if he continues to perform the best.
Posted by: Teal | July 25, 2013 at 12:09 PM

These IDIOTS are going to start Tannehill instead of Moore just like they started Henne over Moore. Doesnt matter how much better Moore is.

The knock on Matt Moore..and it appears legit, is that he doesn't have the arm strength to stretch the defenses. Tanny has the arm, but his accuracy is suspect. Not sure if that will improve, but there is a chance. But Moore's arm won't get any stronger than it is, and that is why the Coaches will go with Tanny over Moore. They have worked on his accuracy, and are hopeful that problem will be eliminated.


J.Martin Goes Up Against C.Wake And His Son At Practice. That Is The Best Pass Rusher In The NFL And His Protege. Vernon Is Only 22. He Is Younger Than DJ, With 1 NFL Year Of Experience.

Don't Get Me Wrong DJ Will Be A Good One. But That Pick Was More For The Future Than The Present. DJ Has 5 Years Left On His Contract, OV Has 3. Came Wake Is 31. Cam Wake Has 2 Years Left On His Deal. He Will Be 33 When His Contract Is Up. Another 2-3 Year Deal. And That Is It For Wake.

T-Hill Will Develop With A Good Pass Rush On The Other Side Of The Ball. And A Young RB To Grow With. Isn't That All A QB Needs To Win A Superbowl. To Build A Dynasty.

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