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Bad day for consistent Dolphins offense

I'll say this for the Dolphins offense: They're being consistent lately.

Problem is they're consistently not very good.

Today was simply one of those days in that Mike Sherman's unit looked bad. They kind of resembled the same unit that didn't do much against the Dallas No. 2 defense on Sunday night in the Hall of Fame game.

Mike Wallace, who is getting closer to practicing but isn't quite there yet, did not work in full drills again today. On the bright side, John Jerry, who has missed two weeks and is about to start his third week away, seems to be inching toward getting back on the field. He was on the side early in practice rehabbing his knee. He will not play Friday against Jacksonville, however.

As for the people on the field, think Ryan Tannehill bad and Chad Bumphis increasingly good.

Tannehill threw three interceptions to defensive backs (two to Will Davis and one to Brent Grimes) and then had another ball tipped at the line of scrimmage, which Kheeston Randall intercepted and then fumbled away. So four interceptions on the day for Tannehill.

"Frustrated by today," Tannehill said. "It wasn't a very good day. It was frustrating. But I'm definitely moving in the right direction if you take out today. Frustrated with the day but we'll go back and make the corrections and go forward." 

Although he recognizes Tannehill is assigned all the interceptions, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said they're not all his fault.

"Offensively as a group we didn't have a good practice today," Sherman said. "I wouldn't put, even though they all go under his name, I wouldn't put them all on him. We had some young receivers out there. We had a lot of pressure today. But he'll have better days and today wasn't one of his best days; it wasn't one of our best offensive days."

Despite the offensive struggles, Bumphis is thriving. He caught no less than six passes in team and seven-on-seven drills. The kid led the team in receiving in the scrimmage and the Hall of Fame game and he's continuing the trend to the point he was working with the second unit today rather than the third string he was on last week.

Bumphis has obviously caught the coaching staff's collective attention.

"When Chad was in college, he played the inside slot receiver," Sherman said. "People's observation of him is he's not the fastest guy in the world. He's not the biggest guy in the world and so that's why he ended up an undrafted free agent. I do think he understands how to play that slot receiver. You have to be nifty and crafty and he appears to be that.

"He's done some good things. He has some things he needs to correct. He was on the back end of the interception for a touchdown when he kind of floated into a route instead of defined it a little more but that's part of being a rookie. We definitely can fix that. He's shown some out here and has a ways to go but he's a good guy to work with."

(By the way, I thought Jeff Fuller also had a very productive practice. He had four receptions that I saw. He was today's next most impressive of the receivers vying for the No. 4 and No. 5 jobs at WR.)

Asked if there were any other first-year players that caught his eye in the HOF game, Sherman said there weren't any. Yikes! The OC did volunteer that Josh Samuda, who played both guard and center in the game, distinguished himself with good work.

Ironically, even though Samuda played well, the Dolphins used Lance Louis with the first team offensive line during a couple of practice periods today. Samuda was in and out, suggesting he was nursing some physical issue.

Speaking of physical issues, running back Lamar Miller limped off the field toward the end of practice and didn't return. A trainer was looking at his lower right leg. He did say afterward he was fine.

The Dolphins got only limited work from backup Pat Devlin today but he is not seriously hurt to the point the club is about to sign another QB at this point. Randy Starks (knee) continues to miss practice while Jared Odrick (groin) was back on the practice field today.

Coach Joe Philbin, talking for the first time since he studied the game tape following the HOF game, said he was not pleased by either the offensive or defensive line in the game.

"I was a little disappointed in both offensive line play and defensive line play," Philbin said. "You don't play defense and average 5 yards a carry for an opponent. That's not good run defense. Were there some good flashes of play? Sure, there were good flashes. There were some signs but we have a lot of work to do."

It has been abundantly clear that Jonathan Martin is among the offensive linemen needing to improve. Well, for the second consecutive practice he did not give up a sack today. And Sherman seems upbeat about the team's prospective left tackle.

"Any left tackle in this league in his second year is a work in progress and Jonathan Martin is as well," Sherman said. "It's a premier position and I don't know any left tackle outside the Jonathan Ogdens of the world and Richmond Webbs of the world can walk in and effectively do the job play after play.

