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Dion Jordan: 'I can play' against Cleveland

Although there is still uncertainty exactly how much Dion Jordan will be ready to help the Dolphins when the regular season begins Sept. 8 at Cleveland, the rookie first round pick said for the first time Thursday night he will at least be able to play against the Browns.

"If they need me to play, I'll be out there and play," Jordan said following Miami's preseason finale against New Orleans. "I can play."

That is the most positive Jordan has been about the shoulder injury that allowed him to play only two of Miami's five preseason games and none of the final three. Jordan returned to practice Tuesday for the first time in several weeks although it was on a limited basis.

"I'm trying to be patient. It's really testing my patience," Jordan said. "I do know the situation. I'm going to make sure I'm ready to go when I step out on the field. So when I am ready to go, I'm ready to help this team be successful.

"I'm good. I'm working. That's all I can do. When you're injured, it's a hill to climb. I'm climbing that hill. When it's time to go, I'm ready to go, and it's not just halfway."

As for how the shoulder reponded following the practice Tuesday, Jordan sounded positive.

"It was good," he said. "I was excited to be out there with my guys, get the work in. It's just another step. I'm going to continue work.

"It's a goal for me to get out there and compete every day. I'm not looking at it as the timeline. I'm looking at it as whenever it is, I've got to be ready to play."


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Devline made one or two good plays against scrubs.

Not enough. I don't see anymore upside if this is the best he can do after 3 years.

That 56yds td pass was a beaut by Devlin. Been waiting to see him do this in a live situation. Maybe the coaching staff too.

I would not b surprised to see tat land Devlin on the 53. The td pass may have been the boost of confidence a young like Devlin need to finally get his career pointing north of the border.

I believe he's earned his stay after the comeback victory tonight. Keeping him may create a better sense f urgency with Matt Moore too. Every time he looks back he'll know someone's his gaining.

Jordan, not overly concerned about him. Love his attitude and competitive spirit. Just with Wake and Vernon, I see no reason to rush his injury recovery.

I believe Dion Jordan will be an nfl star.

Jordan, no way I rush him back. Maybe he is ready, but he missed a lot of practice. Sit him a good three games and let him really get his mojo going.

Even the trolls are happy with the win. Even they haven't posted in over 30 minutes now.

WOW................................................. This has to be a new Herald record!

I skimmed over a couple of pages of the last blog.

The hot and cold ramblings of the fair weather Troll is Hilarious. Thanks for the Laughs pal, FOR REAL - LOL!

As far as who Devlin played against.........well......he can only play against who they line up.

Considering the O-Line they played behind, I have to give Devlin and Gillislee a ton of credit.

Anybody can say anything about Devlin. One fact though, where ever he's played, he's won.

I think we'll be able to put 5 pretty decent offensive lineman on the field against Cleve. But if we have any injuries, we're in trouble.

We need to trim the fat and then maybe bring in a vet or two, if for no other reason, depth. Garner and Samuda need work and Dallas Thomas is still a yearling project(if not an outright bust).

The failure of Lance Louis to recover from injury quick enough really hurt us. Hopefully we can luck into a decent back up type from the cut lists(sigh).


As fans, what we so often forget is that a large share of the other 32 teams are in exact same boat as we are. They cant really afford to lose a primary starter either.

They don't call them backups for nothing. It's always hopefully your other 10 starters make up for the 1 starter missing whatever unit it is.

Its just most difficult to make up for if its your starting qb that goes down. Next most difficult to make up for is losing 2 or more starters on either side of the ball. Its extremely rare any of the 32 teams have that great a depth.

ETF, are you going to change your name when we beat Cleveland? Huh stooge?

ETF, are you going to change your name when we beat Cleveland? Huh stooge?

After tonight, Sims and Clay should be name as co-starters. I say this based on Clay's chronic inconsistency alone.

By midseason I expected Sims to make a Clay a very distant and forgettable memory. Charles who, anyone?

Devlin has that thing that makes good QBs Great.

The more pressure the Better he plays.

Devlin has Ice Water running thru his veins.

Check the history. Devlin loves to lead comebacks in the 4th.

Devlin is at home on 4th down.

Who else on the Fins is calm enough to drop a 50yd Bomb on 4th and 4.

Again, some people talk up matt Moore but NEVER EXPLAIN WHAT HE DOES WELL.


HOW MANY 3rd string QBs do you know can audible and the coaches are OK with it.

Matt Moore will get his 1 More Season. But Philbin knows what he has in Devlin.

Devlin reminds me of J.Kelly's backup in Buffalo. The guy just had that thing about him. Kelly was a better QB, but F.Reich was more Clutch.

