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Dolphins beat Jaguars, 27-3

JACKSONVILLE -- Congratulations to Joe Philbin on the first preseason win of his career. Yes, this 27-3 victory was only preseason, but it beats the alternative, no?

This was a solid performance for the most part.

The starting defense played three series and yielded only 14 yards. Cameron Wake looks ready for the season. Dannell Ellerbe was active with three tackles.

The Dolphins, stressing turnover margin this training camp, won that battle with a plus-3 for the evening. They had one turnover and plucked four, including interceptions for Nolan Carroll and Will Davis.

Matt Moore threw an interception and that was Miami's only turnover, although Chad Bumphis was sketchy as a punt returner, muffing a punt but not losing it. Moore was 5 of 9 for 58 yards but that interception he threw was a poor decision. His passer rating on the night was 35.6.

The Dolphins punt team has things to clean up. It gave up two punt returns of 22 yards. Not good.

Some quickie impressions:

Dallas Thomas played much better at RT this week and then played at LT last week. He hasn't necessarily found a home but the kid is much better off on the right side. (Personally, I think he should be a guard).

Mike Wallace played but didn't have a catch. Indeed, he didn't even have a target. Truth is quarterback Ryan Tannehill didn't really look at him downfield. It's tough, I'm sure, to look for the deep threat when you're scrambling trying to not get sacked, but even when Tannehill had time he didn't look for Wallace.

Tannehill and Dustin Keller are in synch. That's a done thing. They combined for two completions and 46 yards. Tannehill struggled early but recovered nicely. He finished 5 of 9 for 75 yards with a touchdown. His passer rating was 120.1. He did throw a couple of passes that more accomplished corners might have intercepted but the bottom line is those balls fell to the ground and his 22-yard pass to Dustin Keller in the end zone didn't.

Josh Samuda didn't look good. He struggled. Sen'Derrick Marks beat him to the QB.

Ryan Tannehill apparently didn't notice because after the game he said the starting OL "did a good job."

Rookie cornerback Will Davis continues to impress me. He's always around the ball. He batted down a pass at the line of scrimmage on a corner blitz and had an interception.

That 58-yard field goal by rookie Caleb Sturgis and his repeated ability to kick the ball in the end zone (6 for 6) and get touchbacks (4) seems to give him an edge currently in the kicking competition. Good night for him. Tough night for Dan Carpenter, who didn't kick at all.

The battle for the third RB job has been joined. Mike Gillislee is the favorite but Jonas Gray is making him quite valuable as a short-yardage and goal line producer. Gray scored two touchdowns from 1 yard out tonight. He ran hard.

For the night, Gray gained 32 yards on 14 carries. Gillislee gained 37 yards on 12 carries. Tough competiton.

Chris Clemons, who left the game in the first quarter and went to the locker room, said after the game he is fine.

By the way, the Jaguars are a mess. They had an issue on the sideline with players arguing. One of the guys arguing was wide receiver Justin Blackmon, who wasn't even playing and is suspended for four games. Are you kidding me?



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MY COMMENTS after watching the first few series-
... to those who say don't read to much into the preseason. why do the eagles and pats among quite a few other teams look extremely sharp and in mid season form while the dolphins do NOT?
... to those who are crying about JAKE LONG, jake was NOT the answer anymore, his play ability took a huge dive last season and it was time to let go, just watch the tapes.
... to those excited about DION JORDAN. what was the cost of spending the third overall pick as a luxury? sure it's nice to overload at some positions, but NOT when you have a KEY need at a KEY position(left tackle) that has the cruel possibility to NEGATE all of the expensive upgrades on offense we made in freeagency.

Back to Davis...How many INT's does he need to make before he gets a shot with the first team? Is that kid going to be a star or what? He's got like 8 or 9 INT's since camp started.
This is how Sean Smith tricked us...

I'll wait.

Optimistically and patiently.

Did you really watch the first few series? Martin played fine. The coaching staff obviously saw enough in Martin's ability that he would be fine at LT, just as he was for Luck.

Remember he doesn't even have half a season experience at LT in the NFL. He spent most of his rookie season at a new position. The scouting report on him was excellent, as a LT to go late in the first round.

Jerry or Louis will be fine at RG. Wait and see. It will come together by game 1.

We should have taken the badger.

I don't recall Sean Smith making too many ints during training camp, the pre season or regular season. he is a good press cover cb, that's about it. It use to drive me nuts watching him give a wr a 10-15 yard cushion and then fail to make the tackle. as for Jake Long, I think he will injured by the 8th week.

Sean Smith.....lol.

