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What do you want to see?

This is David Neal blogging in for Armando Salguero, who is on vacation somewhere (San Diego? New York? Boston? The Heritage Foundation?) I don't know what Armando does with his vacation time any more than he knows what I do with mine.

Anyway, as far as I know, there's no real news today involving the Water Mammals. Charity work's being knocked out in these last weeks before training camp opens on July 20. That reminds me of something I'll get to in another blog post. But for this one, I'd like to ask you readers of this blog who've remained throuh the era of inactivity: what do you most want to see in training camp?

The development of Tannehill? How Mike Wallace looks? Dion Jordan? The kicking competition?

Have a good evening.



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Besides GMs, expert Football analysts, now many detectives here I guess from CSI and Miami Vice.

Well if they have the video of him leaving and returning to his home then why would they be searching the apt in Franklin?

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 03, 2013 at 05:52 PM

Come on now, don't kill the messenger.

So far as I know, Aaron didn't greet investigators by turning over the Murder Weapon. So far they haven't been able to locate it.

Investigators are doing their due diligence. And as far as the Murder Weapon goes, they have developed some excellent information at a shop in the Glades I believe.

If the victims blood spatter is found on AH's clothes in a pattern consstent with a gunshot wound than that will prove he was there at the time of the shooting.

But I don't believe that there is blood evidence because I don't believe he killed anyone.
The police found a body, discovered a relationship with AH and put that out to the press 2 hours later. Now there trying to find evidence to back it up.
Seems to me they should have found the evidence first before they announced that AH did it.

Well, I don't like to get involved in other's personal affairs. All I know is that the Patriots are now -1 TE.

Also ETF, did you see Hernandez's Bond Hearing.......?

That's when I first heard the Prosecutor make references to Hernandez and the Surveillance Video.

So just because you're not as informed or aware of the facts surrounding the case, please don't try to make it sound like something it's not.

Court TV and the NFL Network covered and re-covered all of this information ad nausem. It's also available on-line.

I thought OJ Simpson was innocent.

oscar canosa | July 03, 2013 at 05:53 PM

Now that you mention a name like yours would have been perfect in some repetitve Miami Vice episode as some bottom feeding Coke dealer who sold by the Oz. who gets busted and flips on the ever elusive Carl Deròn (Dealer who gets away in Pilot who they later kill Season 3 in the Bahamas)

I got the set up!

Gina and Truddy set up a deal with Mid-Level dealer oscar canosa who they bust trying to sell them 3 Oz's of Coke.

Lt. Castillo finds out from the Feds running a deep cover investigation that canosa is actually the pool cleaner at Deròn's Bayfront home and hooks up his drugs from a member of security.

Crickett and Tubbs are brought in to flip canosa who rolls in a heap of tears on everone inside of 30 seconds claiming he was dealing to pay for his sons foot warts operation which ran about 2 Grand!

At the end while canosa is awaiting to appear in Court, Deròn's Organization infiltrates a hit team dressed as Corrections Officers and strangle canosa in his cell. The case gets tossed leaving Crockett and Tubbs to find a new way to capture there ever ellusive White whale Deròn.

HOHO! But it's true, before the murder he had not shown the slightest trace of sociopathy at least that we knew of.

Seems to me they should have found the evidence first before they announced that AH did it.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 03, 2013 at 06:19 PM

I don't know that Hernandez killed anyone.......obviously.

But, to be fair to Investigators, they found a body and investigated for nearly a week before petitioning the Courts and the Prosecutors office for an arrest warrant.

They had to present their findings and wait for a determination in order to obtain an arrest warrant. This is a part of Due Process.

It wasn't like a Lynch Mob picked up their pitch forks and torches to get Hernandez. In addition to The Prosecutors office finding Probable Cause, TWO independent Judges examined the evidence and denied bail.

Again, I don't know that Hernandez killed anyone. But the Judicial System in Massachusetts feels he was at least an accessory and or conspirator.

Yeah, you wish, fin4life. Actually, if you try to approach me in Real World in any way, shape or form, you will be returned, unharmed of course, to your point of Origin.

