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Dolphins beat Jaguars, 27-3

JACKSONVILLE -- Congratulations to Joe Philbin on the first preseason win of his career. Yes, this 27-3 victory was only preseason, but it beats the alternative, no?

This was a solid performance for the most part.

The starting defense played three series and yielded only 14 yards. Cameron Wake looks ready for the season. Dannell Ellerbe was active with three tackles.

The Dolphins, stressing turnover margin this training camp, won that battle with a plus-3 for the evening. They had one turnover and plucked four, including interceptions for Nolan Carroll and Will Davis.

Matt Moore threw an interception and that was Miami's only turnover, although Chad Bumphis was sketchy as a punt returner, muffing a punt but not losing it. Moore was 5 of 9 for 58 yards but that interception he threw was a poor decision. His passer rating on the night was 35.6.

The Dolphins punt team has things to clean up. It gave up two punt returns of 22 yards. Not good.

Some quickie impressions:

Dallas Thomas played much better at RT this week and then played at LT last week. He hasn't necessarily found a home but the kid is much better off on the right side. (Personally, I think he should be a guard).

Mike Wallace played but didn't have a catch. Indeed, he didn't even have a target. Truth is quarterback Ryan Tannehill didn't really look at him downfield. It's tough, I'm sure, to look for the deep threat when you're scrambling trying to not get sacked, but even when Tannehill had time he didn't look for Wallace.

Tannehill and Dustin Keller are in synch. That's a done thing. They combined for two completions and 46 yards. Tannehill struggled early but recovered nicely. He finished 5 of 9 for 75 yards with a touchdown. His passer rating was 120.1. He did throw a couple of passes that more accomplished corners might have intercepted but the bottom line is those balls fell to the ground and his 22-yard pass to Dustin Keller in the end zone didn't.

Josh Samuda didn't look good. He struggled. Sen'Derrick Marks beat him to the QB.

Ryan Tannehill apparently didn't notice because after the game he said the starting OL "did a good job."

Rookie cornerback Will Davis continues to impress me. He's always around the ball. He batted down a pass at the line of scrimmage on a corner blitz and had an interception.

That 58-yard field goal by rookie Caleb Sturgis and his repeated ability to kick the ball in the end zone (6 for 6) and get touchbacks (4) seems to give him an edge currently in the kicking competition. Good night for him. Tough night for Dan Carpenter, who didn't kick at all.

The battle for the third RB job has been joined. Mike Gillislee is the favorite but Jonas Gray is making him quite valuable as a short-yardage and goal line producer. Gray scored two touchdowns from 1 yard out tonight. He ran hard.

For the night, Gray gained 32 yards on 14 carries. Gillislee gained 37 yards on 12 carries. Tough competiton.

Chris Clemons, who left the game in the first quarter and went to the locker room, said after the game he is fine.

By the way, the Jaguars are a mess. They had an issue on the sideline with players arguing. One of the guys arguing was wide receiver Justin Blackmon, who wasn't even playing and is suspended for four games. Are you kidding me?



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LT was not the problem Friday. The problem was RG so the Long chatter is old and irrelevant. We need an answer for that position. The answer I suggest is Garner...our utility lineman we resigned as insurance until Jerry or Louis get healthy.

I'm not killing Ireland for everything he does.
Ireland does bring in talented players.
The problem is that he lets them go and gets nothing in return.

I wouldn't mind at all if:
-Ireland were moved to head of scouting
-Philbin were moved to GM
-Sherman were moved to HC

The Jags, who are the shhtyist team in the NFL, played thier starting D for the first 3 series, Tanne was constantly pressured, Tanne took 10 snaps total on the first 3 series and we got nowhere.

If we're lining up a TE next to Martin to block then that is 1 less skill player out in a pattern.
Martin may not get credited with a sack or a pressure but the truth is that we are weak at LT and RG.

When the games start for real no one will be taking out thier starting D after 3 series.

Like I said I watched the play of both in their preseason games. Did you? Long is NOT worth 9 mil a season compared to the way Martin played especially considering how much more experience Long has than Martin.

JW...reporting just that Garner in at RG. Jerry watching practice and listening to the play calls.

