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Dolphins enter decision time

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

The Dolphins have to trim their roster from their current 75-man limit to 53 players by 6 p.m. Saturday and that means the personnel department and coaches are probably making calls that will affect careers as we speak.

One key question is whether the Dolphins will keep two quarterbacks or three quarterbacks. Ryan Tannehill is the starter. Matt Moore is the backup. And then there's Pat Devlin, who was asked late Thursday night if he thinks the Dolphins should keep three QBs on the roster.

“Absolutely," Devlin said with a wry smile. "Absolutely. I mean, there are pros and cons to everything and the coaches have to take all of that into account."

Devlin (pictured below in a Joe Rimkus photo) has not been told one way or another what the decision will be. Basically, it will boil down to whether he's one of the best 53 or not. That's how the Dolphins want to look at it. They think there is enough room for adjustment within their decisions that they can vary the number of players at key position.

DevlinthrowIn other words, the team doesn't feel it must keep a tight end or five or six wide receivers, or four tight ends, or three quarterbacks. If, for example, the third quarterback is a better player and fit on the team than the fullback, then the QB makes the team ahead of the FB. If the fourth tight end is a better player than the fifth receiver, then the fifth receiver is in trouble.

“I think we’re open to any combination," coach Joe Philbin said of the wide receiver spot. "There’s been no decisions made as to how many we’re keeping."

Devlin had his best performance of the preseason. He completed 22 of 38 passes for 259 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. The night didn't look quite nearly so good when he first left the game late in the third quarter. At that point he was 17 of 30 for 167 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.

But then Aaron Corp suffered an injury (either to his shoulder or collarbone, it's unclear as the Dolphins do not report injuries) and Devlin was thrust back into the game.

He then completed 5 of his next 8 passes for 98 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown was a 56-yard connection to Marvin McNutt.

Now, that's the way to make a statement.

“I think there’s a lot of room for improvement," Devlin said. "I think it was fun to get out there in a game situation.  Not going against our defense, it was a lot of fun."

McNutt (pictured right courtesy a Joe Rimkus photo) obviously made a strong case to be the fifth receiver. Rishard Matthews seems to be the team's choice as the fourth receiver.Mcnutt td

“It’s definitely a great feeling to play like that, even though coaches have to make the decision," McNutt said. "I just hope that I proved enough today that I want to be here.  I want to be a guy that can step up and make a play when it counts."

The other side of the McNutt coin was in the locker stall right next door.

Chad Bumphis was clearly the most impressive young receiver in camp early on. He led the team in receptions through three games. Then something happened two weeks ago.

Suddenly, he seemed to be on the outs. He got only three wide receiver snaps in the dress rehearsal game versus Tampa Bay. And he didn't get in last night's game until late in the fourth quarter -- when he still caught two passes for 27 yards

"No idea," Bumphis responded when I asked why he'd been shelved suddenly. "I wasn't told anything. I just went in the game when they told me and did what they asked me to do. I was expecting to play more but, I mean, things happen. They got decisions to make upstairs and I just control what I can control."

It doesn't seem as if Bumphis will make the team. Perhaps the Dolphins bring him back to their practice squad. But it just seems Bumphis, exclusively a slot receiver, suddenly fell out of favor. Perhaps it's because he doesn't play all the receiver spots. Perhaps it's because he's only 5-11 and not 6-1 which the Dolphins prototype seeks.

No idea.

I do have an idea that you'll see Bumphis playing in the NFL at some point. Call it a gut feeling. Call it guessing. I just think the kid has what it takes to play in the league.

And so does he, even if it might not be with Miami.

"Either way, I was blessed just to be here," he said. 'I'm thankful for the opportunity and I'm going to continue to get better. But I know somewhere down the road I'll still be playing football. I felt I showed some good things when I got the chance to show. It will depend on team's needs and what they're looking for at certain times. We'll see how it goes.

"It will make my story that much sweeter when I do make it. When I find a home, I'll make sure I keep it."


