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Camp over: Most improved awards

The Dolphins are done with training camp, per se, because next week they begin operating on a regular-season schedule. And as this is the end of two-a-days (well, one practice and a walk-thru), coach Joe Philbin was asked to name players he believes have elevated their game since the start of camp.

"A lot of the guys, some of the first-year guys that we've had going into year two have improved," Philbin said. "Mike Egnew has improved an awful lot. He's a guy we're excited about. Olivier Vernon has taken a step forward. Jonathan Martin, Lamar Miller. A lot of those young players that we have, Josh Kaddu is another that last year at this time was feeling his way through, has made a lot of progress. I think the first or second-year guys have done a nice job."

It's encouraging that Egnew has gone from being totally lost to competing for a roster spot and actually having a chance to win one based on performance. (Last year, he was on the roster based on draft status). Although he is still a second-team player, Egnew might sneak in as a back-of-the roster guy because offensive coordinator Mike Sherman loves having the flexibility of having a jillion tight ends.

Today, I would say Dustin Keller, Charles Clay, and rookie Dion Sims are definitely on the team. All three have had good to very good camps. Egnew's status will hinge on whether the Dolphins consider Clay a fullback and keep him as that -- opening a tight end job -- or perhaps if the team sees him as more valuable than a fifth wide receiver.

As an aside, notice that list of names Philbin mentioned includes just about every second-year player except quarterback Ryan Tannehill. It's probably just an omission. But it bears mention just in case it is not an omission because Sherman this offseason predicted Tannehill would be the "most improved" quarterback in the entire NFL.

And the head coach doesn't include him as one of the most improved players on the team?

This is not a controversy or major issue. Just an observation. 

Here's another observation that might give a peak into the kind of player Philbin wants on his team. In discussing the decision to go with Caleb Sturgis as the team's kicker over Dan Carpenter, Philbin mentioned this:

"I liked his demeanor the other night," the coach said of Sturgis. "He was very professional about things. Wasn't jumping up and down. He did his job and did it well. He was very serious about what he was doing."

Sturgis connected on a 58-yard field goal, which does not happen every day. And Philbin appreciated that the rookie didn't think he'd done something extraordinary. The coach appreciated that the rookie was businesslike.

That's what Philbin wants in players. Businesslike. Not too high. Not too low. Consistent. Basically he wants players that are, well, like him.

Nope, Philbin won't be doing a fist pump after a field goal any time soon. It's just not him. And he likes that Sturgis didn't, either.

Along those lines, defensive end Olivier Vernon, who has pretty much won a starting defensive end job, didn't exactly throw a party once he learned the path is cleared for him to be the starter.

"No, I haven't celebrated, man," Vernon said. "I feel like anyone on this defensive line can start so it's just competition. Still, I don't try to think about it like that, man."

Even when he was told Philbin mentioned him among the most improved players in camp, Vernon seemed unmoved.

"All that means to me, man, is keep going harder," he said. "I don't try to focus what other people say about me. I just try to be the same person every day."

The Dolphins signed six-year veteran defensive end Antwan Applewhite today. He's a classic 4-3 defensive end that helps guard against the possibility rookie Dion Jordan won't be fully ready to play once the season begins. 

"We brought him in here, he had a good workout and we wanted to see what he could do," Philbin said.

Applewhite's first day is obviously the last day of training camp so he's behind, but he doesn't seem to worried that's going to be an issue.

"It's not my first go-around. I've done it before," he said. "Two years ago I got to Carolina in like week 5. I was in San Fran two weeks into training camp before that. So, I'm pretty used to that. I'm going on my seventh year so I know pretty much how teams schedule and stuff goes. It's just learning all the new verbiage and putting it in my head how I can understand it."


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You have to take what you read or see on Dolphins.com and the Phinsiders with a grain of salt as They are both owned by the Miami Dolphins. I don't know about if this site is also being greased by Ross.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 15, 2013 at 04:58 PM

Well, that's exactly what the "Queens Club" wants this site to be. Lest they forget The Miami Herald "IS NOT OWNED" by the Miami Dolphins. They constantly whine yet come here everyday to bash realistic posters who also are not owned by the Miami Dolphins.

