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Concern about Jordan missing opener grows

Dion Jordan continues rebab work on that troublesome right shoulder and as the regular season draws closer, sources within the team tell me there is a growing concern the rookie first-round pick may not be ready to play in the regular-season opener.

Jordan will miss Saturday's preseason home-opener against Tampa Bay, which is the most important game of the preseason for the Dolphins. He has already missed several weeks of practice and last week's game at Houston. He missed this week of practice, as well, including today.

Publicly, the team continues to put as optimistic a spin on the issue as possible.

Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle on Wednesday tried to be positive about the likelihood Jordan would be ready for the Sept. 8 opener at Cleveland when he was asked if he doubted Jordan would be available.

"Um, I don't have doubt," Coyle said. "I hope if he stays on target with what we're hearing and what we're seeing, he'll be ready to help us come opening day."

But privately, there has been discussion about whether it is better to keep Jordan out of practice longer than anticipated until there is certainty he has fully strengthened the shoulder beyond any doubt. There has also been discussion with trainers about the chances Jordan could continue to re-injure the shoulder as he plays.

The reason for that discussion is that Jordan must use the shoulder extensively in pass rushing -- with swim moves and under moves -- to get past offensive tackles.

The Dolphins are concerned enough about that issue that they're making contingency plans for not having Jordan available against Cleveland, along with their hopeful plans for using him if he's ready.

“There’s always going to be a plan A, plan B, plan C as you approach the season," Coyle said. "We have a plan in place to utilize Dion, provided that he’s up and ready to go. I think he’s making strides with his rehab and working with our trainers and strength coaches. So we are ready to implement that plan if in fact we get the green light.

"If not, we are proceeding as if we wouldn’t have him in another plan. That’s just part of
football where a guy goes down you’ve got to have a plan. One person doesn’t necessarily completely alter your game plan, so there are other people who can play the role we originally had planned for Dion as well on the current roster. That won’t keep us out of doing certain things that we think are going to help us win the game."

Jordan originally injured his shoulder in college and had surgery in February to remedy the problem. He re-injured it in the Dolphins second game of the preseason against Jacksonville Aug. 9.


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One more time from last blog.

Ireland Draft LAST WITH the Tuna

Player Name Round
Jared Odrick 1
Koa Misi 2
John Jerry 3
AJ Edds 4
Nolan Carroll 5
Rashad Jones 5
Chris McCoy 7
Austin Spitler 7

Ireland Draft WITHOUT the Tuna

Player Name Round
Mike Pouncey 1
Daniel Thomas 2
Edmond Gates 4
Charles Clay 6
Frank Kearse 7
Jimmy Wilson 7

Player Name Round
Ryan Tannehill 1
Jonathan Martin 2
Olivier Vernon 3
Michael Egnew 3
Lamar Miller 4
Josh Kaddu 5
B.J. Cunningham 6
Kheeston Randall 7
Richard Matthews 7

Player Name Round
Dion Jordan 1
Jamar Taylor 2
Dallas Thomas 3
Will Davis 3
Jelani Jenkins 4
Dion Sims 4
Mike Gillislee 5
Caleb Sturgis 5
Don Jones 7

Really take a good look at these drafts. There a lot of players still on this team!!!

This is great news!!!

Armando running the same ol story which means he has nothing else to be negative about.

oh yeah, LB depth is really bad.

cry me a river jack! I don't care!

See you in pads in Cleveland Dion!

I predicted that Hernandez would be released today because he never killed anyone.

They read the indictment on TV, he was indicted for BEATING Odin Lloyd to death.

Too bad for us that the ME changed the cause of death from 5 gunshots to a beating.

No I am not LOL...but your posts certainly does shine the dim light on you...

No comparision between Egnew and Eifert. Eifert has the best hands of any TE or WR that came out of this years draft. catches everything.....

Egnew looks like he is alergic to the ball.

The only fraud ExposingThefraud has exposed is the one claiming his IQ was over 50...


That works in the Pats favor also because we need a TE and he was about to be available.

Jordan was picked as best player available not a do or die need!!! Let him heal up proper and don't risk another bad injury to his shoulder. If he is half as good as advertised he and Wake will be smacking around qbs like flys!!!!!

I have been a supporter of Jeff Ireland in the past. However this thing with Dion Jordan is troublesome. To trade up, give up a # 2 and draft damaged goods with the 3rd pick in the whole draft is cause for dismissal.
Dion Jordan reminds me a bit of Yatyl Greene. Great athlete, has all the tools but injuries caused his demised. Lets hope that is not the case with Jordan

ExposingTheFraud, sorry man, I just coulda resist.

Jordan was a typical stupid Ireland move. Too afraid to make it easy, he had to try to out smart everyone. Sit tight and take Eifert or move up and take Lane Johnson. Mark my words, Jordan will be of injured and little impact ever on his way out of the league....

f4l, gronk doesn't have any measurables during the draft process. he had a broken back.

Again, nobody is saying Egnew is a better player, just more atheltically inclined. Egnew did produce in college though. Not like he's just an athlete and not a football player. he's obviously a slow developer. I'm hoping he gets it because his toolbox is fantastic.