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Devlin cut. Pick up Tebow?

WR core still shakey. Ireland not smart enough to sign Da-Rick Rodgers after working him out today. Kid is said to have 2nd rd talent. U rather have Mathews or McNutt...both are limited. JAGS.

No player with Grimes injury has ever played a full season the following year. It's a fact, google it. There's a reason why no one in the league wanted him. Not even the Dolphins, who only signed him to a one year deal. Lmao that people talk about the guy as a savior. He won't make it past week six.

This is year one of the rebuild huh ?
Last year was an evaluation year.
Jimmy Johnson built a team in two years. Avoided having losing records because of Dan Marino. Started six rookies in 1996. Btw, he found of couple of guys in later rounds named Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor. Ireland in six years of overseeing Dolphins drafts has yet to draft one star.

Rebuilding years.

1996 8-8
1997 9-7 and playoffs.

Then six years of winning records with the team he built during these two years.

1998 10-6 playoff win
1999 9-7 playoff win
2000 11-5 AFC East title, playoff win
2001 11-5 playoffs
2002 9-7
2003 10-6

Evaluation year lol.
In twenty five years of coaching did Shula ever have an evaluation year ?


Evaluation year roflmao.

What's sad is this likely is true.

Shows how dumb and incompetent Ireland/Philbin are.

Did they evaluate their WR's last year ?

Oh that's right...they didn't have any that would start for other NFL teams. Save for Bess...and they traded him.

Philbin evaluated R. Bush, D. Bess and Fasano and his evaluation was...I don't have a use for them.

Jimmy Johnson said it..."It's a talent acquisition business"

Any intelligent evaluator adjusts his schemes to the talent he has.

Philbin, a system guy, isn't on this level.

Bellichick is, the Patriots have had three offensive schemes during Brady's time, and they've gone to the Super Bowl with all three.

Perhaps Shula should have traded away Duper and Clayton because his scheme called for running the full back.

He went to four super bowls with this scheme.

Philbin has done squat.

Like Sparano and Ireland's failed acorn approach he's another grand stand play for this dysfunctional organization.

Ireland and Philbin will be fired with in two years.

6-10, 7-9 saves these two idiots and ruins 2014.

When inaccurate Tannehill goes, they go.

Then we'll have another "evaluation year" 2015.

Go Heat !!

Has Egnew been cut?

Well, fukkk it, I have to prepare my steak au poivre.

Tebow coming in for a work out. This is not a good sign.

Sparano was a sergeant (O-Line Coach) who was promoted to captain. Philbin was never a coordinator, is he any different ?

Philbin = Cam Cameron

I honestly think we can win the division. NE has suffered through too much and the other teams pose no threat.

A good interchange between Jesse Agler, who works for the Miami Dolphins and Adam Beasley, who works for the Miami Herald. All in good fun, of course.

Cam Cameron was a coordinator, at least he was a lieutenant. When the Dolphins hired Phibin the NFL collectively said..."WHO" ?

This doesn't mean that he can't coach.

But it does mean that this is another of Ireland's grand stand plays.

Waiver wire acquisitions plugged in as starters, assistant coach/position coaches promoted to head coaches.

Grand pa Philby has never even been a head coach any where.

You can bet that at some point this will be an issue.

If this team starts poorly, how will he handle the locker room ?

This team is more likely to be 3-13 than 11-5.

You go oscar!

Yeah, we really don't want Devlin and Gray poached.

Daisy, the Patriots have a QB and a head coach.

The Dolphins have question marks.

I guess that among all those civilized Teams that the NFL has, they can talk between one another and say, you don't poach me this guy, I won't poach you yours. Yes?

Belichek has won nothing since Pioli left.

Belichek won nothing since spygate.

Belichek won nothing as the HC in Cleveland - he was fired.

Coughlin beat Belichek twice on the big stage.

Belichek is overrated - nothing special.

We can win this division now.

Thank you for encouraging us.