We're just rightfully objective fans. Homerotics even go as far to say "you're in cohoots with Armando." That's the most farfetched unrealistic piece of bs that can ever be posted here.

Some of these pinheads would be great working for msnbc or fox news. Its the same overly paranoid banter....

JUST SAYING......................................

Y so bitter G??? I am a proud Miami Dolphins homer...Orange shaded glasses...and kool-aid...
I will jump on a players arse if he plays like shyt in a game...coaches too...and I will call them out...but the Kool-Aid is always cool...



Posted by: Jack! | August 15, 2013 at 05:03 PM

This explains you're not of full horotic membership as those other clowns. Soon as you make a bash or objective statement, they'll turn on you too.

Expect it..............................

I think with these types being angry, upset and generally negative is associated with caring...they are more so a fan...they beat and ridicule their children because they..."want them to do better"...

Im a beast in Madden looking forward to play you ners, I too only play with the Dolphins


Just an analogy mind you...

I dont think, from what i have read, (may have missed some posts), that posters hate that Armando doesnt drink the Kool-Aid but it does get old when Armando will post a negative blog everyday and rarely highlights good practices or issues.
The posters that say negative things to other posters that CONSTANTLY post negative things are justified to an extent. I mean when it is over and over and over again with the same BS then it gets old. Being realistic and being negative are two different things.

I think with these types being angry, upset and generally negative is associated with caring...they are more so a fan...they beat and ridicule their children because they..."want them to do better"...

Posted by: Jack! | August 15, 2013 at 05:12 PM


But, don't tell the homerotics that. They call it trolling. They've apologized our through over a decade of futility. It seems to be ok with them.....

Some of their kids are mostly to do life in prison, and they'll still find a way to be apologetic to that kid. Even sending commissary money on time, every month, without fail......

Actually, a bunch of grown men obsessing about athletic young guys in spandex pants playing a game is pretty damn homoerotic.
Posted by: Psychology 101 | August 15, 2013 at 04:08 PM

And what do you call obsessing about the obsessers? Sociopathic?

It's OK to Be a Homer.

It's OK to have a positive attitude.

But it ALSO gets a frustrating to see the GAP in talent that ELITE TEAMS have had compared to the Dolphins during the past decade.

Hopefully the Dolphins have closed some of that talent gap this year...BUT, TRUTHFULLY,

I didn't say this site also owned by Ross, YG, only "greased". I could start bashing Ross and the Dolphins organization now and suddenly all the posters here that seemingly were anti-Ross would turn against Us. Paul and I have done it before just for "effect".

Posted by: mattybfromnc | August 15, 2013 at 05:17 PM

Its an "I understand, don't condone situation". I would almost rather see that than t6he same old poster with the same old apologetic posts over a decade of futility. It's really just going from one extreme to the other......

As far Armando, that's we have The Herald, Sentinel, and PBP. Between the 3, you're bound to find what you're looking for.

Even Dolphins.com if you can stand to fish thru the abundance of well traveled homerisms in their articles.... Still, at times its fairly good.....

Apparently Philbin only mentioned 2nd year guys who have improved. But according to the Media, D. Thomas, Nolan Carroll, Koa Misi, Odrick have also improved.

Posted by: Cooz | August 15, 2013 at 05:23 PM

Our starters vs the Texans starters will be like a very brief preview of what to expect as far as seeing if our talent is as good as another good team's talent.

The Texans will be a pretty good measuring stick, or starters vs their starters......

See, We like to have the Truth in our hands, just in case We ever need to use It.

Oscar (@ 5:23PM)

The 'MiamiDolpnins.com' website IS owned by Stephen Ross and
is part of the Dolphins' Marketing arm.

There are 2 reasons why it exists

Reason #1
Promote, Market, and
Generate Enthusiasm
about the Miami Dolphins

Reason #2
To Provide Dolphin Fans with an exciting digital experience that, intern, SUPPORTS REASON #1.

