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What do you want to see?

This is David Neal blogging in for Armando Salguero, who is on vacation somewhere (San Diego? New York? Boston? The Heritage Foundation?) I don't know what Armando does with his vacation time any more than he knows what I do with mine.

Anyway, as far as I know, there's no real news today involving the Water Mammals. Charity work's being knocked out in these last weeks before training camp opens on July 20. That reminds me of something I'll get to in another blog post. But for this one, I'd like to ask you readers of this blog who've remained throuh the era of inactivity: what do you most want to see in training camp?

The development of Tannehill? How Mike Wallace looks? Dion Jordan? The kicking competition?

Have a good evening.



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Sure, Mark, not for everybody what I undertook to do.

Of course, I get most of my news now, personally delivered. Thru Twitter.

The closest thing I saw in the USA was PBS but is that even around anymore?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 04, 2013 at 11:22 AM

PBS is still around but was and is more of an educational channel for children with Sesame St., Mr. Rodgers and Capt. Kangaroo. There specials at night are mostly based on Historical and Geographical specials which (given their budget) is very inferior to what you'll see on Nat Geo, the Military or History Channel. They do play alot of BBC News segmants but again nothing out of the ordinary that would have you sit threw such a snoozer of a Channel.

I was unaware of a Gov. run Channel in Canada funded by tax payer Dollars sounds like a geat idea for the U.S. but doubt it would ever pass here given there are segnats of Corp. America that like the systematic dumbing down of American society our appetite for what we consider news worthy playing right into a small percentages hands of what they prefer we keep our minds occupied with.

The sad aspect of it is the way alot of parents and people of my generation seem to go along with it. You analyze the crisis the U.S. finds itself in and lack of leadership and can trace it directly to the education the generation now running the U.S. was exposed to (my generation the 40 to 50 Yr. olds) raised in the me quick fix recreational drug using 80's. You then look at today's generations and weep for what's ahead in the next 20 to 30 Yrs.

f4l, at least there will be an abundance of pharmaceutical therapies to dumb down the pain for all of us...

Segnats? What U did you graduate from, YG?

Bring back Edwin Pope.

Posted by: chenzerino | July 04, 2013 at 11:29 AM

oscar, Pope was a Dope

The prosecutor and the judge work for the same employer.
The preliminary hearing is a 5 minute affair, the evidence s not examined and no witnesses are called.
The prosector claims that he has the evidence to make he case and the defendant pleads not guilty.
That' it.

How in the world did Casey Anthony get indicted for murder when there was no evidence? Because the defense is not allowed to speak except to enter a plea at the preliminary hearing which is designed to last for 5 minutes beginning to end.

Segnats? What U did you graduate from, YG?

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 04, 2013 at 12:06 PM

You understand I meant segments! There was a time a few Yrs. back when you had something to say but now apparently given your extended (obsessive) time here and obvious proclivity to holding conversations with yourself using multiple screen names it's apparent you've either gone threw some sort of life altering experience or are in need of the help you claim to provide in the psycheatric field, seriously!

You know the amount of heated debates I've had over the Yrs. here with Dying Breed? You've gone off on some obsession that I'm him and vice versa with some of the other regulars that post or use to post here sounds more like your a bunch of characters on here and have convinced yourself your talking to one other person doing the same, pathetic! This is the last response you get out of me till you get back on your meds or whatever and post something worthy of a response.

Ya se jo-io esto con ETF here.

I'd like to see Armando back and writing

My youngest turned 20 today so I no longer have tenae chldren.

Meant to say I no longer have teenage children.


If your still out there I have a question.

While I was working with some Imports to Venezuela from 08 till 2011 there was a channel there that played a Canadian TV show (AXN) called The Border that I got hooked on which was apparently cancelled on one of the bggest Cliff hangers ever. The main characters (ISIS if I remember correctly) were in a gun fight with some MS Gang members over the arrest of a Mexican Cartel Kingpin and wonderd if maybe in Canada they at least shot a final episode I may have missed really great show!

Armando is flying back from Hawaii on Saturday.

Mando is not in Hawaii.
Mando is in his little apartment hiding from the landord.
Mando is teaching his children how to play the quiet game whenever a car door closes.
Mando has been laid off for 2 months and is collecting unemployment.
Mando sent that fake tweet claiming he was in his Dolphins man cave 2500 miles from home.
Hawaii is 6000 miles from Miami not 2500 miles.

