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Dolphins enter decision time

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

The Dolphins have to trim their roster from their current 75-man limit to 53 players by 6 p.m. Saturday and that means the personnel department and coaches are probably making calls that will affect careers as we speak.

One key question is whether the Dolphins will keep two quarterbacks or three quarterbacks. Ryan Tannehill is the starter. Matt Moore is the backup. And then there's Pat Devlin, who was asked late Thursday night if he thinks the Dolphins should keep three QBs on the roster.

“Absolutely," Devlin said with a wry smile. "Absolutely. I mean, there are pros and cons to everything and the coaches have to take all of that into account."

Devlin (pictured below in a Joe Rimkus photo) has not been told one way or another what the decision will be. Basically, it will boil down to whether he's one of the best 53 or not. That's how the Dolphins want to look at it. They think there is enough room for adjustment within their decisions that they can vary the number of players at key position.

DevlinthrowIn other words, the team doesn't feel it must keep a tight end or five or six wide receivers, or four tight ends, or three quarterbacks. If, for example, the third quarterback is a better player and fit on the team than the fullback, then the QB makes the team ahead of the FB. If the fourth tight end is a better player than the fifth receiver, then the fifth receiver is in trouble.

“I think we’re open to any combination," coach Joe Philbin said of the wide receiver spot. "There’s been no decisions made as to how many we’re keeping."

Devlin had his best performance of the preseason. He completed 22 of 38 passes for 259 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. The night didn't look quite nearly so good when he first left the game late in the third quarter. At that point he was 17 of 30 for 167 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.

But then Aaron Corp suffered an injury (either to his shoulder or collarbone, it's unclear as the Dolphins do not report injuries) and Devlin was thrust back into the game.

He then completed 5 of his next 8 passes for 98 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown was a 56-yard connection to Marvin McNutt.

Now, that's the way to make a statement.

“I think there’s a lot of room for improvement," Devlin said. "I think it was fun to get out there in a game situation.  Not going against our defense, it was a lot of fun."

McNutt (pictured right courtesy a Joe Rimkus photo) obviously made a strong case to be the fifth receiver. Rishard Matthews seems to be the team's choice as the fourth receiver.Mcnutt td

“It’s definitely a great feeling to play like that, even though coaches have to make the decision," McNutt said. "I just hope that I proved enough today that I want to be here.  I want to be a guy that can step up and make a play when it counts."

The other side of the McNutt coin was in the locker stall right next door.

Chad Bumphis was clearly the most impressive young receiver in camp early on. He led the team in receptions through three games. Then something happened two weeks ago.

Suddenly, he seemed to be on the outs. He got only three wide receiver snaps in the dress rehearsal game versus Tampa Bay. And he didn't get in last night's game until late in the fourth quarter -- when he still caught two passes for 27 yards

"No idea," Bumphis responded when I asked why he'd been shelved suddenly. "I wasn't told anything. I just went in the game when they told me and did what they asked me to do. I was expecting to play more but, I mean, things happen. They got decisions to make upstairs and I just control what I can control."

It doesn't seem as if Bumphis will make the team. Perhaps the Dolphins bring him back to their practice squad. But it just seems Bumphis, exclusively a slot receiver, suddenly fell out of favor. Perhaps it's because he doesn't play all the receiver spots. Perhaps it's because he's only 5-11 and not 6-1 which the Dolphins prototype seeks.

No idea.

I do have an idea that you'll see Bumphis playing in the NFL at some point. Call it a gut feeling. Call it guessing. I just think the kid has what it takes to play in the league.

And so does he, even if it might not be with Miami.

"Either way, I was blessed just to be here," he said. 'I'm thankful for the opportunity and I'm going to continue to get better. But I know somewhere down the road I'll still be playing football. I felt I showed some good things when I got the chance to show. It will depend on team's needs and what they're looking for at certain times. We'll see how it goes.

"It will make my story that much sweeter when I do make it. When I find a home, I'll make sure I keep it."


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Soccer is a 3rd world 'sport'

there not good at real football like Americans? LOL

They can't afford the equipment. All that's needed is a realatively flat piece of ground and a ball.

Who the hell is peter king? When did he ever put on a jock strap??

Peter King straight smells!!! Forget him!!!

A Regular Here..... Read your own post... then consider how most American have felt about what OTHER Nations think for the past 238 years... and you'll have your answer....

Can't wait for this season to start!!!


Pat Devlin is BETTER than Joe Flacco.

Agreed. We can argue and just keep it to football.

Or mabe we like to watch grown strong men bash there heads in. LMAO

I like to say football is modern day glaidators, Romans used to watch men get killed at events, same thing

cocoa, soccer is a much older and more venerable sport than football. Played by more people than any other sport including people in the USA. No need to disparage it.

