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Camp over: Most improved awards

The Dolphins are done with training camp, per se, because next week they begin operating on a regular-season schedule. And as this is the end of two-a-days (well, one practice and a walk-thru), coach Joe Philbin was asked to name players he believes have elevated their game since the start of camp.

"A lot of the guys, some of the first-year guys that we've had going into year two have improved," Philbin said. "Mike Egnew has improved an awful lot. He's a guy we're excited about. Olivier Vernon has taken a step forward. Jonathan Martin, Lamar Miller. A lot of those young players that we have, Josh Kaddu is another that last year at this time was feeling his way through, has made a lot of progress. I think the first or second-year guys have done a nice job."

It's encouraging that Egnew has gone from being totally lost to competing for a roster spot and actually having a chance to win one based on performance. (Last year, he was on the roster based on draft status). Although he is still a second-team player, Egnew might sneak in as a back-of-the roster guy because offensive coordinator Mike Sherman loves having the flexibility of having a jillion tight ends.

Today, I would say Dustin Keller, Charles Clay, and rookie Dion Sims are definitely on the team. All three have had good to very good camps. Egnew's status will hinge on whether the Dolphins consider Clay a fullback and keep him as that -- opening a tight end job -- or perhaps if the team sees him as more valuable than a fifth wide receiver.

As an aside, notice that list of names Philbin mentioned includes just about every second-year player except quarterback Ryan Tannehill. It's probably just an omission. But it bears mention just in case it is not an omission because Sherman this offseason predicted Tannehill would be the "most improved" quarterback in the entire NFL.

And the head coach doesn't include him as one of the most improved players on the team?

This is not a controversy or major issue. Just an observation. 

Here's another observation that might give a peak into the kind of player Philbin wants on his team. In discussing the decision to go with Caleb Sturgis as the team's kicker over Dan Carpenter, Philbin mentioned this:

"I liked his demeanor the other night," the coach said of Sturgis. "He was very professional about things. Wasn't jumping up and down. He did his job and did it well. He was very serious about what he was doing."

Sturgis connected on a 58-yard field goal, which does not happen every day. And Philbin appreciated that the rookie didn't think he'd done something extraordinary. The coach appreciated that the rookie was businesslike.

That's what Philbin wants in players. Businesslike. Not too high. Not too low. Consistent. Basically he wants players that are, well, like him.

Nope, Philbin won't be doing a fist pump after a field goal any time soon. It's just not him. And he likes that Sturgis didn't, either.

Along those lines, defensive end Olivier Vernon, who has pretty much won a starting defensive end job, didn't exactly throw a party once he learned the path is cleared for him to be the starter.

"No, I haven't celebrated, man," Vernon said. "I feel like anyone on this defensive line can start so it's just competition. Still, I don't try to think about it like that, man."

Even when he was told Philbin mentioned him among the most improved players in camp, Vernon seemed unmoved.

"All that means to me, man, is keep going harder," he said. "I don't try to focus what other people say about me. I just try to be the same person every day."

The Dolphins signed six-year veteran defensive end Antwan Applewhite today. He's a classic 4-3 defensive end that helps guard against the possibility rookie Dion Jordan won't be fully ready to play once the season begins. 

"We brought him in here, he had a good workout and we wanted to see what he could do," Philbin said.

Applewhite's first day is obviously the last day of training camp so he's behind, but he doesn't seem to worried that's going to be an issue.

"It's not my first go-around. I've done it before," he said. "Two years ago I got to Carolina in like week 5. I was in San Fran two weeks into training camp before that. So, I'm pretty used to that. I'm going on my seventh year so I know pretty much how teams schedule and stuff goes. It's just learning all the new verbiage and putting it in my head how I can understand it."


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By Blog asking us to stop. Does that mean you called Mando.

Agreed. That is a manly name.

Mark in Toronto,

How was Black Sabbath, last couple times I saw Ozzy, his voice went to hell. Maybe he sings better now that he is back on drugs. I used to be a huge Ozzy fan, its all I listened to

ETF, isn't that usual in Jersey?

It Will Be OK | August 15
u need glxxes.
1st, it was a wendys.
2nd, it wasn't a cat, it was a possum.

You don't have to specifically ask Mando he is the one using all of the names on here.
Who else would spend so much time here?

Let's face it the Phins players themselves do not dedicate as much time to the team as the people in this blog. They have lives to live and money to live it with.

Still playing Madden isn't a Bad thing. That is about the only game I still buy.

Wow, some seriously brain-dead bands you guys are mentioning. Absolute garbage.

Much rather listen to brainy, creative music from the likes of Television, XTC, Elvis Costello, Human Switchboard (you never heard of them), Buzzcocks, Pixies, New Bomb Turks, Replacements, Husker Du, Minutemen, etc.