And those who say these #s mean jack need to do some learnin'.. look at the best players in the league .. they also have the best measurables. For example, at TE, who has the best measurables? Vernon Davis, Jimmy Graham .. not Heath Miller or Anthony Faasano. That is not accidental. The difference between good and great football players is athleticism ... sure some athletes can't play football but again the best players at their position do have outstanding measurables ...

Wow. Never realized Mando was so close with the team to be in on private conversations and "unnamed" sources telling him all the secrets.

I havent seen anything Fraud that states the claims you are making on cause of death...

I can dish it out and I can take it.

Are the people in Mass really buying this? There is no indictment until a half hour before the probable cause hearing? Then he is indicted for beating lloyd to death?

Guys regarding D.Jordan everybody needs to remember what JT's 1st three Yrs. in the NFL were like. Taylor was always hurt in that period playing as pass rush specialist exclusively!! It was always a broken hand, fingers, elbow and shoulder trouble with the speedy 260 Pd. DE and that was starting the Season Taylor played in 245 range plenty weltering late during those Seasons. It seems you all forget Kenny Mixon and Lorenzo Bromell were the run/alternating DE's on those Dolphins teams later both bolting for Vikes (same Yr.) becoming their starting DE's.

It was during those 3 Yrs. that JT had a special dietitian and strength conditioning Coach were by around 01 he really came on keeping 265 on his frame and getting over the injury bug. My one big ? regarding Jordan is whether he has that type of commitment?? He has the speed but does he have the heart to put in the work the next few Yrs. to be an every down DE in the NFL?? Or will we see ALA Mike Vrabel his career take off elsewhere as 3/4 OLB?? The Steelers and D GURU Cowher pulled the plug on DE Vrabel proclaiming him a BUST with Belichik seeing his potential through at OLB.

Here in LIES The 64 Million Dollar Question???

Dashi spot on with the Egnew assessment.

Really take a good look at these drafts. There a lot of players still on this team!!!

Posted by: BANE | August 22, 2013 at 01:47 PM

Where are the pro bowlers he's drafted? Do you see any? Stop being a homer!

He has yet to draft an elite talent in the draft that has proven it on he field. NOT ONE!

It's on HLN live right now.
They've read the indictment over and over again.
He's being charged with beating Lloyd to death.

Just Curious,

Ask me that in Week 16 bro!

Mando's unnamed source is the custodian.

Mark in Toronto | August 22, 2013 at 02:07 PM


There is a DAY & NIGHT difference between not going to the NFL combine and having ZERO measurable's/vital stats to go on! His College Coaches had them and fed them to the NFL. The thing with him was the injuries which of course have been the case now 4 Yrs. in at the next level.

Andy you are right...

let's all remember that as a DE his job is to get the QB. that is what they want from him. he does not need alot of practice for that role. you either can or cannot sack QB's.

Albert please stop with the absurd comparisions.

I didn't know that making the PRO BOWL gadges your drafting?

By the way, Jordan weighs 260, not 245 as many people here think. he doesn't have a size issue. 260 is plenty big enough.

f4l, not to sound like a smart arse, but if you have those measurables, can u post the link?

I'm genuinely interested. I did some work to see if my belief in measurables had any basis and compared the measurables of the best TEs in the game then compared them to the Dolphins' TE and Tyler Eifert.

I searched high and low for Gronk's. Couldn't find any.

(yeah, I'm a numbers geek. It's how I make my living. Don''t judge!)

The NFL says the hit placed by Swearinger on Keller was legal. That's not the point. We feel it was done with the intention to hurt. We won't forget.

Checked HLN...still nothing on a "beating" versus a shooting...actually everything I am seeing still states...SHOOTING DEATH...

the MOST IMPORTANT DRAFT and OFFSEASON in Dolphins history, one in which we had 5 picks in the top 90 and more cap space than Ross has money, landed us an INJURED, SITUATIONAL pass rusher and an INJURED DB who isnt any better than the DB taken in the 4th round. EXCEPTIONAL work by our fearless, untouchable (think teflon) GM.

Can you say 5-11????


I see the point to your post personally! There is an obvious shift from bigger burly ground-pound types to adding more team speed across the board! If you posted 08-09 as well you'd see just how GLARING the shift in drafting has been from FATS TUNA to SOLO IRELAND. I haven't been the biggest Ireland supporter and felt he could have stayed at pick 12 in 2010 taking JPP and feel this MISS weighed on him when studying Jordan but outside of that he's bebuilt a faster 21st Century roster ripe with potential.

The PRO BOWL??? You talkin about the PRO BOWL??? KC had about 6 or 7 guys make the probowl last year...how'd that work out...ooohhh yeeaaahhhhh...

Pro Bowl...SMH...

Good to read your comments again fin4life.

I think that draft class list will look a lot better after this year.

By the way, Jordan weighs 260, not 245 as many people here think. he doesn't have a size issue. 260 is plenty big enough.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 22, 2013 at 02:21 PM

Came in at 240 actually and added the 20 pds in Camp which is impressive! We will see if the weight sticks during the Yr. I believe like JT they will have to bring him along while body developes.

