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Bad day for consistent Dolphins offense

I'll say this for the Dolphins offense: They're being consistent lately.

Problem is they're consistently not very good.

Today was simply one of those days in that Mike Sherman's unit looked bad. They kind of resembled the same unit that didn't do much against the Dallas No. 2 defense on Sunday night in the Hall of Fame game.

Mike Wallace, who is getting closer to practicing but isn't quite there yet, did not work in full drills again today. On the bright side, John Jerry, who has missed two weeks and is about to start his third week away, seems to be inching toward getting back on the field. He was on the side early in practice rehabbing his knee. He will not play Friday against Jacksonville, however.

As for the people on the field, think Ryan Tannehill bad and Chad Bumphis increasingly good.

Tannehill threw three interceptions to defensive backs (two to Will Davis and one to Brent Grimes) and then had another ball tipped at the line of scrimmage, which Kheeston Randall intercepted and then fumbled away. So four interceptions on the day for Tannehill.

"Frustrated by today," Tannehill said. "It wasn't a very good day. It was frustrating. But I'm definitely moving in the right direction if you take out today. Frustrated with the day but we'll go back and make the corrections and go forward." 

Although he recognizes Tannehill is assigned all the interceptions, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said they're not all his fault.

"Offensively as a group we didn't have a good practice today," Sherman said. "I wouldn't put, even though they all go under his name, I wouldn't put them all on him. We had some young receivers out there. We had a lot of pressure today. But he'll have better days and today wasn't one of his best days; it wasn't one of our best offensive days."

Despite the offensive struggles, Bumphis is thriving. He caught no less than six passes in team and seven-on-seven drills. The kid led the team in receiving in the scrimmage and the Hall of Fame game and he's continuing the trend to the point he was working with the second unit today rather than the third string he was on last week.

Bumphis has obviously caught the coaching staff's collective attention.

"When Chad was in college, he played the inside slot receiver," Sherman said. "People's observation of him is he's not the fastest guy in the world. He's not the biggest guy in the world and so that's why he ended up an undrafted free agent. I do think he understands how to play that slot receiver. You have to be nifty and crafty and he appears to be that.

"He's done some good things. He has some things he needs to correct. He was on the back end of the interception for a touchdown when he kind of floated into a route instead of defined it a little more but that's part of being a rookie. We definitely can fix that. He's shown some out here and has a ways to go but he's a good guy to work with."

(By the way, I thought Jeff Fuller also had a very productive practice. He had four receptions that I saw. He was today's next most impressive of the receivers vying for the No. 4 and No. 5 jobs at WR.)

Asked if there were any other first-year players that caught his eye in the HOF game, Sherman said there weren't any. Yikes! The OC did volunteer that Josh Samuda, who played both guard and center in the game, distinguished himself with good work.

Ironically, even though Samuda played well, the Dolphins used Lance Louis with the first team offensive line during a couple of practice periods today. Samuda was in and out, suggesting he was nursing some physical issue.

Speaking of physical issues, running back Lamar Miller limped off the field toward the end of practice and didn't return. A trainer was looking at his lower right leg. He did say afterward he was fine.

The Dolphins got only limited work from backup Pat Devlin today but he is not seriously hurt to the point the club is about to sign another QB at this point. Randy Starks (knee) continues to miss practice while Jared Odrick (groin) was back on the practice field today.

Coach Joe Philbin, talking for the first time since he studied the game tape following the HOF game, said he was not pleased by either the offensive or defensive line in the game.

"I was a little disappointed in both offensive line play and defensive line play," Philbin said. "You don't play defense and average 5 yards a carry for an opponent. That's not good run defense. Were there some good flashes of play? Sure, there were good flashes. There were some signs but we have a lot of work to do."

It has been abundantly clear that Jonathan Martin is among the offensive linemen needing to improve. Well, for the second consecutive practice he did not give up a sack today. And Sherman seems upbeat about the team's prospective left tackle.

