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Bad day for consistent Dolphins offense

I'll say this for the Dolphins offense: They're being consistent lately.

Problem is they're consistently not very good.

Today was simply one of those days in that Mike Sherman's unit looked bad. They kind of resembled the same unit that didn't do much against the Dallas No. 2 defense on Sunday night in the Hall of Fame game.

Mike Wallace, who is getting closer to practicing but isn't quite there yet, did not work in full drills again today. On the bright side, John Jerry, who has missed two weeks and is about to start his third week away, seems to be inching toward getting back on the field. He was on the side early in practice rehabbing his knee. He will not play Friday against Jacksonville, however.

As for the people on the field, think Ryan Tannehill bad and Chad Bumphis increasingly good.

Tannehill threw three interceptions to defensive backs (two to Will Davis and one to Brent Grimes) and then had another ball tipped at the line of scrimmage, which Kheeston Randall intercepted and then fumbled away. So four interceptions on the day for Tannehill.

"Frustrated by today," Tannehill said. "It wasn't a very good day. It was frustrating. But I'm definitely moving in the right direction if you take out today. Frustrated with the day but we'll go back and make the corrections and go forward." 

Although he recognizes Tannehill is assigned all the interceptions, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said they're not all his fault.

"Offensively as a group we didn't have a good practice today," Sherman said. "I wouldn't put, even though they all go under his name, I wouldn't put them all on him. We had some young receivers out there. We had a lot of pressure today. But he'll have better days and today wasn't one of his best days; it wasn't one of our best offensive days."

Despite the offensive struggles, Bumphis is thriving. He caught no less than six passes in team and seven-on-seven drills. The kid led the team in receiving in the scrimmage and the Hall of Fame game and he's continuing the trend to the point he was working with the second unit today rather than the third string he was on last week.

Bumphis has obviously caught the coaching staff's collective attention.

"When Chad was in college, he played the inside slot receiver," Sherman said. "People's observation of him is he's not the fastest guy in the world. He's not the biggest guy in the world and so that's why he ended up an undrafted free agent. I do think he understands how to play that slot receiver. You have to be nifty and crafty and he appears to be that.

"He's done some good things. He has some things he needs to correct. He was on the back end of the interception for a touchdown when he kind of floated into a route instead of defined it a little more but that's part of being a rookie. We definitely can fix that. He's shown some out here and has a ways to go but he's a good guy to work with."

(By the way, I thought Jeff Fuller also had a very productive practice. He had four receptions that I saw. He was today's next most impressive of the receivers vying for the No. 4 and No. 5 jobs at WR.)

Asked if there were any other first-year players that caught his eye in the HOF game, Sherman said there weren't any. Yikes! The OC did volunteer that Josh Samuda, who played both guard and center in the game, distinguished himself with good work.

Ironically, even though Samuda played well, the Dolphins used Lance Louis with the first team offensive line during a couple of practice periods today. Samuda was in and out, suggesting he was nursing some physical issue.

Speaking of physical issues, running back Lamar Miller limped off the field toward the end of practice and didn't return. A trainer was looking at his lower right leg. He did say afterward he was fine.

The Dolphins got only limited work from backup Pat Devlin today but he is not seriously hurt to the point the club is about to sign another QB at this point. Randy Starks (knee) continues to miss practice while Jared Odrick (groin) was back on the practice field today.

Coach Joe Philbin, talking for the first time since he studied the game tape following the HOF game, said he was not pleased by either the offensive or defensive line in the game.

"I was a little disappointed in both offensive line play and defensive line play," Philbin said. "You don't play defense and average 5 yards a carry for an opponent. That's not good run defense. Were there some good flashes of play? Sure, there were good flashes. There were some signs but we have a lot of work to do."

It has been abundantly clear that Jonathan Martin is among the offensive linemen needing to improve. Well, for the second consecutive practice he did not give up a sack today. And Sherman seems upbeat about the team's prospective left tackle.

"Any left tackle in this league in his second year is a work in progress and Jonathan Martin is as well," Sherman said. "It's a premier position and I don't know any left tackle outside the Jonathan Ogdens of the world and Richmond Webbs of the world can walk in and effectively do the job play after play.

"I'm pleased with his progress. Does he have a ways to go? Yeah. But I expected that going in. He's working to get better and he'll be a fine left tackle in this league if not a really good one."

