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What do you want to see?

This is David Neal blogging in for Armando Salguero, who is on vacation somewhere (San Diego? New York? Boston? The Heritage Foundation?) I don't know what Armando does with his vacation time any more than he knows what I do with mine.

Anyway, as far as I know, there's no real news today involving the Water Mammals. Charity work's being knocked out in these last weeks before training camp opens on July 20. That reminds me of something I'll get to in another blog post. But for this one, I'd like to ask you readers of this blog who've remained throuh the era of inactivity: what do you most want to see in training camp?

The development of Tannehill? How Mike Wallace looks? Dion Jordan? The kicking competition?

Have a good evening.



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These are the kinds of situations that are making me start to believe in Philbin and Ireland. I don't care what the record has been before now. Me personally, I'm judging them on personel moves until now. Starting this season, I'm expecting results in the win/loss column.

Posted by: odinseye | July 02, 2013 at 11:50 PM

I'm beginning to see it as well started personally coming around when we signed Ellerbeand & Wheeler (younger more athletic) and cut the dead weight even with some preaching Burnett was a keeper even if on the wrong side of 30. Not going nuts over J.Cook or over paying Jake ect...

And yet another name in which to reply,and you attack my insecurities. You reaffirm your childish nature.


I didn't know anything about Dallas Thomas playing through injuries. That's good news(lol). Not really, but it might explain why he looked so bad on tape.

I'm going to assume that must be the case, because I'm sure the scouting staff/Coaches must have seen more being up close and personal.

On Ellerbe, I swear I was wishing that we would sign him when I saw he was available. Then I thought, with the Guys we had(Burnett & Dansby)and our needs in other areas, NO WAY. I thought, why torture myself even wishing. So then when we got Wheeler too(whom I think is MOST underated), I was blown away. These kinds of moves really convinced me(Just like you commented)that Philbin and Ireland are anticipating the future and not just trying to win now. I'm sure their feeling the pressure, but their sticking too a plan and in it for the Long Haul!

I am an admitted Homer, but I still think an A+ is a fair objective assesment.

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Are YOU still out there........?

Let me know quickly. I got a few questions and or statements for you related to the State of the NFL and the Dolphins particularly.

Go to bed.

You have to be a SERIOUS loser to troll everyones post even from days back.

Posted by: Odins hotties are from the Yellow Pages | July 03, 2013 at 12:19 AM

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I got this from "SportBalla.com:

NFL: Tim Tebow Was Peacemaker in Aaron Hernandez Bar Fight in 2007

Jul 2 2013, 9:58pm CDT | by Poch de la Rosa

New England Patriots backup quarterback Tim Tebow reportedly acted as peacemaker when former Florida Gators teammate Aaron Hernandez was involved in a bar fight in 2007.

USA Today Sports' Kevin Manahan writes the incident allegedly took place at The Swamp Resturant in Gainesville, Fl. on April 28, 2007 at around 1 a.m.ET. Hernandez was then a 17-year-old minor who was not of legal drinking age and had not played a single down for the Gators.

Manahan cites an incident report obtained by USA Today Sports which says Hernandez got into an argument over an unpaid tab for two drinks. A waitress brought the drinks to him, which he consumed before not wanting to pay for them. The restaurant's manager, Michael Taphorn, confronted Hernandez and asked him to leave the premises.

Hernandez told police Taphorn got into his face outside the bar. When the manager turned around to go back in, Hernandez threw a punch which landed on the side of Taphorn's head.

ESPN reports Taphorn suffered a burst eardrum which made him want to press charges against Hernandez but later had second thoughts. Tebow told authorities he urged Hernandez to leave peacefully and offered to pay the tab.

When police arrived at the scene moments after the punching incident, they could not find Hernandez. They interviewed Tebow instead who said he witnessed the dispute and tried to "help resolve the conflict."

The Orlando Sentinel's Iliana Limon Romero reports Hernandez was found two hours later by a police officer. He asked him about the incident with Tebow present during the interrogation.

The officer remembers Hernandez did not appear to be intoxicated and was "very polite and professional."

ESPN.com's Elizabeth Merrill found out that Tebow was a sophomore at the time. He was also found out to have hosted Hernandez on a recruiting visit. They were actually close at one point, according to the ESPN report.

The 23-year-old Hernandez was charged with first-degree murder on the death of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd. He has pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail.

So, while we don't know FOR SURE whether or not Hernandez qualifies as a Serial Killer, we do know that he's not above throwing a Sucker Punch and running away.

Who woulda Thunk it............?

