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Dolphins beat Jaguars, 27-3

JACKSONVILLE -- Congratulations to Joe Philbin on the first preseason win of his career. Yes, this 27-3 victory was only preseason, but it beats the alternative, no?

This was a solid performance for the most part.

The starting defense played three series and yielded only 14 yards. Cameron Wake looks ready for the season. Dannell Ellerbe was active with three tackles.

The Dolphins, stressing turnover margin this training camp, won that battle with a plus-3 for the evening. They had one turnover and plucked four, including interceptions for Nolan Carroll and Will Davis.

Matt Moore threw an interception and that was Miami's only turnover, although Chad Bumphis was sketchy as a punt returner, muffing a punt but not losing it. Moore was 5 of 9 for 58 yards but that interception he threw was a poor decision. His passer rating on the night was 35.6.

The Dolphins punt team has things to clean up. It gave up two punt returns of 22 yards. Not good.

Some quickie impressions:

Dallas Thomas played much better at RT this week and then played at LT last week. He hasn't necessarily found a home but the kid is much better off on the right side. (Personally, I think he should be a guard).

Mike Wallace played but didn't have a catch. Indeed, he didn't even have a target. Truth is quarterback Ryan Tannehill didn't really look at him downfield. It's tough, I'm sure, to look for the deep threat when you're scrambling trying to not get sacked, but even when Tannehill had time he didn't look for Wallace.

Tannehill and Dustin Keller are in synch. That's a done thing. They combined for two completions and 46 yards. Tannehill struggled early but recovered nicely. He finished 5 of 9 for 75 yards with a touchdown. His passer rating was 120.1. He did throw a couple of passes that more accomplished corners might have intercepted but the bottom line is those balls fell to the ground and his 22-yard pass to Dustin Keller in the end zone didn't.

Josh Samuda didn't look good. He struggled. Sen'Derrick Marks beat him to the QB.

Ryan Tannehill apparently didn't notice because after the game he said the starting OL "did a good job."

Rookie cornerback Will Davis continues to impress me. He's always around the ball. He batted down a pass at the line of scrimmage on a corner blitz and had an interception.

That 58-yard field goal by rookie Caleb Sturgis and his repeated ability to kick the ball in the end zone (6 for 6) and get touchbacks (4) seems to give him an edge currently in the kicking competition. Good night for him. Tough night for Dan Carpenter, who didn't kick at all.

The battle for the third RB job has been joined. Mike Gillislee is the favorite but Jonas Gray is making him quite valuable as a short-yardage and goal line producer. Gray scored two touchdowns from 1 yard out tonight. He ran hard.

For the night, Gray gained 32 yards on 14 carries. Gillislee gained 37 yards on 12 carries. Tough competiton.

Chris Clemons, who left the game in the first quarter and went to the locker room, said after the game he is fine.

By the way, the Jaguars are a mess. They had an issue on the sideline with players arguing. One of the guys arguing was wide receiver Justin Blackmon, who wasn't even playing and is suspended for four games. Are you kidding me?



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You hiding?

Man up you sissy boy. I'll shove your balls down your throat. I will. Go fk your own mother, again.


You hiding?

Man up you sissy boy. I'll shove your balls down your throat. I will. Go fkck your own mother, again.

We won the turnover battle and the Jags poor ST coach must be inconsolable at this point.


God are you dumb. Martin played just fine tonight. He is getting it. Go back to school. Your teachers should be sued.


Was that dominating enough for you fin Fans?

This Defense is for Real and T-Hill and the Offense are only getting better.

12-4. Expect big things.

Matt Moore Caused the Only Turnover. What else is new? The guy averages 1+ Turnover per game for his Career.

I like Gray over Gillislee, Gray actually scores point.

Wallace was open on the Tannehill take-off and sack.

I think we are not showing our goods because Hartline is his blanky right? didnt even look at him either.

my friends. it only gets better.

Gray won't make the cut. Gillislee with a season or two of experience will be solid. Miller, Thomas, Gillisee.

Don't underestimate Thomas. Best hands of all the RB's.

Thomas is our best blocking RB and best pass catching RB. Very valuable.

Many of you were eager to slam Jerry.

Maybe now you can see how much we need him.

Maybe now you can see how much you don't know.