We are also weaker blocking at RT, RB, and TE, to add to LT and RG. There is no where near enough talent on offense.

I did not watch either game because it was not in my market.
All I have to go on is Gamecast and the postgame stories.
Jeff Fisher evidently felt that if he could solidify his LT position then his QB could take the next step. If he could add skill players then his QB could take 2 steps forward.

All NFL game results are stored forever so we can go back at any time and see how the decisions of both men, Fisher and Ireland, worked out.

Let's expand on that idea a little more. It is really the tale of 3 executives:

Jeff Fisher
Andy Reid
Jeff Ireland

Fisher understands the value of the LT and wanted to upgrade LT to give his whole offense a chance to produce.

Andy Reid understoodthe value of LT and so rather than lose his with no compensation he franchised him and offered him for trade. Since the trade did not work out he kept Albert and now he has Fisher at Rt and Albert at LT to give his QB Smith time.

Ireland let his LT go and got nothing. Then he tried to trade for a LT and got nothing. Now we're left to pretend that Martin is as good as all the othr LTs in the league.


Things WOULD have been different if Jake Long were still a Dolphin.
I think we can all agree that the Offensive Line would at least be more stable.

The truth is...we don't even know if the Dolphins (and Jeff Ireland) tried very hard to keep him.

What we DO know....is that Jake and his wife spent weekend in South Florida before signing the Rams contract. Reports were that they didn't wish to talk anymore to the Dolphins.

It would have been worth overpaying the guy a little to have a better OL.
I realize that the guy is injury-prone, but they should have taken the chance. The Dolphins will look silly if he stays healthy this year. They've eaten far more money with the 9 or so less talented 'bust' free agents (Jake Grove, Gibril Wilson, Ernest Wilford) over the past 5 years...

Long at least has some solid talent.

Reid and Fisher drove their teams the Eagles and Titans right into the ground so excuse if I don't take their word for it. And the story hasn't quite played out has it? I was one of the first to say let Long walk due to his numerous injuries (back, bicep, tricep and knees), declining play and salary.

Do you know for certain there was a market for trading Long for a 1st and more at his salary? Long hardly looked all Pro or worth 9 mil a year. I'd rather have that money for other players.

ETF doesn't your anus ever get tired?

I think we will see soon enough, that Ireland got a first rate LT in the second round in Martin, who was graded a first round pick.

Without Martin, Luck never gets drafted first overall.

Martin now has a full training camp at his natural position, LT.

Martin may prove to be Irelands wisest move yet.

RG is set between Louis and Jerry, both very capable.

again fraud goes for shock value, nothing else. nothing that he writes is what hes actually thinking.

hes the same guy who when i was begging to get fisher here said he was awful.

Here are the 1st round picks still on the team after 6 Ireland drafts:
Tannehill, Pouncey, Odrick

Here are the 2nd rounders:
Misi, Daniel Thomas

In six seasons Ireland has donated more 1st & 2nd round picks into the NFL than he has on the roster.
I've been saying this ever since we cancelled Matt Roth's contract and he signed with Cle and started the next game.

And Dion Jordan

Dude you personally flew a plane over the stadium last season towing a banner that said, "Fire Jeff Ieland".

I agree that Martin was a good LT in the Pac-10 defending against the likes of a 230lb Dion Jordan.
Martin was very good at RT last season. In fact we were in contention for a playoff spot UNTIL martin took over at LT, then the whole thing fell apart.

Or am I wrong about that also?

And Sparano drafted Pouncey.

Tannehill got shutout when Martin played LT.

I never said Fisher was awful, but let's retrace the entire unfolding of events:
- The Dolphins wanted Bill Cowher; Cowher said phuc yourself
- The Dolphins wanted Gruden; Gruden said phuc yourself
- The Dolphins wanted Harbaugh; Harbaugh said phuc yourself
- The Dolphins wanted Fisher; Fisher said phuc yourself
- The Dolphins settled for Philbin.

That is how the whole coaching search played out. And you were a witness to it all.

Should we go through the Henne-Orton-Peyton-Flynn before grabbing Tanne timeline?

Or should we pretend that Tanne was the guy we wanted all along?

