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Concern about Jordan missing opener grows

Dion Jordan continues rebab work on that troublesome right shoulder and as the regular season draws closer, sources within the team tell me there is a growing concern the rookie first-round pick may not be ready to play in the regular-season opener.

Jordan will miss Saturday's preseason home-opener against Tampa Bay, which is the most important game of the preseason for the Dolphins. He has already missed several weeks of practice and last week's game at Houston. He missed this week of practice, as well, including today.

Publicly, the team continues to put as optimistic a spin on the issue as possible.

Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle on Wednesday tried to be positive about the likelihood Jordan would be ready for the Sept. 8 opener at Cleveland when he was asked if he doubted Jordan would be available.

"Um, I don't have doubt," Coyle said. "I hope if he stays on target with what we're hearing and what we're seeing, he'll be ready to help us come opening day."

But privately, there has been discussion about whether it is better to keep Jordan out of practice longer than anticipated until there is certainty he has fully strengthened the shoulder beyond any doubt. There has also been discussion with trainers about the chances Jordan could continue to re-injure the shoulder as he plays.

The reason for that discussion is that Jordan must use the shoulder extensively in pass rushing -- with swim moves and under moves -- to get past offensive tackles.

The Dolphins are concerned enough about that issue that they're making contingency plans for not having Jordan available against Cleveland, along with their hopeful plans for using him if he's ready.

“There’s always going to be a plan A, plan B, plan C as you approach the season," Coyle said. "We have a plan in place to utilize Dion, provided that he’s up and ready to go. I think he’s making strides with his rehab and working with our trainers and strength coaches. So we are ready to implement that plan if in fact we get the green light.

"If not, we are proceeding as if we wouldn’t have him in another plan. That’s just part of
football where a guy goes down you’ve got to have a plan. One person doesn’t necessarily completely alter your game plan, so there are other people who can play the role we originally had planned for Dion as well on the current roster. That won’t keep us out of doing certain things that we think are going to help us win the game."

Jordan originally injured his shoulder in college and had surgery in February to remedy the problem. He re-injured it in the Dolphins second game of the preseason against Jacksonville Aug. 9.


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Not a big difference between Eifert and Sims. Egnew is a better Athlete than any TE coming out in this draft. Plus, he has 1 year of NFL experience. None of these TEs should've been drafted in the First Rd. And Only 1 WR should've been drafted in the First, C.Patterson.

Posted by: Dashi | August 22, 2013 at 11:33 AM

Eifert is a way better player than Sims. Sims won't work anywhere near the seam. Sims is a blocker and outlet receiver.
I do agree that Egnew's measurables kill anyone from this year's draft.
If he can work in 20-30 recs this year (showing progress) then maybe he will become an impact player down the line.

This is not good news.

Not good. This has been a lingering issue. Really hope this isn't a career-long recurring thing.

I dont care if Jordan doesnt play game 1. I want to make sure that shoulder heals properly. I have high hopes for him, after this year

Dolphins management needs to see what websites Dion has been visiting on his personal time!

I have a feeling Dion is suffering from what professionals in the medical field call "Lobstertube shoulder" this can be a very serious condition if he not treated properly. I have gone through this myself and it can be a long painful road to recovery. To this day, I dont feel like I have fully recovered

Once again you focus more on the NEGATIVE than the POSITIVE! Let me explain...Olivier Vernon is having a great camp he was our 3rd round pick last year and has provided some stability and gives time for Dion to get 100% but instead of focusing on of the positives Vernon you harp on the fact that our Rookie is still not 100% or maybe even had a setback? The fact is Olivier Vernon locked up the starting job and now Jordan can get healthy and contribute when he is ready.

Concern about the Miami Herald ever hiring a decent Dolphins reporter grows...

Dion Jordan's re-injury reflects poorly on the Dolphins coaching staff and the team doctors. They handle the situation VERY badly.

Sims is better than Eifert for what they are.

Sims is a Good #2, a Fasano type TE. Plus, he was a 4th rounder.

I am not against getting a TE in the First Round. He just better be Vernon Davis, K.Winslow, or a T.Gonzalez type. None of the guys this year were that dynamic.

