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Bad day for consistent Dolphins offense

I'll say this for the Dolphins offense: They're being consistent lately.

Problem is they're consistently not very good.

Today was simply one of those days in that Mike Sherman's unit looked bad. They kind of resembled the same unit that didn't do much against the Dallas No. 2 defense on Sunday night in the Hall of Fame game.

Mike Wallace, who is getting closer to practicing but isn't quite there yet, did not work in full drills again today. On the bright side, John Jerry, who has missed two weeks and is about to start his third week away, seems to be inching toward getting back on the field. He was on the side early in practice rehabbing his knee. He will not play Friday against Jacksonville, however.

As for the people on the field, think Ryan Tannehill bad and Chad Bumphis increasingly good.

Tannehill threw three interceptions to defensive backs (two to Will Davis and one to Brent Grimes) and then had another ball tipped at the line of scrimmage, which Kheeston Randall intercepted and then fumbled away. So four interceptions on the day for Tannehill.

"Frustrated by today," Tannehill said. "It wasn't a very good day. It was frustrating. But I'm definitely moving in the right direction if you take out today. Frustrated with the day but we'll go back and make the corrections and go forward." 

Although he recognizes Tannehill is assigned all the interceptions, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said they're not all his fault.

"Offensively as a group we didn't have a good practice today," Sherman said. "I wouldn't put, even though they all go under his name, I wouldn't put them all on him. We had some young receivers out there. We had a lot of pressure today. But he'll have better days and today wasn't one of his best days; it wasn't one of our best offensive days."

Despite the offensive struggles, Bumphis is thriving. He caught no less than six passes in team and seven-on-seven drills. The kid led the team in receiving in the scrimmage and the Hall of Fame game and he's continuing the trend to the point he was working with the second unit today rather than the third string he was on last week.

Bumphis has obviously caught the coaching staff's collective attention.

"When Chad was in college, he played the inside slot receiver," Sherman said. "People's observation of him is he's not the fastest guy in the world. He's not the biggest guy in the world and so that's why he ended up an undrafted free agent. I do think he understands how to play that slot receiver. You have to be nifty and crafty and he appears to be that.

"He's done some good things. He has some things he needs to correct. He was on the back end of the interception for a touchdown when he kind of floated into a route instead of defined it a little more but that's part of being a rookie. We definitely can fix that. He's shown some out here and has a ways to go but he's a good guy to work with."

(By the way, I thought Jeff Fuller also had a very productive practice. He had four receptions that I saw. He was today's next most impressive of the receivers vying for the No. 4 and No. 5 jobs at WR.)

Asked if there were any other first-year players that caught his eye in the HOF game, Sherman said there weren't any. Yikes! The OC did volunteer that Josh Samuda, who played both guard and center in the game, distinguished himself with good work.

Ironically, even though Samuda played well, the Dolphins used Lance Louis with the first team offensive line during a couple of practice periods today. Samuda was in and out, suggesting he was nursing some physical issue.

Speaking of physical issues, running back Lamar Miller limped off the field toward the end of practice and didn't return. A trainer was looking at his lower right leg. He did say afterward he was fine.

The Dolphins got only limited work from backup Pat Devlin today but he is not seriously hurt to the point the club is about to sign another QB at this point. Randy Starks (knee) continues to miss practice while Jared Odrick (groin) was back on the practice field today.

Coach Joe Philbin, talking for the first time since he studied the game tape following the HOF game, said he was not pleased by either the offensive or defensive line in the game.

"I was a little disappointed in both offensive line play and defensive line play," Philbin said. "You don't play defense and average 5 yards a carry for an opponent. That's not good run defense. Were there some good flashes of play? Sure, there were good flashes. There were some signs but we have a lot of work to do."

It has been abundantly clear that Jonathan Martin is among the offensive linemen needing to improve. Well, for the second consecutive practice he did not give up a sack today. And Sherman seems upbeat about the team's prospective left tackle.

"Any left tackle in this league in his second year is a work in progress and Jonathan Martin is as well," Sherman said. "It's a premier position and I don't know any left tackle outside the Jonathan Ogdens of the world and Richmond Webbs of the world can walk in and effectively do the job play after play.

"I'm pleased with his progress. Does he have a ways to go? Yeah. But I expected that going in. He's working to get better and he'll be a fine left tackle in this league if not a really good one."

On the defensive side of the ball, Will Davis had two interceptions today, as mentioned above. But he has to do some work on his tackling technique before he makes Philbin happy.

Philbin is quite pleased with the work of Derrick Shelby but as to the team,  the coach said, "There's nothing we don't need work on. It's not uncommon this time of year."

The Dolphins today announced the extension for Reshad Jones, who seemed relieved the negotiation is over.

"It feels good to put it behind me and do what I do," Jones said. "They said they were going to do it and it just proves how much these guys trust and believe in me on and off the field."


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And Dashi can Suck and Swallow with the best of them.