Will look up Gronk measurable's for ya pal!

It will be interesting to see in the Game on Saturday which RB will start.

That weight that Jordan put on is all below his waist. He has not been able to work out because of the injury.
He also has not been able to stay away from the buffet.

How old is DJ? Yes, f4l, he might not have all his growth done yet.

Jordans shoulder may never heal propeerly....

3 picks in the first 2 rounds : 0 starters in week 1
+ Thomas and Egnew potential starters at RB & TE in week 1
= Ireland sweating a lot

Good to read your comments again fin4life.

Posted by: Progolf667 | August 22, 2013 at 02:34 PM


You know you stink when M Egnew and D Thomas make your roster!! LOL

Armando = Negative Nancy yet again.


Easy enough!


It gives you full Bio there was no NFL combine but CLEARLY STATES he had a Pro Day work out before draft. With teams getting full spectrum measurable wise.

Oscar, DJ is 23. Interestingly Vernon is only 22 for a little bit longer, but already has a year of experience under his belt.

Allowing Irescum anywhere near the draft is like allowing Dennis the Menace inside a nuclear facility. LOL

How old is DJ? Yes, f4l, he might not have all his growth done yet.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 22, 2013 at 02:42 PM

Who the heck is talking about growth oscar?? It's building up the body like was done with JT through 6 meal diet and 2 daily work outs ect....

Awesome. Saved the link. thanks f4l

Osscar's question about weight is valid as it pertains to his weight. If Jordan is one of those young guys with a quick metabolism, it will be harder for him to keep on the weight. but as he gets older adn slows down - it becomes easier - unfortunately too easy later on...

Although some homer Finfans were hopefully praying for this season, I think we'll all find that Ross/Ireland are continuing to go further backwards with the team.

You angry, f4l? Tell me, who do you think will start, Thomas or Miller?

Posted by: NFL Analyst | August 22, 2013 at 03:08 PM

And what were hater Finfans praying for? That we DON'T go to the Playoffs just so they can continue their hatred of the Owner and GM? God forbid any hater has to one day say, "Wow, I was wrong. These guys DID turn the team around. I need to eat crow." No, that might blow up your heads to think that maybe..shh...wait for it...haters aren't always right (no, he let the cat out of the bag)!

I'm not too concerned whether we have Dion for the first game or the third. Just so he gets over the should, period. Also, as I have mentioned before, that he may be an OLB sooner rather then later. His pass coverage in college was exceptional and speed for a LB and his ability to rush the passer from either side or, even, from the inside gaps would really make it difficult for opponents to adjust. This fellow shapes up to be an all around, outstanding defensive asset. Lets get him healthy for the long run.

Amazing people blaming the messenger. Yeah, Mando is responsible for Dion Jordan being injured. Hahaha.

..I think Jordan not being ready for the opener is a huge concern for the team. The bigger concern has to be that he hasn't been able to practice. What kind of game shape will he be in when he does return? Will he even be a factor in the opening 5 weeks?

For 1..I do not think that Jordan should see the field until he is 100 percent. I doubt that at this point he will play many downs because he won't be in shape, he can't be caught up, and barring injury. We may enough depth to be effective without him.

This sucks.. I won't get into the debate about the draft pick. At this point it doesn't matter. Plenty of time to debate the value of this pick down the road. But I have to understand the teams thinking at this point. What is the plan for Jordan moving forward? I will say that is speaks volumes about the depth on defense that the 3rd overall pick can be shelved, and there is not panic, or desperation. This said. I understand we want good players, we want athletes at key positions on both sides of the ball. Jordan surely fits this mold. So far his short stint here has been nothing but disappointing. (I know. How can I say that? Just my opinion) This doesn't mean that this disappointment will be who he is, or define him as a player in the future. I am saying that the early indicators, the early paybacks read we may have made a mistake. Too early to tell for sure. But bouy does that finger point in that general direction

The quality of the people who comment on here has dropped to degenerates, imbeciles and morons with as much knowledge about football as a chimpanzee.

Gotten to the point, Mando, that I just read what you write and move on. You should consider banning the idiots.

Funny that a man using the word "gotten" is calling others idiots.

Tell me, mensa man, in what dictionary did u find that word?

... point is ... something about glass houses and yadda yadda...

I don't think we should be worried about Jordan being in shape. They have strapped down that shoulder and he has been working the rest of his body. I also think the rehab work he has been doing is to strengthen his shoulder.

Armando even commented on how brutal the rehab work was.
Armando just tweeted he did not think the injury was long term.

Are some of you people stupid enough to think the coaches are so stupid they would let Jordan lay around and eat potato chips and twinkies like you do???

DJ will be ready to go for the season... He is rehabbing a surgery, it isn't serious. Should be 100% soon just trust the coaches. they say week 1 why worry if it's week 2 or 3? He will contribute no doubt.

Other than Mando is anyone concerned about Jordan missing the opener?

I spoke to DJ hisself and he is not concerned one bit.

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