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Dolphins beat Jaguars, 27-3

JACKSONVILLE -- Congratulations to Joe Philbin on the first preseason win of his career. Yes, this 27-3 victory was only preseason, but it beats the alternative, no?

This was a solid performance for the most part.

The starting defense played three series and yielded only 14 yards. Cameron Wake looks ready for the season. Dannell Ellerbe was active with three tackles.

The Dolphins, stressing turnover margin this training camp, won that battle with a plus-3 for the evening. They had one turnover and plucked four, including interceptions for Nolan Carroll and Will Davis.

Matt Moore threw an interception and that was Miami's only turnover, although Chad Bumphis was sketchy as a punt returner, muffing a punt but not losing it. Moore was 5 of 9 for 58 yards but that interception he threw was a poor decision. His passer rating on the night was 35.6.

The Dolphins punt team has things to clean up. It gave up two punt returns of 22 yards. Not good.

Some quickie impressions:

Dallas Thomas played much better at RT this week and then played at LT last week. He hasn't necessarily found a home but the kid is much better off on the right side. (Personally, I think he should be a guard).

Mike Wallace played but didn't have a catch. Indeed, he didn't even have a target. Truth is quarterback Ryan Tannehill didn't really look at him downfield. It's tough, I'm sure, to look for the deep threat when you're scrambling trying to not get sacked, but even when Tannehill had time he didn't look for Wallace.

Tannehill and Dustin Keller are in synch. That's a done thing. They combined for two completions and 46 yards. Tannehill struggled early but recovered nicely. He finished 5 of 9 for 75 yards with a touchdown. His passer rating was 120.1. He did throw a couple of passes that more accomplished corners might have intercepted but the bottom line is those balls fell to the ground and his 22-yard pass to Dustin Keller in the end zone didn't.

Josh Samuda didn't look good. He struggled. Sen'Derrick Marks beat him to the QB.

Ryan Tannehill apparently didn't notice because after the game he said the starting OL "did a good job."

Rookie cornerback Will Davis continues to impress me. He's always around the ball. He batted down a pass at the line of scrimmage on a corner blitz and had an interception.

That 58-yard field goal by rookie Caleb Sturgis and his repeated ability to kick the ball in the end zone (6 for 6) and get touchbacks (4) seems to give him an edge currently in the kicking competition. Good night for him. Tough night for Dan Carpenter, who didn't kick at all.

The battle for the third RB job has been joined. Mike Gillislee is the favorite but Jonas Gray is making him quite valuable as a short-yardage and goal line producer. Gray scored two touchdowns from 1 yard out tonight. He ran hard.

For the night, Gray gained 32 yards on 14 carries. Gillislee gained 37 yards on 12 carries. Tough competiton.

Chris Clemons, who left the game in the first quarter and went to the locker room, said after the game he is fine.

By the way, the Jaguars are a mess. They had an issue on the sideline with players arguing. One of the guys arguing was wide receiver Justin Blackmon, who wasn't even playing and is suspended for four games. Are you kidding me?



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Brandon Weeden 127.7 QBR
Taviris Jackson 158.3 QBR
Tyrod Taylor 106.2
John Shelton 158.3 QBR
Kirk Cousins 137.2 QBR

are these guys great?

Agree DD. O-line needs to get settled. Need to establish a rythem with Miller and the running game. Tannehill needs to execute the offense, incorporating Wallace and Hartline into what we are doing (who were both injured recently for a bit). But from the Dallas game to this one, a step in the right direction, no? Still have 3 more games to gel together (like YG and his Labrador) and grow together. Bottom line, be ready for Cleveland. Pre-season games mean nothing.

I can't help but to chime in on 17-0.
That person is unbelievable in the way she shoves her point of view down everyone's throat.
What's worse is that she gets angry and verbally abusive if you disagree with her.
There may be some truth the story that large quantities of estrogen flow through her veins.
And by the way, does that girl have a job? Seems like she's on here 24/7.

TanneFAIL sucks

One lucky throw, a flapping wounded duck going in the wrong direction and Keller makes an amazing catch

Our team is going nowhere w TannyFAIL

*** Start Moore! Win Moore! ***

Hi Dashi!

Tannehill beginning his second year now has a whole new group of receivers to get accustomed to, along with an ever changing oline in transition. What would be reasonable to expect from any 2nd year QB in this situation? How about giving him at least training camp and the preseason to get it together? Isn't that is what it's for?

Let's give him a few games into the regular season when he has all the starters for the full game and they are running the real game plan. Only then is he fairly under the microscope, not now over 9 snaps in a preseason game with Samuda playing like Wilma Flintstonel.