You can keep the 'Frat Boy, Duuude, Let's Chug Warm Coors Light' crap!

Mark, so I'm YG huh? LOL You dorks are so easy to fool.

You're apparently as gullible as your mama.

..Mark. Vegas is expensive. It is part of the decadence. Throwing loot. Also, if you want girls down there is costs. You can find them in the casinos..where-ever. But if you go through a reputable(funny right) place..It saves a lot of hastle, a lot of uncertainty. Worth the money(IMO)

Same Dashi....

60 bucks annually....used to get the boxing game (fight night)...

but I just don't play that much so it was a real waste...

I should call my PS3 a Madden Player...

rdubs, Ozzy was having a good day. His signing was mostly on point. he messed up Ironman a bit but otherwise, as well as you can hope for.

Tony Iomi was great and good to see him recover from cancer.

The drummer they used, the guy from Rage ... wow he was the show .. he killed that drum set. Up to now the ebst drummer I saw was Lars Ulrich in his prime on the And Justice for all Tour ... until yesterday. brad wicks I think. Guy is relentless.

Kris, Dashi,

You guys thought of doing an online league with some other folks, like people on this board? I'd do it, am buying it for PS3, already preordered

Daryl D and Mark talking about Dez Bryant's mommies...

and me and Dashi....talking about video games....

that is full circle...

No subject is "taboo" indeed


Thats a good idea....

If that were the case...I would by madden soone...maybe get on a pre-order list....

I call THE FINS....

until they show their true colors by week 6...and they make all of our players slow...and suck....

DD, true about Vegas. But whatever, I did it a few years back. Have little or no desire to go back, plenty of whoring and decadence up here to go around and I don't need to go to the desert.

However, the girls in Vegas were extremely hot. Not the b*tches in the tacky nightclubs, but the pros, not bad. Vegas pulls them in from all over the world because they stand to make stupid money ..


1 person other than Mando has always been here. That other guy.

And Henne has that 1 A/C commercial.

And best part about ps3 is you know YG is too broke and too dumb to join in ...

If nothing else Rdubs...

we will have a game or two...

we will just have to exchange screen names when the game is released....


as I was posting to Rdubs...

I envisioned YG rummaging his trailor....and turning over couches looking for change...so he can stalk us when we give our Madden screen names....

great minds....

Posted by: Duuuude | August 15, 2013 at 03:53 PM

Ever heard of the Lime Spiders? Yeah, I was into the punk/alt-rock scene at one time too.

Daryl D....

I think they pull them from all over the world...

beause its slavery....

and trust me...i'm not judgeing....


Good Idea.

Someone will say that we are making some sort of club though.

I'm with Kris, I don't like to use the Headset. To much trolling.

I always pick the Fins even when they suck. I find it as a Test of my skills. If I can beat someone with the Dolphins, I can beat them with any of the good teams.

IF...the DB's can stop the long pass plays, we are golden
IF...the OL can give Tannehill time for his receivers to run their routes, we are golden
IF...the DL applies pressure to the opposing QB's as advertised, we are golden
IF...Sturgis can kick 56 yard FG's on demand, we are golden

Lot's of IF's...but man I like our chances this year.

franchising starks looking worse and worse

Nobody gets paid more than doctors or lawyers in slavery ...

You sound like the professional football players saying NFL players are treated like slaves ...

Actually, a bunch of grown men obsessing about athletic young guys in spandex pants playing a game is pretty damn homoerotic.

Good points Dashi...

This year should be more fun...because we should actually be able to have offensive weapons that can score from anywhere on the field...unlike years past...

defense...take it or leave it....

If you can score...the game is more fun.....



I'm just saying....

remember...military man here....i have seen a brothel or two....

no judgements...

just saying...

That's a pretty good idea..

paypal and yahoo sports are useful here I believe...

etf, mr.roarke will be the commish.

For me...the line is Fantasy football...i can't cross that line...

but again...thats just me...

Remember this...Sherman has opened the entire playbook to Tannehill, including the read/option from the pistol formation, which we'll never see in a preseason game.

I predict this play alone will account for 10% of all first downs this season.

Read option, we're not talking about it today...but we will in three weeks.

Kris, I'm sure there are a lot of forms where it looks like slavery.

But these Vegas chicks are living like queens. No slavery there. Although some girls come from areas where they have no viable alternative and are blessed with good looks so it comes to that.

I've been known to spend my fair time with rippers too. Trust me, most of these girls can't function in real life and do this type of work until they can't do it anymore or some rich dude becomes their sugar daddy. They get up at noon or later, pursue dreams of being models or actresses, rub up against some dude for a couple of hours, and just coast. They get paid well for selling their self respect.

It is a double edged sword:
I've heard of fantasy leagues where everyone was a complete stranger on day 1 but by the middle of the season all the participants were playing hottub periscopes with each other.

