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Concern about Jordan missing opener grows

Dion Jordan continues rebab work on that troublesome right shoulder and as the regular season draws closer, sources within the team tell me there is a growing concern the rookie first-round pick may not be ready to play in the regular-season opener.

Jordan will miss Saturday's preseason home-opener against Tampa Bay, which is the most important game of the preseason for the Dolphins. He has already missed several weeks of practice and last week's game at Houston. He missed this week of practice, as well, including today.

Publicly, the team continues to put as optimistic a spin on the issue as possible.

Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle on Wednesday tried to be positive about the likelihood Jordan would be ready for the Sept. 8 opener at Cleveland when he was asked if he doubted Jordan would be available.

"Um, I don't have doubt," Coyle said. "I hope if he stays on target with what we're hearing and what we're seeing, he'll be ready to help us come opening day."

But privately, there has been discussion about whether it is better to keep Jordan out of practice longer than anticipated until there is certainty he has fully strengthened the shoulder beyond any doubt. There has also been discussion with trainers about the chances Jordan could continue to re-injure the shoulder as he plays.

The reason for that discussion is that Jordan must use the shoulder extensively in pass rushing -- with swim moves and under moves -- to get past offensive tackles.

The Dolphins are concerned enough about that issue that they're making contingency plans for not having Jordan available against Cleveland, along with their hopeful plans for using him if he's ready.

“There’s always going to be a plan A, plan B, plan C as you approach the season," Coyle said. "We have a plan in place to utilize Dion, provided that he’s up and ready to go. I think he’s making strides with his rehab and working with our trainers and strength coaches. So we are ready to implement that plan if in fact we get the green light.

"If not, we are proceeding as if we wouldn’t have him in another plan. That’s just part of
football where a guy goes down you’ve got to have a plan. One person doesn’t necessarily completely alter your game plan, so there are other people who can play the role we originally had planned for Dion as well on the current roster. That won’t keep us out of doing certain things that we think are going to help us win the game."

Jordan originally injured his shoulder in college and had surgery in February to remedy the problem. He re-injured it in the Dolphins second game of the preseason against Jacksonville Aug. 9.


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...Mark. Couple of questions

What time is the draft on the first? 2 What type of scoring league are we doing?

...@ 3:55..Huge difference between being in shape, and being in "game shape" Of course he is doing his jumping jacks, eating his Wheaties, drinking milk, and getting tucked in for sweet dreams. all of this is great. But it doesn't get himready fro the speed of the game, or the physicality of the regular season. So nice try, but yes we should be a bit concerned that he is going to be behind a bit.

The quality of the people who comment on here has dropped to degenerates, imbeciles and morons with as much knowledge about football as a chimpanzee.

Posted by: Frank Caliendo | August 22, 2013 at 03:40 PM

All of the intelligent and knowledgeable fans deserted the Dullfins many moons ago.

Can you provide one news clipping that states that the charge was changed to the beating to death of Odin?

Bc the indicment charges i have read are all for the shooting death of Odin

..I'll make this comparison.. Cooks that have just come out of the CIA, or any cooking school are trained and what I would say "in shape" They can make you a clarified stock, bust out a pastry dough with their eyes close, and make fine knife cuts with their fancy Japanese steels. But the first few times you have them on the line, and the tickets start rolling in...All of these skills are lost, and they turn into the cooks they were before they got in "shape" at cooking school. Some don't make it.

I'm not saying this will happen with Jordan. He may make a smooth transition. The Practice reps lost may have no effect on him. But I would say you have to be out of your mind if you think it is not some concern for the team at this point. A lot of bloggers just assume that "Jordan will be just fine" This is my favorite blog cliché..Sort of like "Football is a game of Opportunities" That's a good one.

Anyway..Those that think Jordan is going to be "just fine" I hope your right. And to some extent. I agree. When this happens. Jordan being"just fine" is what is debateable. I would argue that it will be later rather then sooner. Which is perfectly expectable if the defense plays well without him. But if we struggle, and the team feels a need to rush him back. (which I hope they will not do regardless)It could be a very very difficult start for Jordan.

They read the indictment on HLN network specifically the part that says "...Aaron Hernandez assaulted and beat Odin Lloyd which caused his death...".

HLN will be going in depth at 10pm.

The whole thing is phony. For 60 days the grand jury does not have enough evidence to indict and then a half hour before the probable cause hearing they suddenly find the evidence?
No way.
Someone was paid off.