By the way, a multitude of NFL players could not have come from more humble beginnings. There is more 3rd world in your own backyard than necessary.

DD from last blog,

I'm not saying the fins will only be 4 wide. Which I won't mind with L.Miller at RB.

What I have always been trying to say is that we will Play more 4 Wide than 2 TE Sets.
Tannehill in College. T-Sizzle didn't pass a lot behind Center at A&M.

Last season we just didn't have WRs. This Season we Have to Many.

No L.Nanneee or whatever his name is. Or Stonehands Wallace.

B.Hartline isn't the best WR on the Team anymore. Heck, in my Book I think Hartline is the #4 WR but gets paid like a #2.

But our #4 WR is better than our #1 TE.

We are not the Patriots, We are the Miami Dolphins.

We aren't going to ground and pound you. Or win Time of Possession by taking forever to snap the ball. We are going to spread you out. With 4 Real WRs. Force you to play Dime. Then run Screens and Draws with L.Miller. With T-Hill in his version of the Spread Option.

Sherman "Allegedly" has over 750 plays in his playbook. Last Season we only saw the Red Zone Package All Season. He Shall Open Up His Good Book This Season. At least half of it the first 8 weeks and the New Testament the rest of the season.

I Believe in Philbin and Sherman to lead us to the promise land. They have both led Multiple Top 5 Offenses in the NFL. Spo never led 1.

It use to be modern day gladiators.

Now it is just Athletes playing a Sport.

Same thing as Boxing. Now they just might as well take the gloves off and slap each other for 12 Rounds.

I'm waiting for the Boxing Concussion Lawsuit. Or the UFC one. Cause Boxing doesn't have a set League. Dana White Watch-Yur-Ass.

Spo has 3 champoinships, how many does Sherman and Philbin have??

Soccer has no TV timeouts, or breaks, only halftime.
Therefore US networks are not big on it.

It isn't as action packed or violent as most US sports, but a lot more exciting to watch than baseball.
Baseball however, has tons of TV commercial opportunities, that's why the big money and salaries.

But those who played soccer or follow it know what a great sport it is.


The Reason Soccer is so famous worldwide is because it is the cheapest sport to play. And to hold a sanctioned match of any kind.

That and Volleyball. And since a major part of the world can't jump they chose Soccer.

Soccer takes no special gift whatsoever. It can be played at a high level by regular people.

I'm not hating on soccer. Just don't get the big deal about it.

Heck, you don't even have to be good at kicking the ball to be good at soccer.

Does E.Spoelstra coach in the NFL?

You F'ing Idiot.

You just showed you don't even watch Basketball. You are just a Bandwagon Fan. The Heat have had a Top 5 Offense under the Big 3.

Tony Sporano.

You know the guy sucks when he can't even spell his last name right.

1. And since a major part of the world can't jump they chose Soccer.

2. Soccer takes no special gift whatsoever. It can be played at a high level by regular people.

Posted by: Dashi | August 30, 2013 at 04:08 PM

I would say these are the 2 dumbest statements I've ever in my life heard. But, we have Dashi. It isn't the first, nor is it the last.

Stay tune for more dummying down from Dumbdown-Dashi.

Lets hope they cut Irescum.

Can't wait for basketbal season to start!!!

Spoelstra could coach the Dolphins better than Philbin.

Wow, a major part of the world can't jump just because Dashi says so.

Soccer requires no special gift just because Dashi says so.

Hell, lets eliminate all rules and laws I society, I'm sure Dashi would say so. If Dashi says so, then it must be ok........

He's right 100% of the time, but he's such a nice fellows he only claims 98% accuracy. He gives us 2% of correctness absolutely free. What a guy.....

Can Messi play any other sport but Soccer at a High Level?

And he is the best Soccer player in the world.

YG is that why you hate Dashi?

Cause I am Smarter than You.

Just think how much knowledge I will have at your age. Please don't, don't want to give you an Aneurism.

What a delusional clown. Dashi believes everything coming from his mouth is true just because he says so.

He has now proclaimed himself god. Nothing he says or does is beyond reproach. All hail Dashi.

We all must now piss upwards to honor him in golden shower..... Dashi has decreed that it be so..........

Dashi, I'm going to ignore your post at 4:08 because u obviously are not a fan. Can't convince someone of something they don't want to believe in.


No one hates you. It exist all in your little paranoid pea brain.

Dashi, 1st of all you have to become worthy of hated to be hated. Even hate isn't given out freely stupid.

And it is 95% of the Time.