The same fools that said Jordan won't play week 1 are the same idiots who said RG3

will be a Bust. HAHAHAHA!

I've been watching Cleveland's starters all pre season.


I'll never forget Frank Reich and "The Comeback" against the Oilers!

I believe it was a record. Reich held the record for the largest comeback in NCAA History and the set the NFL record against Houston!

So the Devlin fan train is picking up speed again eh? I saw the horrible play on 4 and goal as well as the good. Practice squad again me thinks. Even the Jags will start Denard Robinson at QB before they claim Devlin IMO.

If Tannehill took a bunch of 2nd and 3rd O-Lineman and 4th, 5th and 6th WR's and put up those numbers, everyone would be talking about his potential and how good he would look with the starters.

And that 4th down TD pass.......? OMG, if Tannehill did that, we'd need a wet wipe dispenser here at the blog!

The defense couldn't get any pressure on N.O. and let them march up and down the field.

Under the circumstances, Devlin did a GOOD Job. He's got the dynamic "It" that you look for in Big Time QB's. I've been saying it all along and I still believe it. If Devlin were afforded the same opportunities as Tannehill got last year, QB would be the least of our worries.

For the record though, I'm not anti-Tannehill. On the contrary, I hope he puts it all together this year.


C'Mon Man!~

I might start Denard over RG III, but not Devlin-LOL!


The thing I don't see from Devlin is consistency. But maybe he really just needs more opportunities. The 4 and 2 play he misses the uncovered receiver in the back of the end zone badly. I mean it was a really bad play, that's sort of why he isn't starting.

Exactly! Consistency is the key in the nfl. Nearly every player is fairly equal in talent alone. Its consistency separating the men from the boys at this level.

When inconsistent, more opportunities only means more inconsistency. Practicing a thing the wrong way more doesn't make you better. It win finally learning to do it right does more opportunities make you better.

How about Ted Ginn Jr averaging 30ypc tonight? Gotta keep an eye on that crap this season......

I agree with the consistency comments.

But lets be real. Tannehill isn't exactly "Mr. Consistent" himself. And he's gotten the Lions Share of reps the past year.

Consistency comes with reps and familiarities.

Tannehill plays better than Devlin, I can say that with total certainty. Not like I don't want Devlin to play well or turn into a great player, I'm just tired of the 3rd stringer is the second coming of Marino talk. I remember people clamoring for Sage Rosenfels, Cleo Lemon, etc. etc. It's always the same argument too.

Sometimes consistency can be a simple matter of success. Success breeds confidence. Confidence breeds courage. Courage breeds consistency.

Consistency breeds eve greater success.

Practice doesn't make perfect. Its perfect practice that makes perfect.

There is absolutely NOTHING substantial to take from a final preseason game. Nothing.

But it does mean one thing. FINALLY. The games will count now. GO DOLPHINS!!!

Consistency comes with accuracy...Tannehill is inaccurate.

When I was a kid and I used to go to Dolphins games at the OB, the atmosphere at the games, even before the games in the parking lot, was electric.

Some of that transferred to Joe Robbie Stadium.

This magic is completely gone.



With regard to Dion, I'll believe it when I see it. BUST.

Hey Hugh I agree with I'll see it to believe it statement, but bust not yet dude, it's way too early plus remember, we can afford to bring him along slowly cause we're very deep at DL so relax. As for Sims very happy he stepped up in a very important game for his young career good for him !!

There can be only one decision. Keep Devlin over Moore. Why? Only one reason, upside.

@faking it
Ted Ginn can run all over the field in pre season. When the real hitting starts he will run for the sideline or be a blood stain on the field. He was a pussy when he played for the Phins and he was the same for the 49ers. He will play great in a blow out but don't count on him catching any 4rth down play when he might get hit.

Moore over Devlin for two reasons.

1. Far more game experience
2. Stronger arm, no comparison. Devlin's passes travel in slow motion. Starting corners will feast on them.

Start Moore
Bench Tannehill
Make Playoffs

I think Devlin played well enuff to be number 3,but if I was making the choices I only keep two QBs on my roster.
They lost Bush who last season was there most productive back,I keep at least one extra back which from last nights game would be Gillislee.
We all know after Keller went down the TE position was hit hard,I keep Sims from his production in last nights game.
I think they should keep a lot of their draft picks either on the active roster or the practice squad.

After I watched last night's game, I came up with a few reactions.

1. Pat Devlin would be a pretty good backup.
2. The young WR's on this team have some talent. This is without question one of the deeper positions on this team. I was never really sure about R Mathews. I am now!
3. Dion Sims has a chance to be a very good TE in this league. We really need h to be this year. Dan Campbell has to do his best work with him.
4. Jamar Taylor. Loved this pick! Still do!! A future starter.