Of course, after OJ began to commit more felonies from which he is in jail for, Everybody then knew he was guilty as hell for the murder of his wife. From his actions, he's no common sociopath but a Psychopath. Throw away the key for his cell, forever.

But it's true, before the murder he had not shown the slightest trace of sociopathy at least that we knew of.

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 03, 2013 at 06:39 PM

I don't know Oscar, you're the Doctor. But check this out:

The report said a waitress at The Swamp Restaurant brought Hernandez the drinks, which he consumed before refusing to pay the bill. Manager Michael Taphorn confronted Hernandez, then asked him to leave. Outside the bar, Hernandez told police, Taphorn got into his face. When Taphorn turned to re-enter the bar, police said Hernandez hit him on the side of the head.

According to the report, Hernandez did not deny throwing the punch.

Also Oscar, Tim Tebow was present and tried to diffuse the situation by offering to pay for the drinks. Hernandez refused Tebow's offer and opted to settle the matter by sucker punching the manager of the restaurant.

I don't know if this qualifies Hernandez as a sociopath. But this incident, as well as other KNOWN incidents will be presented to establish a "Pattern of Violent Behavior".

What says you Doc..............?

fins over under in vegas at 8. ill take the over

My specialty is not in scum Sociopaths, odin, they will always exist and have their purpose in Society. For x reasons and not because of any design of mine, I have become to specialize in the Big Psychopaths, Hitler, Stalin, Fidel Castro, etc.

I'm sure you People here have seen The Silence of the Lambs, The Red Dragon. The Psychopaths portrayed there were true, in their complete absence of remorse over any damage they might have done to anybody or anything. As a matter of fact, they enjoy doing harm.

Makes them feel superior, when they kill you.


Nice Post at 5:11.

Bradley was dumped and apparently left for dead in, of all places, an industrial park.

There are quite a few outlets that are reporting on the similar circumstances surrounding the two cases(The Huffington Post has a good one).


USA Today is reporting on the surveilance videos. They also have report from Rae Carruths Atty. in which he says the Prosecutors will offer a deal if thats what it takes to convict Hernandez.

They're also reporting on Hernandez' possible motive. They're now saying that Odin Lloyd had information on Hernandez' involvement in the Double Homicide in Boston.

I get the feeling things are going to get a lot worse for Aaron Hernandez. Whether or not they're able to, Prosecutors will try to introduce the following incidents attributed to Hernandez:

1. The punching of the Manager at The Swamp in Gainesville.

2. The shooting and dumping of Bradley in Florida.

3. Of course the Loyd Murder.

But those fictionalized Psychos in those movies were small fish. They did not have Power over parts of the World as others of their kind did or have. Julian Assange is a good example. He's trying his utmost to get some power over the World(with a little help from his friends), but We have kept him as a small fish, up to now.

ETF, you don't seem to have a very good understanding of our laws and how prosecutors compile evidence for a case.

The judge has denied bail on multiple occasions. This should tell you all you need to know. If the evidence was not there or circumstantial a bail amount would have been set. If they have no evidence as you suggest and deny the defendant bail the judge can be brought up on charges for negligence.

I'm assuming you also missed the part where the prosecution in the case has already charged him with murder? If they didn't think they had enough evidence they never would have filed charges.

PS F$%k you you ignorant racist moron.

I mean wtf, do you even live in this country? How many times have you seen a defense attorney admit to the media that the evidence is overwhelming? Every time the press asks a defense attorney his or her opinion they say the evidence is circumstantial. THEY HAVE TO SAY THAT THEY'RE DEFENDING THE FREAKING GUY.

He's guilty of murder whether he pulled the trigger or not and everyone will see that soon enough.

New England Patriots, cheated to win super bowls and signed a thug who murders people. What a classy organization, just ask Welker.

fin4life and odinseye I think you guys left this out. They found a bullet shell, exact match of the shells they found at the scene of the crime, under the floor mat of the car that Hernandez rented.

The victim was a 27 year old unemployed black man whose main method of transporation was a bicycle (stolen?).

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud

Wow, just wow.

You know what I would like to see David Neal?

How about you guys get your heads out of your a#@es and moderate this blog so the idiot racist troll doesn't feel like this is a home to him?

