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The Dolphins address various issues of note

What are the Dolphins saying their first full week of practice. Here are some snippets (love that word) on various topics:

Coach Joe Philbin on left tackle Jonathan Martin: “We saw a lot of progress, we saw developments there. His technique is good, he needs to work on his punch a little bit better, the consistency of the punch, but I thought overall he played well. He had five games roughly that he played at left tackle last year, so he needs to have frequent snaps but we’re expecting a lot.”

Is Philbin comfortable with the depth along the OL? “Not necessarily, I don’t know that I’m comfortable with the depth of any position yet. We’re still in that initial phase of camp, still a lot of teaching going on, not overly concerned with who’s getting a rep against who at this point in time. We’re more concerned about the volume of work that we can get done, the amount of things we can teach, get a look at it on the practice field, then go back and reinforce some of the things in the meeting room.  We haven’t really gotten to that stage yet, but I don’t know that I’m comfortable at a lot of positions yet."

What are John Jerry's thoughts on the OL? "We are going to be alright up front. We have five preseason games, so that will benefit a lot of guys."

Jerry on the eventual challenge from Lance Louis for his starting RG job: "I’m a competitor. Lance is a competitor. We are going to compete. We are going to help each other. We are going to make each other better."

But, but, but John, Lance Louis wants your job: "You know, I think he has that mindset, and I’ve got that mindset. At the same time, we are just trying to get better."

New receiver Mike Wallace and quarterback Ryan Tannehill haven't connected on any significan deep passes in live team periods yet. Is that a product of the installation of the offense, Mike? “We have different days where we do different things. I have all the confidence that Coach (Mike) Sherman is going to put it in how it is needed to be put in. I’m not really worried about that. I think that will come in due time. It is only day (four at practice). We have a lot more days to go at camp and especially before the regular season. I think everything will fall in place. I think they have a good plan in place for us."

Cameron Wake sort of took Olivier Vernon under his wings, so to speak, in the offseason and the two defensive ends -- one accomplished, one wanting to accomplish -- spent time together in the offseason.

What happened during that time, Cam Wake?

“He’s one of the guys I was talking to some of the guys earlier, he’s probably one of the most improved guys on the team.  I spent a little time with him in the offseason. He’s a guy who’s hungry and from the day he got here, you knew he was one of those guys with that mindset, being a small defensive end like me and some of the other guys on the team, you can’t go in there timid.  It’s not for the meek and mild. You have to go in there, throw your body in there, doesn’t matter if he’s 6’8 and 400 pounds, you have to go after him and tackle him.  It’s that pit bull mentality. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog. So he’s that kind of guy."

Does Wake like Vernon's approach?

"He came here with a lot of that, and I don’t want to toot my horn too much but, I like to think that I’m a guy that he can learn some things from and take some pieces of my game and incorporate his own style too.  He brought a lot already when he signed up here, but that guys is a hell of a player and I know he’s only going to get better."




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There was Steve McNair 3rd overall in 95. How about Big Ben out of Mami of Ohio in the Mid-Atlantic Conf. going 7th to Pitt. to name a couple off the top of my head. You know this Dying Breed heck the Bills took Tulane's JP Losman in the top 20 picks just a decade ago!

Posted by: fin4life | July 25, 2013 at 05:13 PM

It isn't usual for this to occur. But, when it does, its usually a weak Division 1 qb draft.

Or, the best D-1 qb's have already been selected. Then a D-1AA qb could look more enticing.

Just saying, if Henne a D-1 qb, is not selected over the D-1aa qb. That doesn't bode 100% well with what that GM "REALLY" thought of Henne.

Also, had Ozzie not taken Flacco, he would probably be the Dolphins starting qb right now.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/07/the-dolphins-address-various-issues-of-note/comments/page/3/#comments#storylink=cpy

Is Wallace any better then Ireland fav Clyde Gates?

Posted by: 15-IN-YUR-ASS! | | July 25, 2013 at 05:26 PM

Hey genius, Clyde Gates is still searching for his 1st professional td, and this begins season 3 for him. The Jets may even cut him this camp.