Couldn't hang onto a ball if his life depended on it. Good luck in KC, chump!


Your boy Mallett 9-18 for 97 yards last night. Not impressive. Only guy who looked worse was Tebow.

So the Dolphins managed to win a preseason game against, arguably, the worst team in the NFL just a little worse then the Dolphins with there wussey blue unis and that ugly blue stripe down the middle of the helmet. When you look ugly, then you play ugly. And the Dolphin uniforms are FKing ugly.

There are only been a few qbs that started there careers and performed spectacularly. Look at Drew Breeze, he wasn't all that good when he first started his career in SD. SD gave up on him and got Rivers and that is when Drew had his break out season, until he got injured. Same goes for Elie, it took him a few years before he started to perform at a high level. I believe Ryan will be really good in due time.

Posted by: AtlFin | August 10, 2013 at 09:05 AM

Man if Dennis Green said then I sure will take that to heart.. THe same Dennis Green that won all of those playoff and super bowls ? The same Dennis Green that tried to plug himself on ESPN(i think it was), the successful and professional businessman?
Man, he was out there as a head coach candidate and we passed on him.. if only we could go back..

Guys criticized T-Hill for throwing 1 bad pass on a bad route last game.

Now can we praise him for Threading the Needle to Keller for a TD?

If Tyms can correct his route errors, he will be a great receiver. His size and speed are impressive. I see Anquan Boldin. This is the type of receiver we need to develop. Someone who can take jump balls away from D-backs. Joe Flacco threw several balls in the Super Bowl that would have been "intercepted by more accomplished corners" but Boldin took them away. Imagine what that does for a quarterbacks confidence, and statistics.

If Fisher had Martin to play LT, he would not have wanted Long. If Detroit's coach had Miller, he would not have signed Bush.

We have to keep Gray. He plays with attitude and we need a "tough yards" back. Miller and Thomas are both very talented backs but both might have a little primma-donna in them. Gray's presence will remind them they have to be tough too.

And by the way. Anyone who cannot see the speed and talent of this team is an idiot. I don't care if their name is Green or Hodge or Jack S--t.

Exactly Everybody Knows

Here we go. Let all the superbowl talk begin.

I've seen this show before. Its didn't have a good ending then and it won't have a good ending now.


Was that you I saw sweating profusely at the bus stop in Hialeah? I'd have offered you a lift but I had just been cleaned.


The goal is a super bowl, in the 2nd preseason game of the year, they looked better than they did in the first game. Most of the D starters played and Wallace and Hartline were playing which took eyes off of other receivers.. Do they look like a super bowl team? no but its game 2 of the Preseason so going off the deep end whichever way you lean is not smart..

I don't even care about ESPN not covering the Dolphins much. But they're getting really bad about their commentaries now as well when they do talk about their games.

I expected them to shove the Dolphins in somewhere toward the end of sportscenter. I expected them to ignore analysis. I expected them to downplay the entire game while making the Patriots and Jets games look like Super Bowl matches. That all happened so they didn't disappoint.

What I didn't expect was for one commentator to sound like he was presiding over a wake and for the other to bad mouth the the players and their uniforms as much as he could. Is it too much to ask for these guys to have a little professionalism? I understand ESPN is in Connecticut and they're all Patriots, Red Sox, and for some reason Jets fans. That is known to anyone who has a relative working at the studios. But the blatant bias is uncalled for and undeserved. I wish someone in the Florida media would recognize this and tear them a new one in a story.

It's like this, a person can make fun of their family but anyone outside the family had better keep their mouths shut right? That's how I feel here, the media has the right to question the team and it's moves in FLA, the national media has NO right to vilify an NFL team as much as they do, the biggest offender being "the nations leader in sports" ESPN.

Armando has his own story ideas but I KNOW I could compile a large list of quotes and video evidence of this exact thing happening and would be more than happy to do the leg work and put a list together and email it straight to Salguero. Just once I would like to see these guys answer for their crimes against my beloved Dolphins.

No one in here said a word about SB or playoffs. Quit making stuff up. Some just can't handle it that this team has talent, can win and won decisively last night. I am willing to leave it at we should be competitive with every team in the league and are playoff worthy. Does it mean we go undefeated..NO. Are we going to beat some good teams?..Yes. Almost 60% polled on another site with over 5,700 votes said the Phins would make the playoffs. So my thinking goes along with the majority of people.

Got to agree with Denny Green. Letting Jake Long and Reggie Bush leave was idiotic. The team gets rid of their best players every year, just like the Marlins. And Tannehill has been pretty dissapointing especially for a 1st rd pick.

