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Camp over: Most improved awards

The Dolphins are done with training camp, per se, because next week they begin operating on a regular-season schedule. And as this is the end of two-a-days (well, one practice and a walk-thru), coach Joe Philbin was asked to name players he believes have elevated their game since the start of camp.

"A lot of the guys, some of the first-year guys that we've had going into year two have improved," Philbin said. "Mike Egnew has improved an awful lot. He's a guy we're excited about. Olivier Vernon has taken a step forward. Jonathan Martin, Lamar Miller. A lot of those young players that we have, Josh Kaddu is another that last year at this time was feeling his way through, has made a lot of progress. I think the first or second-year guys have done a nice job."

It's encouraging that Egnew has gone from being totally lost to competing for a roster spot and actually having a chance to win one based on performance. (Last year, he was on the roster based on draft status). Although he is still a second-team player, Egnew might sneak in as a back-of-the roster guy because offensive coordinator Mike Sherman loves having the flexibility of having a jillion tight ends.

Today, I would say Dustin Keller, Charles Clay, and rookie Dion Sims are definitely on the team. All three have had good to very good camps. Egnew's status will hinge on whether the Dolphins consider Clay a fullback and keep him as that -- opening a tight end job -- or perhaps if the team sees him as more valuable than a fifth wide receiver.

As an aside, notice that list of names Philbin mentioned includes just about every second-year player except quarterback Ryan Tannehill. It's probably just an omission. But it bears mention just in case it is not an omission because Sherman this offseason predicted Tannehill would be the "most improved" quarterback in the entire NFL.

And the head coach doesn't include him as one of the most improved players on the team?

This is not a controversy or major issue. Just an observation. 

Here's another observation that might give a peak into the kind of player Philbin wants on his team. In discussing the decision to go with Caleb Sturgis as the team's kicker over Dan Carpenter, Philbin mentioned this:

"I liked his demeanor the other night," the coach said of Sturgis. "He was very professional about things. Wasn't jumping up and down. He did his job and did it well. He was very serious about what he was doing."

Sturgis connected on a 58-yard field goal, which does not happen every day. And Philbin appreciated that the rookie didn't think he'd done something extraordinary. The coach appreciated that the rookie was businesslike.

That's what Philbin wants in players. Businesslike. Not too high. Not too low. Consistent. Basically he wants players that are, well, like him.

Nope, Philbin won't be doing a fist pump after a field goal any time soon. It's just not him. And he likes that Sturgis didn't, either.

Along those lines, defensive end Olivier Vernon, who has pretty much won a starting defensive end job, didn't exactly throw a party once he learned the path is cleared for him to be the starter.

"No, I haven't celebrated, man," Vernon said. "I feel like anyone on this defensive line can start so it's just competition. Still, I don't try to think about it like that, man."

Even when he was told Philbin mentioned him among the most improved players in camp, Vernon seemed unmoved.

"All that means to me, man, is keep going harder," he said. "I don't try to focus what other people say about me. I just try to be the same person every day."

The Dolphins signed six-year veteran defensive end Antwan Applewhite today. He's a classic 4-3 defensive end that helps guard against the possibility rookie Dion Jordan won't be fully ready to play once the season begins. 

"We brought him in here, he had a good workout and we wanted to see what he could do," Philbin said.

Applewhite's first day is obviously the last day of training camp so he's behind, but he doesn't seem to worried that's going to be an issue.

"It's not my first go-around. I've done it before," he said. "Two years ago I got to Carolina in like week 5. I was in San Fran two weeks into training camp before that. So, I'm pretty used to that. I'm going on my seventh year so I know pretty much how teams schedule and stuff goes. It's just learning all the new verbiage and putting it in my head how I can understand it."


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Like I said, there's always www.miamidolphins.com if you want nothing but homerotic dolphins views only.

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Heck, we all would appreciate it if you just ACT YOUR AGE.

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This is the Herald Miami Dolphins Section. I would expect everything Dolphin and Some other NFL stuff to be posted.

Don't make me go in on how Mando is the laziest reporter here.

And whatever you say about Mando isn't Objective. We know why you always stand up for Mando. You and him have a pact. You promised that you will stop trolling him and that you will bring his blog hits up by any means necessary. Just as long as he doesn't Delete your Account again.

How do you act 100?
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 15, 2013 at 02:31 PM


Oh, good. YG, act ur age!!


If one is in their lower 30s...is it uncooth to be stoked for the release of Madden 25???

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Dashi, its crazy but Ive never been to that Hooters, annd I live around the corner. I know they have some sort of motorcycle day where all the riders go there, I guess to get drunk.

Can someone tell me how many a "jillion" is?
And, Applewhite has experience playing DE in a 4-3 and OLB in a 3-4.
The hatred towards Tannehill, and the Dolphins in general, is getting old.
I guess I should Google recipes for crow for Mando when the Fins make the playoffs, huh?

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If you handle it in a way that is manly then it is manly.