"I'm pleased with his progress. Does he have a ways to go? Yeah. But I expected that going in. He's working to get better and he'll be a fine left tackle in this league if not a really good one."

On the defensive side of the ball, Will Davis had two interceptions today, as mentioned above. But he has to do some work on his tackling technique before he makes Philbin happy.

Philbin is quite pleased with the work of Derrick Shelby but as to the team,  the coach said, "There's nothing we don't need work on. It's not uncommon this time of year."

The Dolphins today announced the extension for Reshad Jones, who seemed relieved the negotiation is over.

"It feels good to put it behind me and do what I do," Jones said. "They said they were going to do it and it just proves how much these guys trust and believe in me on and off the field."


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Dashi, they signed Oden cause big men were killing them, thats the disadvantage to SMALL BALL Hibbert, Duncan, Chandler at one time or another killed the Heat, there lucky there isnt a Shaq in his prime because small ball wouldnt work.

The offense is based on spacing to let Lebron do WTH he wants wouldnt you he's the best player in the world, either drive to the rim or pass it to a wide open shooter not overly complicated just effective.

Bosh is the third wheel not everyone can average 20 ppg so his stats suffer cause he doesnt touch the ball as much, he should grab 10 rebounds a game but he soft for a suppose big man. Anyways Im done talking B Ball...

People pretending to know who will be good and who won't make it is absurd. I heard the same thing up here in Albany, NY about Eli. And let me tell you Eli looked MUCH worse than Tannehill when he first started. I went to a few camps that year with my Dad who is a huge Giants fan. Eli was god awful and the media DESTROYED him.

We hear it all of the time yet people never learn. This qb will be great (guy turns out to be horrible) this qb will suck (guy turns around AND WINS TWO SUPER BOWLS!)

So ANYONE acting as if they know the future (when they don't work as a talent evaluator or manager/coach) is fooling themselves. Because the thing is, the frickin people who I just mentioned get it wrong more often than not so wtf do we know? Hahaha it's silly talk. And that's why I'm fully entrenched in the "lets wait and see" camp.

This time of year drives me crazy. I'm the type who likes to comment on what I see and not what I might see. I love breaking down the games (and player analysis) after the fact. I don't think any of us are really qualified to sum up a player's entire career based on incomplete reports from the teams beat writers.

Phins78, I simply said he's seen Marino at practices so Im sure he's more qualified to say whether or not Tannehill will be great before you and I who havent been to a practice. I mean covering a team for 25 years Im sure he's seen greateness before it was produce on Sundays, im not saying he some sort of super NFL scout or something


Thanks for the history lesson. So according to you there's nothing to being a scout. How come so many teams get it wrong then?

Geez man....you stick to talking about something you know. Don't know what that might be but it's not football.

Hey Truth, you may be right. But once again the whole world will soon find out because Lebron will be leaving Miami in a short time. Spo will have to coach up some younger players and he will have less talent to work with. If he's a great coach like you say then there should be a smooth transition. Lets revisit this at that time. But for now kudos to the Heat and their coach for winning the championship.

L.Miller, Highly Inconsistent?

You base that off of what?

He was the Most consistent RB last game. Each run went for 10yds. He Averaged 5.0 YPC last season. While Reggie and D.Thomas could barely reach 4.

Gillislee had one 9yd run, then 11yds on 6 Carries.

Gray hasn't played in 2 Years. And even when he did play. L.Miller gained more in 1 Season than Gray did his whole 4 year College Career.

L.Miller finally fumbled for the First Time in his whole Football Career. And it wasn't like he was stripped. The Handoff was shaky. That wasn't a Forced Fumble.

L.Miller Doesn't Dance. He is faster Than R.Bush but L.Miller doesn't run like a Scatback. He runs North and South.

L.Miller will gain over 1200yds Easily. He will be the First Dolphin RB to get Multiple 1k Seasons since Ricky.

Craig M, please spare me the BS you write, I like to look at things objectivley not with homer glasses on such as yourself, Do i want the Dolphins to be great. Sure! But I refuse to be blind homer such as yourself and some of your buddies on this blog.