Even Dashi knows that Dashi isn't always right.

And Compared to you that Is 95% Higher than you when it comes to football.

Damn Dashi,

Even Mark @ 4:28 PM is finally beginning to see how far away your planet is from our loving mother earth.

ENUFF SAID..................

Dashi, just let me leave you with this. There are soccer players with measureables in the speed and agility areas that put the best that ever played NFL football to shame. For example, 40 times, Thierry Henry ran at sub 4.0. So don't tell me they aren't special or don't have special skills. Messi is what you chose, he's all footwork. But if you want to take physical marvel, it's widely granted that Cristiano Ronaldo is the most physically gifted player in the sport. He could've played any sport at a high level. But since he was born in Portugal, he obviously turned to soccer. If he was born in Canada, he'd play hockey, USA, surely wouldn't play football - he'd play in the NBA. Where the best American physical specimens play.


Yeah, I don't like Soccer. My comment might've been a little critical.

To me the only Real Athlete Soccer has ever produced is Pele.


How did your original 98% correctness number dwindle to 95%? Every poster here knows you said 98%, you harped on that number for months.

Damn Dashi, now you're even wrong about something you yourself spent months trumpeting on.



Rarely does any athlete play two sports at a very high level. Extremely few know what Bo Knows.

Bo even knows you know nothing at all................

Hell, even Vonte's grandma knows that......


We dont hate you. We just like making fun of you because you are so stupid.


Ronaldo doesn't like to get hit. He won't play Football.

You need a lot of hand eye coordination to hit a baseball. That takes a unique skill.

Think about it. If a Basketball player or QB only made or completed 35% of their shot or pass. And that would make them one of the best ever in their sport.

And seriously. You think Ronaldo can play in the NBA? Those are the best Athletes in the world.

The guy running a Sub 4.0 don't believe the hype.

He probably ran a 60 and they measured his last 40.

Tough being a dolfan. Seems of late we've been the last to do anything. That ranges from winning another sb to making final cuts.

Nearly seems this franchise deliberately makes its fans suffer. Even in the simplest things.....

I'm out cause the last thing I am doing is spending time with you on this blog.

But Me and Mark were discussing if the guy grew up playing the other sport.

I shall leave you to your 1 Man Blog. Were you are Supreme Overlord.

Guys, lets leave Dashi alone. Obviously he's special, I mean really, really special. God Bless him......

Pat Devlin is BETTER than Dan Marino.

Dashi, I definitely think someone with Ronaldo's muscle twitch and athletic makeup can play in the NBA. The guy's athletcism is crazy. And about the 40 time. You best believe. There are amazing athletes outside of the USA and playing other sports.

I liked McNutts skillset from the start. I loved the fact thas he is still young, yet had a year in already with an NFL Team.

Other than a few drops, it's hard to find any fault.

Bumphis looks like a player. But he's behind McNutt in my opinion. He lacks the finer points. McNutt does too, but he's further along.

Try to stash Bumphis and go with Matthews and McNutt.

What is ROnaldo about 5'6 how in the world can he play in the NBA, dont understand Mark logic there

YG, odin and I have terrific Football insight. I am certain we could predict the final 53 Miami Dolphins Players without missing on a single one. But we don't want to. We are not show-offs.

CR7 is actually 6'2, but yeah, 5'6 close enough

Also......to the guy that said Devlin was missing receivers wide open and deep: What game were you watching?

Devlin was basically running for his life from the start. ESPECIALLY after NO's 3rd TD. The O-Line had a major meltdown at this point. Even worse than how they played the first two quarters.

By our 3rd possession Devlin couldn't even consider taking a 5 step drop. Sherman's play calling was even impacted by the play of the O-Line.

I'm not saying Devlin is the 2nd coming or that he should even be ahead of Moore or Tannehill. What I am saying is that under the circumstances, he played pretty well. As he's done since High School and College, despite the play of the O-Line and the Defense, he FOUND A WAY TO **WIN**. That's just what the Kid does.

At the very LEAST, he's EARNED the right to be our 3rd QB. I'll even go as far as to predict that if we cut him or try to stash him on the PS, SOMEBODY will snatch him up.

Mark quit lying dude

He's ready, odin, he's had enough PS. I predict right here and now that Devlin will become the backup to Ryan Tannehill.

Alright, happy Labour (Labor) Day Weekend everyone. Enjoy and be safe and to the poolsters, see you Sunday.

Phins UP!

Back to the Dolphins, or at least football, please.
OK, I'll start.