On the defensive side of the ball, Will Davis had two interceptions today, as mentioned above. But he has to do some work on his tackling technique before he makes Philbin happy.

Philbin is quite pleased with the work of Derrick Shelby but as to the team,  the coach said, "There's nothing we don't need work on. It's not uncommon this time of year."

The Dolphins today announced the extension for Reshad Jones, who seemed relieved the negotiation is over.

"It feels good to put it behind me and do what I do," Jones said. "They said they were going to do it and it just proves how much these guys trust and believe in me on and off the field."


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go finsssssssssss

Same old Phins...

same old serpico

They need to get it together soon the first 5 games are no cake walk, we will need to score points to win most of those games!

plenty of time. but true the first half of the schedule is brutal. 8-8 will be a solid year. id say 2014 will be the year we take big steps

Samunda is an important part of our O-line. Even if he doesn't start this season.

Good to hear L.Louis is practicing.

Our secondary is much improved this season.

While some look at the HOF game and Complain.

The Fins gave up less than 100yds passing the Whole game. Much Improved Pass Defense.

dashi that game didnt show anything good or bad, vanilla back ups vs vanilla backups basically entire game. meant nothing either way


Did the Pass defense look better this preseason game or last season preseason game?

It just seems we're stressing too much about Tanny and this offense. I watched Tanny in AZ last year and he was blitzed just about every play. In September; he'll have his #1's at WR and Martin will be a good NFL LT. Miller will have a solid 1000 yd season. The D will be solid if not amazing. Relax...don't stress over the results in pre season...it absolutely doesn't matter.

Another pathetic season...

Phins78, love your post from the last blog. mando is a whiny little guy, isn't he? Everyday he complains the team doesn't do this or that? Why would they? All he does is paint the team in the worst possible light each day. Why would I give the guy who's trying his best to get me fired all the inside info? Suck a hard one in that case ...

In what decade do we get a QB?

8-8 would be a godsend for this team. I hope they win 10 but I think it will be impossible.

Ross, Ireland, Philbin, and Tannehill are all lightweights in the NFL. Its no wonder we stink. Pray for new ownership.

That being said, today was probably Mando's most fair and balanced post since he came back and he ahd the most ammunition to throw at the team. Interesting ...

If these scrubs win 5 it'll be amazing.

The Cowboys threw it all over the Place last season. And the starters were playing for a longer time.

The Pass Defense looked great this last game. Specially our Secondary.

We haven't been tackling at all in practice and our run defense(Starks, Soliai, Odrick) didn't play last game. Expect that to be ready by the end of preseason. As long as we have those 3 we have a Top 5 Rush Defense.

I was just amazed at how much better our Pass Defense looks.

Can't wait til they shut down Henne and Gabbert Friday.

dashi i dont care either way cause it meant nothing. dallas was basically playing u at qb and calling vanilla plays

agree azphin on most of that other than martin being good. thats a hole we have to fix

One thing no one has mention is I didnt see one long ball in practice or the first pre season games, do we even throw the ball deep anymore??

Word around Dolphins headquarters is that Steven Ross and Jeff Ireland had a heated meeting about the Dolphins personnel shortcomings. Ross told Ireland he has no more than four more years to turn the team around. He told Ireland he wants no more goofing abound in the draft such as trading a first and second round pick for a special teams contributor. Ireland was upset to be called on the carpet in this manner, but was relieved to hear he was being granted the additional time because he understands the enormity of the task in front of him.

Time to consider moving T-Hill to WR.

The Fins gave up less than 100yds passing the Whole game. Much Improved Pass Defense.

Posted by: Dashi- | August 06, 2013 at 04:00 PM

This is complete idiot speak!

Our pass defense looked good in he HOF game? WHEN YOU CAN RUN IT, YOU DON'T NEED TO PASS IT! The bowys hardly threw the ball!

Even if they were passing it(THEY WEREN'T) what did you expect from 2 3rd stringers?

Lord have mercy. Homers cannot shut their fandom off! No need to see the pass D looked great. What a complete moronic exaggeration. Just say they weren't tested!


Does Tannehill even have a pump fake in his aresnal??? Jeez hes like a inacurate robot


Dallas had the most Accurate Qb out there right now. YouTube Alex Tanney. The Guy was even on Superhuman the Other Day.

I'm just stating a positive. If you want to look at everything as Doom and Gloom that is up to you.