What has happened to this blog? Enough with these weak attempts at humor. U guys are not funny, so please give it up. I know I sound rude, but it just gets annoying as hell sifting through a lot of the crap here to get to some of the meaningful posts. Let's get back to football, and not all of this other nonsense. I thought the running game looked pretty solid as a whole. How many times in previous preseason games did our RB's get 1 or 2 yds per carry continually? Dion Sims looked pretty solid for a rookie out there, good blocking. Dion Jordan as well, but I look forward to seeing him up against some first string tackles. I think Shelby makes some plays this yr. Tannehill didn't look so good, but 5 passes isn't really much to judge him by. Give him at least a few games with most of our starters in until we can even get an idea of how good this offense can be. Looking forward to Friday as we should see improvement.

Ha just read this. So Truth you're saying it was spo that helped Lebron win his first championship and not the fact that he went from a team where he was the only good player to a team that has 2 other all stars and better supporting talent? Did you forget the team signed Wade and Bosh that year as well? Lets see how he does when he has to coach a team up. If he does well and they make the playoffs I'll admit you were right about him and I was wrong.


That is all I am saying The guy is an Average Coach who Lucked out. Some people get mad when you speak the Truth.

Phins78, You make no sense, coming off of possibly 3 champoionships you decide to leave to go where?You cant make this stuff up these haters spew on this blog. LOL

I think starting RB has to be Miller honestly. I just don't see a good alternative.

Tannehill has 3 (maybe 4 ?) picks at Dolphins camp yesterday. So did Jay Cutler at Bears camp. Tannehill has what like 4 picks now in maybe 8 practices in the game.

Look at his stats from the last few games of last year. He showed a lot of progress.

"with a pothead in Beasley"

Hahaha what does smoking pot have to do with anything? He drinks at times too, does that make him an alcoholic? Ricky Williams smoked pot all the way to a rushing title, pro bowl appearance, and pro bowl mvp award. Pot doesn't prevent people from accomplishing great things, that's on the person.

People love to speculate about LeBron leaving the Heat but the reality is it's highly unlikely he will do so.

It is one of the finest organizations in professional sports and will remain a huge lure to premier free agents. The much greater likelihood is that James stays as the centerpiece of a franchise that will continue to thrive around him even after Wade has retired and the team is reconfigured in other ways.

People who love to hate the Heat are going to have at least a full decade of gnashing their teeth.

Dashi, I like Miller too but Im not sure if hes injury prone or not. He had a bad shoulder at the U and rolled an ankle last practice, he doesnt seem to be very durable.

Some of you guys must post so much simply because you get some weird, visceral thrill seeing your name there.
It can't possibly be because you think you're writing anything even remotely interesting or intelligent.
Except 2watt, of course. He comes across as an absolute genius.
Posted by: yawn | August 07, 2013 at 10:45 AM
armando,is that u?

Craig, if Toronto's starting pitchers even had average years by their standards, the team would be in the playoffs. Their starting pitchers should all have their hair set on fire. What a disgrace. 1-5 all sucked the big salsiche - disgusting.

Phins78, As I said before Spo made the playofss before Lebron got here. So he has already done that. Listen dude right now the Miami Heat is the best sports franchcise in Florida so I dont get what you get for bashing them and wishing Lebron to leave maybe the Dolphins should get lessons on running an orgainziation with class.

Im done with you guys for now I have to get some real work done at my real job something you government handout ppl would never understand , I'll be back in a few...


Tannehill was thought to be a 2-3 year project and last year he played above expectations because he started every game. Stop comparing Tannehill to Luck, RG3 and R. Wilson. We all knew his development was behind them coming into the league. They all have played much more football then he is. And for all the comparisons you do realize Tannehill went throw for throw with Luck in a tighly contested game. He beat R. Wilson in a comeback victory as well. If you want to even go further back in the comparisons he also beat RG3 in his Heismann winnging campaign. All of this obviously means nothing!

Compare Tannehill to Tannehill. Is he better then he was the year before. We won't know for many months. My money is on him to succeed. So all you cry baby's and immature posters need to chill out and learn how football works. Think objectively about where we are. Today is August 7th. We are still a full month away from the game that counts. We have 4 meaningless preseason games to work out the kinks and if Tannehill has a bad game Friday vs the Jags and throws 3 ints I will still see it the same way. You have to understand football to know that what Luck, RG3 and R. Wilson did was unprecedented. That is not what to expect from a rookie. Also understand that they have much more experience then Tannehill as a QB and are ahead of him at this point. Those 3 are great but Tannehill has much time to catch up.