"Any left tackle in this league in his second year is a work in progress and Jonathan Martin is as well," Sherman said. "It's a premier position and I don't know any left tackle outside the Jonathan Ogdens of the world and Richmond Webbs of the world can walk in and effectively do the job play after play.

"I'm pleased with his progress. Does he have a ways to go? Yeah. But I expected that going in. He's working to get better and he'll be a fine left tackle in this league if not a really good one."

On the defensive side of the ball, Will Davis had two interceptions today, as mentioned above. But he has to do some work on his tackling technique before he makes Philbin happy.

Philbin is quite pleased with the work of Derrick Shelby but as to the team,  the coach said, "There's nothing we don't need work on. It's not uncommon this time of year."

The Dolphins today announced the extension for Reshad Jones, who seemed relieved the negotiation is over.

"It feels good to put it behind me and do what I do," Jones said. "They said they were going to do it and it just proves how much these guys trust and believe in me on and off the field."


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I have many insights about yogurt, the planet Neptune, and Albanian wheat production.


Mark, I saw your comment about the state of the blog. Never fear good buddy...Tim Couch is here to save the day.

Oscar, LOL!!!

Steve Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Tannehill had the 9th best conversion rate among rookies on losing teams on 3rd and 3's in the AFC.

Posted by: Odindouushy | August 06, 2013 at 02:35 PM

9th best? There were only 3 rookie starters in the AFC last season (Tanne, Wheedon, Wilson)

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 06, 2013 at 02:37 PM

Tannehill had the 8th best QB rating of ALL Quarterbacks when throwing deep(20 yards or more). Not just the Rookies, he beat ALL the Rookies in this statistic.

These are the FACTS of Tannehill's play **During The Season**.

ROTFLMAO - You Twerps are getting your Panties in a Bunch over 5 Pre Season throws and **ONE** Practice. The **ONE** Practice following 6 without a pick-LOL.

I don't even know what kind of "Spaz-Tarding" you guys are doing. I don't even know what too call it. But it's Funnier Than Shyt-ROTFLMAO!

Subtle Hint: Look up the word "Perspective".

I'm starting too wonder about ETF. He is known for using a MULTITUDE of fake sign in names and does make some really questionable posts.

I'm not making any accusations, but I........wonder...

Does YG have a Ginormous "Man Crush" on Aaron Hernandez?

There is not much worthwhile going on here anymore. it just now seems to be "Dolphins suck" "you're a homer" "you're a Canadian" "you're a troll". Not much insight anymore.

Walker's ESPN blog went to requiring Facebook to comment, and it's pretty quiet over there ... but compared to the gibberish drowning out the folks here that I learn something from, I wonder how long till the Herald goes that route.

On a + note, the kid Davis had 2 more picks today although he peeked beforehand on one and got burned for a 70 yd TD. But he'll learn. He gets his hands on an awful lot of balls.

Mark I have theories in regards to the demise but can't figure it out. I wonder if people are just turned off by all of the fighting and nonsense. The last thing any real fan wants to do is go to his home team blog and have any hopeful thought put down and ridiculed by an anonymous blogger who is hell bent on starting a war.

Bottom line is the people at the Herald care more about quantity than quality. And in the end that will only hurt both aspects in my opinion.

Also, the writer warned people not to use vulgar language or they will be kicked out. The very next post was completely vulgar. There are at least a half dozen posts in here today containing swear words and instructions on which sexual acts they would like us to perform. But nothing is done. So it makes his words seem hollow and I think some of the others took that to heart. And this time there was no boycott, no one said they were leaving, they just left! Haha That's how you know people are finally fed up for good.

Merl Hoge

Ryan Tannehill Stinks!

Well. this is the only Blog that I can talk Football, besides the different conformations of girl's pussssies, and politics.

Oscar, LOL!!!

Why oscar? Why is this the only blog?