Ireland is not even close to the worst GM ever with most losing seasons, Matt Millen is.

Posted by: Darkoak | July 25, 2013 at 05:19 PM

Still wonder if he had naked picks of William Clay Ford engaging in Homo sex or something? 3 Yrs drafting WR's to cover the miss of the previous Yr.. In 8 Yrs as team VP/GM the Lions lost an astounding 96 games. I remember the number because it boggles the mind he kept his job that long!

The D misses were stinkers as well remember Kalimba Edwards, Teddy Lehman,Shaun Cody ect....

Not forgeting his QB selections of Harrington and Drew Stanton, easily the worst ever in the history of the game either evluating talent or franchise building. He should have stayed in the booth were he was part of 3 man team added to the Summerall, Madden booth in the 90's when they were at their best.

Why thank you! I'll take that as a great compliment Fin4, considering between your ears there exists an ever-blowing cool breeze.

Let me guess, youre "blonde" aren't you?

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | July 25, 2013 at 04:53 PM

You know better! When I have something to say it gets said! This is probably you later replying to yourself? You couldn't keep it to Football!

The great Terry Bradshaw came from Louisina Monroe now the home of the infamous Duck Commander Si Robertson and the rest of the Robertsen family.

Will y'all please quit talking about Brandon Marshall? It's depressing me remembering ALL the TD passes he had in both hands but dropped.

Posted by: fin4life | July 25, 2013 at 05:35 PM

How many times have others made posts to you and you accused me? I haven't the fingers to count them.

If it wasn't you, now you see it how feels to be falsely accused. I've been falsely accused here so many times it now rolls off like "water on a duck's back".

So much fun to falsely accuse others, but treachery when the monkey has the gun, huh?

Will y'all please quit talking about Brandon Marshall? It's depressing me remembering ALL the TD passes he had in both hands but dropped.
Posted by: FinFanMan13 | July 25, 2013 at 05:40 PM

Henne was horrible. A great WR is useless without a QB.

The false accusations will end when you officially say, "I used to be all these different screen names ........ I will be using this screen name from now on. Then actually stick with it.

That's about all it would take.


Not entirely so there was wide speculation that given combine numbers Big Ben would go before Rivers in 04 draft Shaub was also part of that draft and Big Ben was leaps-n-bounds ahead.

Also your premise regarding Div-1A QB's going higher than 1-AA based on level of competition seemed lost on Fisher in 95 given McNair went 3rd from Alcorn St. followed by Penn St. QB Kerry Collins,Michigan's Todd Collins and Kordell Stewart out of Colorado.

I know, I can bash with the best of them here. Therefore, I have no problem with the bashing here now being called, "GETTING YG'D".

I actually find it rather hilarious. You're nobody in life until something's named after you. LOL...

Actually they are referring to trolling, insulting people, hiding behind multiple names, lacking integrity, and generally trying to make up facts as YGing.

Of course that kind of impression of you could stop easily and you know how to make it stop.

Posted by: fin4life | July 25, 2013 at 05:48 PM

Take a look at the qb's you named that were drafted following McNair. Full evidence that was a very weak D-1 qb draft that year. Kerry Collins was more of a journeyman, than star qb.

Kordell Stewart? what great qb is best known as "SLASH"?

Todd Collins? Again, I say Todd Collins?

Only thing I will be saying to you is that I will no longer be saying anything to you. Capiche?

After taking Big Ben, the Steelers dropped "Slash" like a hot potato.

Actually, watching Big been during his senior year, I was hoping we would draft him. But, the Steelers drafted 11th and we drafted 18th.

We ended up with Vernon Carey instead.

No need to freak out about the HOF game. Its a good opportunity and an extra game for the lesser players to show themselves. Remember first team players get almost no playing time until the second preseason game. So it just gives other players more game day experience. Coaches are smart enough to know how to handle and extra game.