The LBs by themselves last year would've gave up 100yds by themselves.

The Fins had over 400yds of Total Offense.

Again, if M.Moore doesn't throw a Pick 6 the Fins. And if he would've made the right decision at the end of the game. The Fins would've Won.

Truth, tannehill threw for both a 40yd and 70yd td today alone. Of course, this gets no mention.

Jeff Ireland 4 MORE YEARS!

i love everyone who says not to worry becuase it's only pre-season and that everything will get corrected by the start of the season. all signs point to another loooonnnng season with an offense that cant score and a d that stops everyone except when they need to. we'll average about 16 pts a game and finish with about 6 wins. 7 of 8 home games will be televised cause of Ross and ireland will receive an extension. Next draft we'll be talking about how this is the most important draft in the last 15 years and will set the tone for years to come, etc, etc, etc...

Mark, how the h e l l would you know that? All I heard was he threw 4 picks, this was from Armando and Omar Kelly??


Chad Bumphis=Davone Bess, without the hands. PS material. NcNutt, probably cut.

11-21 for 96yds.

Yeah, Dallas just ran the ball the whole game. They threw the ball and had Zero Success.

The Fins threw for more Yards-310, Than the Cowboys as an Offense had the Whole Game-266.

Look at the Stats, and be Objective. If it wasn't for Moore throwing the Pick 6. The Fins would've killed Dallas. Heck, he could've still thrown the Pick, just not return it for a TD. The Cowboys wouldn't have scored.

dashi i dont care what some third string qb did in college, means nothing.

Mark, how the h e l l would you know that? All I heard was he threw 4 picks, this was from Armando and Omar Kelly??
Posted by: Truth | August 06, 2013 at 04:35 PM

Canadiens make up stuff to suit their agendas. Whats a canadien doing on a Miami blog anyway? WTF?

Apparently you didn't watch bumphis play at miss state.....he was awesome in the sec with a garbage qb......bumphis=chrebet

WTH is wrong with Tannehill? Those picks are probably due to bad ball placement. Too much heat on him? Well, he better get used to it and in a quick hurry.

Yeah Mark, all of the other stuff Armando writes about is fine by me and I don't usually care, he's entitled to his opinions just as we are. But this constant complaining regarding disclosure of injuries and contracts annoys the crap out of me.

I don't get it because it's not what fans care about. Maybe there are two whiney fans in here that care but we all know a lot of people right? How many times have you heard a fan of another team or a fan of our team complain that the team won't tell them exactly what type of injury a player has? Or that they're mad because there are contract negotiations going on and they have no clue what is happening behind closed doors?

It's so mind numbingly boring. And the fact that Armando says he does it for us is great, but I don't believe it for one second. Sometimes it feels as if he has an us against them mentality and tries to suck the visitors here into that as well. I can't and never will believe it's for the fans for the reason I stated, I have NEVER met a fan who cares one bit about these things.

And if the team was winning he would never complain about this.

I will tell you whats wrong with tannehill...he has been practicing for almost 3 weeks...without his starters...they are 4th string wr for a reason. They don't run crisp routes or the run the wrong routes

threw three interceptions (two to rookie Will Davis and one to Brent Grimes), but writers gave him a fourth interception early in practice when Kheeston Randall leaped up during team drills and appeared to snag a Tannehill pass.

Tannehill, however, said Randall didn’t hold on.


Miramar Dave,

From the last blog, you said Ireland admitted to Rose that Pat White was his pick..........?

I don't know if that's even true. But do **YOU**, not US, not Joe Rose, not anybody else, do **YOU** really believe that Ireland was allowed to pick a QB in the 2nd round without "The Head Man" Fats Parcells "signing off" on it.....?

I'll be anxiously awaiting your reply............NOT-LOL!

I'm not at all surprised that the Defense at this time of year looks a lot better than the Offense. That's to be expected during Training Camp. I just hope to see improvement from the team (in all areas) in the game against the Jags Friday night! At least then I'll know they're headed in the right direction...

You have a point with the WRS running the wrong routes, Hater. Let's hope that's the case. But Chad Bumphis is slower than Bess without Davone's hands although just as quick and seems to know how to play the slot

Truth, that was posted in the sentinel notes from today's practice.

Ryan Tannehill connects on a 40-yard touchdown to Jeff Fuller. Who did he beat? Mr. Will Davis.