Egnew has all the potential in the World. More potential than any TE in this Draft.

All this means is that the Fins will be using 3-4 WRs most the time.

Not a bad decision when most of your WRs Average about 15yds a Catch.

What Rdubs said. Perhaps because we're all clicking on blogs 50 times a day, we tend to lose our sense of time. We didn't draft this guy to play in the opener; we drafted him to play for years to come.

rdubs, I don't want lobstertube shoulder to be an excuse for Armando's Buffet Pants taking your lunch week 1!

Dashi, agreed that Sims is more Fasano than Davis but problem is we need a Davis. had one in Keller - Eifert might've done the trick. But I also agree Egnew has more potential than any TE drafted this year. I'm not asking him to haul 60 passes this year to be a success but if he can work the seam and deep middle this year for 20-30 recs then the future may bode well for him and the Dolphins


Egnew has all the potential in the World. More potential than any TE in this Draft.

Posted by: Dashi | August 22, 2013 at 12:07 PM

Nobody in their right mind believes this. Potiential is nothing but false hope. He barely got on the field last year and not until late in the season. He impressed nobody. Eifert will be starting game one. No comparaision.. Egghead is the worst blocking TE on the team.

where's mr roarke?

I dont care if Jordan doesnt play game 1. I want to make sure that shoulder heals properly. I have high hopes for him, after this year

Posted by: Rdubs | August 22, 2013 at 11:48 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/08/dion-jordan-continues-rebab-work-on-that-troublesome-right-shoulder-and-as-the-regular-season-draws-closer-sources-within-th.html#storylink=cpy

Dashi I hope you are right about Sims/Egnew vs Eifert but I'm pretty sure you are wrong.
IMO Tyler Eifert is a far better prospect than Egnew or Sims.
Agree that Sims is a Fasano type and the Dolphins got value picking him up in the fourth.
Egnew has plenty of potential but has shown a little too much Jekyl and Hyde on the field.
Eifert has the ability to, [and probably will this season] be an elite tight end.

Mr. roarke?

he's tossin salads..

The problem with shoulder injuries, especially OL or DL, is that they are banging it every single play. Often times banging it against someone bigger & stronger than yourself. No way around it!

It will continually flare up or be an issue unless he has a prolonged amount of time to rest it. At this point, I'm really starting to question team dr's like I did over Brees/Culpepper.

Jordan's injury was obviously not fully healed or strong enough when he started practicing if he lasted less than 2 weeks of practice. That shouldn't happen.

Not being critical but, they really should have spent LOTS of time investigating the injury before drafting him. I know the rush to play isn't there because of the depth we have but, a top 5 pick is expected to make an impact.

Considering he was drafted to a team that is expected to compete for a playoff spot, him being constantly questionable with this shoulder injury is very disappointing to say the least & potentially troubling in the future. He may need to be shut down to make sure he gets 100% healed & not risk his future career.

Rob M, let's go through our breathing techniques. "Career-long injury...?" Where's that coming from (besides irrational fear)? He JUST injured it (not like he's been nursing this injury his whole college career). He's still healing/rehabbing. The Dolphins knew he might not be ready for the Season Opener when they drafted him. Plus, he's a passing 3rd down rush option right now on the depth chart. This is not a very big deal. Doesn't have any repercussions for the rest of his career.

Yes, in a perfect world your 1st-rounder (#3 in the Draft) would start opening day, but if not it's not a lost Season. It's just a setback. He can still become all-World if he works hard. We'll have to wait and see how things transpire.

I stopped reading at "rebab"...hahahah...good job Armanny...
Okay...back to the article...

Is this supposed to be 'breaking news'?
Even if he were healthy he's just not big enough yet to start in the NFL.

geez, still cant figure out why the Jordan situation is that big a deal.....Fin fan for decades, so I think my opinion counts as much as any other, and it really doesnt matter to me whether he plays game 1 (or 2....or even 3)--obviously not ideal if he misses time, but if he is viewed as a 10 year/cornerstone player, missing a few games early on is unimportant......especially when it involves an injury-he MUST be healthy first, thats the priority (look what happened when he rushed back a few weeks ago)--stop obsessing Armando, with this "if he misses game 1 or 2 its a major disappointment" thing--its just not.