Excuse me tell me what Flacco did in College that makes him the sure pick over a Mich. QB with a winning track record?? It was the combine! He could throw the cover off the ball and had unique Rothlisberger type size which I'm sure Ozzie took into consideration playing Big Ben out of a small school twice a Yr.

You can laugh at the names I put up but in 95 Air McNair was coming out of Alcorn St. (had you even heard of Alcorn St.'s Football team before that draft cause I hadn't) He was taken ahead of players who had won at big time Confrences Vs. the best talent in the NCAA putting up numbers. Go look up the College stats for K.Collins, T.Collins and Kordell before being slash was ripping it in Colorado with his WR's Micheal Stewart (1st RD Wash.) and Rae Carruth.

Just what are you two gossip guppies really arguing about?

The only thing I am a little anxious about at the moment is the apparent sketchy o-line play...
First week...I get it.
But that can and will impede the growth of our young playmakers!!! Obviously...
It always starts at the line of scrimmage!!!
Weak line play is a weak team... No matter who the other guys are!!!
Strong line play can cover lots of inadequacies...

Oline needs to light a fire!!!

Excuse me Micheal Westbrook was the name of the WR remember he beat the crap out of Skins RB Stephen Davis which was played ad nauseam after. Even putting up great rush yards in Car. in route to S.B. I never loked at Davis the same way.

Flacco went 18th overall or so. At least 17 teams passed on him.

Brady was a 6th rounder.

EJ Manuel was a 1st rounder this year and Geno Smith was a 2nd rounder.

Tebow was a 1st rounder.

Vince Young was 1st rounder.

Flacco acts like a man.
Henne also acts like a man.

Remember manliness is more important than winning. If the QB cannot act like a man then his team is forced to invent a BACKDOOR offense to cover up for the QB.

What everybody forgets about Flacco is that he was 3rd on Bal's depth chart behind Boller and Troy Smith.
Boller suffered season ender in preseason and then Smith suffered season ender like the next day.
Remember Flacco's rookie season? They wouldn't let him throw more than 10-15 times/game.
We played them in the playoffs that season remember? Bal closed the BACKDOOR and so everything fell on NoodleArm. He threw 4 picks. You remember now don't you?

Grimes can't cover two sides of the field at once! Opposite him will be an injured cb or a tiny rookie cb.

Our secondary is troubling to say the least.

We should have stayed at 12 and kept our high second! We would be a better team TODAY.

Did we really need tweener Dion when we had Vernon already showing promise?

I don't get the pick.

Marino acted like a crybaby not a man.

I'd rather have Eifert than Sims. And a better rookie corner.

I'd rather have an enlightened blog but instead I get Rick. And a bunch of other douchebags.

Clearly, the Ravens evaluate QB's far better then the Dullfins.

I'd rather have an enlightened blog but instead I get Rick. And a bunch of other douchebags.

Posted by: Jack! | July 25, 2013 at 06:32 PM

Jacko, please let me know immediately when you make an enlightened post. I'm waiting.

If I'm not back in 5 minutes...
Just wait longer...

It now appears they don't have much on Hernandez. They aren't even certain if they will go ahead with the prosecution.

We could have picked him up on waivers. What was there to lose???

Global warming has been especially hurting our Dolfins with the heat. The bubble has been a blessing and a curse. If they overwork early they are pooped out by December. The extra preseason game is a wildcard whether it helps or hurts. I dont pretend to have that answer.

What we need is an oline coach! Too much wasted talent. They should have kept Sparano and dumped Irebum.

The Dolphins have a phenominal oline coach actually...
They need to adjust to life post JL. Right or wrong allowing him to move on...he was THE unquestioned leader of that unit...
It should resolve with time...

Rick S., Cam Wake is past 30 and will start declining soon. Pass rushing is the best way to give a shaky secondary some help. I'm good with the pick.