This is the only ,,,,ONLY blog on the net that allows the dregs of our society to crap all over us with impunity. Create a registration, make us sign in through facebook,,,SOMETHING!!!

Fazo I'm not sticking around to feed you. Why don't you mind your own business obviously this has nothing to do with you right? So how about just stfu. I'll get a clue when you get a life worth living. I'm out, peace.

My specialty has been in the Biggie Psychos, those that have killed Millions with gusto, to make them feel superior to their victims, like Hitler(very much in our Mind until recently), Stalin, Fidel Castro(not a murderer of millions but only because Cuba has only 11 million inhabitants and if he did so he would wind up with none).

Some clues to identify Psychopaths:
1- Complete absence of Empathy.
2- Complete absence of a sense of Humor.
3- More intelligent than Most. Can easily dupe Us into what they want.
4- Prefer de-struction to con-struction(See Hitler and Germany). btw, Hitler was born in Austria, subconsciously hated all things German. There is more but not for this Moment, only, They are sick as Hell.

The rules of evidence at a preliminary hearing are such that the prosecutor is allowed to say what the evidence proves and the defense is not allowed to dispute it.
That is why there are no witnesses or cross examination.
That is also why the police are using ESPN to spread false information: "Evidence Found at Secret Hernandez Flop House"..."Carlos Ortiz told police about the place"
-Secret from who? The landlord, property manager, Franklin police and all his neighbors knew he rented the place.
-The police in every jurisdiction know which properties are occupied by VIPs. The Franklin police told the Attleboro PD about the apartment.

You guys are idiots.
You believe everything.
That's why you're broke.

Isn't it convenient for Robert Kraft that AH was arrested before the start of training camp.
Had he been on the roster when camp opened his 2013 salary would have vested.
If AH is exonerated than Kraft will claim he still belongs to NE.

People said the same thing about Henne in his 1st year….”He doesnt have any weapons”. So they added Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall, and Mike Pouncey. And guess what….IT DIDNT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE. Same with Tannehill. You could surround him with an all star team and he’d still stink. He was ranked 29th people. I dont think even Henne was ever ranked that low. The offense without Long, Reggie, and Fasano will borderline on pathetic, again.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 03, 2013 at 08:28 PM

The Patriots FO is full of savvy veterans, Dolphins FO full of incompetent amateurs. Thats the difference.

Henne never had Reggie Bush

Henne never had Reggie Bush

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 03, 2013 at 11:42 PM

Sure he did. Check your facts.

2011 Henne starting QB

Bush starting RB

0-7 start

ExposingTheFraud IS THE FRAUD!!

Phins, if there weren't so many naive idiots like you to feed the trolls they would be gone. Blame yourself.

Posted by: Fazo | July 03, 2013 at 08:01 PM

Excuse me Fago, you're so fvcking dumb you don't even realize how often you bust yourself when using all your fake names and ignorant logic(if you can call it that-lol).

Any REAL poster wouldn't take offense with another real poster getting bamboozled by the resident Troll Tard.

This is just you back peddling and trying to misdirect the real issue. Besides, how many times have you almost single handed-ly ground this blog to a halt with your retardation? Even when 99.9% of the Bloggers quit altogether, it didn't slow you down any. Being the loser that you are, the one whose only semblance of a life revolves around ruining this place, you don't change. Retarded Losers seldom do......it's a FACT-LOL!

The only real naive idiot is you, you know, the guy that thinks we don't see right through the utterly useless bullshyt, more commonly referred too as **Your Life** - ROTFLMFAO!

Then there are ultra morons like odin who cuts and pastes the trolls post endlessly, thereby giving them plenty of extra 'free press'.

You gas bags get what you deserve.

Posted by: Fazo | July 03, 2013 at 08:03 PM

Translation: That fvcking Odin, I hate it when he hands me my ass right here in front of God and Everyone.

He does it all the time - Whaaaaaaaaaah! It's just not FAIR - Whaaaaaaaaah - Whaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

The rules of evidence at a preliminary hearing are such that the prosecutor is allowed to say what the evidence proves and the defense is not allowed to dispute it.
That is why there are no witnesses or cross examination.

