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Dolphins enter decision time

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

The Dolphins have to trim their roster from their current 75-man limit to 53 players by 6 p.m. Saturday and that means the personnel department and coaches are probably making calls that will affect careers as we speak.

One key question is whether the Dolphins will keep two quarterbacks or three quarterbacks. Ryan Tannehill is the starter. Matt Moore is the backup. And then there's Pat Devlin, who was asked late Thursday night if he thinks the Dolphins should keep three QBs on the roster.

“Absolutely," Devlin said with a wry smile. "Absolutely. I mean, there are pros and cons to everything and the coaches have to take all of that into account."

Devlin (pictured below in a Joe Rimkus photo) has not been told one way or another what the decision will be. Basically, it will boil down to whether he's one of the best 53 or not. That's how the Dolphins want to look at it. They think there is enough room for adjustment within their decisions that they can vary the number of players at key position.

DevlinthrowIn other words, the team doesn't feel it must keep a tight end or five or six wide receivers, or four tight ends, or three quarterbacks. If, for example, the third quarterback is a better player and fit on the team than the fullback, then the QB makes the team ahead of the FB. If the fourth tight end is a better player than the fifth receiver, then the fifth receiver is in trouble.

“I think we’re open to any combination," coach Joe Philbin said of the wide receiver spot. "There’s been no decisions made as to how many we’re keeping."

Devlin had his best performance of the preseason. He completed 22 of 38 passes for 259 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. The night didn't look quite nearly so good when he first left the game late in the third quarter. At that point he was 17 of 30 for 167 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.

But then Aaron Corp suffered an injury (either to his shoulder or collarbone, it's unclear as the Dolphins do not report injuries) and Devlin was thrust back into the game.

He then completed 5 of his next 8 passes for 98 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown was a 56-yard connection to Marvin McNutt.

Now, that's the way to make a statement.

“I think there’s a lot of room for improvement," Devlin said. "I think it was fun to get out there in a game situation.  Not going against our defense, it was a lot of fun."

McNutt (pictured right courtesy a Joe Rimkus photo) obviously made a strong case to be the fifth receiver. Rishard Matthews seems to be the team's choice as the fourth receiver.Mcnutt td

“It’s definitely a great feeling to play like that, even though coaches have to make the decision," McNutt said. "I just hope that I proved enough today that I want to be here.  I want to be a guy that can step up and make a play when it counts."

The other side of the McNutt coin was in the locker stall right next door.

Chad Bumphis was clearly the most impressive young receiver in camp early on. He led the team in receptions through three games. Then something happened two weeks ago.

Suddenly, he seemed to be on the outs. He got only three wide receiver snaps in the dress rehearsal game versus Tampa Bay. And he didn't get in last night's game until late in the fourth quarter -- when he still caught two passes for 27 yards

"No idea," Bumphis responded when I asked why he'd been shelved suddenly. "I wasn't told anything. I just went in the game when they told me and did what they asked me to do. I was expecting to play more but, I mean, things happen. They got decisions to make upstairs and I just control what I can control."

It doesn't seem as if Bumphis will make the team. Perhaps the Dolphins bring him back to their practice squad. But it just seems Bumphis, exclusively a slot receiver, suddenly fell out of favor. Perhaps it's because he doesn't play all the receiver spots. Perhaps it's because he's only 5-11 and not 6-1 which the Dolphins prototype seeks.

No idea.

I do have an idea that you'll see Bumphis playing in the NFL at some point. Call it a gut feeling. Call it guessing. I just think the kid has what it takes to play in the league.

And so does he, even if it might not be with Miami.

"Either way, I was blessed just to be here," he said. 'I'm thankful for the opportunity and I'm going to continue to get better. But I know somewhere down the road I'll still be playing football. I felt I showed some good things when I got the chance to show. It will depend on team's needs and what they're looking for at certain times. We'll see how it goes.

"It will make my story that much sweeter when I do make it. When I find a home, I'll make sure I keep it."