I disagree completely with the Super Bowl talk and anyone expecting that or hoping for that is setting themselves up for a major let down. Super Bowl teams don't have this many question marks going into a season. YES, if EVERY one of our concerns is addressed and everyone plays great anything can happen. But that's a lot of ifs to account for and it usually doesn't work out well.

We as Dolphins fans should be thinking wild card right now and hope for the best. Let them get in and see what they can do. A wild card berth this year would be a successful season considering they are in the second year of a rebuild with a new coach who changed the entire makeup of the team. Not to mention all of the new players are going to take time to gel. This stuff doesn't happen over night unless you have Tom Brady.

And people shouldn't be looking for Thill to be Brady. If he is serviceable and keeps the turnovers down he can be a successful qb in the nfl for quite some time. Leave that bs for the Omar Kellys of the world who think the only way to a Super Bowl is on the arm of a top 5 qb. It's time we as Dolphins fans start putting things in perspective. Have a great day everyone!

I would like to pile on the Jests for a second. What a freaking mess the Jets are...Sanchez is his same old self..had a pick 6 last night and Ryan not even aware what's going on with the offense? Not watching his rookie QB either? WTH?

Geno Smith rolled his ankle and that's not good either. They are a mess without a doubt.

The time to blast these a-- holes is after the season, and we will get our chance. Philbin is a winner. If he has to bench Tannehill, he will. Excuses do not cut it with him. He does not believe he needs a great QB to win. He wants players who make good plays over and over. Not players who make great plays occasionally.

Two off-seasons of his leadership has converted this team into something we should be proud of. ESPN is still talking about two players who were losers. We know, we lost when we had them. A different excuse every week.

ESPN loves winners. And at the end of this year, they will say that they knew the Dolphins were going to be winners. And we will be so happy, we will agree with them.

Nat Moore
You seriously wanted Jake Long and Reggie to stay? Jake who hasnt finished a season in 2 years and reggie whom has gained only 1 1000 yd season in 5-6 yrs that hes been in the league?
I mean if it were a healthy JL yes... but otherwise youre spending alot of money one someone who isnt going to be there when it counts, at the end of the season.

By the way...thanks Nolan Carroll for the sideline drama you created between Babin and Blackmon on the Jags. Did Babin really tell him to be quiet he's suspended? Sounds like the sugar coated version. Both ended up in the HC's office for a little chat. Awful night for the Jags HC and ST Coach.


Nobody give a fukk what you think. You're just some moron who comes on here and spouts your negative shyte about the Dolphins. You've never once said anything good about the Dolphins so don't make out that you're even a fan of this team.

Both Long and Bush weren't worth the money. If you can't see that then you know even less about football than I thought.

If you're a Dolphin fan then I'm Bing fukin' Crosy....

Hey, Joe Philbin finally won a preseason game. Against Jacksonville. Lets throw a parade!

Nobody give a fukk what you think. You're just some moron who comes on here and spouts your negative shyte about the Dolphins. You've never once said anything good about the Dolphins so don't make out that you're even a fan of this team.
Both Long and Bush weren't worth the money. If you can't see that then you know even less about football than I thought.
If you're a Dolphin fan then I'm Bing fukin' Crosy....
Posted by: Craig M | August 10, 2013 at 11:55 AM

Name calling when your opinion isnt shared is childlike. GROW UP!!

We need to make the Playoffs before we even start talking Superbowl.

With that said, I expect a 11-5 or 12-4 Season.

This Defense is for Real.

My wish might come true. Seeing the Dolphins Defense throwing shutouts like the Old Days. When we had Zack, JT, Madison, Surtain, 2 Huge DT. This defense can be that special. For just as long. And now we have an Offense to go with this Defense.

And L.Miller will never be a Prima Donna. He has this huge Chip on his shoulder for getting drafted so low. Him and O.Vernon.

L.Miller will be a Beast. He wants to be the best. That drives him more than enough.

OK Ron Son-of-a bi---

It was meaningful when they lost last week, but this win means nothing?

Really intelligent reasoning.

14 yds given up by the 1st String Defense. We will not Miss our Old LBs and CBs. We got Better ones this season.

Thank God, S.Smith isn't on the Team. Our CBs can Cover.

So Dashi, you don't think we should keep Gray?

You know that when Thomas gets hurt you don't want Miller doing clean up duty or 1 yard blasts. Too hard on the body. Besides, Gray is the closest we will get to a power back.

Preseason isn't about winning or losing, its about progress from one week to the next and this week the defense improved in tackling, turning the ball over(granted two were botched kick returns) and holding the other team out of the endzone...The first string offense at least showed they can score TDs instead of field goals from 20+yrds out and Tannehill established himself after three shaky drives...