You guys are idiots.
You believe everything.
That's why you're broke.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 03, 2013 at 08:22 PM

Excuse me "Mr. Fraud",

But just MAYBE it's YOU that's the broke idiot.

You couldn't be more obviously wrong in your interpretation of a Preliminary Exam.

First off, The Defense Counsel is free to dispute anything he so chooses.

I think you're confusing the Bond Hearing, which is actually an appeal, with the arraignment. Two separate procedures.

Secondly, in these initial instances, it is the Judge or Magistrate that's free too and often DOES "Cross Examine" the evidence and allegations being presented.

Just For The Record: WTF Man? I thought we were discussing the merits of the case against Hernandez. At what point did you decide to slither on down to the level of name calling.........?

Awwwwwww.............and you were doing SO Good.........NOT-LOL ;)

So, on top of all the other "Homer Home Studying" I did on youtube back in March, April, May, etc, etc.......I've been at it again.

Tonight I kind of got what I call a Multi-Study going. I was watching Mike Wallace MAINLY. But I was also keeping an eye on Jonathon Martin and Lamar Miller.

Side Note:

First off, I couldn't help but notice Nate Garner on the clips where he filled in at Right Tackle. Late in the game in week 14(S.F. L 13-27) and somewhat in week 15(Jac. W 24-3)Garner struggled with conditioning. I said that to say this: That's all the negatives I got on him. It was only 4 games, but I never really took that close of a look at him in live "In-Season Games". At 6-7 325 Garner looked and played like a Freaking Beast. Garner would be starting for some other teams I believe. He definitely should have been starting the year SpOrano infamously "Saw The Tape" on Colombo.

Anyways, I feel a lot better knowing that Garner has come into his own. If Martin or Clabo struggles, I now feel like we have some quality depth. And that's not to say that he won't win one of the jobs outright. It's unlikely with the money paid Clabo and all the expectations with Martin. The point is, I feel a lot better knowing that Garner has continued to improve.

The negative I got on Martin is WHERE he struggled. I noticed that over the entire season(whether playing left or right)Martin seems to have struggled most when Tannehill was in the Gun and he was left alone with no help. Other than that particular situation, he didn't do too bad.

Maybe this is why Philbin and Ireland had enough confidence in him too let Long walk and not bring in someone like McKinnie. I mean, I believe Martin will be better just because he's returning too his natural position. He's also reportedly put on 10 too 20 lbs of muscle. So, if there is only this one aspect that he really needs to improve upon, it makes me feel a lot more comfortable. Combined with the ever improving 6-7 325 lb Garner, one of my biggest concerns doesn't seem so bad(I'll be "Homer Studying" Clabo soon).

Next up is Miller. If they can teach this kid his blocking assignments, I'M SOLD! That's all I have to say. I love the guy and think he'll be great.

I just read an article by Garret Baker that explains why he thinks Miller will be better than Bush for Miami in 2013. In addition to simply agreeing with Baker outright, it's an EXCELLENT article. It touches on all the upgrades, from Coaching to Free Agency and right on through the draft. It relates how these upgrades fit into the Grand Scheme of things(A must read for the True DolFan).


Finally Mike Wallace! I think that the largest injustice ever done to Mike Wallace is for all those Jealous Haters to have called him a One Trick Pony! Wallace is ANYTHING but and the Track Record(excuse the pun-lol)is already there.

Wallace has tons of back shoulder throws where he bails on the DB and makes the play.

Big Ben even hit him for quite a few TD's on corner fade routes in the end zone!

He uses his speed and excels on all kinds of reverses and end arounds.

Then there are the WR Screens and quick slants where he breaks them for GOOD YAC's.

Wallace was "All That" and more, almost a Media Darling. That is, until he signed with Miami and the major Networks invoked their "Anti Miami" agenda/bias.

To me, Wallace is a Football Player first, then a Speedster. One of his best attributes in my mind, is how much "Football Smarts" he seems to have.

This might sound crazy and it's my own personal opinion, but Wallace reminds me of a Brandon Marshall type. Except Wallace has all the smarts, speed and Ball Skills that Marshall lacks.........and THEN SOME!


course we are free, greatest country in the world. even lets idiots like u complain where most countries would just tie a rope to your neck

Happy Birthday USA!