This 'sudden development' prevents AH from being an UFA at exactly the same time that the Phins need one.

DD, draft is at 6pm on the 1st of september. Stand scoring format. Details should be on the site. I will take suggestions over the next week if there is a movement to alter.

1qb, 2rb, 2 wr, 1 te, one flex, def, kicker

I have to say , not having Jordan for the season opener is the LEAST of our worries. The d-line is stacked, keep him out until he is fully healed, no sense in ruining what looks to be a very promising carreer.

Aaron Hernandez indicted and charged with 1st degree murder.

ETF silently cries at his keyboard ;)

The vast majority of us in Mass. think Hernandez is just another thug who is guilty as hell.

ETF's injustice busting firm has it's hands full with the Hernandez scenario ... going to have a hard time busting that vato out...

The issue I have with the drafting of Jordan is not that we took him, but what we gave up to move up and take him at 3. All, please remember Jason Taylor was a 3rd rd pick - to compare him to Jordan is ridiculous. And Taylor's college production was way better than Jordan.
When you all see how Montee Ball, Eddie Lacey, DJ Swearinger, Jonathan Banks, and Gavin Escobar do in the NFL you'll wish we had that 2nd rd pick back we wasted to move up and grab Jordan at 3 where there was never any need to do so.

ETF lol. For f^%ks sake man let it go . Are you serious about this? Did you not see the list,,,,the LONNNNGGGGGGG list of evidence against him? Circumstantial? That's a joke. No jury will let him walk, he's done, bye bye. He murdered the guy. I don't see how you can still be sticking up for him.

They had enough evidence since week 1. They waited because they were trying to find the murder weapon which would have been the nail in his coffin. If they had found the weapon they could have matched it with the weapon in his hand that they have on tape. They're jobs would have been over and they would have breezed through court.

But now because the gangsta thug Hernandez succesfully hid the weapon they will have to use the rest of the evidence. Read the list of charges and then explain to everyone which jury in this country is going to let him walk.

Dion Jordan = Damaged goods


You angry, f4l? Tell me, who do you think will start, Thomas or Miller?

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 22, 2013 at 03:17 PM

Not at all Old Friend, I happen to be in the Miller Camp given I follow the U and LOVED his potential for NFL!! I think the facts here are a bit skewed by Mando? We really haven't seen enough of Miller outside of this last game while Thomas has gotten more reps. I see a more determined runner in Thomas, make no mistake or misinterpretation but believe in Miller's homerun ability. If Thomas can add a multi-dimensional threat at RB then it makes all the more better given his showing in pass game so far! Am REALLY pulling for both in all honesty at the end of the day because it would mean better play by our team out of more facets to defend.

"Jason Taylor was a 3rd rd pick - to compare him to Jordan is ridiculous. And Taylor's college production was way better than Jordan."

Lets be objective about this statement. Taylor played for The University of Akron and Jordan played for the Oregon Ducks.

Apples and ornages man. Akrons major rival is Kent State. They played some REALLY bad teams when Jason was there.

I'll stop posting about it but I'm on record everywhere that I never believed any of it.

I believe that the gangsters from the club murdered the dude dumped the body near AH's house and sent the txt from Odin's phone because they wanted to phuc up AH's life.

Within hours of finding the body the police put it out there that AH was involved, it went viral and left the cops with no choice but to try and make a case.

If you have any friends that are attporneys ask them what they think of the states case.

Its extremely dissapointing that Miller hasnt pulled away in the RB compettion because D Thomas flat out sux.

His pass coverage in college was exceptional and speed for a LB and his ability to rush the passer from either side or, even, from the inside gaps would really make it difficult for opponents to adjust. This fellow shapes up to be an all around, outstanding defensive asset. Lets get him healthy for the long run.

Posted by: Progolf667 | August 22, 2013 at 03:21 PM

In team history we had one exceptional athlete who played MLB,OLB & DE all in the same games named AJ Duhe. At the rate he was going before knee injury ended his career (back when they butchered players) his #77 probably gets retired in route to what looked like a possible HOF career!