Okay, just watched 1st quarter and 1st team O & D.
Tannehill's footwork is actually OK. O-line not giving him time, and not stepping onto throw because of O-line's sorry blocking. I do think he makes some bad decisions and still locking onto recievers. Right side of O-line just bad. Martin does look too bad but Jags DE not much competition.
D's OK but they're going to have to tighten up against better offenses. Don't see a real weakness tho.

Winning games for this losing franchise is important,to build NEW habits and a winning tradition(culture)
After only 2 samples of the 2013 Miami Dolphins(without the starters the whole game)I still believe something that I posted a while back,that this will be a club that can win 9 or 10 games if the turnover differential drastically improves from last season(-10)and the RED ZONE TD/FG ratio is decidedly biased towards TDs instead of FGs.
The Dolphin offense will have to take advantage of short fields after turnovers and score mostly TDs.
The defense and stopping the run is still the strongest part of their team and if the pass defense can improve and along with it the takeaways they might have a chance.
I like the fact that the TE position could have improved with aquisitions in free agency, and the draft.These throws mostly in the middle of the field to TEs, will help T-Hill develop consistency in the passing game.

What time is practice Today. Anybody knows?

Should read 'Martin doesn't look too bad..."

Guys it is only year 13 of the rebuild. These things take time. Be patient.

Soon oscar!

Samuda was replaced in the game by Garner on the 4th series but not soon enough. He's not ready for 1st team action. He could have gave up 5 sacks in the game. He was consistently beaten on a lot of plays. Memo to OL coach Turner and Sherman..it's time to move on to the next plan. Maybe Garner at RG?

How soon?

Stephen Ross has lowered the standards for what is acceptable for Dolphin football.

Cut mcnutt, he sucks.

For those who noticed. D. Thomas did a very good job of blocking the pass rushers.

The defense looks really good. On offense tannehill needs better blocking from the linemen and miller in the backfield and he needs to get rid of the ball quicker.

My new lap dog is called Marvin McNutt. Sweet lil fella.

When will this team EVER find a QB that never throws a badly placed bal?

on the guy who brought up the dennis green comment,

first of all if green knew what he was talking about he would be coaching. also, we could have kept reggie and jake long but why would we, we were losing with them for two years! jake for the past 5! we needed speed and we got it. miller is like lightning and so is wallace. speed kills in the NFL. jake long doesnt score TDs and reggie dances before he hits the line of scrimmage. i couldnt wait for them to leave.

speed kills in the NFL.

Posted by: greg | August 11, 2013 at 12:06 PM

This is what Al Davis thought. For his last 20 years he drafted speed speed speed, and the team went nowhere.

The Yardstick =
4TDs 350 yds off the bench playing on the shhtyist team in the NFL

The Yardstick plays for Jacksonville?

Gotta pay attention to the starting lineups now. Those are probably it.

The offensive genius Tony Soprano is now part of the Oakland coaching staff.
Things are changing in Oakland.
When you see the backup QB being given 2 or 3 plays per game then you will know the brilliance of Soprano.

greg I saw what you saw in regards to Long but I still would have franchised him instead of Starks. That would have ended the oline shuffle and we'd only be changing up a guard this year. I felt at the time of the tag decision Starks was expendable, even though I think he's a great player.

Sparano brought us the only team highlight in a decade. Embarrassing NE at home with the WildCat.

If scrub backup QBs in the NFL can move the ball at will against Houston's #1 defense than we will have no problem at all.

We need to score at least 35 on Houston this week.

I felt at the time of the tag decision Starks was expendable...

Posted by: Darkoak | August 11, 2013 at 12:12 PM

Isn't it a pity that nobody cares about what you felt?

If Tannehill throws even one pass off course next week, they need to bench him and start Moore.

ok ollie,

let me rephrase. you need speed that makes plays. baltimore D, sanfran on both sides of the ball, green bay, even the colts last year had speed on offense. dont be ignorant dude. we could have no speed at all like the last 20 yrs and keep losing. would you prefer that? we were losing with jake and reggie, if we can lose with them, we can lose without them. might as well take a chance on some fast guys who can play.


Can't believe you went QBR in the pre-season....

See Daryl D's post please.....

Lets belive what our eyes tell us....

And to this point....to me....they say Tanne has room for improvement....

Congrats on the win....but Again.....it's not about wins and losses @ this point.....it's about execution...and improvement......

That's ALL I want to see....

I want to see Garner at RG today at practice...can't afford to wait on Samuda to see if he has what it takes to be a starter. He's not ready. The Oline is the biggest concern on the team right now. Martin is doing much better which is a relief.

Oscar, I think practice is at 1.

Also, franchising long at the 15 million or whatever it was would've been terrible.

We drafted speed with Ginn.
We drafted speed with Gates.
We brought in FA speed with Bush.

How'd that work out fella?