Fraud, tell us again how Henne never played with Reggie Bush! LOL

psycheatric? Plueess

The Fraud has exposed himself


Posted by: oscar canosa


Thank you. Facebook.

f4l, i've only heard of that show. never watched it. i have no idea what the status is either...

sorry i couldn't help buddy.

Just watched the first episode of walking dead. pretty cool. Without any sports this summer I'm running out of things to watch and the weather is crap this summer. At least I'm taking off to Europe for a few weeks soon.

In response to several things on this thread:

David: I'd like to see Tannehill show he's ready to take the next steps to being an elite QB - at least some solid progress. At the same time, I'd like to see signs that the defensive backfield has improved greatly from last year. Since we're talking about training camp, aren't those mutually exclusive? I'd also like to see that those who are coming back from injuries are able to go full strength.

The chihuahua and the exploding kittens sound good to me.

Why so much attention is paid on this thread to A Hernandez escapes me - that's the Patriots' and their fans' problem (or at least it was).

Most of this thread is just an off-topic wankfest from folks with too much free time. Then again, I flipped through all five pages, so I guess that would include me as well.

I would also like to go on record as supporting dancing Chihuahuas and exploding kittens. There is simply no greater expression of our Blessings of Liberty.

Vous devez votre liberte de FRANCE! Si nous n'avions pas entré votre révolution stupide que vous avez perdu à l'anglais et votre capitale auriez été à Londres, pas Washington! Et votre "Independence Day" n'existerait pas! Vous devez tout à la France! Mettez-vous à genoux et remercier!

A.J. Duhe actually did grow up speaking French as his first language (he was from DEEP in Cajun Country) but I'm skeptical he wrote that post, lol!

En outre, «Dolphin» est un mot d'origine FRANÇAIS! Donc, chaque fois que vous encouragez pour les Dolphins de Miami vous acclamer en FRANÇAIS! Vous n'auriez pas du tout la langue de parler si ce n'était pas pour le français. Vous souhaitez tout simplement s'asseoir arond comme des singes stupides!

You are NOT welcome oscar.

Baruch atta adonai shalom alechem elehanu melach hayolum asher kiddoshanu ma Dolphins

And just why not? I'm also a proponent of liberte, fraternite, igualite.

Why in the world does the NFL let the Dolphins continue? It is a blemish on their image and integrity. Also it is a sad reflection on modern society.

And a proponent of incest too huh oscar?

Yeah okay....and Stained and Cheese sounds like they (he) are psychologically stable.
What a maroon.

See, a Jewban(CubanJew) has just won one of the most prestigious of literary awards in LatinAmerica, the Pablo Neruda premio. Of course, he lives in Miami now.

My Mother was a nurse at the biggest public Hospital in Havana. One day, brought from deep inside the mountains, - Tell me, dear, what's your father's name? - Jose Varona, miss. - And your husband's name? - Jose Varona, miss. - They have the same name? No, miss, my husband, father, they are the same one.--
- It's allright, girl.

Henne never had Reggie Bush

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 03, 2013 at 11:42 PM

WHAT A MORON. How is this guy even allowed to use a computer. ROFLMAO Hey dummy google "Chad Henne and Reggie Bush". There are plenty stories to read but you may need to stick to the pictures!

The victim was a 27 year old unemployed black man whose main method of transporation was a bicycle (stolen?).

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 03, 2013 at 04:21 PM


Henne never had Reggie Bush

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud / July 03, 2013 at 11:42 PM


We will never see this name again but we will know exactly who he is because he is much too stupid to hide. Lmao

Reggie Bush: New offense will do ‘wondrous things’ for Chad Henne - See more at: http://blogs.palmb

But hey, its the 4th. We are not supposed to think to day. We are supposed to drink lots of beer, barbecue hormone and drug induced meats, eat fat laden and preservative laden chips and salsa, and make as much noise as possible.

Posted by: Happy Fools of July | July 04, 2013 at 09:25 AM

OK, so you made an EXCELLENT point. What are **YOU** doing about it........?

Oh yeah, you come to a Sports Blog to whine, piss and moan about your Political Agenda, or lack there of.....

ROTFLMAO - Despite your continual efforts to ruin the blog and spoil everyone's participation, It's still quite evident, you're a no account Loser.

Don't even try to pretend, your own actions here PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt...........