Craig you just pointed something out and I would like to take it a step further if I could.

Some of us have been consistent with our wait and see approach regarding the players. QBs,cbs,de whatever.

The others make definitives, 'this guy will never be good', 'that guys a bust'.

They don't see middle ground. If you don't agree with them that a player has no future then it means you think he's great and will be a hall of famer.

I wish they could understand that waiting to see is not the same as proclaiming greatness. A lot of needless debate would end! Hahaha

Gotchya Truth, and I'm not trying to pile on you make some valid points man.

You guys have a great day.

Truth there have been reports from family members that Lebron would like to go back to Cleveland and repair his legacy there. Also many in the NBA are speculating this could be the last year for that group and that Lebron is on his way out. Surely you've heard some of these reports?

Today, I will be thinking about Laos.

Truth (if you see this) I'm a Bulls fan and sat in misery as Lebron announced where he was going. So if I'm being honest that has a lot to do with my bias. I now hate the heat and will hate them until Lebron leaves. I also don't like that they bought the three top talents during the best free agency in years. It looked like the Yankees and no one respects that. I understand why you ignore it, you're a heat fan so buying the three best players in the league immediately made your team a contender. But class? Can you buy class,,,,nope. (Wasn't very classy when Lebron and Wade called Nowitski out on national tv by pretending to cough in their hands saying Dirk was faking or being a baby. And I have countless other stories just like this one where the Heat were anything but classy.)

Seriously now, I'm out. Talk to you guys later (f%$^ing Heat

Phins78, Wait a min a Bulls fan, you mean your a fan of the biggest baby D Rose who didnt want to come back for a real game even when he was practicing at 100%, his teammates were all banged up still playing and Mr Rose sat on the bench with his $1000s suits. LOL, I can see why you want the Heat to lose out on Lebron now

figures,78 is a bullz fan.
enjoy 3rd place 4 the next decade 78.

+ 78,
l j is from akron. he aint give 2 chiz 'bout clev.

Akron? jason taylor went to college there. miami should write a nice thank you card to the city of Akron.

My biggest concern from the exhibition game was inability to convert short downs or the tackle for losses on run plays, with that being said 1st team made some nice lanes for Miller. But Tannehill plays much much better when we establish a run game, as do all QB's

MARK IN TORONTO Time for a new pic, I have tired of this one. LOL

So I see Adam S tweeted a Cardnials scout said that Honey Badger was pound for pound one of the best players in the Cardnials camps. I really liked this guy even with his offfield problems, he was a playmaker in college, I dont care about his meaureables at the combine. I wish the Dolphins drafted him

Wow Mark, are you knocking down that busty broad on your pic?

Truth, I had her once. Then again, so did a lot of others, hahaa!

Here you go rdubs, face is a little rubbish ... but just concentrate on the positives... both of them

Whoa whats up with that chicks lips? I am still partial to PIC 1, but I will gladly browse the photgraph gallery. I expect a weekly update LOL

Mark, its no fun unless the bro bust one! Unless she's wifey of coarse


It was fairly obvious you weren't a Heat fan based on your comments.

No crime in that but please also know that the Miami Heat are now three-time NBA Champions (don't forget 2006) who have the finest player on the planet and on the verge of dynastic status.

And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Mark, I would love to motorboats though LOL

For all you whiners lamenting the state of the blog...here's some advice...FIND A NEW BLOG!


The trolls feed off your sensitivity issues. You are a prime target for them & allow them to ruin the blog for everyone because you morons can't let things go.

You obsess over the smallest of things(trolls). How sad your lives must be.


This applies to the habitual whiners & crybabies. Phins78, dashi, odinseye, craig m. Not like you didn't know who you were, but just in case you're still in denial.

I will do my best rdubs. I only have a limited few on my phone. Wife wouldn't appreciate seeing any of these actually, haha

And Truth, bang on. There's the wifey then everything else is like a buffet.

strip teaser.

@ 12:13, my problem is with Mando, not the trolls. They're a joke. Not worth more than a token mention.