As good as JT was he couldn't have added MLB to his list of accomplishments on the field. Duhe was a smart, instinctive and supremely athletic player in his ERA. His play single handedly took us to SB-17 were he drove Jets QB Richard Todd crazy blitzing off both ends at OLB and shooting gaps up the middle to stop their run game (Freeman McNeil)in 82 AFC Champ. game forever remembered as MUD BOWL, really it was Duhe shifting from right to left late in 4th Qrt. that causes Jet QB to throw in wrong direction and right at a blitzing Duhe for his 3rd pick which went house on one HELL OF A HAT TRICK AFTERNOON!

It goes down as one of the top-10 greatest performances at any Pos. and in any game I've ever seen, to name one of many memorable outings in career. My point is I want to see the hybrid athletic ability of Jordan used in unique fashion as well could be this type of player IMO.

Apples and ornages man. Akrons major rival is Kent State. They played some REALLY bad teams when Jason was there.

Posted by: Phins78 | August 22, 2013 at 04:56 PM

Was going to post something here but you beat me to the punch 78! I would add that comparisons are being drawn by physical similarities not by draft Pos. as well.

I think it's funny that only about half of the posts on this blog even bother to address what Salguero wrote. The rest are continuing conversations (and arguments) from the previous blog post, talking about other Dolphin players, or generally completely off the topic of football altogether! The "Feeding of the Trolls" has taken a nosedive and their barks have less bite day by day. And, Mando's negativity against the Dolphins is beginning to make him less pertinent with every blog post. No one's falling for all of that anymore...


ETF is right about one thing the AH case just got bizarre?? He was indicted for supposedly beating the guy to death not for shooting?? The rest are weapons charges that carry anywhere from 2 to 5 Yr. charges individually though, so even if he were to beat Murder rap the plea agreement on the concurrent jail time for gun charges puts him away for minimum of a decade, he's done!

The headline in the near future could well be: "Dolphin Fans Express Growing Concern About Team's Direction"

Hopefully, the Dolphins handle Jordon's injury the best way and do not rush him back too soon.

Having said that, there is valid concern about the decisions to turn five of the top 100 picks in the draft into three selections, the top two of which had serious injury issues.

Add that to the fact that Louis is struggling with injury issues and Keller (after missing much of 2012 with injuries) is out for the year.

The Dolphins had a lot of cap space and 5 premium draft picks. There may have been some good moves this offseason, but the Dolphin's continuing struggles to draft well is a major concern.

Ireland gets a lot of credit for managing the cap; but his of record of managing the winning is not the best to say the least.

When a team trades a high first and second round pick for the third overall pick of the draft, they are not drafting a project (unless it is a QB), they are drafting a player who is expected to start and star right away.

The Dolphins have been rebuilding with prototypical Parcells/Ireland drafts and free agent signings for six years. The season has not even started, but it's no surprise that many fans are having serious doubts about the wisdom of over-investing in players with injury histories.

Carefully worded as to be non-committal, old friend. That you are in Miller's camp doesn't answer what I asked you. Do you think Miller is going to start on Saturday? Very simply, yes?, no?

go finssssssssssssss

why oh why did they take this guy?!! a super skinny defensive lineman that is super athletic but really didnt produce all that much in college. cause Jason Taylor worked out well?!! a third overall pick needs to be a difference maker for your team. but even when healthy this guy will most likely end up only a 3rd down rusher. why didnt they take Lane Johnson. he wouldve had such a bigger impact on the games and team. prevent sacks and open holes for the runners. ill take that any day over HOPING that this kid gets a sack every other game.

bizz all ireland had to do was draft eifert and deal the 2n rd pick for b albert

Do you think Miller is going to start on Saturday? Very simply, yes?, no?

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 22, 2013 at 05:38 PM

I think at this point practice will dictate the Coaches decision given Thomas looks very good so far, best answer I can give regarding who do I think starts. If your asking who I start then I say Miller because I want him to be featured with Thomas as multi-purpose/Utility back like what the Pats had in C.Dillon and K.Faulk. In a perfect World we have this making life easier on Tannehill.

Frank you're right about the morons in this sight my lord they're so ignorant bunch of sorry a** homers. I wonder what they'll be saying when they get off to a 2-6 start !! Or a new regime start all over again in 2014 !!

bizz/ dusty,

If he wanted to go D with this surprise trade up then Dee Milliner made more sense really. A great press corner who you get for 4 Yrs. in rookie CAP with that type of potential makes more sense. Like everybody I'm looking for the logic here but feel somewhat torn on this pick as well. You then could have picked up a Gavin Escobar and DE D.Moore out of Tex A&M RD-3 which some had RD-1 grade on. In following the Pre-Season all the guys mentioned have made GREAT impacts along with the Honey Badger in group we could have had of contributors right now of players we all talked about AD NAUSEAM on here before hand.

