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The Dolphins address various issues of note

What are the Dolphins saying their first full week of practice. Here are some snippets (love that word) on various topics:

Coach Joe Philbin on left tackle Jonathan Martin: “We saw a lot of progress, we saw developments there. His technique is good, he needs to work on his punch a little bit better, the consistency of the punch, but I thought overall he played well. He had five games roughly that he played at left tackle last year, so he needs to have frequent snaps but we’re expecting a lot.”

Is Philbin comfortable with the depth along the OL? “Not necessarily, I don’t know that I’m comfortable with the depth of any position yet. We’re still in that initial phase of camp, still a lot of teaching going on, not overly concerned with who’s getting a rep against who at this point in time. We’re more concerned about the volume of work that we can get done, the amount of things we can teach, get a look at it on the practice field, then go back and reinforce some of the things in the meeting room.  We haven’t really gotten to that stage yet, but I don’t know that I’m comfortable at a lot of positions yet."

What are John Jerry's thoughts on the OL? "We are going to be alright up front. We have five preseason games, so that will benefit a lot of guys."

Jerry on the eventual challenge from Lance Louis for his starting RG job: "I’m a competitor. Lance is a competitor. We are going to compete. We are going to help each other. We are going to make each other better."

But, but, but John, Lance Louis wants your job: "You know, I think he has that mindset, and I’ve got that mindset. At the same time, we are just trying to get better."

New receiver Mike Wallace and quarterback Ryan Tannehill haven't connected on any significan deep passes in live team periods yet. Is that a product of the installation of the offense, Mike? “We have different days where we do different things. I have all the confidence that Coach (Mike) Sherman is going to put it in how it is needed to be put in. I’m not really worried about that. I think that will come in due time. It is only day (four at practice). We have a lot more days to go at camp and especially before the regular season. I think everything will fall in place. I think they have a good plan in place for us."

Cameron Wake sort of took Olivier Vernon under his wings, so to speak, in the offseason and the two defensive ends -- one accomplished, one wanting to accomplish -- spent time together in the offseason.

What happened during that time, Cam Wake?

“He’s one of the guys I was talking to some of the guys earlier, he’s probably one of the most improved guys on the team.  I spent a little time with him in the offseason. He’s a guy who’s hungry and from the day he got here, you knew he was one of those guys with that mindset, being a small defensive end like me and some of the other guys on the team, you can’t go in there timid.  It’s not for the meek and mild. You have to go in there, throw your body in there, doesn’t matter if he’s 6’8 and 400 pounds, you have to go after him and tackle him.  It’s that pit bull mentality. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog. So he’s that kind of guy."

Does Wake like Vernon's approach?

"He came here with a lot of that, and I don’t want to toot my horn too much but, I like to think that I’m a guy that he can learn some things from and take some pieces of my game and incorporate his own style too.  He brought a lot already when he signed up here, but that guys is a hell of a player and I know he’s only going to get better."




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In the past two practices, Samuda has been worked at RG and Cogs is in at RG today.

Change is a coming!


Sure, Gang. We just don't want to get ahead of ourselves. Yes?

I have to give it to Omar Kelly. He's the one that reports the most plays from practice and with great spelling. Good work, Omar.

James Walker, also.

Yeah, why not RT in some kind of formation as a WR in the end zone. Why not?

Nice 9 route by Mike Wallace, beat his man by 3 steps.

Oscar, its a pretty good idea, but I doubt they would show that to the public at camp.

Seems like Mikke Wallace is eating these DBS for breakfest

Cardinals sixth-round WR Ryan Swope has been forced to retire due to lingering concussion symptoms.
Swope, the No. 174 overall pick, was a pleasant surprise at the Combine in February, running a 4.34 forty. But he suffered multiple concussions at Texas A&M and has never gotten over them. Swope is making the smart long-term health move, but it's a shame he never got to put on pads in the NFL.


I played high school football for 3 practices before I realize I was tired of ramming my head into another guy, you literally get hurt every single time you tackle someone, doesnt have to be major bt it hurts. Much respect to football players.

Charles Clay also looking improved consistency wise.

Some People are more susceptible to concussions than others. That's a fact.

Uh oh, I just spotted a Dustin Keller jersey.
But no Hartline...ever...

Dropped passes drives Coaches nuts.

Those that were screaming we should have drafted Swope, I just read he retired because of concussion symptoms.

Not only is Tannehill the worst QB in the league on 3rd downs but he also led the league in most 3 n outs. Not what you'd expect from a 1st rd draft choice....

Not only is Tannehill the worst QB in the league on 3rd downs but he also led the league in most 3 n outs. Not what you'd expect from a 1st rd draft choice....
Posted by: Just Saying | July 26, 2013 at 11:01 AM



Wrong again....


Just saying.

You cannot say anything definitive about any Player at this stage. All positions seem to be up in the air more so now with Jerry's injury.

Can u say Chad Henne 2.0?

You guys need to leave Tanne alone.
He's doing the best he can.

Tannehill Stinks

Tannehill had a 65.3 passer rating on third down, and pedestrian quarterbacks like Blaine Gabbert, Brandon Weeden and even Mark Sanchez were better than him.
His rookie contemporaries clearly showed youth and inexperience has nothing to do with third down production. Seattle's Russell Wilson had a 96.2 quarterback rating on third down (5th best in NFL), Washington's Robert Griffin III has a 93.9 (7th best), and Colts quarterback Andrew Luck had a 75.5 passer rating (22nd) on third down.
Just to illustrate the gulf that exists at quarterback between New England and Miami it is important to point out that Tom Brady's 110.8 passer rating on third downs tied him with Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers for the NFL lead on third down efficiency.

You guys need to leave Tanne alone.
He's doing the best he can.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 26, 2013 at 11:16 AM

His best sucks.

How is that this blog has found every QB horrible for the past 6 years with the exception of Matt Moore?

Matt Moore has never beaten a team with a winning record in his career.
Philbin offered him the starting job last season and he spit it out.
Moore got John Fox and Tony Soprano fired in consecutive seasons.

Devlin Has Started As The #2 For His Second Day In A Row. But Mando Making Excuses For Matt Moore. I Sense Some Bias. Mando is With The I Love Moore Crew.

D.Thomas Is Seeing Time At LG. And Incognito At His Natural Position RG. Just The Way I Like It.

C.Carter Giving Pointers To Wallace.

Is It Me Or Does Philbin Allow Former Players To Help Out More Than Any Other Coach We Ever Had.

Can u say Chad Henne 2.0?
Posted by: mike

Can you repeat that daily?

Cant blame Armando for liking Matt Moore. He's clearly the best QB on the roster.

Ryan Tannehill = Another Irescum bust?

No, it is true. Starting in the 2nd or 3rd Team means absolutely nothing now.

Not even 1st Team Players are assured of their position now. Perhaps Paul Soliai...

And Cam Wake. Sorry. HowTH did I forget him?

Can you forget about Tanne/Moore/Devlin for the time being?

Injuries Injuries Injuries Injuries

John Jerry is the 1st injury not the last.
We have 5 preseason games to get through.
Ireland did a great job bringing in talent but we are not 2 deep at any position so every injury is potentially huge.

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