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I am glad that you have proclaimed that there is no controversy in Philbin not mentioning Tannehill as one of the "improved" players. Otherwise, this would be a huge controversy.

When an important man like Armando says something is not a controversy, the entire media world listens!



Now that the Jags front office has urinated on Chad Henne's face, again, all of the posters on the Jville Herald Tribune are sticking up for Henne and demanding that he start.

Not too bad to have the fans demanding you when you are in your final contract year.

The Bike day thing is about once a month I think. Not my kind of Crowd. They also have a Good BBQ place up the street. Scrubby's I think it is called.

I live off Ives between the Mall and the Track. So I either go to Aventura or Pines. People in Miami-Miami can say what they want but I like living further north. It is cleaner and people are less ratchet. Plus, people are nicer in Broward than Miami.

Dashi, your right! Also you can walk in a store annd wont be the only person who speaks English

It was the Burger King by the mall. 2 watt sat at a table and stared at the wall for 37 minutes and then got up and left.

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Maybe Philbin's omission in mentioning Tannehill is intentional. He may have expected more progress than Ryan has shown so far, and by not mention the kid's name, he may be sending a message! Plus, even if Tannehill HAS made strides, you wouldn't want to announce that to the rest of the NFL! Let it play out...

But, most likely, it is Mando looking for controversy. Which he does often, trying to increase the blog hits. No matter that most of the menagerie/zoo that's on here write post after post about their sexuality, what they're eating, baseball, basketball, and anything else they can come up with other than Miami Dolphin Football...

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Posted by: Jack! | August 15, 2013 at 02:31 PM

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Fraud, nobody & I mean NOBODY gives a rats as* about Chad Henne except you.

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Tracy, WELCOME to Fantasy Island.

What was it you use to tell him?

This is a Public Blog.

We come here to discuss Dolphin Football. We just ask mando to refresh the page everyday. More than half the Posters here don't even read what he writes. The other half reads it once and goes on with the Subject at hand.

ETF, that show was epic, wow, awesome for you.

Scorpions still show that crowd scene to open their shows.

And that Halen performance was used for the Uncahined video. Classic Roth in white fur no shirt and sunglasses... heard he was ripped!!

Triumph, nice Canadian band from here in Toronto .. FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!

Let's get real about Michael Egnew. He would have been a starter last year if not for the fact that TE's need to block!

Since TE's do need to block he never saw the field.

He was kept around because he was a great pass catching TE in College and his speed and hands can translate to the NFL.

The issue last year was never about Egnew catching the ball or separating from LB's. So if he has learned to block, at least to an acceptable level, he will see the field this year and present a real threat when paired with Keller in the two TE sets. I see Keller, Egnew and Dion Simms rotating in and out given the "fast paced" offense Philibin wants to run. As for Charles Clay...

He is going to be the FB and no, not the bone crushing type but the versatile type who can flair out and catch the ball or stay in and block for T-Hill. Or occasionally be a lead blocker for the RB. Look at the NFL today and you'll see most runs coming from a one back set. With offenses spread out negating the need for a lead blocker.

But even as a lead blocking FB Clay will do just fine, he does not need to crush a LB, just shield from the RB. Clay's a big boy at 255 lbs and has been getting plenty of practice at the FB spot.

DD, you are way overpaying ... wow, doesn't take anywhere near that effort around here with some top notch biatches. Then again, I'm a studly sort so it doesn't take much arm twisting to get them to climb my pole!!


Looks like we shamed YG into coming back under a different name. Didn't take much...

Who would have predicted in the Spring that the talk coming out of training camp would be the play of Olivier Vernon. I'm not saying the guy came out of nowhere, just that we all were thinking about Wallace, Tannehill, Miller. Offensively, work in progress. But if Vernon can do in live action what he's done this offseason, then we may have a top 5 (maybe even 3) defense people.



T-Hill makes Manlier commercials than Henne.

While NOT cised for Madden 25...or whatever number we are on...

I am in my late 30's...and I will still buy it @ some point....

Its like tradittion...even if I don't play it that often...its still fun to get online and have a good game every now and then....

No headset tho....to many nut jobs like YG out there looking to say dumb stuf in your ear....no headset...no listening....

If only they had an IGNORE button on here...the crap I woudn't have to sift thru...

or find out what CLUB he has invented this week....lol....

Clubs...you can tell YG (Aloco) is from the little Rascals era....

Roth was drunk and drinking jack from the bottle. On one of the songs he forgot the words halfway through so they stopped that song and went on to another.

I saw the Scorpions a year later at the Irvine Ampithetre and then in '87 or so at Monsters of Rock in the Meadowlands. From the first note of thier set until the last it rained garbage from the upper tiers to the lower in the M'lands.

Chad Henne made some commercials?
I need to get a copy of them; I will watch them while wearing my Phins #7 Jersey.

Got some spam email here from a dude named Max Penis ..

Now that's a manly name ...

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