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Devlin was a UDFA. No GM thought him worthy of a pick. If he can't show it in 3 years, he ain't got nuttin' to show.

From the last blog,

Truth, I think its actually pronounced Christian. Fantasy draft will be fun, I plan to be there on Sunday.

Mark, good call on McNutt. Matthews actually did pretty well too, we had a similar line of thinking on them.

Hopefully Ireland picks up a decent o-lineman or TE possibly. This time he's hunting acorns for depth.

Also from last blog....

Fellas...don't play on ALL-MADDEN level...it is a BS setting that just like you stated is ridiculous to play...it can take 6 guys to takle a scrub RB...Online setting is ALL-PRO...this is what everyone plays on...so forget all-madden and just roll all-pro...
Posted by: Jack! 10.6 | August 30, 2013 at 12:59 PM

I don't see the point of keeping 4 tight ends when one of them can be easily stashed on the PS. I would rather keep 5 wrs over 4 te's. If we're going to be running 4 wide receiver sets and someone goes down mid season we will have to pick someone up out of free agency because I have a feeling Bumphis would probably be poached if we tried to place him on the PS.


from the last blog.

Yeah it was the Pats curse why Gronk went down for you alright!! And to answer your question the Pats find these guys because of 1 common dominator Brady. He's an all time great and makes players around him better.

A guy like Welker would never have been Welker if not for Brady IMO. But Welker now goes to another all time great with Manning so that analogy won't seem to hold truth but I do believe it's true. Some of their guys are just beast like Moss of the past, Gronk, even Hernandez were all just insane match up problems but the Welkers, David Pattons, Troy Browns and now probably this Kenbrell Tomkins and their TE Sudefeld all get to play with the great Brady and get to look good.

Tebow throws 2 TDs as Patriots beat Giants 28-20.

Back to work for a bit. Thanks for the advice Jack. Time to move up to all pro!




When Madden comes out I am all over it...like wetnap advertisements on lobstertube...

lol @ 1:12....

They got rid of Bess because he was only a slot wr, they aren't keeping Bumphis when he is the same. Philbin has said many times, the wr's have to be able to play all spots. He's practice squad at best.

Lunch time come at 1 around here???

Chad Bumphis,

This seems sort of like the micro managing style of Parcells/Sparano regime of having proto-types when the rest of the league for the most part doesn't have a size or weight requirement for set positions. I had this debate with Toronto I prefer varying skill sets that compliment each other not a specific size in mind.

Look at the Pats, Gronk 6'7 260 and Hernandez was 6'2 240. One guy runs underneath and destroys LBs one on one and the other is 6'7 and safeties cant physically match his size/speed combo. If you reverse that it's not as effective because LBs although cant go step for step with Gronk can lay size on him when he makes the grab and Hernandez doesn't have that size and speed to be a seam killer like Gronk.

I don't know just the thought that Bumphis wasn't getting time because of this proto-type pizzes me off to no end. For all that why even bring him in?


great article on Cogs

Might I add, Lobstertube is great during halftime!

The Bumphis being 5'11" thing is BS. Gibson and Matthews are 6' flat. A mere inch taller than Bumphis.

The coaches thought Matthews and McNutt were the likely reserves and needed the playing time. Simple as that.

I really have no idea who this team will cut and put to the practice squad.

What I will say is I have no problem putting Dion Sims in the starting TE spot and let him grow. The Dolphins have enough WR talent were you don't need him to go out for passes all the time.

How is this Dion any different than Fasano? Very good blocker, avg receiver.

Everyone is blowing this way out of proportion!!

Like me, teh Dolphins like their measureables. Give me the biggest, fastest, strogest, and most agile players and the ones with the best football sense rise.


I think all these young WR's have talent and I hope we could keep them all. Perhaps Jeffy has something on the table for a trade.

I think Tyms has some talent.

reading this article again....

it almost feels like an "ode to Delvin".....

Delvin's swan song perhaps....

the writing is on the blog....