I want Miller and Wallace and Gibson and Keller and Hartine to have the ball.
I hope we didn't bring all these guys in just so that Tanne can run it himself.

My favorite is the idiotic guys in strip bars who are actually stupid enough to think the girls there have ANY interest in them.

I briefly dated a stripper years ago (the rare one without any drug issues)and she told me how completely repulsive the other girls found the men there. Seriously made them want to puke. But they had to pretend they liked the attention from them to get the $$ and they knew the guys were big enough morons to buy into it.

Actually, a lot of guys who think women "crave then" or even enjoy sex with them are kidding themselves just as much. No great woman wants to sleep with a fat dullard who can't complete a lucid thought unless it's about spots or cars. Unless they have bucks (and then they fake it).

ewww is right.

When a tubful of 20 year old males models are playing periscopes it looks like one thing.

When a bunch of old, fat, drunken, broken down middle aged men are playing periscopes it looks compeletely different. I guess as long as we all take our Cialis beforehand at least we should have some respctale preiscopes.



MIAMIDOLPHINS.COM is the 'State Run' News Service sponsored by the Dolphins' Marketing Department. (It is what Fox News and MSNBC are to their two respective political parties.)

I sometimes go there just for a giggle as Any Cohen tries to DUMP SUGAR over sub-par performances, crippling injuries, and most recently, some not so masculine uniforms.

My hope is that this season is filled with enough VICTORIES to make a trip to that Website more of a JOYOUS COVERAGE BONUS rather than the propaganda machine that has been used to soften past failures by the Team.

@ 4:24. This is true. I dated three strippers who told me the same...


Is Ireland the WORST drafter in history?

Ireland is an okay drafter, that is not his problem.

His problem is that he can't keep his first and second round picks after the rookie deal expires.

ETF...I don't care if the pillsbury dough boy moves the chains...first downs baby.

RG3 & KAP are doing just fine with the read option, granted THILL does not posses their speed.

...remember the Buffalo game last year? Tanny does have speed when he gets outside the tackle.

...and Mark in Toronto,

Yes thank goodness the Dolphins didn't sign Martin Gramatica...
That guy's goofy celebrations drove me up the FREAKING WALL !!!!!

Ireland can't keep his Players after their rookie contracts because few of the Players like him and NONE OF THEM TRUST HIM.

Ireland is an okay drafter, that is not his problem.
His problem is that he can't keep his first and second round picks after the rookie deal expires.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 15, 2013 at 04:37 PM

They just arent worth keeping DUUUUHH!


MIAMIDOLPHINS.COM is the 'State Run' News Service sponsored by the Dolphins' Marketing Department. (It is what Fox News and MSNBC are to their two respective political parties.)

I sometimes go there just for a giggle as Any Cohen tries to DUMP SUGAR over sub-par performances, crippling injuries, and most recently, some not so masculine uniforms.

My hope is that this season is filled with enough VICTORIES to make a trip to that Website more of a JOYOUS COVERAGE BONUS rather than the propaganda machine that has been used to soften past failures by the Team.


This is the site this crew belongs on:

"Queens of the Round Table":

1. Toilet Scrubber Dashi
2. GM Odistank
3. Fin4Losers
4. Darkoak wants to be split
5. Mark In Toronto
7. KRISSY Girl
8. PHONY78
9. More To Be Named(Their troll screen names)


Andy Cohen is definitely the biggest Dolphin homer in the entire universe.....

When Madden comes out we will play...except...I am always the Dolphins...you can't score on our DEFENSE...

I mean..... who wants to keep Pat White, Chad Henne, P Merling, Clyde Gates, Koa Misi, John Jerry, Jake Long, M Egnew, Ryan Tannehill etc, etc, etc

You have to take what you read or see on Dolphins.com and the Phinsiders with a grain of salt as They are both owned by the Miami Dolphins. I don't know about if this site is also being greased by Ross.

Ireland has more busts than Dolly Parton!! LOL

I really don't even take offense who bash the Dolphins. Until they the fins PROVE they are no longer worthy of being bashed, these fans have every right to.

However, I too, realize at times it crosses the line of totally stupid. But, so what? When the organization finally fields a worthy team, that will take care of itself.

The most sickening thing of all is to hear homerotics constant apologetic obtrusiveness of over a decade of mostly sublevel play. Yet, you hear the same garbage from them every year. And they want us to go away.


Y so bitter G??? I am a proud Miami Dolphins homer...Orange shaded glasses...and kool-aid...
I will jump on a players arse if he plays like shyt in a game...coaches too...and I will call them out...but the Kool-Aid is always cool...



Or maybe in this instance I will refer to it as MY defense...yes...you can't score on MY defense...

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