Brian Tyms just beat Will Davis for a 70-yard touchdown during 1-on-1s. Tannehill threw a pretty pass

There ya go Canadien Bacon

What has happened to Brandon Gibson? Is he playing at all?

I think the Ryan Tannehill experiment is over. Play Matt Moore this year and see if we can get a 3rd or 4th rd pick for Tannehill. We cant waste as much time with Tannehill as we did with Henne.

I don't know Mark, this blog is getting boring. Who's left? You and me, Dashi during the day, odinseye at night? Craig once and awhile. DC,Kris,bobbyd,Marc,Cuban, and so many other fun posters seem to be gone. It's preseason, HUGE offseason, lots of question marks, and this place hasn't even filled a page in over an hour. YIKES! Not like the old days. We used to have so many different conversations going that you had a choice of what you wanted to debate or talk about.

39 posts,,, 20 of them from a couple of trolls that are only here for one liners that add nothing and do not spark any debate or conversation. Half of those are from someone imitating Dashi (stole his name but added a - at the end from what I can see unless Dashi changed the way he signs his name and the style in which he writes) so those can't be taken seriously as it's obvious they are trying to hook him in so they can argue all night.

What's your take?




At this point, I don't trust neither Tanny or Moore and only my boy Pat Devlin. But he's hurt.

Tannehill lacks the accuracy to be an NFL QB. Amazing that no one on the Dolphins noticed it BEFORE the draft.



Throwing an Odin like 2012 post draft hissy fit! They are more alike than either one would EVER admit.


Posted by: Ground Control to Maj. Douche | August 06, 2013 at 01:46 PM

Post draft my ass. I apologized and agreed to hold my anti-Tannehill comments for the good bloggers here I respect.

But the fact is, I threw my Hissy Fit **DURING** the draft. Not only did I have serious reservations about Tannehill overall, at 13 or 12 or whatever it was, I went berserk.

He became a Dolphin, so I hope for the best and try and hold my tongue as promised. Until the Coaches pull the plug, I root for the Guy-PERIOD!

Having said all that, I don't have all the confidence in the world about Tannehill. I believe he's the type that has to have a great defense and a pretty good offense to succeed. Like when he was at A&M, if he had a defense, I think they would have been top 10 consistently.

Ultimately, the people trying to draw conclusions from 5 passes Sunday night and today's practice are hopeless and helpless. While some find them annoying(and I do too at times)I think it's hilarious. It helps me weed out the people on here that are even worthwhile or better put, **Utterly Useless** bloggers.

Just for the Record.... ;)

Great QBs don't care about the heat, they just stand there until the last nanosecond then whip the ball before being blasted. The Marinos, the Joe Willis,...

Phins78, I posted earlier that the blog is melting down.

Used to be even the one liners were good to get you going once in a while but their schtick is now even old and boring.

YG's flip flopping and general neurosis is always good for a laugh tho.

I agree with you, it's going down. There is not much worthwhile going on here anymore. it just now seems to be "Dolphins suck" "you're a homer" "you're a Canadian" "you're a troll". Not much insight anymore. Too bad because I used to get some good out of it here.

LMAO They weren't playing a game today for those of you who are unaware how football training camps run. They were working on 3rd down and long plays when the ints came. Tannehill was working with his 3rd and 4th string receivers on anticipation routes. That means he throws the ball before the receiver breaks into his cut. If the receiver doesn't run a crisp route it allows the db to make an easy play on the ball. During two of the ints this is exactly what was said to have happened by people at the practice including a couple of writers then also pointed out by Sherman and Philbin. One was a tip at the line of scrimmage that was then fumbled and recovered. One was on him.

So lets give him 2 ints that were totally his responsibility. That would be the one underthrow and the one tip at the line. In third down and long drills it happens, especially to second year players who are playing with half of their starters on the sideline. You frickin whiners are too funny, it's practice momos, save your disgust for the regular season and I'll be right there with you. But for now please try a little harder to put things in perspective.

PHINS78, STFU, what are you making friends on the blog. eat a d i c k p u s s y

Posted by: odinseye | August 06, 2013 at 04:50 PM

Let me fill you in odinseye, it's not true and that's all that needs to be said. He has stated this before and yet has never produced one single shred of evidence while I pasted multiple stories with quotes from Parcells admitting he went away from his blueprint on that one.

my god another season in which we'll struggle to score one TD per game.

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