Michael's first name is actually pronounced KRISTEN.

Not much better than Christine but it is what it is and with that name, you know the guy had to be tough. Just like Jackie Slater.

The biggest lobstertube drawback is that it's like the candy bin isle at a Martin's...there is just SO MUCH candy...you just stand there staring at it and don't know which one to pick...white chocolate??? dark chocolate??? with nuts or without???

The Patriots will suffer from the Tebopw curse. If he makes the cut, theey're going down!!


Pretty sure the team carried 5 TEs on the roster last year and 5 WRs. WR position is a lot stronger this year than lasy year, IMO. It could be argued that the TE position is the same or worse than last year. I'd go with 5 TEs again this year. Kyle Miller can contribute on this team, even if it's only as a blocker. I don't see the 6th or 7th WRs as being anything special. There's a million of those guys around the league. Guys want to give up on Egnew for whatever reason.....great, go ahead. Some other team will pick him up. He's attractive at only 23 years of age and whether guys wants to admit it or not he did show good passing catching ability in College. For that reason, making this team should be a no-brainer.

I'm tired of the Pruitts and some of these other guys we've had for years at WR. They do nothing and contribute nothing. At least TE is a position of need. You just never know what some of these guys might contribute down the road.


It is 11 slides long.
All of the Miami area writers predict a winning record.
Everyone outside the area predicts a losing record.
That concerns me because here in Miami we admit that Atl, SF, SEA, GB, Bal, Den etc are good, playoff teams. However the people in those areas do not feel that way about us.

Definitely without nuts .... ok, maybe just a little bit but too much nuts is awful.

Dolphins couldn't afford Anthony Sporano.

I was not impressed by Devlin at all, he missed guys open all night, no progressions and got rid of the ball when there was little pressure.
McNutt dropped a 3rd down pass just a bit ahead of him that he tried to one-hand.
I like Tyms over McNutt, he was open deep a couple of times and Devlin didn't even see him.
What I don't see is any of these guys helping on special teams like Marlon Moore did.
DeAndre Pressley could have made other big plays but he seems athletic and with a nose for the ball

PROGRESS STOPPERS... that's what you get most of the time when selecting players in the later rounds of the draft. the vast majority of them show their potential(when being pushed in camp) which is NOT very good as their inconsistancy and inabilities are exposed, but for some reason coaches hang on to these players wiating for a revelation of sorts and in turn avoid revisiting that position of need in the following years draft. i'm a firm believer in "you either have IT or you don't"...that said, DION SIMS definately has IT, clay on the other hand does NOT. i was really rooting for clay, but he is far to inconsistant and will always be. call it as you see it and don't be afraid to admit that a player selected in a later round a year earlier isn't the guy. DION SIMS can catch the ball with consistancy and CLAY can't, it's that simple. this past draft we passed on EDDIE LACEY5 or 6 times only to draft a whimpier running back(gilislee) a few selections after lacey was actually selected. if coaches were so sure that LAMAR MILLER was going to be that good that it made upgrading to eddie lacey not an option, then why did we go for another small runningback in gilislee?

Little baby ETF always worrying about what people think of him.

ETF, what will your new name be after Cleveland is defeated?

ETF, they will definitely learn the name of the Miami Dolphins after our team shoves a foot right up their backsides....

I guess I'll give my 53 for a the heck of it.

QB (2)- Tannehill, Moore.
RB (4)- Miller, Thomas, Gillislee, Thigpen
WR (5) Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Matthews, McNutt
TE (4)- Clay, Sims, Egnew, Rodriguez (also FB)
OL (9)- Martin, Incognito, Pouncey, Jerry, Clabo, Garner, Samuda, Thomas, Yeatman


DL (10)- Vernon, Soliai, Odrick, Wake, Starks, Jordan, Shelby, Randall, Francis, Martin
LB (7)- Misi, Ellerbe, Wheller, Kaddu, Trusnik, Jenkins, Freeny
CB (5)- Grimes, Patterson, Carroll, Davis, Taylor
S (4)- Jones, Clemmons, Wilson, McCray