The Oline is still a much needed work in progress and the RB situation still needs more time...but overall even against the bad Jaguars...Miami at least put out a better performance than they did last week against dallas...

Nice to see a win even if it is against the worst team in football. Tannehill was still being flushed out of the pocket with regularity against vanilla pass rush so that is still a concern. I liked what I saw from a lot of our players last night. You could tell the extra game have our team an edge in execution.

Things that Tannehill really needs to work on this week is throwing the damn ball away and NOT forcing the situational pass to a receiver on the run....his pocket awareness is suspect at best through two games...but can be fixed very easily...

8/11 89 yds

Guys saying Tannehill put the ball in safest spot on Keller td are kidding themselves.

Keller was bre4aking across of a lb people and had uperior position on the route. If you tivo'd the game study it again. The throw should have led him. ot cause him to nearly stop on a dime, nearly contort his body 365 degrees and falling own to field a very low throw.

Thank goodness Keller had the athleticism to field such a poor throw. At least 8 out f every 10 NFL tightends never make that catch.

Yet, th Tannehll homers here will have us believe that was a purposeful throw by Tannehill. If questioned about that throw, Im sure he himself would admit he was "off target" wih the throw.

superPHIN they are coaching him to use his athletisim to keep plays alive. The problem is can he be an accurate passer on the run?

Per Armando Column:

So it’s the offense that was the primary target of stocking and improving and tweaking this offseason. It’s the offense that got the team’s highest-priced free agent addition. It’s the offense that got much attention because it will decide what kind of team the Dolphins will be this year.

The defense will be good. There’s little question of that.

How good the offense is will tell us how good or bad this season will be.

Upon present inspection, first two preseason games, this tells me the team will be n better than 8-8.

However, there are 3 preseason games left, in which this offense needs to "fine tune itself" and increase it's regular season wins expectations.


Samuda to center, Pouncey to guard?

Samuda plays center the way he played guard last night then lil' chillen ill start fllin from the ceilings.

Per Armando:

"While the embattled left side of the unit, particularly left tackle Jonathan Martin, seemed to hold up well, the right side of the offensive line, particularly starting right guard Josh Samuda, couldn’t keep Tannehill from being hit repeatedly."

Only place Samuda will be moving to with another game like last night. Is back to the wood pine. LOL...

Wild Card contention has been my prediction 17 right until week 17. Not predicting they will or won't make it.


Hey Ron Son (and what ever other names you're going by on here),

You too. So sick of morons like you coming on here after a Dolphin victory and spewing your negativity. If you can't get behind the team after a victory then get the fukk out!!

Good thing we're not face to face pal...you'd be picking yourself up off the ground...I promise you that.

For the life of me I can't understand a moron who calls himself 'a Dolphin fan' coming on a Dolphin blog and ripping into the team after a 27-3 victory. If you're a scumbag fan of some of other team coming on here then you're an even bigger joke than I thought.

I hope I've made my point....but I doubt it, cause you sound pretty thick to me.

Everyone needs to cool their Jets...er, whatever...

It's still the pre-season...the PRE-SEASON!!! Talk of Superbowls & Playoffs is a bit premature. All indications are that we are a better team than last year when we went 7-9...again! So, 9-7 (maybe 10-6) is doable. But, it's a rough schedule in the regular season.

We've still got preseason games against the Texans, Tampa Bay & New Orleans...
We'll know a lot more about this team by then.

Take a chill pill!

And, I'm noticing that troll posts die off when Miami wins. Hopefully, by the end of the season, they'll all go back underneath the bridges from whence they came...or, back to their mother's basements, whichever comes first!


Tanne, Henne & White all played like men this week.

Everybody Knows, Dashi thinks the RB rotation should be L.Miller, J.Gray, M.Gillislee, Thigpen.

I will convert him to a FB. Think Greg Jones.

L.Miller should get 250 Carries. Gray 120, Gillislee 50.

The Fins do run the ball. 250 carries should give L.Miller at least 1200yds. Better Season than any Reggie has had. Or Ronnie Brown.

L.Miller can score from 20yds out. He doesn't need to get 1 YD the Hardway.

Tannehill will do that for us. QB sneak. A Brady Special. Tannehill will probably have 3-5 Rushing TDs.

After seeing the way Brady and the Pats are rolling out of the gates, 245yds rushing and over 30pts scored, rumors of their demise are greatly exaggerated. Leaving us with no other expectations but wildcard playoff aspirations.