Funny how Hernandez is sending texts talking about how he can't trust anyone anymore right before the assisination.

And you got the victim sending texts saying he's scared to be with Hernandez.

Hernandez think he can go around shooting people that dis respect him, but he must have forgot prisons full of fools like him.



Armando's been hiding out with Snowden. I've heard that nobody knows where he is or where he is going.



Posted by: tito tarentino | July 03, 2013 at 02:31 AM

"The Wolf"........?

Now thats some Funny Stuff!

Unfortunately for Hernandez, it's too true.

Gee, I wonder if they'll call anybody from the Cleaning Service to testify............Duh.

This is the point where people generally ask: "What was HE THINKING"? But, in all honesty, I don't even want to know.

I don't know what kind of guy Odin Llyod was, but I'm pretty sure he didn't deserve to die at the Hands of Hernandez and his Posse. I feel for his close Friends and Family. It's rough enough and then there'll most likely be a High Profile Trial too.

This from The Detroit News:

Hoping to continue their disassociation from Aaron Hernandez, the Patriots last week offered fans free exchanges on No. 81 jerseys. Fans were permitted to turn in their Hernandez jerseys in exchange for different Patriots jerseys.

This week, Hernandez jerseys on eBay are being sold for outrageous prices.

On Tuesday morning, the most expensive Hernandez jersey had a $2,000 price tag, and 20 were $500 or more – some autographed, some not.

Hernandez, the former Patriots tight end, is facing a murder charge in connection with the slaying of his friend, Odin Lloyd, whose body was found June 17 near Hernandez’s home.

OK, so I've had enough. Does anyone really believe that Aaron Hernandez Jerseys will be worth ANYTHING in a couple of years?

It's scary knowing that there are people this ignorant running around loose.

Hernandez will fade into obscurity for the most part. Except for the re-runs on the ID Channel, people will forget, memories will fade. The idiots that paid 5, 6 and 7 Hundred Dollars a Jersey won't forget though. Especially in a couple of years when their Jerseys are worthless.

I mean, come on. How often do you hear people sitting around talking about Rae Carruth........?

(Anybody wanna bet that as soon as Troll Boy sees this, he calls up the basement stairs and tries to borrow $500.00 from hims Mommy......?)

Lamar Miller, the play of the OL are my areas of concern. Miller is a big ? to be a feature back after being used only sporadically last Season and he's the only one of our RBs to fit that description. Pouncey is a rock but there might be changes on both sides of him and the OL is the unit that takes longer to gel. On the running Game depends if we are going to be competitive this year or not.

I'm still trying to figure out what happened with Vonta Leach. I'd appreciate it, David, if you could just fill us in on that. We have the prior post and then ... silence.

Chris, great question, I was wondering the same. I guess he's still weighing his options (I haven't heard him sign with anyone else). Guess the negotiations aren't wowing him or he knows he still has time to make his decision.

But, mine is an overall interest. I want to see how this new plan of attack (FA, 2nd year in system, coaches, etc.) works out. Miami needs to take positive steps towards being Playoff-caliber (and not just a 1yr wonder). Offense, defense, we need to be over .500 and hopefully push the Patriots for the division title (since I see it as a 2 team competition). We're in a good place, hopefully the team can execute (see the Miami Heat).

Leach doesnt want to join the hapless Fins unless he gets paid double.

Like to see our blogger not be racist and an immigrant who think he practically runs the place

Jerry will start if he's in shape start Training Camp,I agree Jerry is a beast but his weight issues is why Louis could beat him out,Tannehill is primed & ready for a breakout season,Wallace is the fastest WR in the NFL and I'm looking forward to him taking the tops off defenses and opening up things for Hartline,Gibson,Keller&Miller to make plays,the Dolphins have a much improved squad and will make noise this upcoming season especially in the AFC East! "Haters Gonna Hate"

Tannehill's development is all that matters (oh and good health). Everything else is bonus.

Heat execute? Sure with the help of Vince McMahon and the script writers at the NBA. How that wasn't a foul on Manu at the end of game 6, I will never know...

"There was going to be a game 7 no matter what"

- Vince McMahon, err, David Stern

I want to see Vonta Leach there.

man cave sounds ghey.

eric kummerow = dion jordan ?

eddie moore = dion jordan ?

Oh Mark, you're not blaming the refs are you? If Leonard hits those foul shots, they win. If Duncan hits the hook, they win. Lebron gets abused every time he touches the ball, and I could say "there was going to be a Game 7" when the Heat never showed up for 1,3,5 (almost like they were told don't win it too early). Spurs had the better roster, should've won, but broke down in the end. Heat aren't even my team (unfortunately I'm a Bullets fan who refuses to use the Wizards name). But I don't buy the notion that the Heat were given anything, they earned it (rather, Lebron proved he's the best player at this time).