Specialits (3)- Denney, Field, Sturgis

PS- Devlin, Gray, Adams, Bumphis, Tyms (if hes eligible), Don Jones, Lee Robinson, Okpalaugo

Last 5 In
1- Kaddu
2- McCray
3- Trusnik
4- Jonathan Freeny
5- Vaughn Martin

First 5 Out
1- Devlin
2- Spitler
3- Kyle Miller
4- Tyms
5- Bumphis

Took longer than I thought. Lots of D-lineman. Maybe we can trade one for a decent O-lineman. We seem to have a lot more depth on D. Hard cutting Devlin. I'll leave it up to the coaches, I won't be upset either way.

Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't...

Posted by: budtki | August 30, 2013 at 01:54 PM
Post of the day. Never liked Parcells but one thing he said: "When they don't bite as pups......"

budtki, you've never heard of the word depth?? also lacey was a 2nd round pick so how exactly did we pass on him 5 or 6 times?? did we have some extra picks i didn't know about??

So Peter King is picking the Patriots over the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. He is usually very good. He says 6-10 for the Dolphins.

My favorite category on Lobstertube is usually Beauty I think they call it otherwise, I like the interface and

Parcells did great for the Fins. Wish he hadnt left.

budtki, also lacey was the 61st pick.

gilislee was not just a few picks later he was 100+ picks later in the 5th round!!!!!!!!!!

Peter King is a retardo...he couldn't pick a quality booger out of his nose during the cold season...

Marino 13,

Peter King is good with reporting and getting into locker rooms but terrible at predictions. And even worse at evaluating the draft.


I like the young WRs too just think a year ago we probably wouldn't have but when you get talent like Wallace and Gibson to add to Hartline guys like McNutt, Mathews and Tyms and maybe Bumphis down the line all look cool at 4 and 5 as opposed to Marlon Moore and "Cement boots" from last year lol.

It's slipping my mind what was "Cement boots" name? I am completely drawing a blank.

Peter King picked the exact SB outcome the year before last. He has an excellent record.

Andy, Roberto "Ankle Weights" Wallace

You guys want to make some easy money? Start picking against Peter King's picks. Seriously. You'll never make easier money. Guy is hopeless at predicting. And he openly admits it.

Go 'Phins!!

King super bowl picks...



Picking against Peter King you will lose your shirt. Trust me.

I wish Petyer King always knew what he was talking about. We would've won the Super Bowl in 2006...

A Regular Here,

Ahhhhh lol Roberto Wallace. That's right. I couldn't remember it for the life of me. I guess there was a reason for that lol. Thanks bro.

A Regular Here,

And Ankle weights!!! corect I knew it was something to that effect.

Marino 13,

Baloney man. I go head to head with King every year with my picks and I've never lost a season against him yet.

Now you're just making crap up.

I saw we sign the OL the Patriots cut. STANKIEWITCH!!! Come on man, we should pick him up on his name alone. That is just too good

If dolphins lose tanne & moore the season is lost. Delvin's hasn't moved up the depth chart in two season so move on. hopefully fins take a shot at a project QB next year in the later rounds that could develop into a starter.

peter king sux at sb predictions.

Never a bad plan to spend a late round pick on a QB, sf, never know what you catch. At least make sure the arm is strong and the brain is sharp. The rest can be taught up.

TightEnds Jake Ballard and Daniel Fells cut by the Pats. Worth a look?

Ballard was good before the knee crapped out ....

So Peter King is picking the Patriots over the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. He is usually very good. He says 6-10 for the Dolphins.

Posted by: Marino 13 | August 30, 2013 at 02:13 PM


Peter King had Miami at 4-12 last year... Crystal Balls are for Disco's and Harry Potter Movies.....

Im stoked football is back! Why do Americans love football so much? Arabs, Chinease, Russians, almost all of the rest of the world fav sport is soccer? There has to be a reasonable explanation??

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