Jerry is one big physical dude, a keeper. You don't let guys like that walk. Samuda and Dallas Thomas suck. Big time.

they'll keep Gray and Gillislee......no FB so dont need to cut one.......Thigpen is the kick returner and backup slot receiver......spells at RB if needed--done

Samuda, in year 2, has to show more......D Thomas just got here and barely knows where the bathroom is......a little patience please

Henne acted like a mnan and played like a man:
8/11 89yds

can we move on from Henne comments?--who cares?......dude was here for a few years, mostly stunk.....now in JAX, but so what?--enough with Henne already......you all didnt care this much about him when he was a Fin

Happy with the progress... Defense is looking nasty!!!!
Last year, I rooted for DE Shelby and OL Samuda.... This year I'm rooting for WR Bumphis, DE Okpalaugo, and WR Keenan Davis.

Armando nailed it in his recap!

Is a QB rating of 120 sufficient for the complainers?

Seriously speaking.

None of this means crapola. Many of these players won't be around very long. This is nothing but practice and experimentation. Nothing can be judged until the real game 1.

yeah, but he wouldnt have had that rating if not for the late TD (applies to all QBs)......yeah, but that drive was helped by penalties (applies to all QBs/teams)......yeah, but he didnt look very sharp in the early going (applies to all/most QBs).......yeah, but he didnt throw to Wallace once (uh....so what?).......but, but......120 is 120

Wow ETF, great numbers against the back ups

where are all the haters and non-believers now?! Again, it's only preseason but it is nice to NOT get bashed by fellow fins fans for telling people to not commit suicide after the HOF game when the starters played 10 snaps(missing jerry,wallace,hartline,starks,odrick,vernon,misi,ellerbe)

first-team defense gave up 14 yards tonight!(granted it was against a bad offense but still pretty impressive)

Tannehill's still a tad off with the accuracy. The issue still isnt 100% resolved. A couple throws the receiver catches were far better than his throws.

As Aramando said:

"He did throw a couple of passes that more accomplished corners might have intercepted"

Those were only the incompletions.......

Griese said a very interesting thing broadcasting tonight:

"If the play of Will Davis continues, it could set up a trade scenario for either Marshall or Patterson."

If he keeps up the ball hawking ways you have gotta get him on the playing field.

This is from Bob Griese.

MY mom could beat the Jags team by herself!!

before you fans get all gushy about this win......relax- it was the jaguars......
the phins did nothing special.,...it should have been 27-3 at halftime.

the defense will have to carry them again and will get worn down from being on the field so much by the 8th game.....

tannehill is STILL NOT the answer at QB....these slow starts are not what GOOD QBs have..... good o-line or not..... a good QB makes plays regardless....

Armando! why are the Dolphins keeping Jovorskie Lane & Dan Carpenter around as fodder. Gray at RB & Sturgis K should be given their roster spots already. Put me on record as stating whats obvious to many Dolphin fans. These two should make the team and the vets should be cut. Richard Marshall should also be cut. I feel very comfortable with our young corners.

Sturgis won the kicking competition with one kick. Really, a rookie hitting a 58 yarder, at sea level, on his first ever kick?? Also, does it seem he just boots every kick straight as an arrow? No fade or draw just right down the middle. Plus hs kick offs are a thing of beauty. The one in the second half I thought was a squib kick because it came off his foot at a low trajectory. But bam! Touchback. A very great move to draft this kid.

Also, is it just me or does the pass defense seem to be even better than the run defense! Everyone wanted to run d. Patterson out of town but the guy sticks the WRs like glue!

Was that dominating enough for you fin Fans?
This Defense is for Real and T-Hill and the Offense are only getting better.
12-4. Expect big things.
Posted by: Dashi | August 09, 2013 at 11:32 PM

Dashi, What type of Kool-Aid they serving where your at?LOL
Dude it was PRE-SEASON, Against the JAGS..
I'd been disappointed at anything less.

Tanne will be fine

...but T-hill WILL need some maturing

Overall I'm happy with the progress and direction

Good things are coming. Patience WILL be nessesary

It's good to be a fan right now

defense looked great, kicker looked great, OL did not look so great, RT has got to get better or we are 8-8. The Jags are a mess even the Jets could beat them. lets hope for the best and maybe back into the playoff's. No way this team can beat the pats not yet anyway.

OL needs to get better

Dear Dude & Kool Aid,

Thank you for being a real thing.

