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Dolphins beat Jaguars, 27-3

JACKSONVILLE -- Congratulations to Joe Philbin on the first preseason win of his career. Yes, this 27-3 victory was only preseason, but it beats the alternative, no?

This was a solid performance for the most part.

The starting defense played three series and yielded only 14 yards. Cameron Wake looks ready for the season. Dannell Ellerbe was active with three tackles.

The Dolphins, stressing turnover margin this training camp, won that battle with a plus-3 for the evening. They had one turnover and plucked four, including interceptions for Nolan Carroll and Will Davis.

Matt Moore threw an interception and that was Miami's only turnover, although Chad Bumphis was sketchy as a punt returner, muffing a punt but not losing it. Moore was 5 of 9 for 58 yards but that interception he threw was a poor decision. His passer rating on the night was 35.6.

The Dolphins punt team has things to clean up. It gave up two punt returns of 22 yards. Not good.

Some quickie impressions:

Dallas Thomas played much better at RT this week and then played at LT last week. He hasn't necessarily found a home but the kid is much better off on the right side. (Personally, I think he should be a guard).

Mike Wallace played but didn't have a catch. Indeed, he didn't even have a target. Truth is quarterback Ryan Tannehill didn't really look at him downfield. It's tough, I'm sure, to look for the deep threat when you're scrambling trying to not get sacked, but even when Tannehill had time he didn't look for Wallace.

Tannehill and Dustin Keller are in synch. That's a done thing. They combined for two completions and 46 yards. Tannehill struggled early but recovered nicely. He finished 5 of 9 for 75 yards with a touchdown. His passer rating was 120.1. He did throw a couple of passes that more accomplished corners might have intercepted but the bottom line is those balls fell to the ground and his 22-yard pass to Dustin Keller in the end zone didn't.

Josh Samuda didn't look good. He struggled. Sen'Derrick Marks beat him to the QB.

Ryan Tannehill apparently didn't notice because after the game he said the starting OL "did a good job."

Rookie cornerback Will Davis continues to impress me. He's always around the ball. He batted down a pass at the line of scrimmage on a corner blitz and had an interception.

That 58-yard field goal by rookie Caleb Sturgis and his repeated ability to kick the ball in the end zone (6 for 6) and get touchbacks (4) seems to give him an edge currently in the kicking competition. Good night for him. Tough night for Dan Carpenter, who didn't kick at all.

The battle for the third RB job has been joined. Mike Gillislee is the favorite but Jonas Gray is making him quite valuable as a short-yardage and goal line producer. Gray scored two touchdowns from 1 yard out tonight. He ran hard.

For the night, Gray gained 32 yards on 14 carries. Gillislee gained 37 yards on 12 carries. Tough competiton.

Chris Clemons, who left the game in the first quarter and went to the locker room, said after the game he is fine.

By the way, the Jaguars are a mess. They had an issue on the sideline with players arguing. One of the guys arguing was wide receiver Justin Blackmon, who wasn't even playing and is suspended for four games. Are you kidding me?



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Egnew is starting ????? Really?....Clay will be released?...someone has clairvoyant skills?....
That deserves another Ho HO....

the intellect of a pubic hair? hahahaha!

u guys who know this fraud character, is he really just plain dumb or just going for shock value to stir up debates?? guessing the second part. but it just comes off as so absurd that its plain stupid

I saw the game, and just finished ready all 3 pages here....

Some observations....

The Fins had a better game than the first vs Dallas...

Tanny had a better game, but ..his footwork is not what it should be...he has to learn to "feel" the rush and move those feet to avoid it...he is still mistiming his throws on the slant plays, throwing behind receivers..

Ellerbe looks like a definite upgrade at LB..

Keller is a definite upgrade at TE..

Sturgis should supplant Carpenter, largely because he creates the touchbacks that have been lacking in previous seasons..

We are MUCH stronger at CB, with Marshall, Grimes and Patterson than we have been in a long time..

The D-line looks in shape and in sync...

We defended passing situations with better fluidity than in past seasons...

My personal outlook is optimistic to this point...time will tell if that optimism is well founded..


yeah sturgis won the job last night. see ya carpwenter, take your big contract and non clutch ass out of here

Egnew is getting his number called.
Clay has disappeared.

Jones-Gray is getting more action than Gilligan.

Clay and Gilligan will be the acorns another team picks up this offseason.

Ah ah ah Flecha..... I said Good Day.

We have 5 TE's but none as good as Fasano.

hehehe, you being funny Today. In a good mood? Raised your salary?