Posted by: Dashi | July 31, 2013 at 07:02 PM

This blog serves as a wonderful microcosm of what modern day society has become.

A festering pool of senseles babble, drivel and proud ignorance.

I admire how you all love your sheer idiocy.


Both you and Odin are diminish in cranial capacity to the point of no return. Both you are totally out of your skull to think "ONE PERSON" is so obsessed with ou they would use 50 aliases in a week just to torment you.

You both need to wakethefuck up. You aren't nearly that important to anyone here. Especially not me. I only come at you in "ONE SCREEN NAME". Kiss my ass if you don't believe me.

Did you notice the live feed here during the HOF game?

Did you notice a bunch of strange names posting a way as though they are here every day?

Well guess what? They are here every day! You were just witnessing them for the first time in thier real world twitter accounts.

Those are the people under all these other tnames.

They looked like raincoat flashers if you ask me.

Dashit lambasted me for saying just like Sam Madison, Will Davis sucks at tackling. Here what Philbin says to that:

Armando Salguero @ArmandoSalguero

Joe Philbin talked to CB Will Davis today, told him he did good things in coverage BUT has to tackle better.

The truth never lies, still some refuse to accept it. I can envision Davis being plowed over, or missing an easy tackle, that goes for a intermediate or long td run.

The truth is not an option in this blog. The bleeding heart liberals don't allow it.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 06, 2013 at 03:23 PM

This is living PROOF that you have the most simplistic of simpleton view about most things FOOTBALL.

The fact is, Will Davis started out late playing football. He quickly became very good even being one of his teams leading tacklers. In college he put up exceptional Tackle numbers for a CB.

Now the kid is in the Big Leagues. He's now facing the best of the best. He's a **ROOKIE**......Hello.

Of course he's going to need to work on his tackling and of course his Coach is going to tell him so. He's a ROOKIE.......Duh. He's transitioning to the Big Leagues.

So this is "Simpy The Simpleton's" Logic:

He was a Great tackler in High School. He was a Great Tackler in College.

Now he's in the NFL and he's working on Tackling.

Well then, Ah Hyucka Yucka, he's a Bad Tackler......DiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiRRRR........

Thanks YG, for making this Fun and Easy!

PS: Dufus, that was YOU and I that had this conversation - Hello-o-o-o...........

Oh well here we go again

Arod takes it up the pooper

Now the kid is in the Big Leagues. He's now facing the best of the best. He's a **ROOKIE**......Hello.

Posted by: odinseye | August 06, 2013 at 07:01 PM

Well, realistically speaking, he was playing against frigne college players in their first and maybe only NFL game.



I told him to take my name out his mouth. Yet, he still keeps posting towards me.

Notice I didn't even respond to his comment.

Now, to respond to the Comment you posted.

Didn't Dashi say that Davis needed to work on his Tackling Technique?

It didn't say he was unwilling to Tackle. Just that he needs to do better. That means his form is messed up.

Like you said, Davis is Raw. So of Course he needs to refine his tackling Technique. The Guy was a Basketball Player and a Track Star until his Senior year in HS. He probably is still getting used to wearing a Helmet.

Wait till the regular season to make judgement it's way to early

And Dashi can Suck and Swallow with the best of them.

Posted by: Dashi | July 31, 2013 at 07:02 PM

You both need to wakethefuck up. You aren't nearly that important to anyone here. Especially not me. I only come at you in "ONE SCREEN NAME". Kiss my ass if you don't believe me.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 06, 2013 at 06:56 PM

O-Kee Dokey, Thunks fer feeling UsIn un The-is!

YOU know better, I know better and EVERYONE on this BLOG knows better.

Just stop, you're embarrassing yourself with this simpleton drivel-LOL.

So how bouts that late 3rd round pick that you said wouldn't even sniff the field this season?

He's leading the team in passes defensed and has about 10 int's for training camp. Pretty much same as college and high school.

In short, the Kid you said wouldn't do nothing, has Grabbed EVERYONES Attention. Will Davis is a Phenom!

What says you Simpy? Have you changed your mind on Will Davis yet?

Or are you content with whinning about how many tackles he hasn't made this season?

Who cares if the season hasn't started yet......Dooh - ROTFLMFAO!

That's some Football for you!!!!

If any of you have a date and no car, and don't want to be embarassed to have to take your girl on a bus full of lowlifes, you can hire me cheaper than a cab to take you around.

The back seat is a little greasy but it might work to your advantage ;)


Must've been something else I said. Oh well.

While so many keep saying Tannehill didn't have his receivers, it still doesn't make a difference he couldn't through the ball 7 yards and be on target. All of Tannehill's problems are a result of a poor throwing motion. His low delivery is the reason for all the tipped passes, not to mention constantly throwing wide right or left. Over the top throwing motions tend to over throw, rather than miss left and right. Get that fixed son! Matt Moore throws a much better and catchable ball. In fact Pat Devlin has the best throwing motion of the group, but he just doesn't have arm strength. Team goes nowhere until the QB plays well. No more BS about talent around him. A 3 step slant pass doesn't need much pass protection and he can't even hit that.