Winning makes life better.

Losing makes this blog better.

Nothing brightens up this blog like a disaster.

Simple common sense would suggest that no team can just stay at the top forever.

NE has had a long run. The competition is now tougher. They are weaker.

Opportunity is here.

Simple common sense has been missing from these parts; finally you are here.

Welcome to the blog.


Do not deceive yourself. The Pats are still a very, very good football team. Top 3 offense and a defense seemingly getting better each year.

The only successful formula to beating Pats is playing nearly lights out on defense and mistake free/mental error free on offense. Defensively, we maybe a little closer to playing lights out. But, offensively, Im not convinced we're closer to mental error and mistake free.

Without this combined formula, beating the Pats and forcing them into our rear view mirror, will be a more formidable task than you currently see. Bet on it!

DJ Williams was waived


Which of the following would be a bigger disaster?

- On the final play of the game the would-be winning TD pass is dropped by a new guy (Gison/Wallace/TE)
- On the final play of the game the winning TD is caught by Devone Bess

Simple common sense would suggest that no team can just stay at the top forever.

NE has had a long run. The competition is now tougher. They are weaker.

Opportunity is here.

Posted by: Daisy | August 31, 2013 at 07:36 PM

The Dolphins will stay in the cellar until they get a new GM and new owner.

Miami's not topping the afc east this year unless they can prove themselves to be a top 5 overall nfl team, or Brady gets injured. No matter what's happened this offseason, the Pats can still be viewed as a top 5 nfl team.

To beat the best, you gotta be the best. Right now, the Dolphins are not the best afc east team. Closer to New England this year over last, but, you also must consider how wide this gap was last year. We've closed the gap, but it doesn't mean we've pulled even or surpassed New England.

If you believe that, I have no idea what to tell you.


Do not deceive yourself.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 31, 2013 at 07:41 PM

I do many things to myself. Deceiving though is not one of them.

Many teams for many years in a row now have prevented NE from winning the trophy.

We can too.

Right now, the Dolphins only have enough certifiable talent to challenge for a wildcard playoff position. Still, there's no guarantee of even that.

To even suggest the Dolphins overtake the Pats in the Afc east is to suggest the Pats have slipped to "wildcard playoff status". I just don't think so.

Even to say Miami is now one of the nfl's top 6-7 teams, I still just don't think so. Still to many insufficiently answered questions.

Many teams for many years in a row now have prevented NE from winning the trophy.
We can too.

Posted by: Daisy | August 31, 2013 at 07:49 PM

Have you noticed those teams have gone on to win the sb after beating the Pats? The Pats haven't won a sb in a while, but, still seems the road to sb is a Patsy toll bridge.

It is a fact we have not played 1 regular Season Game yet.

Every power ranking has us in the 22-24 range not the top-5, top-10, top-15 or top-20.

Oscar canosa @ 7:58

Once again oscar introduces wisdom into the discussion.


For us to stop the Pats from winning a sb, first we have to be capable of getting out of the playoffs 1st rd. Barring something catastrophic like Brady going down, we are not winning the division this year. Too many question marks on offense.

It's not about just beating the Pats. We need to be a team that's at least one of the 6h best in the entire league. Or at least one, once in the playoffs, catches absolute fire. To win a sb this year anyway...

Power rankings mean nothing. They are opinions of idiots.

Predictions mean nothing. They are opinions of idiots.

Our opinions mean nothing. We are idiots.

Only results mean anything.

With that being said, one ESPN writer had us winning the division.

Welcome to the merry-go-round of opinions. Yours, theirs, mine, and ours.

The only truth is in the Results.

Do you need help in doing things to yourself, Daisy? I'm at your service.


Great teams like great Empires don't often fade away slowly.

Rarely is there much warning.

Most often, they just suddenly collapse.