This is why the Dolphins wanted to play this HOF Game, because Philbin new it would take time to mesh this unit together. And who cares if Tanny had a bad day?? Really?? Every QB has a bad day, including Brady who had two bad Super Bowls. Add in the fact Tanny had to take 80% of the snaps today because Devlin was injured. Anyone who believes a Pre Pre Season game and a tough practice is the end of the season is not only a fake, bandwagon jumping so called fan, it also means they should watch another sport, like badminton. Fake fans make me sick

The offence will be more pathetic then last year after losing their 2 best players Reggie Bush and Jake Long. Looks like they are in need of upgrades at QB, LT, and RT also.

Anderson most of us are waiting for that (One guy is dead set against it, big mystery why!). We just want a little accountability in here. If you say something back it up, use one name, EVERYONE of us. I'm sure the other blog will pick up again after people get used to signing in.

And RB. Miller cant compare to Reggie.

There's BobbyD. Always enjoy Bobbys posts! We just have to get him to ignore the idiots ;)

Because it is the only one I've found that its format fits me, 78. Up to now.

Give em he#$ Bobby. I'm with you in regards to so called fans. Hope is a good thing, pessimism breeds indecision and that has a little to do with why some people may not be coming back.

"When everyone sees the negative side of all options there is no reason to choose any option over the others. Anyone who steps in to make a decision will be ridiculed to such an extent they are demotivated from making any more decisions. Thus the evaluation and decision making process become gridlocked in negative emotions."

Sounds about right to me. Sounds like the Herald blog! :)

Steve no one cares what you think, you spell offense with a C! (j/k)

Because it is the only one I've found that its format fits me, 78. Up to now.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 06, 2013 at 05:45 PM


Mark, Mando didn't throw those 4 picks in practice. Tanny looked like a rookie in the Dallas game.
Whatever problem you have with Armando, you obviously didn't read what he wrote, as I found out straight-forward, balanced when need be, and informative.
What do you want, a CHEERLEADER?

I want the facts, as painful as they may be. And the fact is, practicing against YOURSELF is not really a barometer of who you are, but when the offense consistently fails to shine, I see a 2+2 equation. Mando didn't say we're gonna stink. He just said AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME, we don't seem too impressive. Too many mistakes, especially from the QB.

Did you not see how far behind our receivers Tanny's passes were? In the game, he looked stiff and mechanical. Hopefully that was an aberration. However, that perception is why a few here (not me) voice concerns this is "Henne Pt 2."

I love my Dolphins, and have since 1966. What a reporter, whether it be local or ESPN can't/shouldn't affect that.

Gotchya Oscar. Then for your sake I hope there is never a sign in because you seem like a good guy and I enjoy your posts as well. But if there is ya better upgrade!

Although he recognizes Tannehill is assigned all the interceptions, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said they're not all his fault.

Because if they WERE Ryan's fault, then that means Ireland was wrong about Ryan. It means Sherman was FIRED TWICE for a reason.

I mean really, Luck and RGIII would absolutely say its their fault. And their coaches would back them up 100%

Dammit! Ryan is not a child. He is a grown ass man. Start treating him like one or sit his butt down.

Sorry, meant what a reporter Writes.

0-5 at the bye week

We need to win 2 of the first 5 games to be in it.

It took Philbin watching game film to see that his OL and DL played poorly Sunday night? Seriously Mando?

Same ppl saying this is just PRACTICE are the same ones dumping on AI for his practice statement.

Talking about Blogs. I noticed that Jeff Bezos(Cuban last name, Behsos, his Dad is Cuban), he of Amazon, has spent some chump change , 250 mill, to acquire the Washington Post. He's probably the one that is going to solve this dilemma of how to make Blogs profitable without affecting the customer.

In Irescums 6th year this is worse than an expansion team.

You Dolphinsfans are a bunch of half a** clowns !! If people who are unbiased fans come into this sight with fair observation about the team, the usual a**h**s and they know who they are they're the typical no life LOSERS with nothing else to do with their sorry a** lives but wave the aqua&orange pom*poms LOSERS PATHETIC !!