I had a dream last night, it was 12:25pm EST Week 1. I was getting ready for a day of football (Cleveland game). I was finalizing my fantasy roster. I could smell the grass on the field. I woke up in a great mood feeling like a million bucks.

I want to see the first two three posters banned from the blog.

Oh, gracious me!

DC, my issue is not with the heat or lebron james or anyone else besides David Stern. I think he's a slimy creep of a man with a Napolean complex. I don't trust anything associated with his name.

Why do we have to choose? I would like to hear about everything note worthy in training camp. Or will that detract from the Herald's in depth coverage of the NFC Central

Like * 1,000

mark u'r tinkin of howard,not david.

I want to see Stephen Ross SELL THE DOLPHINS.

2 watt, they can both take a logn walk off a short pier

Only 2 watt the great idiot would judge Jordan before he played a game.

Training camp begins July 20 and we play the Cowboys Aug. 4? Yikes.

if the development of tannehill is a given, considering the upgrades at reciever...I WOULD LIKE TO SEE...a physical run game form the likes of a beefed up lamar miller, an even more powerful run game from JONUS GRAY, boat loads of yards after the catch with the physical syle of GIBSON in concert with domination from our new look tight-ends- i would like to see SIMS wreak havok in the secondary, stellar play from our defensive ends(specifically VERNON and WAKE)..and really most of all, while defenses are preoccupied trying to stop the likes of our physical run game in combination with our tight-end monsters, i simply can't wait to see WALLACE and HARTLINE using their speed and hands to go wild and put points on the board the likes of which haven't been seen since the days of marino...big thanks to Mr. Ross, Ireland,Philbin,and Sherm for making the dolphins a team were going to love to watch on sundays...can't wait to see the new helmets on sundays, especially in the end zone! i am psyched!

Posted by: Anderson | July 03, 2013 at 01:28 PM
what 'bout j jerry at a 4th of july bbq all u can scarf down?

Posted by: Anderson | July 03, 2013 at 01:28 PM
what 'bout the qb trowing 3 pix against the 1st team in a practice.?

Posted by: Anderson | July 03, 2013 at 01:28 PM
what 'bout the knucklehead gm moving up in the 1st rd and losing a valuable 2nd to get a gumby like hurt shoulder who can't practice in otas 'cuz he went 2 oregon and missed all of the learning curve.?

and some morons tink gumby will beat out ov.

Mark, understood. Who's worse, Stern or Goodell?

I wanna see Jordan lay Brady out. Just an all out open blitz with Brady looking the wrong way. Once very corner please.
I wanna see Tannehill hit Wallace at full stride on a post pattern once per game.
I wanna see Miller run for 1500 yds in the first 10 games.
I wanna see Wake lay out every other qb.
I wanna see interception by our cb's every game.
I wanna see some bone crunching hits done on every player who is not a Phin.
I wanna see a complete annihilation of every team the plays us this year, from post to post. 19-0. A combined score of 470-3.
That is what I wanna see.

I want to see someone impale a pick axe into @ watt's skull.

I would like to see the Fins in the playoffs. I don't care how they get there; with backup QB Matt Moore or how certain individuals perform. The bottom line is that the Fins and Joe Philbin need to play in the post season NFL games.


DC, Goodell is somewhat shady. Stern makes a mockery of a sport and makes me just want to kick his arse. I'd do both him and Gary bettman with a shank.

1- Tannehill throwing amazing deep balls for Wallace
2- Dion Jordan successfully annihilating all the sparring QBs and TEs
3- J. Martin turning into a reliable LT
4- Overall Oline improvement
5- Moderator developments in this blog...

I want to see some evidence against Aaron Hernandez

It's a circumstantial case no doubt, but a strong one. Hernandez' own cell phone(texts)and security system recordings(both of which he tried to destroy)and Lloyd's cell phone(texts)ALONE will almost be enough.

There were 3 of the dumb as ses, so they'll offer the least incriminated a deal. Once they turn on each other it'll be a slam dunk.

Prosecutors will try to bring Bradley in as a witness too. Whether or not he's allowed to testify is another matter. But if he does, it'll be a Reverse, Behind The Back Slam!

Just sit tight. You'll see the evidence.