I'll be in a better mood tomorrow; I'll be more positive.


Top tier qb usually don't develop a pattern of throwing the same type of bad pass over and over....

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 11, 2013 at 12:57 AM


Dashi Matt Moore is a much better QB then Hennehill could ever hope to be, stick to your lamb kabobs and leave football to real men,even Mondo said Hennehill threw 3 or 4 balls more acomplished db would of picked off , they had to bring Moore back in last weeks game to make score respectable because Hennehill in the season opener at Hall of Fame game no less fumbled the damn ball on the very first play, and last nights TD was more Keller making great catch then that idiot pass into the dirt, oh and announcers said Moore wasn t responsible for int receiver ran wrong route, with any luck before season starts Hennehill gets knocked out for season , then we`ll make the play offs

Posted by: Dashi Sucks | August 11, 2013 at 01:21 AM

First off you have wished injury upon 2 players already. You degenerate. First you want L.Miller to get hurt and Now you want T-Sizzle concussed for the season.

I wish you break your hip getting off your walker, In-yur-ass.

By your own standards M.Moore should not throw the same interception every game. Yet, he does. Don't worry this week he will fumble the ball Twice. He is due for a couple.

Tannehill didn't fumble handing the ball off last game. Led the team on a TD drive. THE FIRST TEAM DEFENSE PLAYED SOLID.

This week expect a Whole Qtr of T-Hill and the First Team Offense. Wallace & Hartline. Gibson, Keller and Miller.

Matthews should be coming back for depth at WR, and maybe someone else would answer the RG Question this Week. I'm still hoping Samunda beats out Jerry and L.Louis. I just would rather give a shot for the Young player to grow. Samunda, D.Thomas, And Poncey are going to end up being the Interior of Our O-Line in the Next couple Seasons Anyway. At least put them in heavy rotation.

You haven't got a clue, have you fraud?


I wouldn't say that is how it went. To me the way YGS saw it.

- The Dolphins wanted Ireland; Cowher said phuc yourself
- The Dolphins wanted Ireland; Gruden said phuc yourself
- The Dolphins wanted Ireland; Harbaugh said phuc yourself
- The Dolphins wanted Ireland; Fisher said phuc yourself
- The Dolphins wanted Ireland; Philbin settled for the Dolphins.

That is how the whole coaching search played out. And you were a witness to it all.

We can't make judgements until after

We're stuck with what they have....We won't know if letting Jake Long leave was a mistake until that time.

All of you crying for Jake.

If you wanted to keep him you would've resigned Henne and got rid of M.Moore.

Jake would've even signed for less.

Hemne is also better than Moore. And Sanchez. While we are at it Henne is the 3rd best QB in his Division.

Right Now Jacksonville has a better backup QB than the Fins, until Henne becomes the Starter.

This is the same guy answering himself. Unbelievable. For free?

Didn't A.Reid Destroy the Eagles Cap? And is the reason the team doesn't have any talent on defense.

Jeff Fisher, Really? Mr. 500

Gruden destroyed Tampa. And Cowher is just a Name.

Harbaugh was the one true Gem. And the Dolphins tried. But he wasn't leaving California.

Philbin is a real good coach. This is his 2nd year and the team already looks like the Future is Bright. He is building a Whole Team. Offense, Defense, Special Teams.

Ireland and D.Aponte have the Cap Situation and Draft Situation going Right. We have Cap Money and Draft Picks Next Year. And Already locked up our Most Important FA. R.Jones.

- The Dolphins wanted Bill Cowher; Cowher said phuc yourself
- The Dolphins wanted Gruden; Gruden said phuc yourself

That is how the whole coaching search played out. And you were a witness to it all.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 11, 2013 at 02:03 PM

Yes, they said the same thing to the other 31 teams too :)

Is Philbin a leader of men?

That is the question we need an answer too.

I think Philbin and Sherman should trade places.

Philbin is more than a Leader of Men. He Creates them.

All Great Coaches Know The Importance of Developing Talent.

YG has been more bitter than usual lately.

Jake Long? You mean the guy who was rated 33rd best tackle in the league but wanted to be paid top 5? The same guy who struggles to start AND finish every season? Wow, yeah HUGE loss. Whatever shall we do?! Freaking jokers in here.