It's OK to enjoy that site as long as you keep everything in perspective.

Listen, man, why you People here repeat what I say. You understand what taking it with a grain of salt means? Or you don't want to understand.

I find the best policy is to assume nothing...maybe it is a good measuring stick...maybe not...seems a good thing to be able to do is to stay in the hunt and get rolling about 3/4 the way through the season...of course every play matters in some way...just like each day...but 1 quarter of football is not 1 game of football...maybe you play like shyt for 3 qtrs. and pull it together in the 4th...maybe you play great for 3 qtrs. and suck framunda chee in the 4th...same for the season...what good is it to go 6-1 if you wrap it up at 3-6??? Just like it does no good to go 0-7...then 6-3...

Queers of the Squared Table

2. YG
3. Oscar Canosa
4. Armando
5. YGs other 10,000 names

Posted by: Cooz | August 15, 2013 at 05:55 PM

This IS the society that surrounds you...

Oscar, please explain how you are armando and YG is yur IT guy.

Some of their kids are mostly to do life in prison, and they'll still find a way to be apologetic to that kid. Even sending commissary money on time, every month, without fail......

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 15, 2013 at 05:18 PM

What about your kids?

Which one is the gay one again?

*** Personal Ad ***

Seeking a chat buddy on a football blog. Prefer boy from the islands with no education and brillo type hair. Bonus if you don't have a car so you can be online more often. Extra points if you have a feminine, squishy sounding name.

Posted by: Boy from Ghana | August 14, 2013 at 06:28 PM

YG will also play Video Games, if he wasn't born before the invention of the colored TV.

Oscar is so old when he took his drivers license test, he had to parallel park a horse.

I hope you get a better job in ESPN, Armando, so you can enjoy all those fancy restaurants.

Meet the bloggers, see if you can match lists.

1. Old burnout that gaggles about drugs and gaylords
2. Does live better than us (without an education, car or real job). Is fond of seaweed.
3. Bitter, very stupid and always wrong
4. Snotty moronic Canadian lets you know when he is right.
5. One of his many personalities claims to be a shrink.

A. Kris Kry
B. odinseye
C. oscar
4. dashe
5. Craig M.

Posted by: Jack! | August 15, 2013 at 05:59 PM


Unfortunately, it's the best measuring stick we have to date. As "OBJECTIVE FANS", we at least want to see our starters vs the Texans starters, pass this test. Even if for only 1 qtr.....

It snt a totality of things to come, but it can be viewed as a "MOVIE TRAILER" of a box office hit or bust soon to come.

Just saying..............................

Preseason performance has never been a very good indicator of regular season performance.

Can't wait for meaningful games again. Enough second guessing and what not, time to see the results. No winning record = no more Ireland, right or wrong IMO.

Blog Puzzle,

What happened to D and E?

I will answer your match list.

1-5. YG and Oscar.

Meet the bloggers, see if you can match lists.

1. Old burnout that gaggles about drugs and gaylords
2. Does live better than us (without an education, car or real job). Is fond of seaweed.
3. Bitter, very stupid and always wrong
4. Snotty moronic Canadian lets you know when he is right.
5. One of his many personalities claims to be a shrink.

A. Kris Kry
B. odinseye
C. oscar
4. dashe
5. Craig M.

Posted by: Blog Puzzle | August 15, 2013 at 06:20 PM

#2 is definitely Odineyes, but the rest can definitely fit "ALL OF THE ABOVE"........

Just saying..........................

Vegas what's the current line on wins not still 7.5 is it?

The quickst wa to offend a troll is not to respond to him.

Just saying.........................................

Only real sportswriters from the herald get on ESPN.

Armando has a face for Radio.

I like that troll, I like to encourage him. At least by posting the Vegas line he provides some use to the blog. Unlike the other trolls.

My Twinky loves a good pounding in-his-ass.

The Vegas line will be updated before game 1 of the regular season.

Trolls are all of you that bicker like foul mouthed children.

I'll say it again, because one can't argue with history. Presason is never indicative of regular season performance. There is no established correlation the variance is so great.