If we're still going to play that up-tempo game, and especially 8 in S Florida, makes more sense to me to have as many wideouts as we can carry.
We don't really run a classic WC offense. Just wish we had another MIKE (not Roberto) Wallace type, so we could run more stuff deep.
Jerry Rice made his career on slants that would go to the house. Not sure we have anyone other than Wallace that can run those.

We MAY see that the Keller loss is even greater a loss than we thought.
I hope not.
I agree with those that hope Sims starts. He's certainly got more potential than anyone else we have.
Too bad they can't get a 5th-6th round pick for Clay. I'd like to see him gone.
I hate guys with talent who give 75%.
GO CANES!! (my alma mater.)

I think it's an absolute joke that the NFL roster isn't 63 instead of 53. They need to employ more players. The sport is too harsh, too few excellent athletes have a chance for a career, the small roster size doesn't depict the extraordinary amount of money available to the NFL and it's owners, and more.

I also believe that the smaller rosters force qualified players to not have a chance at a fine career. To me it's purely greed and nothing more. The NFL certainly can afford more players. This may even reduce the number of injuries as players may be able to get more relief as there's more roster depth.

Yes, there is the practice squad and that should remain!

I wish I had a huge audience to yell this message to. Hopefully the concept will pickup steam. Please comment as I see absolutely NO downside to this proposition and think the media and fans should support a growing NFL in terms of players.

Kevin, it is a money thing with the owners. Also, at any one time, 25 guys will be standing around doing nothing.
That's why they have a practice squad.

Posted by: odinseye | August 30, 2013 at 05:04 PM

Agree with much.
As Pat's arm is closer to that of Pennington's than Tanny's, I wonder if some meetings, film work, etc with Pennington might work to play up Pat's strengths?
No one was smarter with the ball than Pennington. Just a shame with all the arm injuries. He was one guy who could least afford it.

He's right 100% of the time, but he's such a nice fellows he only claims 98% accuracy. He gives us 2% of correctness absolutely free. What a guy.....

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 30, 2013 at 04:21 PM

What a guy? Are you certain? I'm thinking what a heShe or what a boyToy.

Why do Americans love football so much? Arabs, Chinease, Russians, almost all of the rest of the world fav sport is soccer? There has to be a reasonable explanation??

Posted by: A Regular Here | August 30, 2013 at 03:07 PM

I lived in South America for Yrs due to work and was often asked why I liked such a barbaric sport with such complicated rules. Seems simple enough to us (the rules) cause we grew up on the game but to people in other parts of the World the games just to complicated. Tried to explain while watching to a Co-Worker in Vzla. once and he kept asking me what the deal was with kicking the ball through those funny McDonalds looking arches (in those words) after crossing the orange cone for six. When was a turn over a turn over (loose ball) ect...

I finally just gave up while someone else said it was a stupid game for neanderthals. They actually made the argument that Rugby was more manly because we wore pads to which I responded that without pads there would be no one left to finish a 16 game schedule. Then I heard what I found to be the funniest statement when I was told that the greatest athlete's in the World were Euro Soccer players who were 10 X's the athlete's ect... For some reason nobody except us gets it just a U.S. PHENOMENON !

My girlfriend is from Brazil. She knew nothing about American Footballl. I took her to her first game Well we had quarrel a few hours before so she was still in tears at the stadium. Geez. Anyway, by half time she pretty much had the rules down and by the 3rd quarter she was jumping up and down and screaming her head off digging it! She wasn't upset anymore. She doesn't even like soccer anymore.

Make no mistake though, soccer players are great atlhetes with tons of stamina. Anyone who thinks otherwise should check out some youtube of Ronaldinho. It is amazing how much control he has of the ball with his feet.

You can't compare the athletes between these sports. Different requirements.


Good point.

But what I think they should do, is what baseball does. After about mid season the roster expands.

You should be able to stash players in the practice squad without having to cut them and move them up to the active roster after week 8.

Double the size of the practice squad. That way you can keep and develop more younger players while still being able to keep some veterans on the active roster.

You would still only count the Top 51 towards the Cap. But you can store your younger players to develop without running the risk of some other team taking them.

Expand the roster to about 57 after week 8.

The reason I don't give my condolences is that I believe DD, as well as 95% of the posters here are fictitious characters, created by 2 or 3 real posters here and by Armando to create hits.

More young players.

50 years ago boxing was the most popular spectator sport in America.
Today it is football.
50 years from now Football will be obsolete.


Checked your guy Henry out.

He runs a 4.72.

CR7 will be a short PG in the NBA. And he doesn't look like Half the Athlete Norris Cole is.


were NOT all sick fekks like YOU.....

I you don't want to give your condolence to Daryl D...then DON'T....

just keep your fool mouth SHUT....


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