We played them in the playoffs that season remember? Bal closed the BACKDOOR and so everything fell on NoodleArm. He threw 4 picks. You remember now don't you?
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 25, 2013 at 06:21 PM

What's up PHINLAND??????????????
Hummmmm, Backdoor football,Noodle arm..........
I got it it's "PRICEMASTER".............

Hey y'all

I'm back

Just did 10 months in alaska

now appears they don't have much on Hernandez. They aren't even certain if they will go ahead with the prosecution.
We could have picked him up on waivers. What was there to lose???
Posted by: Alvin Lee | July 25, 2013 at 06:39 PM

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, You cant be that stupid....
Could you??????

Sporano did draft Pouncey for us.

The PriceMaster handle was taken out of service a few years ago.

Dion is too tall and lanky to be an NFL DE. He won't be able to move an NFL lineman or tackle the big power backs.

Expect more shoulder injuries to Dion, and back injuries as he gets down low and off his center of balance to tackle. You can't arm tackle RB's.

Sorry, Trying to figure out who's who on here..


ETF is pricemaster, thesmf, jacksparrow and a bunch others and he has used all those names within the last year. You can't believe a bs artists now can you?

Here are the Frauds that I've exposed in the past 3 months:
-Our skill players that departed had 2400 yards and 14 TDs last season. The skill players brought in had 1900 yards and 15 TDs last season.
-Mike Wallace had the most targets of his career and the fewest receptions and yards of his career in 2012.
-The police announced AH commoitted murder 1 hour after finding a corpse 1 mile from his house. Then they started to try and find some evidence to back it up. So far they've come up with nothing so they are going ack to a 2007 murder in Fl to see if AH left any clues 6 years in advance of the crime.

The regular 'loser' bloggers love to give that sadsack attention even knowing the slime that he is.

That is how DESPERATE most of the loser bloggers here are for football talk. They act like its puuuuuzie.

One blogger is so desperate he would rather chat (and compliment) mr. backdoor than spend time with his young, precious child.

F4L @4:23,

Agreed. If Henne Was Coached Right. He Would've Been A Better Qb.

Chad Henne Was The 3rd QB Taken In His Draft. And The Difference Wasn't That Big A Between The 3. Not As Much As The First 3 Linemen And The Other Linemen ln That Draft. Like This Season.

It Was A Weak Draft.

Devlin Is Extremely Accurate And Has A Good TD-to-INT Ratio. Those Are Things That Translate Well.

Plus, Devlin Has Been Known To Lead A Comeback.

Henne failed because he had a strong arm and nothing else. No use blaming it on coaching. He is always good for a hot quarter here and there, but he is a bonehead with no feel for the game, no instincts, and no emotion.

Not one GM felt Devlin was worth a draft pick. I would not be crowning him just yet. You ain't nuttin until you prove it. in the league a few years now and still can't crack the starting lineup.

Moore is considered by many as one of the top backup QB's in the league. That is why they haven't traded him.

Wallace Is Learning To Be A Complete WR.

Sherman Knows They Don't Just Have To Throw The Ball 50yds In The Air To Score. Wallace Can Even Score Off A 5yd Slant Route.

Run Deep Outs. Or 20yd Hartline Comebacks. Put Him In The Slot. Quick Screens.

The Only Person Who Has Mike Wallace Speed Is L.Miller On The Team.

I prefer to judge by results, not fantasy projections. College is college, NFL is NFL. Pat White taught us that. Nothing against Devlin. Just let Devlin show it before making assumptions.

Wallace caught more medium range passes than long balls from Ben. Most of those long balls were on broken plays. Ben is great at extending a brokeny play, Tannehill will be too.

Don't bite the media fodder that paints Wallace as a one trick pony.

People are easily influenced by the media, even if they think they are not.

The media is powerful.

Posted by: callejero | July 25, 2013 at 07:53 PM

And how desperate is your need to point that out?

Nobody knows Moore and Devlin better than our coaching staff. Not many people know more about great QB's in general than Philbin and Sherman.

They have Moore as 2nd string ahead of Devlin. I doubt it is because they like his haircut.

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