You Sir, OBVIOUSLY have **NO-Life** ;)

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Obviously, there is a battle here between odin and YG. Me, I don't interfere in these affairs.

I saw some blue chewing gum on the sidewalk out side of the plasma center so I can say with certainty that Aaron Hernandez donated plasma.
There is no other possible explanation.

Fin4, it truly is a sad state of affairs here in America.

You can't even make generational comparisons. It only leads you further into the morass and further away from any possible solutions.

The education problems **COULD BE FIXED**. But not when the Machine is happy with the status quo. I believe it's gotten to the point where nothing short of a total meltdown is needed. The powers that be have so much economic/financial power, a Revolution is as good as impossible. As long as there's anything to rob and steal from the populace, they're not letting go.

Like I said, The Education problem could be fixed. But this has to happen in conjunction with concurrent programs to unseat and protect against the stranglehold/monopoly that the Military Industrial(Technological)Complex has come to hold.

I had to change Industrial to Technological above, because the Thieves that are in control had to follow the profit margins. If this doesn't change(in conjunction with education)this will be the Great American Downfall. The Rich Thieves and Politicians will try to avoid this, but ultimately they'll survive. Their MONEY is safely off shore.

The NAFTA agreement has to be either repealed or totally implemented and enforced throughout this Hemisphere. We have to stay abreast of technological advancements to compete in this century. But we also have to restore our Industrial capabilities and increase Production/Exports. NAFTA has to include a prevailing wade or at least a competitive, survivable wage enforced from Argentina to Canada and all points between. We simply cannot compete with sweatshop/slave labor and expect to hold our place in the World Theater.

We have to do away with the current political system(The Thieves/politicians/powers that be)situation and level the playing field.

How might we do all of this.......?

I don't even pretend to know. But I'll tell you one thing, coming on a sports blog and pissing and moaning under multiple fake names doesn't help anything.

(Note: I'm not accusing you of any of this Fin4, just making a point to Troll Tard. This ain't the VENUE/ place for it. The piss poor fool can't even figure this much out)

Happy 4th of July!!!!

My Prayers go out to ALL of America and ALL of you Too(Yes, even **YOU** Monkey Boy).

Now, I have to excuse myself. I have this **Smoking Hot Young Lady** and some Ribs to contend with.

At the rate people "JUST" started showing up, it's a Party at Odin's Ranch!!!!

ValHalla All!!!!

I'd like to see Matt Moore get a fair chance at the starting job in preseason.

I'd like to see Matt Moore get a fair chance at the starting job in preseason.

Posted by: Kyle S. | July 04, 2013 at 06:32 PM

I like Matt Moore too but Tannehill is the chosen one in the eyes of Philbin and Sherman.

Matt's chances are about as good as oscar becoming a legitimate psychoanalyst.

Please excuse my son. He is just a moron.

Matt Moore ad the starters job for 2 teamsx in consecutive seasons:
In 2010 he was the Carolina starter because of injury - John Fox was fired
In 2011 he was Miami starter after game 3 because Henne got injured - Tony Soprano was fired

That's why Philbin gave the job to Garrard- he didn't want Moore to get him fired and he didn't think much of T-hill.

who's david neal ?


ALoco has been quiet as of late.




SHORT ........

Ok, now what was Odin saying about Hernandez being not guilty?


NO MORE BAD STORIES ..........PLEASE........



My son is brain challenged. He has a tiny brain and a small u know what too.

I don't know, ALoco, but it seems to me that I have lived an Eternity. hehehe

Ok, now what was Odin saying about Hernandez being not guilty?

Posted by: 45 ammo | July 04, 2013 at 10:27 PM

Who knows. I never read his bs.

Aloco please tell us about the gourmet tuna you eat imported from New Guinea.

Oscar be almost finished.

Toe painting is hard work!

The ability to recall, Memory, goes from Individual to Universal. It makes us Immortal, don't you see?

A rock has recollection, also. Only it takes It a long time to remember.

I want to see lots of things! The Offensive Line. The Backfield. Will Gray make the roster? Will Thomas? Will any of the rookies step up in the secondary? Is Carpenter gone? How will Jordan do after missing all the mini-camps? Can this team live up to the hype? How about their potential? Have they developed into a real team or is it just on paper? Who makes the 53? Etc., etc.

The roster is pretty much set with the exception of 3 or 4 players.

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