Even that's in grave jeopardy given the state of our oline the past 2 preseason games. If receiving this kind of consistent pressure during the regular season. A young 2nd yr qb like Tannehill can easily throw up t an past 20 ints.

If we don't see much better oline play by the final preseason game, run and pass, even becoming a wildcard playoff team could fast become a pipe dream. Unless the defense contributes scores 7pg itself.

Actually D Thomas has looked pretty good in his rush opportunities. Seems like his quickness has increased. A couple times this preseason I thought it was Miller carrying the ball, then looked at the number, and it was D Thomas.

Thomas could have a good season if he can finally avoid the injury and turnover bug.

Still, my rb depth chart would be:

1. Miller
2. D. Thomas
3. Gray/Gillislee

I rate Gray/Gillislee pretty much a dead heat right now. Gray maybe hands down the best short yardage back we have. Also the type of back that can wear a defense down in 4th qtrs.....

That was a Beautiful throw.

The guy had his back turned. The Window was so small.

How do you know Keller can get that High? To throw it on the Outside.

D.Sims and Egnew, Yes. But Keller?

Tannehill knows that was the only throw he had.

Keller just showed his WR like athleticism.

Keller will have a great season and Tannehill will benefit. Keller by himself might out do last seasons TD number for the whole TE position. Keller looks like he can get 8-10TDs this Season.

Between Tannehills new Big 3(Wallace,Keller,Hartline), he should be able to score 20 TDs.

Expectations are where they should be. This is the 1st Season of the Rebuild. Winning Record and Playoffs are the Goal. While Developing the young players for the Future.

Next Season we expect Superbowl.

We are just waiting for Jerry or Louis to get back healthy to play RG. I think the Oline will be fine when either of those happen. The Texans will be a better match up talent wise but you can't pick the teams you play. Wins build confidence and the team needed this kind of game. It's a good victory and I'll gladly take it.

Brady has been running the same system for 15 years.

This is preseason. They were playing the Eagles.

Wait to the regular season. The Pats look like an 8-8 Team. They were just playing the Team that might have the 1st pick in the Draft next season.

If we can get adequate run blocking this year, we can have a monster run attack. Look a the size of our rb's:

1. Miller 5'10 218
2. D Thomas 6'1 233
3. J Gray 5'9 225

We don't start getting small at the position until we get to:

1. M Gillislee 5'11 208
2. M Thigpen 5'9 195

My God, those Jags uniforms and helmets have to be some of the ugliest in Pro sports. What happened to these guys? These used to be good and I thought had a pretty good look going when they came into the league....God awful!

I thought Henne looked quicker and more decisive last night than at any time I remember him in Miami. I don't get why the Jags continue to stick with Gabbert. He sucks!!

Anybody know what the story with Egnew was last night? Completely invisible. For a guy trying to make the team, not a good thing.

IMO, Keller had superior pass cathing position breaking across the face f the lb and had nearly a full step on him. You need to se that play again.

So all Tannehill needed to do was lead him in stride for an easy td. A smart redzone te like Keller knows how to get body position in between he, the defender and the ball.

He clearly had the lb beat, so, there was no reason for Tannehill to throw the ball low and slightly behind him. Forcing him to make a near circus catch. Im not ragging Tannehill. Just being fairly objective.

Chad Henne is the Master of Filling up the stat sheet with Useless Yds.

More than half of his Yds came on 2 throws to end the half which the Fins were playing Prevent Defense.

Dashi, really? the Pats look like an 8 and 8 team, please dude when was the last time the Pats went 8 and 8?? When Brady was out for the year they went 11 and 5, please take your rose colored homer glassesss off bro.

IMO, Henne still looks like the exact same Henne that quarterbacked in Miami.

Has ability to move a team up and down the field, but far too many drives end in fg attempts. Then the occasional boneheaded untimely play. Like last night:

Less than 20 seconds to half he throws the ball into the middle of the field where the clock expires, and they don't even get a fg attempt before half. You throw to sideline or throw the ball away, hopefully getting off one more play and a fg attempt.

These are the exact same things he did in Miami.

Henne loked the same way he did in Michigan and playing for the Dolphins, an inaccurate no touch on his passess whatsoever. Just plain garbage, I mean Matt Moore is better than Henne Cant believe the Dolphins wasted 3 years with this guy at healms.

I hope Tanne works on his accuracy a little more, its all about proper foot work.

Henne's greatest down fall is he can at times get his team a bunch of 3pters, but not nearly enough 7pters....

Objectively speaking... I have seen that same kind of TD pass before at least a dozen times. The ball did flutter a bit but who cares if it was where Keller could catch it? Keller made a heck of a grab no doubt.

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