The real question should be why the Dolphins front office traded a second round pick to move up and draft Jordan fully knowing he had shoulder surgery in February before the draft. If you are going to invest in the 3rd pick overall and give up a high 2nd round pick to move up and get him, then you should know that he is 100%. Coming off a surgery 2 months before the draft doesn't sound like 100% healthy. In addition, they draft a cornerback in the second round, Taylor, who is also still recovering from an injury prior to the season beginning. So essentially you have your top two draft picks that aren't available in any capacity. Their impact on the team in the future may make us forget all about the current situation but for right now we all have to say that these draft picks were questionable when neither player is healthy enough to contribute right away. This team needs players to contribute right away not a year from now.

I made my team name the Fighting Ireland's for the fantasy league. Couldn't think of anything creative at the time.

Robb, Serpico.....it will only be a "career long-recurring thing" if they rush him back before he's ready, before its healed, and I dont understand why they would (like they obviously did 2 weeks ago.....pisses me off)--I dont see why the rush, for a valuable player that we put such an investment into--if he needs to miss a few games, so be it.....dude is only 22--but yeah, if they rush him back before its healed, it could definitely be an issue all year, or longer. Mando is beating this drum more than the fans.

Why so much surprise that Ireland reached high for an injured player? Its his typical wrong decision even if it turns out well. Ireland's acting out of desperation lately.

Hopefully he'll be ready for weeks 2,3,4 when he's needed more.

Hahaha !! Typical Dolphinsfans Egnew better Eifert seriously ignorant Dolphinsfans, and wonder why the Miami sports fan are the butt end of jokes nationally. Why the major sports media conglomerates like Espn&The Nfl network bashes you guys all the time. If it wasn't for Sherman not being the hc his a** wouldn't have made it out of camp last year. Eifert is the real deal Dolphinsfans another J.Ireland blunder=a new regime in 2014 !!

Just the facts:

Michael Egnew Tyler Eifert

Pre-draft measureables
Ht 6 ft 5 in Wt 252 lb 6'5 3/4"in 250lb
40-yd dash 4.62 s 40-yd 4.68
20-shuttle 4.32 s 20 -S 4.32
3-cone 7.03 s 3 cone 6.92
Vert 37 1/2 in Vert 35 1/2
Broad 11 ft 3 Broad 9'11"
BP 225 lbs 21 reps BP 225 lbs 22Rep

Athletic tests tend to lean slightly to Egnew over Eifert substantially comparing their overall averaged 40 yard speed, vertical leap, and broadjump. Everything else measures out almost even.

Given that they were both very successful collegiate athletes, there is certainly NO reason to have given up on Egnew in the 1st place so very early in his pro career.

He has the tools to be a big time threat down the seam and judging by his reported improved blocking (and really, TEs now simply are many times, de-glorified WRs, blocking??), I expect a legitimate contribution from him this season.

Eifert is a far more polished overall TE coming out of college and I am not trying to say he is wasn't. He still hasn't played a down, and like all rookies will have ups and downs.

My wild card in the TEs is Clay. If he can show any type of consistency, we can surprise and flourish despite Keller's gruesome injury.

Sims has already shown he can be a bull blocking, and has better than expected athletic and pass catching skills.

DJ not being available for the beginning of the season is a small price to pay to have him completely healthy and ready to mix it up when he lines up to play.

Scott....alot of these players are already nicked once they hit the draft, whether its a recent injury/surgery like Jordan's or one that occurred 6-12 months before (thats still in the recent past)--read the analysis for the Rd1 prospects, and many of them include a recent injury/surgery, or questions about durability, etc--Jake Long and Daniel Thomas had few college injuries, and look how thats gone--goes with the territory.


and there is really no comparison between Eifert and Egnew.....stop already--although I agree with many that Eifert was drafted too high....and feel that Egnew just needs more time to adjust but is going to contribute more than many think--its "the thing" these days but not all these guys are just ready to step in right away....some need 1-2 seasons to get going--doesnt mean they suck, or cant play.