Preseason is nothing more then commercials for the NFL.

Of course YG doesn't have Homoerotic thoughts. As a Homosexual he gets to act out his thoughts. I usually pound him to sleep every night.

Vegas would you take the Over on Washington? 8.5 seems beatable.

Call me a homer all day if you want to, I am still proud to be a Dolphin fan. Being a homer is OK if you are a homer for a team that is only a couple of wins away from the playoffs.

I believe we are 3 wins better than we were last year.
I believe NE is worse than they were last year.

Happy to be a Dolphin fan!!!!!

My opinion is not even worth fertilzer. I do not profess to say Vegas is always right. That would be ridiculous and patently false. I do say they have steadily been by far the most accurate progonisticator over all other sources.

Count to a million. Now do that one thousand times. Now you have one billion. They have billions of rows of data and statistical algorithms being crunched by super computers. No single mind or group of minds could come close to that, and certainly not with the pure objectivity of mathematics.

Most recently they have been incredibly accurate quite often with the spreads in the playoffs.

Someone always wants to jump in and say they are not perfect. Of course they aren't. Just more accurate than any other source.

go finssssssssssssss

I believe we are 3 wins better than we were last year.
I believe NE is worse than they were last year.

Happy to be a Dolphin fan!!!!!

Posted by: Everybody Knows | August 15, 2013 at 06:45 PM

Very difficult to say that. Perhaps if we played the exact same schedule, then maybe.....

This schedule seems 10 x's more difficult We could actually finish 7-9 with this schedule and still be a much better team than last year.

Last year's team probably finishes 4-12 with the present schedule. Just saying.................

vegas 7.5 they set lines off what they think the general public will lean towards. 90 percent of bettors bet the favs, they know this and set line accordingly. then as the bets rain down the line moves with them to balance it out.

currently in vegas mia is a 1.5 pt fav at cleveland. has moved half a point since june

Unfortunately, e have a schedule that should only be designated to nfl top 5 teams.

Remember, our draft position was 12th, meaning we were 2012's 2oTH BEST TEAM...........

Betting does play a factor because this is big business, They have actuaries working for them. But it is only a factor on the few games with heavy interest against the sperad.

The initial spread is the pure spread.

Talk of a tougher schedule is nonsense. Every single season good teams falter and weaker teams excel. You never know which one's they will be.

A tough schedule just means you are a weak team. If you are a good team, if you've improved enough, then you should be the difficult team on their schedule and not the other way around.

Citing a tough schedule is nothing but a fairy excuse.


Do you ever get tired of posting to yourself.....

Make up names....ask yourself questions.....agree with yourself.. ...

Make up "club" names....I mean seriously dude.....how immature are you....because we all know your not young.....

What club is next....the HE-MAN WOMAN-HATERS club.....

Some more. ....corny nick names.....

Kris kry... Good one....how 3rd grade of you.....

That Monday night game against New Orleans will be a huge game for us this year.

vegas 7.5 it affects all spread, all vegas ever wants is to even out the bets on each side of game. make all the money on juice

i agree schedule is so tough, 7-9 or 8-8 is what i see. but i love this team going into 2014

The Fins are better this year than last that is a certainty. We must get 9 wins for heads not to roll.

Denney just signed a 1.1M/year extension until 2016

Not really like a movie trailer either...most movie trailers are designed to be kick arse and grab you to watch the movie...preseason is vanilla and they aren't doing it to get you to watch...winning aint even the biggest thing to take away from it...
So I think we can view the game and see how they do...if it isn't good...well that's a bummer...but it don't count in any way...

NFL.com power rankings had Miami at 14...

dusty if that was all it was they wouldn't have super computers worth millions of dollars cranking out spreads. They wouldn't emply so many people to program the computers and enter the data if it was just a matter of letting the betters dictate the spread.

It is way bigger business than you realize. It is also evolutionary statistical science.

The masses of betters could no way dictate the outcome better than all the pundits. No. It is the statistical science making these spreads so accurate.



Did Kris scare you away?

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