When espn publishes a headline that says evidence found in crash pad and the supposed evidence is a white hoodie and 3 kinds of ammo that is sold at Walmart I ask, "What is this evidence of?"
It's not evidence of anything.
The police found a body and within 2 hours put it out that Hernandez had murdered this guy and now there trying to find facts to back it up.
But there are no facts.
Hernandez didn't kill anyone.

Jerry might be a Beast and in the best shape of his professional career. But it took the signing of his possible replacement to get him motivated.

Jerry is still slower than Louis and not the greatest fit for the zone scheme.

Maybe the most telling of all, Louis didn't sign for Back Up money. Louis was offered Starter Money right off the bat and took it.

None of this means one will start over the other. At least it shouldn't. That should be decided in training camp and the Pre Season.

My money is on Louis in this particular battle. But it doesn't matter, it's win/win for me. Good quality competition with the loser being a Good quality Back Up.

The victim was a 27 year old unemployed black man whose main method of transporation was a bicycle (stolen?).
That is evidence of a life full of bad decisions.
One of those bad decisions got him killed.
But not by Aaron Hernandez.

Louis is coming back from season ending knee surgery no? I think that Dallas guy that was drafted will be starting. Louis will break camp on IR.

ETF, Beasley says he doesn't knwo where Armando is. Is this purely circumstantial?

Well, you certainly have a right to your opinion.

Hernandez' security recording shows him leaving his house, weapon in had, exclaiming, you can't trust anyone anymore. According to time stamps, he then calls Llyod and arranges to pick him up.

Llyod is picked up and almost immediately feels the need to remind his sister to make a note of who he left with. Llyod is then shot to death and Hernandez' security recordings show him returning home shortly after, weapon still in hand.

So we don't have an actual video recording of the murder. But we do have this "THING" called "A REASONABLE Preponderance of the evidence".

The ammo found at the residence doesn't prove anything. Ok, actually it proves that Hernandez wouldn't have too run out to Walmart should he need to reload. It proves that he had the same type of ammo readily available.

In and of itself, it doesn't prove anything. But the Judicial System has this other "THING" called Means, Opportunity and Motive. Possession of the right type of ammo just plays to Means and Opportunity. It doesn't prove anything necessarily, but it will help the Prosecution when they present their case.

Louis was injured last Nov. The typical amount of time for recovery is 8 months. According to Louis and his Doctors, his rehab has went well and he's well ahead of schedule. Louis has been limited, but he's also been working out.

I personally would hate for Jerry to get the job by default. I'm hoping for an all out battle in Camp!

odinseye | July 03, 2013 at 04:42 PM

You forgot to mention the cleaning Comp. that was called to Hernandez home to clean the upstairs bedroom and bath. It stands to reason that after the murder took place he had the area of his home were he entered sanitized for any cross contamination he might have brought back with him from the crime scene.

The video tapes you mention are damning but more so are the ones missing between the time he left and the time he returned which were apparently destroyed.

His biggest mistake may have been though the infamous piece of gum found at the scene of the crime (apparently spit on the victim) which supposedly matches a pack of gum found in Hernandez SUV that a gas station surveillance video caught him purchasing earlier that day. Circumstantial but it begins to paint a picture and we all know you can build a case on circumstantial evidence if there is enough of it to tie the case together.

Then of course there will be this that will prejudice the jury given it's already common knowledge aside from the double homicide investigation in Boston.


New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is dealing with more than one legal problem. Just one day after law enforcement was at Hernandez's Massachusetts home in connection to a homicide investigation, news emerged of a civil lawsuit filed against Hernandez in Florida.

NFL.com obtained a copy of the complaint filed June 13 in a federal court in South Florida. The complaint alleges that, on Feb. 13, Hernandez and Alexander S. Bradley got in an argument while at Tootsie's Cabaret, a strip club in Miami-Dade County. The complaint said that later, while driving toward Palm Beach County, a gun in Hernandez's possession discharged, hitting Bradley.

The lawsuit alleges that the shooting caused Bradley to lose his right eye, among other injuries. The complaint also stated that Hernandez's gun was not properly licensed.

The case was voluntarily withdrawn on June 17, but a new complaint was filed Wednesday, June 19, in federal court. The new complaint outlined the same events involving Hernandez and a gun. The new document was done to correct an error in the first filing, Bradley's lawyer said.

I want to see David Neal get laid off for 2 months

So just so we are all on the same page: To the world the police have announced they have a white hoodie, 3 kinds of ammo and a red cap.
But to Odin the police have confided that they have a video of Aaron leaving his home gun in hand?
Well if they have the video of him leaving and returning to his home then why would they be searching the apt in Franklin?

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