Yaztil Green was a first round WR draft pick for the Fins by Jimmy Johnson. He was injured in his first training camp and never returned. He was never a factor for the Fins.

Dion Jordan had a known injury before the moved up to draft him in the first round. I am sure the staff is confident his shoulder is not a career threatening injury. That said I think it was foolish to have him play in the 2nd preseason game where he aggrivated the injury that has sidelined him.

He is a freak athlete that is expected, like all rookies, to develop over time. LET THE KID REST and REHAB until he is fully revovered.

If that means he plays week 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...who cares. It's not about one year when you are dealing with the health of a first round pick.

But benz, don't you know? We want everything NOW or we will just piss and moan and stamp our feet

the recurrence of DJs injury is on the coaches, not him.....obviously they felt pressure to get him on the field, which I understand.....but doesnt mean they have to buckle to that pressure--coaches need to make better decisions there.....dumb, unecessary.....for a crappy preseason game.

Very creative NeMo...

Nobody is saying Egnew is better than Eifert, we are saying that Egnew is more athletic and physically gifter than Eifert. That is inarguable. The documented results from their combine tests are their for everyone to see.

I'm so sick of all this "the sky is falling BS" from Armando and that other hack Omar! The guy had surgery in February (6 months ago). Just because he may not be ready for the season opener does not mean he is a bust. When he re-injured his shoulder in the second pre-season game does not make the dolphins trainers stupid for playing him. Jerry, Gardner , and Keller all got hurt in pre-season. You never know what is going to happen. Writers like Armando and Omar just stir crap so people read their stuff. I guess it works because I'm wasting my time writing about those two hacks.

The concern is not...or should not be...DiJon missing the home opener...it should be getting the shoulder at 100%...whatever that takes...I share the opinion of a couple other posts here...Week 1 or week 6...whatever!!! Just get the man where he needs to be...defnse will be just fine...Any PT for DiJon this year is bonus round...

Marshall for Egnew was MORONIC!

I hear Jairus Byrd wants out of Buffalo. What would our defense be with THAT GUY and Reshad Jones as safeties? G.O.A.T.? Maybe. Doubt they'd trade him within the division, but if there were any way, I'd be looking for a way to make it happen.


A half hour before the probable cause hearing Hernandez is indicted?

Get The Phuc Outta Here

Any PT for DiJon this year is bonus round...
Posted by: Jack! | August 22, 2013 at 01:05 PM

Any PT for the 3rd overall pick in the draft is a bonus?? Really?? WTF are u stupid?

DC, Byrd signed his franchise tender. he will not be re-signed under the tender again and he won't re-siugn long term in Buffalo (don't blame him). Just wait a year, the Dolphins and their massive cap space and Ross' billions will be waiting....


How much did they have to pay the ME to change the cause of death from 5 gushots to a beating?


2 pix flush.

In the words of LeBron, I (we) got no worries, I'm (we're) blessed". Miami has put the together a solid team with depth. The Dolphins should carry on, business as usual. The as a whole is now able to sustain a loss of key piece for a couple of games, whether it be the first two or the two should not make a difference. We should proceed on the precautionary side with Jordan and make all is good. Long term should the goal of team. So, steady as she goes but full speed ahead.

ExposingTheFraud said Hernandez would be joining the NFL tomorrow after being released from jail today. He even was suggesting the Dolphins consider signing him. ETF, I ask again HOW DUMB ARE YOU?

no more expensive FAs.....I like what we did in the offseason there but we cranked up the payroll enough, filled some important spots--fill the rest through the draft....and if he has a decent season, I'd re-sign Clemons--wont break the bank, not dynamic but solid, dependable, and chemistry with Jones....and both still young--extend the guy late in the year for 2-4 mill/yr, and safety is set for awhile.

The 'facts' posted by D-Rod are totally useless and show a lack of understanding about football. 3cone drills, shuttles, broad jumps, etc. have nothing to do with football. Nothing. Othewiser Ted Ginn would be HOF'er.

Dashi, Mark and D-Rod,

You can't simply put up measurable's comparing players in terms of style of play what they excel in ect....