You are late to the party. There have been well over 9000 posts just like that already.

Try again.

I see nothing has really changed since my last visit to this blog. Same douchebags complaining about the same things. You would think we just lost a Super Bowl the way people are bitching.

Not enough time to keep up with the blog? Let me catch you up. The last years combined post can be reduced to these:

1. Tannehill sucks, wasn't worth a #8 pick.
2. Tannehill is still green, he is showing he has upside.
3. Ireland sucks, he should have been fired.
4. Ireland is still green, he is showing he has upside.

5. Two bloggers talk excessively about swallowing. Exactly who swallows and what they swallow has yet to be addressed.

Are all of these posters here WASPs? Or are there Cuban, Negroes, Jews among them. You can tell us at the TMH. If they are Wasps, We can take them out easily to go back in the Mayflower.

Actually, most of the immigrants in the Mayflower were religiously persecuted with a very narrow view of Life.

Unlike most of you I think I'm going to wait to see what we do in a REAL game to make my assessment of how we addressed our needs in the off season and if we progressed. Until then GO PHINS!


Would you also wait for the robber to rape your wife before deciding he is not a good person?

I Wish Odinstank And Dishe would commit double suicide..
really do.

This is preseason people it means nothing

Oscar how are your hemoriods doing man

Once again. The only 2 worthy groups of exiles that have come into this Country since it's discovery are the Jews that fled Hitler and the Cubans that fled early from Fidel Castro. Only problem, not know about the Jews, but we want to Return to our Origins. It's only 90 miles away, you know?

You would think we just lost a Super Bowl the way people are bitching.
Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | August 06, 2013 at 07:55 PM

Gang, Maybe you hadn't noticed but the fins have had 1 winning season in 10 years.
We're just tired.

Tannehill will be just fine have faith

So go back to Cuba , I cannot go back to Austria or Russia I was born in queens

Maybe we should all get together on Saturday to wipe each others arses. Then we may understand each other better and bond.

You a Wasp, Marc66? Just wondering...

Man we did look really bad against Dallas jv squad

No a Jewish person

I know this is Difficult to believe for Some. But our Pass Defense has been Greatly Improved.

The Defense is also adjusting to what happened last week.

Practice should get Tougher.

T-Hill will probably play Half a Qtr on Friday. And A Whole Qtr next Week.

With Wallace and Hartline Joining him Next Week.

Cuba does look like a wonderful island it's quite beautiful

Can't, 66. Won't let me in. Austria is a very fine Country. Russia, huge.

Our o line must bond

You no go back in Mayflower, 66?

Dago, I'm going to wait and see what the finished product is and how it performs. And btw your analogy wasn't even remotely related to what I was saying...use a little more thought and try again.

Dashi, I hope that defense is the second coming of the 2000 Ravens, Got a feeling the Offense wont be putting up a lot f points..

Wasps suck

You no belong to Us, 66. Wasps neither. You post Football, forget other.

Israel is an incredible country to visit, Jewish or not. Go to Tel Aviv. You will be blown away.

Many of you worry about this player or that one.

I am still most concerned with Philbin. Smart guy. Experienced. But........

Is he a leader of men?

I found what was shown of him in Hard Knocks to be somewhat timid.

Did you catch the odor of Stains, Steinberger?

We have always preferred Jerusalem. More of our Thing.


One can not make judgement based on the media. To know is to know. Go and know and you won't reveal your ignorance again.

I think you have the wrong idea, Steinberger. I live there.

Tony Sparano got fired for sticking with Henne way too long and not making the switch to Matt Moore. The same thing is happening to Philbin and he’d better make the switch to Moore or he’ll lose his job too. Tannehill doesnt have it.

You see, for some of Us a point has come where we don't have to be anywhere to see, WE KNOW, WE ARE THERE.

first of all, i thought that tanny was very accurate last year, especially playing with a bunch of losers. if he can make hartline look good, then hes pretty darn good in my book. tanny will be fine. why doesnt everybody just panic. calm down people. its the third week of camp. hes throwing to a bunch of scrubs, and when i mean scrubs, i mean that these guys will not be on the team for a reason. oh by the way, i think that lamar miller will be one of the best backs in the league, why is nobody talking about that. did you see how ghod dam fast he looked the other night against the cowboys. holy cow! this guy is lightning fast. he is going to be incredible this year! mark my words

If you have your Kabbalah, consult them. You will see this is the Present now.


24 1st downs Miami, 17 dallas

15 passes for 1st downs, Dallas 4

Dolphins 3/5 on 4th down conversion

Dolphins total yards 421, Dallas 266

It's official Dolphins are shopping OL now.
Jared Gaither LT, Kelly proposed.

Well greg, objective NFL sources have Lamar Miller rated 26th in the league. And they know more than you. Perhaps its the kool aid?

Geoff Hagartner guard just cut from Carolina?

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