Oh one more, Kelcy McCray. Nice player with obvious upside.

So many players we are talking about all drafted and signed by Jeff Ireland. This guy has really come into his as well.

Good show by Dion Sims. He has good hands plus is a bulldozer with the ball in his hands. A different TE dynamic from Keller but very positive for the passing offense. He looked good against Saints 2's & 3's; hope the Dolphins give him plenty of reps against the Browns 1's.

Ion, really, really, then you would be a good NFL scout.

Bane stfu, anyone who could support Ireland is a clueless d-bag. You even sound like that idiot...upside this, upside that. Upside means the guy sucks, but maybe he'll get better at some point. This is the logic that led to Ireland crapping all over the team's former winning tradition. Four losing seasons in a row...five on the way. Two losing seasons between 1970-2003. Ireland is staring at his fifth in a row. Upside lmao. Devlin makes a few good plays against future burger flippers and he's a good prospect lmao. Young WR's etc... You mean like Ireland's last group ? Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace and Anthony Armstrong ? Players usually come in and make plays right away. The upside nonsense is just that, nonsense. Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Patrick Surtain, Sam Madison, Shaun Wooden, Daryl Gardner, Kenny Mixon, Lorenzo Bromell even Calvin Jackson were all players in year #1. Real GM's build a team in two years...Jimmy Johnson did. Ireland's an incompetent turd who should have been fired after 2010 same as Sparano. This team will never win anything with Ireland/Ross.

MiramarDave, start Moore, are you a moron.

The reason the Dolphins had so much cap room to sign free agents is because Ireland has never drafted anyone worth giving a big contract to...save for Jake Long and he didn't want to be here (gee I wonder why ?). Ireland went out on a free agent spending spree to try and build a team because he hasn't been able to build one through the draft. Ross is too ignorant and dumb to get this. Ross is also desperate to sell tickets, as the Heat are winning and the team is only two years removed from having the home fans booing Chad Henne. Enter a top ten QB and a free agent binge and all is well in some people's small minds. Playoffs, Super Bowl...rolfmao. Ireland's garbage. You don't build a team in free agency. No team ever has...for numerous reasons.

I think Matt Moore is a horrible practice player. But you get him in the flow of the game and he finds ways to win. Think we would have made the playoffs with him last year.

Tanhill jumps the pocket way to quick and shrinks the field that was why I was so excited when we got Keller. Without him and a suspect line this could get ugly.

I think Devlin is the boy Philbin really likes and that is why Moore is headed out the door. I hope not, but I think it saves them money and though Ross has spent money I think we purged a ton to get back into line. This team always seems to make poor decisions so getting rid of Moore can be another in a long line.

Love Jordan and think he could be a stud. But would have felt better getting the TE from ND. He is looking good in Cincy.

Think we should have a competitive year in a hurt weak division. Can we get to game to in playoffs?? not with this line. Go Dolphins!!

So shula71,

On the one hand you're saying we make the playoffs with Moore at QB last year and on the other hand you're saying Moore is probably out the door. HUH?

Do you guys even bother to proof read this stuff? Do you know how ridiculous you sound?


Dion Sims has upside. Dion Sims wouldn't have been drafted if Ireland's pick from the previous year had an "upside". Two picks to possibly help one position...that's efficiency.

V. Davis and S Smith didn't work out either.
So Ireland readdresses the same positions again by doubling down (but this time one round lower than last time with a second and a third).

My what efficiency.

Grove and Smiley injury prone ?
"The hell you say...sign em both to big deals" said Jeff Ireland

Wasting a first round pick to cover his behind. Enter Pouncey and Icognito

Brandon Marshall didn't work out ?

Lets try Mike Wallace.

Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett didn't work out.

Double down in free agency again (and with players less proven)

Anyone see a trend here ?

Companies go out of business with results like these.

It's broken at the top people.

Ireland and Philbin will be fired before it really gets better.



Very simply, let me just say what everyone on here is thinking this morning. YOU'RE AN IDIOT!

It's very clear that you're not a Dolphins fan. You cheer for the losses and criticize the wins. Thanks for coming out!


why are you here man? Negative, negative, negative.....you do know the team won last night, right? What would you be like if they'd lost? Like the Joker says,"why so serious?".

Would it be ok with you if we get 12 hours to enjoy the victory or do we have to listen to your drivel all morning?

You've made a list of guys who didn't 'work out'. Can you define 'work out'for us please. Love to know what you mean by that.