No Evidence

This was a nice tune up for the Texans, and JJ Watt.

Armano is right. The O kept at it and finally got into some rhythm.

You know what? Not only is Jonathan Martin going to be one of the better LTs in the League, he also has serious leadership qualities.

The new helmets have grown on me...I like them now, uniforms are good, let's win!

One thing is very obvious. This is the most talented Team that has been fielded here in many a year.


9-7, 10-6. Possible playoff.

just wondering if they're using Hartline and Wallace as bait for now. Everyone is expecting them to go to these guys. Playing under alittle and bringing out Keller as a threat to get teams to key on him a bit should open those two guys up and that's when you strike.
Last year, even though we sucked, Tannehill had some long sustained scoring drives, 80-90 yds. I know he can do it, just gotta do it more. I think, scrap those 2yd pass plays and at least throw to the first down marker and things should be better. Last, use the starters sparingly for now, no injuries please!!

Matt Moore's interception was due the RB not doing a very good job of blocking the pass rusher. Hard to follow through when you have someone wrapped around your legs.

I mean, excuses are always a plenty. You have to be aware and in control. Like Jimmy Wilson, down.

tannehill is STILL NOT the answer at QB....these slow starts are not what GOOD QBs have..... good o-line or not..... a good QB makes plays regardless....

Boy, are the Packers ever in trouble then.

This was a confidence building game for the team. The team looked very good all around.
Love seeing this...
...when Davis got his INT the first guy off the sideline to congratulate him was Grimes (classy by the vet).
...the throw T-hill made to Keller on the TD was put in the only place it could have been caught. No two ways about it that was an awesome catch by Keller (need to extend that guy ASAP).
...58 yarder by the rookie kicker and a fumble recovery by LS Denney.

Finfanman...That's BS..of course the Oline playing good or not has bearing on the QB play. It's obvious when the OL played better the T-Hill moved the ball on the 80 yard drive.

I am glad we are better then the Jags , which i thought we were, week one is so crucial in beating the Browns with a tough schedule early on.

Back to Davis...How many INT's does he need to make before he gets a shot with the first team? Is that kid going to be a star or what? He's got like 8 or 9 INT's since camp started.

Also, one penalty in the first 59 mins of the game. Second game in a row (last game 3 for 20 yds).

Guess many have not seen the game yet and am one of the few that saw it live. It's very good for us fans not so good for the non fans. Check in later...

I like THill but he will never be Brady-like. He will be more like Flaco, which is not necessarily a bad thing. He could deliver us a title with a stout D and the weapons he has now. He will be inconsistent -just like Flaco- but the team has potential. The D is very promising however; a few names a would consider getting rid of for younger blood next year: Koa Misi, R Marshall.

With pressure comes attention and critics. It turns out former NFL head coach Dennis Green is one analyst who isn’t buying the Tannehill hype.

"I don't think Ryan's a great quarterback," Green said on the NFL Network this week. "So, the key is going to be, how can they overcome losing two great players."

The Dolphins spent more than $200 million this offseason in total contracts. Still, Green wasn't too complementary of the moves Miami made on offense. He was particularly critical of the Dolphins’ decision to let go of starting tailback Reggie Bush and left tackle Jake Long.

Seriously speaking.

None of this means crapola. Many of these players won't be around very long. This is nothing but practice and experimentation. Nothing can be judged until the real game 1.

This is the best common sense post of the day. Same thing from last week. As fans, we need to stay focused on the big picture. Not to high, not to low. The season is like a puzzle....putting together one piece at a time to reveal the entire picture. Takes time folks. The pre-season is part of the process. No way can you make a firm judgement on the way the team will perform by December. So lets sit back and enjoy the ride.
Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/08/dolphins-beat-jaguars-27-3.html#comments#storylink=cpy

Who cares about Denny Green? Where's he coaching now days the UFL(don't make me laugh)? Everyone has an opinion.

Philbin seems to think every preseason game/rep is important and good for the team. Maybe you should watch his post game interview. You know something he doesn't? I'll defer to his judgement. I would agree the W's and L's mean crapola but the play means something.

The TD pass to Keller wasn't off target. Tannehill put it in the safest spot, either Keller adjusts and makes a good catch or it falls incomplete. Had he led Keller the defender would have had a chance at it.

Some of you need to realize they practice this stuff. They know what each other is going to do in certain situations.

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