One last question, f4l, do you think DJ will be = or better than Duhe was assuming he overcomes his injury?

There's such a malaise over this team right now. I think the Keller injury just created this massive dark cloud for the media. Just dread and disappointment around every corner. Just when fans should start becoming excited about real football starting, every possible red flag is flashing brightly.

Typical Ireland to pick an undersized player with recent surgical history as First Pick.Is he useless or just plain stupid?

Jordan must already be considered a draft bust or mistake. The Dolphins traded up to get an injured player, that they knew was injured who now can't start who held out until right before training camp. That's the definition of BUST>

Trade up to get an injured player as third overall pick in draft---Wow
Incompetent Ireland strikes again
Add that to his long lists of failures and busts in the draft

Who cares. We could go 3 or 4 games without Jordan if need be. Let it heal properly. In the few snaps he has played I've loved what I saw. Vernon and Shelby can hold the fort. Don't rush him. I really wanna see him out there but I don't need to.

Egnew has great potential but that and a dollar still couldn't get you a Starbucks coffee!!

If the guy wasn't injured they wouldn't have drafted him in the first place. I don't know why Ireland goes after so many players with a histor of injury. He was not satisfied with the injured guys in free agency but started to sewek them out in the draft.MAN!

My new all time favorite Dolphin players are Manny Fernandez, Bob Kuchenberg and Jim Langer. Glad there is still some sanity left from that 1972 squad as they can't stand Obama's madness and refused to go to the White House.

We doesn't the liberal media post this story?

No doubt about it that there has been concern on Jordan since the very first day he was selected.
Another stupid move by Ireland. Jordan will not be healthy unless he stays in the bench two seasons. One more staff's miscue. When will they ever learn, damm it.

LMAO! These clowns spent allll this money on this skinny, underpowered, tall & lanky "jason taylor the 2nd" and he won't even be available for the opener. Hilarious. Even if he were to be ready, one hit on that frail body of his and he'll be out indefinitely. Than we'll have 2 people out (him and keller). Another weak, built on fraile speed Dolphins team.

"in the words of lebron..." ROFL! W T F is lebron??? Take your 5th rate nba palyers quotes and save them for the joke known as today's nba. Pathetic....

Jordan not playing is bad for PR. It is actually a story because of the pattern of bad draft picks and the teams current woes. Fans want to see all draft picks come in and make a difference right away on a team that has been bad for a decade. Trying to spin it as a player that this team can wait to develop would be valid if the Dolphins were deep into the playoffs the last several seasons.
Another reason its a story is the inconsistent logic of how the players injury is being managed. If your Drafting a player with an injury then your thinking you can let him rehab fully before any contact. If that is the case, why did that player play in the second pre season game? Another flaw in thinking is that the Dolphins are deep in that position so its not that big of a deal. Well another question would then be why draft that position? Was the player so good at that position when the Dolphins had the pick that they had to pick him? I would argue no because I dont see Jordan being an all pro this season and several after that. WE all hope Im wrong. That would also be proven by the Dolphins trading other DLinemen because they felt like they have too many of them. Also considering the new CBA defensive players are relatively easy to find in Free agency for teams with cap space. Just take a look at all the movement this off season of Defensive players. Examples? Egnew/Dolphins, Harrison/Bengals there are a bunch more. Plus I have not heard an NFL analyst or anyone else say that the problem with the Dolphins year over year is the Defense.
Here is the reality check. The Dolphins have no idea if the QB is a playoff caliber QB.The Redskins,Seahawks,49s,Colts all found that out the first season their QBs played.
At RB not one player has played a full NFL season, much less be an all pro type player.
Who is the starting TE?
Who are the All Pros on the team?
What players on the Dolphins would any team in the NFL want right now to replace who they have at any position?
Unfortunately that list is very short. But its getting longer, the next question then is could it be happening faster. Well looking at the case of Jordan it would seem that there is another setback or at the very least not the progress that was hoped for.
The bottom line is if a management team is in place for a while and the situation doesn't change much then the question is why not?

another brilliant pick to jeff ireland you keep going buddy hope you are gone by the end of this year you have done enough damage

So his shoulder hurts, what's the problem? He has two of them doesn't he? Just quit cryin and use the other one.

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