I watched Eiffert plenty and feel him a Gronk type T.E. (Gronk also has very compatible measurable's with slower 40X than both Egnew & Eiffert) The difference being the physical play of Gronk, he breaks alot of tackles in the open field, boxes LB's out in tight space ect... This forced teams to play a variation of zone Vs. Pats with Safety over the top leaving a single LB on Hernandez were he got alot of YAC pumping his stats catching alot of passes in wide open space (miss-matches all over the field with these 2) with Gronk taking up alot of attention from the LB/Safety later splitting one of them wide in another look opening up Welker underneath. Really a very nice O design maxing talent on field and another O aside from spread teams are looking to emulate.

It is NO COINCIDENCE that Hernandez numbers dropped off after the Gronk injury. He started getting tied up more at the line with over the top support taking away those HUGE lanes he lived in during 2011 Season. The Giants exposed this in the SB for all to see were AH made alot of catches but was held in check YAC WISE without the threat of a healthy Gronk tying up a Safety. The Bengals drafted their Gronk in Eiffert with the already supremely athletic/fast Gersham on team without mentioning the outside threat of AJ Green which the Pats didn't have.

The T.E.'s in New England actually allowed alot of 1 on 1 outside coverage for Brady and pedestrian WR group permitting them back to the dance 2011 after teams were bouncing them 1 and done in Yrs. before the O shift!! If Brady were the QB in Cincinnati with AJ, Gersham and Eiffert instead of Dalton given their also solid D this team would be SB FRONT RUNNER!! We can revisit the conversation in Mid-Season to see who was right about Eiffert who along with a Keller or better route running Egnew could have done serious damage in our O, JMHO!

The wildcards in the Tight End debate are Clay and Rodriguez. Both play FB as well as TE and you know how much Philbin loves players that can play more than one position! Rodriguez has been a beast on special teams so far in the preseason and that counts for a lot too. Sims may become the workhorse at the position since you don't have to take him out in passing situations or when you want to run the ball.

The wildcards in the Tight End debate are Clay and Rodriguez. Both play FB as well as TE and you know how much Philbin loves players that can play more than one position! Rodriguez has been a beast on special teams so far in the preseason and that counts for a lot too. Sims may become the workhorse at the position since you don't have to take him out in passing situations or when you want to run the ball.

Mando and his negativity is exhausting to read anymore!

Dion Jordan is on the field! He is dressing for practice! He just isn't going through live contact drills. That's a good thing that he is even out there. He's not in the trainers room or on a PUP list or scheduled for surgery he just is rehabbing his shoulder where he may have tweaked it.

There's no sense in rushing him back in a meaningless preseason where the position has the most depth on the team. If Miami was thin along the dline and the games counted maybe he would be urged to play by the coaches. But we are deep at DE with Wake, Vernon, Shelby and even Odrick and Starks can play 4-3 DE.

Some of you guys are so doom and gloom in here. Think rational and with some basic common sense. I think Mando has succeeded in brain washing you with his negative ways.

weird back and forth above about Eifert v Egnew.....measurables, etc (are you serious?)--Eifert will be good to very good, Egnew is talented but has been a disappointment but its too early to give up on him--he'll contribute I think, be ok, but wont really compare to Eifert.....Eiferts a gamer....Egnew is not--forget the measurables.

Mando and his typical negative reporting!!!

First of all why would you want to rush a player back from injury when you are deep at the position already. With Wake, Vernon, Shelby, Odrick, and even Starks all are effective enough that Miami has plenty of pass rush and talent on the field. Jordan probably just tweaked it. He hasn't been placed on the PUP list. He hasn't missed practice. He's going to practice and strengtening his shoulder so that he can go and be ready at 100 percent not 90 or 80 percent.

Football is a grind and there's no sense in having a guy play at less then 100 percent if you have the depth and can afford the situation of letting a guy get healthy and as close to 100 percent as he can be for.......WHEN IT COUNTS!!!!!!!

I posted the same thing twice in so many words cause there's a delay in seeing my post. Sorry for the repost

I'm just wondering where Mike received is medical training from, he seems to think he knows more then the team doctors.Bill

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