I love the fact that whenever Omar's twitter timeline talks about a subject for a few tweets someone comes in here and passes off Omar's opinion as if it were his own. It's pretty obvious guys, most of us read Omar too just so you're aware.

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Great posts, lol, what a piece of crap blog.

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How do you have a fight on a blog?

I'm a big dude. Not many people want to fight me, just as well.

Posted by: Ollie | August 11, 2013 at 12:47 PM

You should come to Miami, no one cares how bi you are r small they are, they'll fight you anyway...

Just saying........

Great posts, lol, what a piece of crap blog.

Posted by: Phins78 | August 11, 2013 at 03:13 PM

Absolutely mindboggling, why anyone comes to a "KNOWN" piece of crap blog, just to post, "what a piece of crap blog."

Absolute Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Tell the Truth?

Tannehill needs to start running. That is all that is left in his game. Not Now during the Preseason. But during the Regular Season 4-5 Rushes per game. 2 Designed runs and 2 Scrambles. 1-2 QB sneaks.

This week he plays against the team that has made him look the worst ever. The Texans. He has a chance to exorcise some demons. At least for a Qtr.

The Fins First team defense will have a good legit test this week. A good tune up before the regular Season.








Brandon Weeden 127.7 QBR
Taviris Jackson 158.3 QBR
Tyrod Taylor 106.2
John Shelton 158.3 QBR
Kirk Cousins 137.2 QBR

are these guys great?
Posted by: LOL | August 11, 2013 at 10:48 AM

Sheeple: Tannehill had a 120 QBR......

Goes to show even dumbass LOL isnt as dumb as some of you sheeple here........

Posted by: POLLSTER | August 11, 2013 at 03:36 PM

D. LETS GO HEAT..........................

Jake Long? You mean the guy who was rated 33rd best tackle in the league but wanted to be paid top 5? The same guy who struggles to start AND finish every season? Wow, yeah HUGE loss. Whatever shall we do?! Freaking jokers in here.
Posted by: Phins78 | August 11, 2013 at 03:08 PM

Hey, that happened for Mike Wallace! 30th WR got top 5 money!! LOL

Somebody sounds like he's set for another tantrum today.

I live in Miami, just on the edge of Coconut Grove. Seen a lot of fights. None with me though. The latinos are generally little people that can't fight. They are either poor, gay or gang scuz with weapons. In my earlier days I worked some nights as a bouncer in the strip clubs. I threw a lot of people out, none fought me.

Just saying.

TD's nearly represent half a qb's QBR. That's what can be so deceiving about QBR's.

So, 120 QBR, can really be 70-75-ish with zero tds. Don't let the wobbly lame duck td fool you. It also doesn't tell you Tannehill missed badly throwing behind his receivers on 2 slant passes, and if not for a great Keller catch it would be 3 missed slant passes.

This all in a very limited outing. Hey sheeple, this could come back to badly haunt us during the regular season if not cleaned up right away.

It's funny how the same people complaining about Tannehill not putting up stats last week are now the ones telling us not to pay attention to stats.

Has it ever occurred to any of you guys that our coaching staff is purposely avoiding the "money plays" our offense has so teams won't be able to game plan against them come the regular season?

17 I'm not saying Tannehill is super accurate but sometimes passing to the back hip is the right play. Do you not agree?

Somebody sounds like he's set for another tantrum today.

Posted by: Darkoak | August 11, 2013 at 03:42 PM

Love it when you give me love. Love is paying attention the special ones around you.

Notice how I never say anything to you or about you until you make a dumb reference to me?

Exactly why you guys don't don't call each other(C-J's) out for dumbsh-t. You're all full of the same bowel movement.

Just saying.......................


Even with your overflowing pessimism and biased, jaded view of Tannehill. My money says he is way better at what he does than you were at whatever you did.

Also, Eli Manning underthrew on the his 50+ yard TD pass to Victor Cruz the other night. I haven't heard any Giants fans questioning his accuracy to play at a high level.

Philbin dropping some bombs today. Says he plans to use Both Dion Jordan and Dion Sims on ALL 3 downs. WTH!

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