I don't expect any of you to be here. I know what I was doing on Canada Day on Monday, nursing a serious vodka and Bulgarian girl induced hangover.

Anyway, where's Craig or #1 Montreal? Those are the only two saps besides me that are in the office today I think.

Well, Nobody Perfect. We're getting closer.

Id like to see Dolphins make the playoffs with a winning season beginning...middle...end.

Just imagine World Champion Heat...World Champion Dolphins (ya never know).

Listen, man, if so, who's going to lead this Country, You?

HFDJ, you know you just read someone's opinion when you read tht book, right? Doesn't mean it's truth. Up to you to believe it or not ... you make a good target for a cult.

Life in Brazil something to emulate? People flee that country en masse on a daily basis. I know my city has something like 100,000 recent Brazilian immigrants. Nice looking women at least.

this idiot just needs to leave this country cause hes dumb as a retarded rock

Mark is a MORON!

I Want to see more HomeRuns (Bombs)on Offense!! &
Defensive Take-Aways to the House !!! Happy 4th!

I do believe there is an intentional movement to keep American citizens sheltered from information and news from around the world. I find as an outsider, Americans know very little about other people and world events. They have to go out of their way to get this information. It's not the people's fault. It's the fault of your government and the news agencies that should bring you this information.

I also find it odd that the USA doesn't have a public news agency like almost every other country in the world.

Thanks for the insight though Simon, I may check it out - but for everyone's good, I certainly hope it's not true.


The problem with what Americans know or don't know lies in what has become news worthy in the U.S. These days folks seem more interested in what Chris Brown did next, Briana's sex life, Kim K's baby's name or today in developments with the A.Hernandez case. In other words tabloid journalism. You really can't blame news agency's taking their cue from the high rated Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and the like.

The only redeeming news shows come on at 6:30 P.M. and have very low ratings. One of the most informative shows in the U.S. for World news was Nightline which played at 11:30 P.M. and was done in by Letterman and Leno for God's sake replaced by Jimmy Kimmel live and their gossip filled comedy schtick! Pure THUNDERDOME for chicklet Brains a real peanut gallery. Leno even has a segmant called J-Walking were he takes to the street and asks random people questions regarding History with answers that truly amaze!

I've seen a few segmants were he asks people who bombed Pearl Harbor and many can't answer with some saying it was the Nazi's! Other's can't tell you who the 1st U.S. President was much less the 1st five but all can tell you what was posted on twitter by the likes of Justin Beiber (a girly punk) Kim K ect.... Truly sad!

f4l, I agree with what you're saying. It's like asking a kid what he wants to eat.. the kid's always going to say cake. But in Canada and many other countries taxpayers own a television station and it gets filled with legit news shows and cultural programming. Yeah, it sucks that it comes out of our tax dolalrs but it adds the avenue where world issues and national issues are discussed and reported.

The closest thing I saw in the USA was PBS but is that even around anymore?

By the way, I apologize for all of Canada for dumping Justin bieber off on you guys .. but the reality is he couldn't stay here anymore ...

I read both Yahoo and Google news. Yahoo is more gossipy, Google less so. Then I go to Reuters and from there to BBC. Frequently, I read Fidel Castro's digital propaganda publication, Cubadebate, just to get a different perspective. You'll be surprised at what I have learned there.

Bring back Edwin Pope.

PBS stations are still around. That's the only TV station I watch besides Sports.

I want to see Ross sell the team to someone with a clue.

PBS stations are still around. That's the only TV station I watch besides Sports.

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 04, 2013 at 11:31 AM


see, BBC is Great britain's publicly owned channel. We have CBC.

Listen, this is a Big and Diverse Country. Just because a cross-section of the Population here are poorly educated does not mean that many more millions are so. The latest I heard, Harvard, MIT, Columbia U, Stanford, etc. are full to capacity.

Good on you Oscar though for going out of your way to be informed. It does sound more labourious than it needs to be though.

Fin 73, hold tight. Clue will be by later, ask him if he has the funds to buy the team.

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