Every power ranking has us in the 22-24 range not the top-5, top-10, top-15 or top-20.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 31, 2013 at 07:58 PM

Meaning many of those polls barely view us as "middle of pack status". To be viewed as a "rock solid" middle of the pack team. We would be rated 15th-16th right now.

You aint beating the Pats out for the afc east if that's truly what you really are. Even at 10-6, it would give you one of the 10 best records in pro football.

Also meaning you're ranked as one of the nfl's top 10 teams. Still, I feel the Pats will finished 11-5 at worst.

Power rankings mean nothing. They are opinions of idiots.
Predictions mean nothing. They are opinions of idiots.
Our opinions mean nothing. We are idiots.
Only results mean anything.

With that being said, one ESPN writer had us winning the division.

Welcome to the merry-go-round of opinions. Yours, theirs, mine, and ours.
The only truth is in the Results.
Posted by: Daisy | August 31, 2013 at 08:03 PM


The only thing we have been able to pretty much depend on is that very good teams are usually always very good teams. Very bad teams are usually always very bad teams.

All of the rest you can usually split hairs in the middle.

Then a every so often a very good team falls and not so good teams rise. But this is not on consistent basis.

Some experts agree Ryan Tannehill makes a big jump this year. But, no one says he will make a "quantum leap". Tannehill does need make a "QUANTUM LEAP" in order for the Phins to become a top 10 team or better in 2013.

I say he gets better, but the preseason hasn't suggested a QUANTUM LEAP...

Not true.

When the 49'ers won their first SB, it was after decades of dismal performance. Out of nowhere they beat the great Pittsburgh at home and the ego centric Cowboys at home twice.

In 1969 the Mets finally lost last place, and won everything.

Many SB winners fail to make the playoffs the following year.

That is just a mere glimpse of historical evidence that counters and discounts your point.

Opinions are only guesses if they are by anyone that doesn't have the name of Nate Silver!

There will be no headline on ESPN, or PFT, or SI, or at the White House to tell you NE is in decline.

There will be no forecast by no pundit to challenge NE's status, for those in the media are not bold and highly fearful of being wrong. They will stick with the safe consensus opinion rather than risk being ridiculed.

One day NE will look up and be 4-7 mid season. And then you'll know.

I predict nothing.

I believe we can win the division. If I am alone in my opinion Alone I stand.

Only the final result will matter.

Whether or not we make the postseason does not depend on the Pats.
It depends on us winning these 3 games:


I think the 49ers recently turned their fortunes around under Jim Harbaugh in his first year there. So did the Dolphins(10-4) in Shula's first year here. I believe rise and fall of Teams depend mostly on the Head Coach.

ETF.....you might have to include either Cincy or Baltimore into equation.

They should sign Chris Harper WR rookie #4 possibly a #3 WR down the road...

oscar canosa @ 8:26

If it all truly comes down to the HC then I'm afraid that we're phucced.

Philbin is a good guy; he seems smart and thoughtful; and that works well - when you are a greeter at WalMart.

All these reporters from SoFla are up in arms as the Dolphins have not published their cuts as as of yet.

I got one word to describe not publishing your cuts: BACKDOOR

Here is the formula to the playoffs:

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 31, 2013 at 08:26 PM

Oscar, it has been said on here that you are a doctor of some sort. Is this so?

I got one word to describe not publishing your cuts: BACKDOOR

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 31, 2013 at 08:31 PM

ETF feeling the urge to get back to his roots. A shame Kris is not here....oh wait, of course he is watching ;)

This is a certain way to alienate the 4th Power, pals.



ETF....can't argue with your picks but if we lose Pitts. off of that list we more then likely need to put either Cincy or Balt. on it.


Pray for new ownership. Its our only chance.

It does suprise me to see just how much weight many of you give to rankings and predictions by those who have no way to know anything.

Just because they are on TV does not mean they have some secret source to Knowledge.

Change most frequently happens unexpectedly and expeditiously.

NE is ripe to decline, whether by performance or injury, it is all part of the equation.

Sign OT Max smith who was cut from San Diego

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