This OL crap is pissing me off. Its either Ryan or the OL. I think its more Ryan than OL.

However, Dallas wasn't full of JT's and Reggie Whites.

How on God's green Earth was Dallas in the backfield more than our own running backs?

We have said it before, Tannehill is a gunslinger by nature. Yes, you have to let him rip it.

JackSparrow,Steve in Ottawa, A.Phelan, LOL, travis, zONK, SHULA73,,,,,,alllllllllllll made up characters by blog regulars.

"weeeeeeeee I have no life so it's fun for me to pretend I'm someone else"!

lol Goodnight, and seriously losers with no life, enjoy trying to start fights all night on the internet. Whatever makes you happy I guess. smh

Mando, my GODDDD!

If this team doesn't make the playoffs AND wins 7 or fewer games, then there is NO WAY Ireland can stay.

How would that even be possible? How could he stay after his record would be solidified as a very poor GM.

I'm going to RIOT! if this team wins less than 8 games and Ireland doesn't get fired. I will burn that stadium down to the ground. <-- Don't get that all twisted though.

lol Goodnight, and seriously losers with no life, enjoy trying to start fights all night on the internet. Whatever makes you happy I guess. smh

Posted by: Phins78 | August 06, 2013 at 05:59 PM

This means he will be right back!

Numbers don't lie.

Agree, Oscar, and roll his a** OUT. He has moves, and throws VERY well from the pocket. Unlike RGIII, or Vick, he's built to take a hit or 2.
Better a slide than a sack.

However, till Tanny gets Wallace, Sherman will have him armed with a pea shooter, not a rifle.

Wait a damn minute!

Wasn't the PLAYBOOK brought in from Texas?

How is it possible that Ryan Tannehill is starting to resemble Ryan Leaf?

Wait wait wait....remember? Ryan KNOWS 80-85 percent of the playbook. <--That was LAST YEAR. I argue many more years ago since the played using that playbook in college.

Crap, I meant Tanny throws very well on the roll out.
Need sleep.

I'll say this for the Dolphins offense: They're being consistent lately.

Problem is they're consistently not very good.


Mando you do know the Definition of Consistency? By the way you write probably not.

Not very good? Really. You are going to stick with that. I understand posters messing up. We don't get paid for this and we are usually doing other things while also reading and posting. So we have to type quick. But you, No Excuse.

T-Hill hasn't thrown a Pick on the Majority of his Practice Sessions. So he "Consistently" hasn't looked bad this Training Camp.

But keep spewing your tired Old Agenda. Then wonder why the Dolphins don't want to talk to you. When it was you who told people let's have a Boycott at the Dolphin Offices.

Dashi we need 2 wins by the bye week

RT is a total waste of time.

You will all see this, but it will take you 3 more years, just like it took forever for Henne. Everyone was saying "Give him a chance," blah blah blah. He was awful. RT is awful. He is an interception machine and is terribly inaccurate.

You will see. We can start all over in a few years. Though hopefully with a new GM that has a clue.

You need to apologize to the Dolphins. Til then I expect you won't be getting any of the Important Interviews. Or Acorns Ireland wants to drop.

Instead of worrying about the Injury Report. You should worry that the Fins would rather talk to someone else whenever they want to Announce a Signing or a Trade.

Hartline is mediocre.

Posted by: NEW UNIFORMS ARE GAY | August 06, 2013 at 02:47 PM

Call it whatever you want Sweet Cheeks ;)

Being the FEATURED Receiver, often facing double coverages, with a Rookie QB(that you all are now saying SUCKS-ROTFLMAO)without much talent surrounding him, he netted:

74 catches for 1083 Yards.

I don't care how you label it Sweet Pea, Dats the FACTS!

And he did it with this Garbage QB that you are now Crucifying. Apparently you have no problem "Going Both Ways", eh YG........er........I mean Mr. Gay........