Posted by: Such a pity | August 11, 2013 at 12:15 PM

Look like I struck a nerve? It's Ok buddy talk it out.

dude ollie,

those guys suck. they cant play. wallace has proven he can play and miller ran the ball great last year. you cant just draft track stars. i really dont know why im wasting my time arguing with you, you re obviously just trying to piss me off

Congrats on the win....but Again.....it's not about wins and losses @ this point.....it's about execution...and improvement......

That's ALL I want to see....

Posted by: Kris | August 11, 2013 at 12:16 PM

Execution and improvement with a makeshift oline and brand new receivers during less than a quarter of play in preseason? That is what you call a silly expectation.

These games are all about figuring out which players to keep or cut on the final roster, nothing more.

It'll be interesting if the team works out any olinemen this week. I've never liked just handing Martin and others starting jobs, they should still have to compete.

We beat NE twice in the Soprano era: 1)game 3 in 2008 when the Soprano unveiled the BACKDOOR wildcat as a way to cover up for giving NoodleArm a $10mil contract without a physical.
2) The Lloyd Carr game when we ran no BACKDOOR plays and Henne threw > 50 passes and pulled the game out for us on the final drive.

Lol@ 12:22....

That's all that post is worth....

Why the phuc are we talking about Samuda-Garner at RG 6 years into the Ireland era?
How is it that we have John Jerry, Lance Louis, Dallas Texas and yet Samuda and Garner are needed to bail us out?

No greg. I just disagree. You are trivializing the issue. Speed alone doesn't kill. Playmakers kill. That was my point.

Let's see how Wallace fares with our QB.

Let's see if injury prone Miller can hold up for a whole season.

Let's see.

NeMo I disagree as it would only be for one year, and we could have traded him for picks, or let him play it out and see if he just had two years of bad injury luck. The cap space was there. Also Starks as good as he is, we can find capable replacements in free agency an the draft a hell of a lot easier than replacing a starting LT.

I guess we'll never know now but that was my take at the time.

Lol@ 12:22....

That's all that post is worth....

Posted by: Kris | August 11, 2013 at 12:25 PM

Or that is your cop out response since you have no convincing rebuttal.

I don't think Brady would have done any better in 9 plays with Samuda anywhere on the line. That game was about figuring out the oline, not evaluating Tannehill getting no protection.

Samuda had the worst game Friday on the whole team. If Jerry or Louis aren't healthy they aren't a real option. I get it...they gave the guy a shot and see what he can do. That's happened and it has not turned out well. Why the F wouldn't people want to talk the real issues rather about some of the non sense above.


It's me LAUGHING @ your "silly" attempt to start an argument....

If you want to debate...that's one thing...

But you are CLEARLY looking for a blog fight...

And it's FUNNY TO ME.....your taking the OTHER of common sense is funny....

Your funny.....lol.....

Other side of common sense....lol

Why the F wouldn't people want to talk the real issues rather about some of the non sense above.

Posted by: dadsmithwest | August 11, 2013 at 12:36 PM

People? There are rarely more than 3 people here in any 2 hour period. 98.6% of the bloggers switch names many times during their stay.

People within the Dolphins organization have been trying to build an Offensive line for the past 6 years.

...and, sadly, it still seems to be missing 2 or 3 players.

In the New Testament Jesus frowns on the rich who give to the poor but in such a small percentage of what they have. He praises the poor who give to the poor because they are 'giving from thier need'.

In the spirit of the New Testament Jeff Ireland needs to be praised for donating a starting LT to the NFL when he needs an OL.

Thank you Jeff Ireland for using the franchise tag on Starks and not on Long.

How do you have a fight on a blog?

I'm a big dude. Not many people want to fight me, just as well.

People within the Dolphins organization have been trying to build an Offensive line for the past 6 years.
...and, sadly, it still seems to be missing 2 or 3 players.

Posted by: Cooz | August 11, 2013 at 12:42 PM

Well heck, people within the Dolphins organization have been looking for a QB for 16 years and one still seems to be missing.

No one would be complaining about the OL if they had kept Jake Long.

Hi Oscar!

Long started at LT for the Rams.
Bradford had all the time in the world to find the new weapons acquired along with Long: Tavon Austin, Steadman Bailey, Jared Cook.

Was watching the Rams and Browns a little bit ago. Doing some homework seeing how the Browns look. Long did ok but didn't look great for 9 mil a year. Martin did just as well on Friday. The over/under for Long for injury is 8 games.

Long started at LT for the Rams.
Bradford had all the time in the world to find the new weapons acquired along with Long: Tavon Austin, Steadman Bailey, Jared Cook.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 11, 2013 at 12:52 PM

The best player on the team they let walk to save a few bucks. Just like the Marlins. Thats not how you win. Pray for new ownership.

What is the over/under for Grimes re-injury of his glued to gether achilles?

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