If we carry Keller, Egnew & Sims then why do we need Clay?

You never answered my question:
Did Wallace play last night? The stat sheet does not list his name so he had zero targets.

Yes he did play.

Thank you


Kudos to announcer Jessie Agler who did the TV play by play for the Jacksonville game Friday nite (at the prior suggestion of departed CEO, Mike Dee)....pleasure to hear someone actually announce the players entering the game, and those making the plays....and he left the color commentary to Grease and Moore, as it should be.....can't wait until he is assigned the radio play by play job , replacing Jimmy Cefalo, so that the radio listeners can finally hear what is actually happening during live play...

D Thomas was effective for once albeit in limited action.


No one's calling Tannehill bust. Just being objective so later on we're not crushed underneath our homerism.

When I speak of Tannehill's inaccuracy, for me, the location he seems off most is "BEHIND" his receivers. Just like the td pass to Keller, but some ere try to convince themselves this is where Tanne was trying to place the ball. The catch was FARRRRR... better than the throw.

Two preseason games, same "behind the receiver" issues continue to crop up. Either the pass is incomplete or the receiver makes the grab with medium to moderate difficulty

Its not like Tanne couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. There must be some sort of hitch in his footwork or delivery that makes this issue keep cropping up. Not, bashing Tanne, just being objective.

Once the very good corners begin to see Tanne consistently has an issue throwing behind his receivers. They adjust accordingly and time stepping in front of those passes. Because they no exactly where the location of his pass will likely be.

He can have 5-8 ints this season just by throwing behind his receivers alone. Doesn't take the very good corners long to pick up on these qb tendancies. That's why Tanne needs to get this fixed and get it fixed quick. He has 3 more preseason games to get it done...

I really don't understand the problem with throwing behind his receivers thus far this preseason. Just last year, throwing accurately on his "slant passes" was one of Tanne's strong suits.

This has seemed to come from the middle of nowhere. Last year, it was only the deepball his accuracy waned most.

Cmon 17. I agree he does tend to miss behind his receivers but on that TD pass to Keller, the ball was EXACTLY where it needed to be! Much like a back shoulder throw along the sidelines, you throw behind the receiver in that situation, not in front. If he leads him to the right corner of the endzone, defender turns his head, either picks it ir breaks it up. U throw it behind the WR (where he did) and its either a catch, if your receiver adjusts to it properly (which Keller did) or a flag on the corner for running thru the receiver.

Not that play dude, sorry.

That guy is a good host, reporter and announcer. He has a very bright Future some where.

And Tannehill still has tipped passes also because his delivery is relatively low for a kid his height. So, yeah he could throw a bunch of INT's.

And Tannehill also seems to lack that great hand-eye coordination that good QB's have.

Yes Oscar..and his immediate future is here, because he is head and shoulders above Cefalo as a play by play man....

...and this prediction is made, even allowing that you only deal in the here and now.....:-)

Okay...and now for a fantasy GM move...if (and I know how you all despise that word)...

if I were GM...I would: Elevate Sturgis to starter...
Cut Carpenter
Generate a trade including
Matt Moore and a D-Lineman, targeting a LT and a more accomplished veteran QB...
and Using the cap money saved from Carpenter and Moore to fund the move...
thus creating a real QB competition between Tanny and the veteran to determine the starter for Game 1 (with the other as back-up)..

Buster there isn't no veteran WB starter out there worth a hoot.

You don't give up on a first round QB in his second year of development.

Moore is one of the best back up QB's in the league. You don't build a team by making it weaker at a crucial position.

There is no LT out there worth it and besides Martin is getting it.

As a GM I would give you an F.

really so the cap saved from carp and moore doesnt go to the lt and vet qb u just picked up, ok

17 sometimes throwing behind your receiver is the right place to throw it. If the receivers coverage has the inside cut, a back hip throw is the right throw.

From all reports Sam Bradford had all the time in the world to throw against a first team D and was very effective.

Tanne also had all the time in the world to throw and was very effective, after the Jags starters left the game after 3 series.

Keep in mind Tannehill is throwing to a bunch of new receivers but he still has been on target on many throws to all of them.

We don't know if the throw behind Keller was intentional or not. Stuff like that get's practiced. Depending on where the coverage is dicates where the ball is going. Keller very well could have been leading the LB outside because he knew he was going to break inside. Or, the ball could simply have been missplaced.

We can only guess.

As soon as Babin, Alualu, Marks & Branch left the game the OL was able to give Tanne all the time he needed to spin his magic.