Craig M do I seem like the type who would care what you or anyone else here thinks ? Know that I'm thinking the same thing about you and numerous others...and my intelligent and profound comments prove why. I know more about the Dolphins organization than any of the rose colored glasses wearing delusional types who call themselves fans. I know how the franchise got to the pathetic point where it is now. The fans are part of the problem with this dysfunctional franchise.

Boo Chad Henne...real classy.

Ross has given you what you want.

A reach at #8

Hope and glory boy, inconsistent, inaccurate Tannebust.

If you can't handle reality that says a lot about you.

Anybody feel like having a Marvin McNutt debate this morning?

Didn't think so....

Come on now, all togther now ... you were right Mark.

Averaged 20 yards per catch. This guys can be a weapon in a smaller role. Will simply be superior athletically and imposing over other teams 4th cover guys.

Anyone for some Bumphis?


like I said, 'thanks for coming out'. Deem your comments as 'intelligent' all you want, most of us will think you an idiot. I'm sue when the team is winning we won't see you here too much.


I am glad we won the game, even though it is meaningless. I have to say, I am not that impressed with Devlin, even with him throwing the long TD. You want to talk about no pocket awareness and slow reaction time. I think we should go into the season with 2 QB's. I guess we could keep him on PS just in case, but I am all for drafting a QB next year to groom.

Regarding Egnew, I think the second pass attempt to him in the endzone could have been a TD if the ball was thrown better, not alot of separation but enough that a good or mediocre QB could get it in there.


I gotta hand it to you. I had Bumphis ahead of McNutt. Your boy did good last night.

Now back up your comments by taking him early in the draft Sunday night....lol.

I will say it again. Unless Miller can stay healthy and is the real deal our RB's are some of the worst in the league. M. Gillislee looks like a bust. And OL is a problem. Those will be the two major black eyes for the Dolphins this year.

And the rose colored glasses fans were applauding the Fins not paying Reggie Bush. Shame shame

I'm going to lmao a ton when "your" sorry a s s team starts 1-4, 0-5. There won't be three people in here then. There won't be three people in the stadium either.
Ireland and Philbin will be fired within two years and the Phins will be drafting another hope and glory boy at qb. I would put serious money on this... Unlike most "fans" I don't live off in la la land where the team is going to the Super Bowl every year and any criticism of the team is taken as a personal insult. The only entertainment in following the Dolphins at this point lies in watching the inevitable train wreck.

Vegas 7.5 wins...take the under.

cant see using a roster spot for Devlin--and Sims should be our starting TE now.....might struggle some early (but might not), looks solid and pass protection is his strength, which helps Tannehill--oh, and Clay cant catch--start Sims and bring in a vet off waivers.


You just proved to everyone you're not a fan of the team. You're going to 'laugh when the team starts 1-4 or 0-5'. Do you not get how sad that is? When 'your' sorry ass team....

You just clarified to everyone that you're not a fan of this team. Thanks for the clarification.

vegas....can see your concerns with RB but cant you say that for every team?.....wouldnt most teams struggle if their starting RB couldnt stay healthy and wasnt the real deal?--not sure what the "real deal" means anyway.....he's skilled/fast/evasive so unless he trips on every carry for some reason, he should be fine--RBs might not be a strength and I'm not comparing him to these guys, but wouldnt their respective teams feel the effect if A Peterson, Foster, McCoy, Lynch got hurt?--hopefully he stays healthy (like all of them) and he's a good RB for us.

Again with these Matt Moore backers - shows me one thing ... you understand absolutely nothing about football. NOTHING!!! NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!!!!!!

The key to winning a football game is winning the turnover battle. matt Moore is a turnover machine. His interception rate is below average but then you throw in his nasty fumbling habit and you have a Qb that turns over the ball well over once per game over his career. You can't win with a guy like that. That is why he has NEVERRRRRRRR beat a team with a plus .500 record. because winning teams win the turnover battle and rape a Qb like Moore. He may do well against a team that is crapping out for a higher draft pick like he did a few years back to brainwash all you sheeple (like that one, Home?) but to true knowledgeable football fans you know what Matt Moore is - a fine backup - a guy to play in a pinch but over a seaosn gets you nowhere.

Heck, even Matt Moore knows that. That's why he stayed here to back up Tannehill when he could've been a starter for a bottom feeder team. But he knows for his long term future and ability to feed his family, he better stay here as a backup, invisible and as a folk hero to ignoramuses and trolls.


6-10 might be optimistic.

Incompetence from the owner to the floor sweeper.

Craig, why don't you call Fire Ross by the name we all know - YG ... come on man.

McNutt is going to make a believer out of all u!!!

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