Not that there's anything wrong with that...........

love this team outside the lbs and oline. lbs can be covered up but the oline has to be fixed, martin isnt the answer

An 8 year old crying about football? (You have had no life for a while, Cry when you fail at achieving something, not when a team fails. You get disappointed, but Cry? Man Up you little F-A-G)

Saying he was 8 in 1982. After saying he was 8 years old when Joe Ferguson use to play. Right after him saying he was 8 years old when the Fins were just an Expansion Team.

That is the longest I've ever heard someone be 8 years old.

Posted by: YG and his Lies | August 06, 2013 at 02:58 PM

I for ONE am Happy as Hell the rest of the Respectable Bloggers here have caught on to Monkey Boy and his Blog Hit Pumping Bullshyt-LOL!

I told you a LONG time ago Boy, didn't I. I told you again when you were wishing Ohio's Pregnant Wife would get killed in an accident. When you said My Son deserved to die because he proudly served his country, I told you I would make it my mission here to expose you for what you are.

A Simpleton Troll, that actually knows very little about Football and it's Basic Stategies. In short:

You're an "Utterly Useless Wanna-Be".

Bhwaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa.......THAT.....BOY!!!!


I'm still positive that once the season starts we will see the team Clicking.

Philbin is still looking at the Borderline players.

Expect the next game to be the same way. Sloppy.

Now will some of you still think the Pass defense Sucks when Henne and Gabbert do nothing.

On the Run D. Again, I'm not worried. The Fins haven't been tackling or Hitting. Once they start, or by the 3rd Preseason game. Then we can start complaining the other team ran all over us.

People might not know this. But the less you hit. The less chance of getting Hurt you have. The Coaches are working on executing the play how it is drawn up. (Now watch the ignorant jokes)

I'm glad the Fins haven't had any major injury to an Important Player. Even Minor ones. The worst we have is Wallace and Hartline Sitting so the Coaches can get a good look at the 4,5,6s.

Odin do some more drugs.

And he also said he was 32. Yet, he was 8 years old in 1982.

I don't care if it is a 4th stringer playing, they don't execute in a Game, they should be cut. Ok, we'll give them until our 3rd PreS Game.

Actually, "the respectable bloggers" here would be delighted to see both YG AND Odin disappear forever.

Odin is beyond delusional that he doesn't know that.

Posted by: odinseye | August 06, 2013 at 06:32 PM

What a terrible to thing to falsely accuse the wrong person. Just what if youre wrong and Im not the trolls who said the things you stated?

Then it only goes to serve what an unconscionable idiot you really are. Your troll obsession has taken you so far out into the twightlight zone you couldn't find your way back home if given the Hubble telescope on loan.

I pray for you. I really....really pray for you man. And that's the truth!

How can someone wish death upon someone else?

Or Injury?

Karma is a MF'er. All that Loneliness and Misery is a way of the Universe(God) to laugh at you for all the Negativitity and Hate you have brought into this world.

I can bet you whatever you want. That the People he wished ill will on are probably doing great and have a beautiful relationship with the people he tried to Curse.

It must suck to live such an Empty Existence.

(Now watch the famous I hate Dashi rants we have all been accustomed to seeing)

When are the best times to purchase bags and unsalted butter?

I would prefer to purchase a bag or a stick of unsalted butter in the morning but might consider other times of day if others think it is better.

Thank you.

Posted by: Don't Let The Door Hit You Both | August 06, 2013 at 06:46 PM

No, anyone delusional enough to think there's a such thing as "Respectable Posters" here, are easily the most delusional of all.

What, do some you think this is an evangelical of the saints gathering?


Wouldn't you rather know who you will Cut. Then who you won't Cut.

Take McNutt for example. He was the Practice Hero for the Media the First Couple Weeks. But after the game he is looked at a little differently.

Yet, we know Coach won't Cut his Top 3 WRs.

So I will be OK if I don't See Wallace and Hartline til our 2nd to last Game. Same goes for Soilai and Starks.

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