The play was made, and for a TD, and that is all that counts. Pretty or ugly doesn't matter. They came through in the redzone. It builds confidence.

Complaining about a play that went for a touchdown is frankly just looking for something to complain about.

After next weeks game against Philly we can ask them who was better the Pats or us.


Why don't you have them all take your load and see which team likes it better. I mean, that is your thing after all...

We know, even if a few desparate bloggers still talk to you.

Well, they are in for it next week. Whom better than JJ Watts and co. to test that O line.

I'm pretty sure YG went on a Rant. Only thing is TMH, for some reason, doesn't publish it like Jan did in his Blog. We can take it out of him, occasionally.

Who do we play next week? Houston or Philly?

My bad we play Houston next week.
JJ Watt can go phuc himself.

Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Brian Cushing can all go phuc themselves also.

Whatever you do dont put Tannehill on your fantasy team.

I mean let's face it: If Henne can come off the bench and put up 4 TDs and 350 yds in 3 qtrs against Houston then Tanne should set some records against them.

u guys who know this fraud character, is he really just plain dumb or just going for shock value to stir up debates??

Posted by: dusty bottoms | August 10, 2013 at 05:26 PM

Dusty, Fraud is PriceMaster, TheSMF, Lincoln Continental, Jack Sparrow and a few others. He was the one telling bloggers he would grab their ears while they swallowed his load. He musst be dashi's cousin or something.

Best to just totally ignore him. Most people know who he is but keep responding to him so he never goes away.

Cant wait for basketball season. October 16th. 3 PEAT!!
King James rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fins have a shot at being great. It all depends how fast the young guys develop this season. This is the most complete Dolphin team in decades.

I think most trolls on here would post even if no one responded to them. That's how sad they are. They'd just talk to themselves using multiple personalities for hours trying to lure each other in constantly pretending not to troll. The way things are going this blog it will be all trolls pretty soon and no actual fans of the team.

Congrats to Joe Philbin. You finally won a preseason game!! YAHOO!! JACKSONVILLE!! YAHOO!!


Not if the Fins keep winning and Win in the regular season. Notice it is usually quiet around here after a win.

Someone said they were going to throw a Tantrum yesterday. Apparently he flipped again. Dolphins win and he has nothing to say. Except Tannehill threw a bad pass for a TD.

When someone has nothing betterto say than to be critical of a TD pass, you know that person is hell bent on finding something negative to say. Chalk it up to personal frustration.

When someone is so bored and lonely and desparate, they will even try to exchange football talk with a violent homoRapist.

Many of you are either really, REALLY desparate, or really, REALLY stupid. I think it's a little of both.

Boy are you a bright bulb. Had you been paying attention, it's not about a td, its about what has seemed to be a "growing pattern" of Tannehill throwing behind his recieivers.

Are you actually going to put on your aqua and orange homerotic sun glasses and deny this? Will it take a couple pic 6's of these type passes to bring you guys back to reality?

Many times these type passes bounce off receivers hand and into the waiting arms of td salivating defenders. I guess I'm totally off my rocker for wanting Tannehill to hurriedly clean this up before the picks begin to happen.

When it does happen, I wonder what you homervilles will have to say for yourselves then........

17 psychoDude,

I notice you don't comment on Tanne's BEAUTIFUL pass in the seam hitting Keller in stride. Not a word. He made some right on target passes to Sims and Gibson. Not a word from you. He throws a pass behind his target in the endzone, and even though it his caught for a touchdown, you are on an endless hissy fit about it.

Let's remember most of his receivers are brand new. To harp on a pass that wasn't perfect is a bit disingenuous if you are not going to site his fine passes as well.

You are not objective. You are only looking to complain. It don't wash clean bro.

I never thought I'd see the Dolfans celebrating a preseason win over Jacksonville. How low have we sunk? lol

just need an oline

I guess lower than the last 100 "how low have we sunk" comments you have made AtlFin.


Lots of excuses for Tannehill, huh?

dusty, we just need a RG, and between Jerry and Louis, we are set. The line will come together, wait and see.

We need a better FS, and a true alpha receiver. Then we are set. Wallace, I like, but not sure he is right for this team without a true alpha receiver.

Darkoak you are still feeding the trolls. You have no discipline. You are one of many responsible for their continued presence here.

I know. It is way to complicated for you to understand.

I won't be so quick to write off NE. We may have to split with them to have any chance at the division. I do think we can get a wildcard though. We should, if we don't, we aren't making progress.

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