And rdubs, yeah the lips. This girl was actually very good lookign but then got hooked on cosmetic surgery. Kind of butchered herself but she keeps getting bigger implants so that's ok too.

yes 2 watt, my affinity for girls in that profession is not exactly a secret here... haha

( . )Y( . )

ooooh nelly !
u can stick a semi up in thennes bum with all of the ripping he is getting from the so flo media ho's.

I know we are taling HEAT basketball...


Tanne stunk it up the other night...and I am NOT a Tanne supporter...the "boys" QB's were pretty god-awful as well...which makes his (Tanne's) performance that much worse....

new reciever...old reciever...I don't care....what I saw Sunday night was horrific...and Coach Joe...and Sheman need to right this ship....I am tired of seeing the FINS stink it up in pre-season and then turn around and continue to stink it up in the regular season....

I need some spark...some fire....

Tanne's throws were behind (or late)....he did look like a rook....and while i'm not in panick mode....I am concerned....


Miller looked AWSOME....running game looked great....

passing game looks very amatuerish.....and Sherman needs to get it together....you wanted him...you got....let's see this kid work....

Posted by: Dashi | August 07, 2013 at 09:49 AM


meant to say...NOT a tanne hater....

freudian slip perhaps....






What's the Vegas betting line on the Phin Season(Win/lose) this season???
There pretty knowledgeable...

8 wins for Vegas. Was 7.5 but 88% of the money was coming in at the over so they bumped it up.

I hear you Kris. Nobody wants to see the offense look sloppy ever but there's an eternity before the story on thsi season is written. It can even get worse, who knows??

Wow, this 2watt guy might be the most pathetic person I have ever seen. Nobody even acknowledges him, and he just keeps going. Unbelievable lol.

Just a thought...

Add Micheal Turner and Brandon Lloyd...

Some secondary help....

The 4-3 defense with Jordan being used as a outside linebacker...

But move Jordan around to get him more chances to rush the QB....

The more I watch this team, the more I will get a feel for this roster... Not far though.... Let's go.... 007...

Wow, this 2watt guy might be the most pathetic person I have ever seen. Nobody even acknowledges him, and he just keeps going. Unbelievable lol.
Posted by: Ranko | August 07, 2013 at 01:10 PM

I don't know if most here are trolls but I do know they are nitwits that write when they shouldn't and don't write when they should have. Definite $ign of neediness.


I am not going to write the story on this team after ONE preseason game....but c'mon...they looked very "same ole...same ole" on offense....and we have ALL read this story before....

and whats the deal with Hartline....this dude takes ever pre-season off like he is Jerry rice or Rand Moss or something....would it kill him to get some reps...I don't think so....and yes he led the team in yards....somebody had to...

I wrote on here about a week ago that Armando needed to be more positive....I guess he could reply back to me...."why"....and that would be a good enough response...nuff said...imo....

Those check-downs need to be shelved....I want to see an offense that is TRYING to score and be aggressive....I can understand getting picked off...or not completing the 10-20 yard range passes...but this 5-7 yard stuff (every play...regardless of QB) needs to be shelved...until the regular season....no deep passes...and the DBs just sit on the short stuff....sound farmiliar...cause it does to me...

I've been reading Armando's blog and the comments from you people for about a week now, and decided I needed to post something. Armando is probably the most negative writer I have ever read. He obviously has something against the Dolphins, and can't show any objectivity. I'm still wondering if some of the people commenting are real people or just trolls. To go on day and night about how bad the team is and how bad Tannehill, Ross, Ireland, and Philbin in are is absolutely insane.To think Tannehi is a bust, and Moore is better is idiotic. If you hate this team so much why are you here all day and night? When I read the blog, and the comments I feel like I have entered a hospital for the mentally handicapped and criminally insane.

Great Press Conference by Ross Today.

Will wait for Mando's take before I post Press Conference or Comment on it. Just one thing, I agree with Señor Ross. The Sfla media is way to Critical when they want to be.

The one thing I have always liked about Ross is that he is a Miami Dolphins Fan. That is one of the only things you can hope for as a Fan of a Team, that the owner is a fan. That and that they spend on the team.

During my investigating reporter years on Internet I discovered that many Blogs used jail inmates to increase the hits on it in exchange for privileges or reducing their sentence probably. Not so frequent anymore.

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